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How to find out if a divorce has been filed


The statistics of divorces in Europe are terrifying: every third couple breaks up, and a year or two after marriage. Divorcing is a long and not very pleasant business. In addition, there are rare cases when the couple made this decision mutually and adhere to it.

Often, one side opposes and does not decide the other. But how do you know if a wife filed for divorce? What to do if the husband does not approve of this decision? Is there a chance to find out about it in a timely manner or in advance and try to prevent it?

Can I find out if the husband / wife filed for divorce?

As a rule, the decision to get a divorce does not come to the spouses immediately, but after a certain time, when living separately or on the basis of numerous conflicts, scandals. Therefore, the husband cannot immediately find out if his wife filed for divorce.

In addition, phrases about divorce and separation often slip in family life, but it doesn’t come to real actions. The current legislation of the Family Code governs the application for divorce.

As the law says, there are two ways to divorce: through the registry office and through the courts. In order to file a divorce through the registry office, it is necessary that both parties agree mutually on this decision, and it is almost impossible to file a divorce unilaterally in this way.

As for the second option, then the consent of the second spouse is not required. If a spouse files a lawsuit for divorce, she acts as a plaintiff. A lawsuit is a statement on the basis of which a court considers a wife’s appeal about her desire to divorce.

After receiving a claim from one of the family members, a copy of the document is sent to the other side, respectively, notifying that the divorce process is beginning. The very same wife does not have to notify her husband about the divorce, the court will do it for her. All the nuances and details of the trial are contained in the summons received by the parties.

The spouse can also apply for divorce, but there are two situations in which he is not entitled to do so:

  • pregnant wife
  • paired with a child who is not 1 year old.

Options when the application is submitted to the courts:

  • in a marriage, children who are under the age of 18 are born and raised,
  • one side does not want to part with its other half,
  • when one of the spouses did not appear in the registry office, but theoretically agreed to a divorce.

In the first case, divorce is possible only through the court, even if both do not want to live together further, even if they decide with whom the children or the child will remain - in the presence of minor children only the court has the right to separate the parties.

If the couple cannot come to a joint decision, or if one of the parties does not want to divorce, but intends to keep the family, then the registry office will not be able to terminate the marriage.

In the third version, the case will go to court if one of the family members simply sabotages the divorce process, does not want to get in touch or “feeds” with promises that he will attend the event, but does not come.

How do I know if I filed for divorce at the registry office?

Divorce through a registry office is possible only if the decision was taken jointly, and both parties are present when applying. The option of applying for one of the family members is possible if the signature of the second is notarized.

It is also possible to terminate a marriage without the presence of a second party, if there is reason:

If these grounds are not key to the issue, then the registry office cannot divorce a couple without the presence of one of its members.

The only reliable way to find out if a divorce occurred through a registry office is to get a divorce certificate. The document contains all the information about the recipient and the date of issue of the certificate, the characteristic stamps and signatures, as well as the registration number.

How to check if the spouse filed for divorce in court?

To check whether the divorce process has begun, there are several ways to use it. But to get the correct information, you need to know the basic nuances and provisions.

Only a court can legalize a divorce. However, in judicial practice there is no such thing as an emergency divorce or “secret”.

All affairs and processes are conducted publicly: if there are minor children in guardianship, then the divorce takes place in open session, if the spouses agree to the dissolution, the process will be closed, and the presence of both parties is not necessary.

To confirm the beginning of the divorce proceedings, the court issues a decision, without which, in principle, a divorce cannot be carried out. But the fact that the wife / husband filed for divorce can be found out even before the court order comes.

Get information online

The problem with the method is that the respondent needs to clearly know which institution of the spouse filed the claim.

As the current Family Code of the Russian Federation states, the plaintiff has the right to file a claim at the defendant's place of residence.

In some cases, the application may be in the instances where the plaintiff lives, if there are children under 18 years of age or health problems.

Official portal of public services

Public services - a portal that makes life easier at times, because if the record is confirmed, then you can perform all operations without visiting the institution directly.

You can also apply for divorce on the State Services portal, but confirmation and consent are required from both parties involved in the process. You can find out whether an application has been submitted, and whether everything has been correctly drawn up, right on the portal website.

