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Convincing speech consists of words that evoke a response. This method is constantly used in advertising.

Just imagine that you need to sell someone an auto insurance service. Of course, you can say that thousands of accidents or accidents occur on the roads every day. But it’s better to construct the phrase differently: “Every day thousands of people die on the roads” or “Every day thousands of accidents end in death.”

Death is a stronger word than chance.

2. Try to look decent, but not arrogant

It has a nice appearance, but it can also serve as a bad service. The danger is this: a person dressed better than others feels strength and often begins to behave indulgently. And it repels.

Remember that the one you are trying to convince is a priori taller than you: he has the right to say no. So try to look good, but not seem better than others.

3. Focus on the future

First of all, phrases like “We will” or “We will do it” root the idea that this really will happen. Secondly, constructions using the future tense give him confidence that you will fulfill the promise and do not drop it.

But here you need to know the measure. Do not be too annoying and do not make a decision for another. Better concentrate on the possibilities and positive effects of this solution.

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How to make people work for the result

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How to work efficiently?

People in the workplace do anything.

Do 3 things at once.

Do 4 things at once.

Do 10 things at once.

And do not have time.

Yes, because in reality, they are not doing a single thing.

Yes. Like flies, they swarm in manure.

Yes. The papers are shifting.

And yes. Something is being discussed.

But - they do not do the most important thing and for the most part this applies to sellers.

Salesmen and employees of the so-called intellectual

labor should sell or serve the customer.

And to do this not from time to time but constantly.

That is permanent.

Sellers must absolutely constantly sell.

Most sellers plan during business hours.

Horseradish knows what they are planning there - but they do not sell but plan.

And in general ... nothing to worry about.

But what do you pay them for?

For the fact that they are doing their job - that is, selling.

The seller must constantly close deals.

That is, to invite people to do what?

Get something.

To find and do everything connected with it.

Logically, all this should end with what?

That's right - by transferring an nth amount of funds to your company account.

Because the sale is complete!

But most sellers do not do sales.

Because they are lazy.

You certainly know what they should sell and that way they will earn more money.

But they do not sell.

Of course you know that they are not blunt sheep and understand that ONLY SALES will make them richer.

They really understand this.

But still do not sell!

Leave sellers without an overseer and they will do anything just not sales.

They will be engaged in sales planning.

Condemnation of the discussion of sales.

Condemnation Condemnation of discussion of sales ...

... but not sales.


There must be a strict sales algorithm.

To go to work ... ... in the morning during the day and even at night, each employee repeated it.

To know him by heart.

For ignorance a fine.

Warn and force to learn the algorithm of actions of the seller.

Any employee is cattle.

We are all rednecks to some extent.

And we are all to some extent flax.

However, by nature, the worker is even more lazy with you or me.

Because otherwise ...

... he would be in your place and not vice versa.

This is completely normal.

Laziness and unwillingness to take responsibility is normal.

Only some employees understand that the most valuable thing in their work is experience ... and that it is only for the sake of EXPERIENCE of work that they should work. Even for free or for scanty pay.

Most try to avoid this experience.

Yes, they crouch more trying to break away from work than if they performed it efficiently.

You need to remove this heavy burden from them.

Do not give the opportunity to do work poorly

Put camcorders everywhere.

Make sure that every word that the seller speaks to the customer is strictly verified and that you have some kind of record or something else ...

there was an opportunity to check that yes.

Everything is exactly as it should and not otherwise.

Just as it should!

Check with cameras that they work.

Monitor the quality of your employees in all areas.

They will thank you later and say.

Will consider you an asshole.

The truth is that they still consider you an asshole, but at the same time they are tormented by the fact that they do not work well enough and try not to work much.

In addition, they are tormented by conscience.

Save them from this.

Create an algorithm for each salesperson or other employee.

Make him strictly follow.

Without stepping back a single step.

And keep track of progress.

Determine what the salt of this or that employee is - why is this or that person needed in this or that place?

What is his task?

Home is the only task.