A special section of public services contains all relevant information about the stages of consideration of applications and applications. Now about visiting the authorities in the alleged areas of residence of the spouse.

If the address of the plaintiff is unknown, then the only sure way to find out about the application is to visit several courts and clarify all the facts.

Magistrate's Court

According to general rules, divorce cases are adjudicated by a justice of the peace. His powers include those cases where there are no disputes about children under the age of majority, and there are also no claims for the division of property and property rights for amounts up to 50 thousand rubles.

All other processes are handled and considered by district courts.

To clarify via the Internet whether the spouse filed for divorce in a magistrate court, you must know the address of the court where the application was sent. If the address is unknown, you can try to go to the official resources of the justice of the peace and track the schedule of the upcoming hearings on the applications.

In such applications, it is necessary to enter the last name, first name and patronymic of both the plaintiff and the defendant. Another way to find out about the fact of filing for a divorce is to call the judicial institutions and clarify this fact. However, using this method, you will have to confirm your identity.

District Court

The district court is considering cases where it is decided who the minor child will be living with.

If the defendant is sure that the wife filed an application with the district court, you can find out about this by visiting the official website of the institution and find a section with court proceedings. In this section, you should also enter information about the plaintiff and the defendant.

Additional information is also possible via telephone or a written request.

The agenda does not come: what is the reason?

Regardless of the jurisdiction of the court, any divorce proceedings cannot be carried out without notifying the defendant. Therefore, after filing a lawsuit by the plaintiff, the defendant at the place of residence or registration is sent a subpoena where all the information about the upcoming hearing is indicated.

However, courts often formally approach this issue and do not send a subpoena. This happens if the plaintiff indicates the address at the place of registration, and not the actual one, and the notice simply does not reach the hands of the defendant.

If the summons has not arrived before the defendant, then, as a rule, this is due to the fact that:

  1. the plaintiff indicated an incorrect address or false information about the place of stay of the second party,
  2. the court did not satisfy the lawsuit of the spouse,
  3. the application was not written or filed at all.

There are frequent cases when a divorce is formalized by a court without the knowledge of the other party. In such situations, the spouse may file a counterclaim with the court to annul the decision, as there is every reason that he / she was not notified by the court about the beginning of the process, and therefore could not defend himself in court.

There are exceptions when the defendant intentionally does not appear at the hearing. After the third adjournment of the hearing, the court has the right to separate the parties without the appearance of the second party.

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Features of administrative divorce (through the registry office)

A prerequisite for administrative divorce is the mutual consent of the wife and husband to divorce. The procedure for divorce through the registry office involves the joint filling and filing of a divorce application by the spouses. If one of the spouses cannot be present at the filing of the joint application, his signature on the document, signifying voluntary consent, must be notarized.

The disagreement of one of the spouses to divorce makes all attempts to divorce through the registry office alone impossible - the application simply will not be accepted.

However, it is necessary to consider those exceptional cases when the law allows the spouse to dissolve the marriage unilaterally without receiving the consent of the second spouse. This is possible if ...

  • The spouse is legally incompetent (as established by a court decision),
  • Spouse is missing or found dead (as established by court decision),
  • The spouse was sentenced for committing a crime to imprisonment for 3 years or more (as confirmed by a court verdict).

Unilateral divorce is not possible if the spouse is alive, at liberty and in complete physical and mental health.

  • a spouse in prison
  • guardian of an incompetent spouse,
  • to the property manager of the missing or deceased spouse.

... and reports on the application, the date and place of the forthcoming procedure for divorce (30 days after the adoption of the application), and also asks to answer what name the spouse will bear after the divorce.

Thus, even in the case of unilateral divorce, the spouse will not remain unaware that he will have a divorce.

Features of divorce in court

Divorce in court, in contrast to administrative divorce, implies the possibility of filing a statement of claim only by one of the spouses, without waiting for the consent of the second spouse. Even if the second spouse does not agree to divorce, the claim will still be accepted for consideration, as a result of which a decision will be made.

An exception in which a divorce proceedings is impossible without the consent of the second spouse is a divorce from a pregnant wife or wife who gave birth to a child less than one year ago.

In other cases, the disagreement of the spouse is not considered an obstacle to divorce.



Filing a lawsuit for divorce, the plaintiff must provide several copies of documents (one of which will be sent to the defendant) and indicate the contact details of the defendant. Having accepted the lawsuit, the court is obliged to notify the parties by sending them subpoenas with data on the date, time and place of the court hearing. At the appointed time, the hearing will be held, the marriage will be terminated.

In any case, a marriage cannot be dissolved by one of the spouses without the knowledge of the second spouse.

What if the agenda does not come?

There may be several reasons for this:

  • The lawsuit was not accepted by the court for procedural reasons (the lawsuit was incorrectly drawn up, there were not enough documents, the rules of jurisdiction were violated, etc.),
  • The plaintiff indicated the wrong address and the documents did not reach the addressee.

Thus, the respondent spouse, in relation to whom the lawsuit is filed for divorce, will be duly notified of this. But the responsibility for the accuracy and accuracy of the contact details indicated in the lawsuit rests with the plaintiff. As a rule, the search for the defendant occurs only if alimony is collected simultaneously with the divorce. In other cases, the defendant’s failure to appear for three consecutive court hearings may become the basis for a decision in absentia.

If an error occurred or the rights of the spouse were deliberately violated, as a result of which the decision on divorce was made by the court in the absence of the defendant, not notified of the date, time and place of the hearing, he may appeal such a decision and restore their own rights to directly participate in the divorce proceedings. Yes, a divorce will still occur if the plaintiff’s spouse insists on this, however, the respondent spouse has the opportunity to file a counterclaim or ask the court to postpone the hearing for 1-3 months to reconcile with the husband or wife.

  1. The legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for the possibility of "secret" divorce without the knowledge of the husband and wife. The registry office or the court must notify the spouses of the upcoming procedure, indicating the date, time, place of its holding - until publication in a local newspaper,
  2. Divorce must be legal. The divorced marriage is registered by the registry office, information about it is entered in the civil registry books, marks are entered in the passports of the spouses. Without the knowledge of the spouses, this is impossible,
  3. Judicial divorce may take place onlyat the place of residence of the husband or wife. If the spouses are registered in different countries or localities, as a general rule, the lawsuit is filed at the place of residence of the respondent spouse. But if the plaintiff has minor children, he is allowed to file a lawsuit in his place of residence.


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How to find out via the Internet whether the wife filed for divorce

  • the entry of one of the spouses into a new official marriage,
  • purchase or sale of real estate,
  • departure for permanent residence in another state,
  • change of surname,
  • adoption of a child.

But if you don’t have such a certificate, there is no stamp in your passport, is there no idea of ​​your own marital status? The only legal way to reliably find out if a marriage is divorced is to send a written application to the registry office. Having received the appropriate application, the registry office staff provide the applicant with the necessary information, issue a certificate or draw up a duplicate certificate of divorce.

How to find out if documents for divorce are filed

However, if you suspect that your spouse is planning to file documents, but don’t know when, contact the justice of the peace directly. You can do this before receiving the summons. As a rule, an application is written in the authority to which they are registered at registration.

How to find out whether a person is divorced or not?

To find out if the marriage was dissolved in court without the knowledge of one of the spouses, you should submit a request to the judicial authority at the place of residence and at the place of residence of the spouse (he could have reason to file applications at his place of residence). Even if a court decision on divorce has already been made, this does not mean that the marriage is dissolved.

Indeed, from the moment a court decision is made until the moment of registration of the divorce at the registry office, a certain amount of time may pass:

  • 3 days after the court decision comes into force, the court will send an extract from this decision to the registry office for registration,
  • a spouse who has received an extract from a court decision must apply to the registry office to register a divorce and obtain a certificate.

Only at the moment of making a record of divorce in the book of acts, a divorce is considered officially held.

How do I know if a husband or wife filed for divorce?

How to find out if a wife has filed for divorce - methods You can find out about the divorce process by different methods. But for the correct clarification, it is necessary to know the main points and nuances.

Obtaining information via the Internet If the situation has acquired a character, when it is possible to find out about the process only in court, then the person should monitor the information. Information is now available online. To do this, you need to visit the official resource of the court.

But first, you must correctly determine the authority to which the spouse can file a claim. Based on current legislation, the plaintiff has the right to file an application at the defendant's place of residence.

But some situations involve filing a lawsuit at the plaintiff’s place of residence if there are minor children or poor health.

Accordingly, a copy of the claim is sent to the spouse.And at the time of receipt of such a document, he is notified of the beginning of the divorce lawsuit.

If a person does not receive any documents, then the lawsuit was not filed or did not reach for certain reasons. To clarify this information, a person has the right to apply to the court at the place of registration.
In some situations, you can clarify the information at the place of registration of the plaintiff. If a man found out about the divorce process, then there are several options for the outcome of the events:

  1. he has the right how to agree with the claims,
  2. he has the right to maintain family relations.

It will depend on the desire of the spouse.

If the decisions coincide, then the court immediately makes a decision. If there are different positions, then the spouse voices the position in the court, and on the basis of this, the court makes a decision.

Divorce procedure

This is necessary to protect their interests in court, as well as for peace of mind. To begin with, it is worth studying the information about the divorce process.
To confirm this fact, the court should issue a decision on the termination of the marriage contract, if any. Without a court order, there can be no termination in principle. In fact, the law does not have the concept of secret divorce or emergency. The hearings are public in nature and this is dictated by applicable law. If there are minor children, the hearing is not entitled to be in closed session. But if there is mutual agreement, then the process can be closed, where neither side is present. All records of existing processes can be clarified on the official resource of the court. Only a court can legitimize a divorce.

How and where to find out if the husband filed for divorce and was he?

According to the law, a marriage is divorced from the moment the registry office makes an appropriate entry in the civil registry book. Confirmation of the termination of the marriage is the issuance of a divorce certificate under the signature. Even if a court decision on divorce already exists, but no changes have been made to the registration book, the family continues to exist. The moment of obtaining a certificate of divorce also does not play a role - it only serves as a confirmation of the fact of divorce. One of the spouses may not have this document at all. But to prove that the marriage is dissolved is impossible without it. Without it, much more is impossible. What if there is no divorce certificate? Divorce and divorce certificate. What if there is no divorce certificate? Documentation that the marriage between the spouses is dissolved, is a certificate of divorce.

Divorce through court

The possibility of absence is provided if the signature is notarized. It is impossible to take documents to the registry office without the knowledge of the partner.

A husband or wife is sure to find out about a divorce. The only reliable confirmation of the acquired status is a certificate. It is an A4 form. The registry office employee makes the following data:

  • Full names of spouses.
  • Information about the place and date of birth.
  • Divorce Number.
  • Grounds (decision of the court, justice of the peace, time limits).
  • Day and number of entry.
  • The fact of a wife changing her surname.
  • The name of the body.

The certificate contains information about the recipient and the date of delivery of the document, must be signed by the head of the department, the official stamp of the institution and the number of the form are affixed.
How to find out whether a person is divorced or not? However, if you suspect that your spouse is planning to file documents, but don’t know when, contact the justice of the peace directly. You can do this before receiving the summons. As a rule, an application is written in the authority to which they are registered at registration. Therefore, go to where your other half is constantly registered. 4 You can solve this issue by phone. It is not necessary to go to the justice of the peace. Just call him and solve all your questions. five

You must be notified that the documents have been filed with the court either by registered letter with a notice, or a subpoena with a notice, or a telegram or telegram. This is clearly spelled out in the Code of Civil Procedure.

If the divorce process has taken place, and you were not in the know, you can write a statement and cancel the decision.

Where to track the divorce proceedings

Instruction 1 If you do not have children, then the divorce procedure will occur through a special registry office. However, regarding this type of divorce, you won’t be able to find out if the documents have been submitted.

Since the registry office when applying for a divorce must be present both spouses. If one cannot (the reason must be very justified), then his signature on the application is notarized.

In this regard, if you are not aware that your spouse (s) want to apply for a divorce, then you can not worry. This will not work without your consent. 2 Option two - divorce through the court.

This form of divorce is used when the family has children. Here the applicant may be alone. But you will receive the appropriate subpoena in the courtroom.

This will be the clearest evidence that the documents have already been submitted.

Is it possible to file for a divorce unilaterally

The Family Code of the Russian Federation provides for the possibility of breaking family relations by one of the spouses without the consent of the second. Article 22 of the RF IC says that divorce when applying only by a husband or wife is carried out in two ways:

  • in the registry office, if the second spouse is declared missing, legally incompetent or is serving a prison sentence, the term of which is more than three years,
  • in the court of residence of the spouse who refuses to break the marriage, it will be necessary to provide evidence to confirm the need to break the family relationship.

The question of how to find out the wife filed for divorce or not is extremely important, because in case of failure to appear at the hearing of the case, all the requirements of the plaintiff, both property and common children, are satisfied.

As the other party is notified of the divorce, the application for which is filed unilaterally

If it is impossible to terminate the marriage in the registry office, then an application is filed with the court:

  • a world one that considers only family differences and does not participate in the division of property or children,
  • district at the place of registration of the defendant, if there are disputes between spouses regarding minor children or property, the value of which exceeds 50 thousand rubles.

The plaintiff submits an application to the appropriate authority and independently indicates the contact details of the defendant: address and telephone number. When answering the question of how to find out if a wife filed for divorce (or husband), it should be noted that the employees of the organization considering the case inform themselves on this. Usually a summons is sent, and informing by telephone is also allowed. Moreover, both spouses are notified at the same time, and this is done after the appointment of the date of the hearing.

There are cases when the plaintiff intentionally provides incorrect information about the place of residence of the defendant, although most often such information is simply not available. Then a summons is sent to the address of registration, sometimes even by registered letter. But this does not guarantee its receipt. It is best to independently determine whether the divorce proceedings have been initiated.

Did you file for divorce: how and where to find out

To find out if the husband filed for divorce in court, you need to contact the judicial office or the registry office. You can do this at any time if you suspect the possibility of initiating the process, without writing any statements or requests. It should be noted that the RF IC does not provide a waiting time for a response.

To get information from the registry office, you must contact the office - in person or by phone. The responsible officer is obliged to inform about the availability of the application. It is impossible to hide such data or to demand personal appearance (if the request is made by telephone), it is considered illegal.

To find out in court whether a wife filed for divorce is as easy as in a registry office. You must contact the clerk of the world or district court. An application may be filed at the place of residence of the plaintiff, not the defendant, if information on the residence or residence of the latter is not available. The procedure is the same: come to the office in person or call. Court employees are not entitled to not report the initiation of a divorce.

Unilateral divorce: is this possible without the consent of the second spouse

The option of divorce without the consent of the second spouse is possible. Firstly, as mentioned above, this can be done at the registry office if the defendant is declared missing, incompetent or sentenced to more than three years. A statement and a document confirming the impossibility of the defendant will appear at the registry office.

Secondly, the court can divorce the spouses if the defendant fails to appear at three sessions. For a court decision, a statement of divorce, a receipt on payment of state duty and documents confirming the plaintiff’s desire to divorce will be required. For example, it can be video or audio recordings of the defendant’s misconduct, testimony, and the like. As mentioned above, if the defendant is not on the agenda, then the marriage is dissolved. Therefore, the question of how to find out if the husband filed for divorce is extremely important if the wife is against it or wants to challenge the requirements for the division of property and children.

When a husband initiates a divorce, the court has the right to refuse if the wife is pregnant or gave birth to a child less than a year ago. In this case, cases of the death of the child during childbirth or before reaching the age of one year are taken into account - in these situations the initiation of the divorce proceedings will also be refused. If the wife submits the application, it is accepted in all cases without exception.

The defendant may challenge the decision of the court if the divorce was committed without his knowledge, for example, when the summons was not delivered. If the appeal is successful, the decision is canceled and the process starts again. A decision can also be made on a “conciliation” period, which is three months and is needed to resolve disagreements between spouses.

It is possible to carry out a unilateral divorce without the consent of a wife or husband in the Russian Federation. This is done in the registry office under certain conditions, but more often in court.

When submitting a unilateral application for divorce to the registry office, the marriage is dissolved in cases where the second spouse is recognized:

  • incompetent
  • missing
  • sentenced to more than three years.

Based on the documents confirming these facts, the registry office employees dissolve the marriage.

In all other cases, the application for divorce is unilaterally filed with the court. The district court considers cases in which there are property disputes or if the couple cannot agree on with whom the minor children will remain. And the magistrate’s court considers applications that are based on dissatisfaction with the married life - without property disputes and in the absence of a couple of common children. Usually a divorce without the knowledge of the second spouse is carried out if the latter does not appear at three court hearings.