And let them do just that.

Load. Especially sellers.

By work. So they work a lot.

It should be done so that the work goes at a certain pace.

No need for people to run.

This is not required. The main thing is the pace.

The tempo checked up and checked by time - with what speed is the best for your employees to carry out this or that work. So let them do it.

Choose frames carefully

Yes. Many will say that this is not news. But many personnel officers do not pay due attention to the selection of personnel.

Take it. Because truly disciplined people most often do not need large-scale control.

And even in that rare case when you selected unique - disciplined employees, it is best for you to put cameras everywhere.

Enable audio-video recording. Because most employees depart from those scripts that are written to them at the enterprise.

Regarding scripts: at the enterprise, absolutely everything should be measured and maximally relieved.

For the performance of any actions it is necessary to devote a strictly defined time.

Check intermediate results.

Every call. Hello everybody. And smile. And a handshake - everything should be spelled out in detail.

Prescribe and do not be lazy about absolutely everything - from appearance - to eye contact and so on. Because your employee may not be aware at all that you need eye contact and so on.

If the employee has agreed to your terms, then require him to fulfill the terms of the contract. If eye contact with each customer is prescribed, ask for it.

In case of non-compliance with the contract - fine. Make fines inevitable.

If the employee is late - fine. If you didn’t execute the script, fine.

Recruit those who are scared without work

No need to recruit people who will live without work. Those who will not "work hard" until the seventh sweat.

Recruit only those who are willing to do the job. Constant hard and hard work.

Usually guest workers are famous for those. Pick them up.

Because it’s easier to work with them than with those who don’t want to work.

Very often, business owners educate workers.

You don’t have to do that. Superfluous. Just take those who should work. Who used to work hard up a sweat.

As a rule, these are easy to learn.

Do not raise wages

There are a lot of cases when salaries are raised unreasonably.

Do not think that if you increase wages, workers will work better.

Sometimes they will work even worse.

Do not like it - fired

Create such conditions within the framework of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation so that you can fire any employee in accordance with the law simply because you did not like it.

5. Speak the language of the interlocutor

A simple truth: people are more likely to trust those who are like them, whom they understand. Therefore, your task is to adapt to the interlocutor. Doesn't he use jargon? So you should not. Are you kidding me? You also need to show a sense of humor.

This rule also applies to non-verbal communication. If a person is actively gesturing, then you need to be alive and open. If he chooses closed poses, it is worth being more restrained.

The method also works with a group of people. You just need to find out what kind of communication the audience responds positively to.

7. Choose the right time

Another key to success in the conversation is the right moment. To do this, you again have to study the person, analyze his life and schedule.

For example, many busy executives are overwhelmed with work at the beginning of the week, and on Friday they are already mentally retiring. So Thursday may be the best time to convince them.

8. Repeat thoughts behind the interlocutor

By a simple repetition, you show the person that you are listening and understanding him. At the same time, you can express your own position, for example, saying: “If I understand correctly, you consider it important because of A and B. I heard this and I think that C and D”. The phrase works fine without the use of the alphabet.

9. Organize your emotions

Enthusiasm and excitement should naturally develop in the course of the conversation. Having immediately pounced on a person, throwing your emotions on him, you can suppress or push him away.

It is better to start a dialogue on an optimistic but relaxed note, and only then, gradually going into details, demonstrate more and more excitement and enthusiasm for the idea. So you will look natural and will be able to infect the interlocutor with your experiences.

Lifehacker described other secrets of persuasion in these articles:

1. Get agreement in principle

The reception is as follows: at the very beginning of the conversation you try to get a positive answer from the interlocutor to the most important question. If you have received the principal consent of the client, it is much easier to arrange various details.


“Ivan Ivanovich, I will send the bill to you in the mail. And let's solve some more questions: is there a need for additional equipment? Will you need to deliver products to the warehouse? ”

3. Let me speak

A competent seller is not the one who talks a lot, but the one who knows how to listen. Let the client speak up and ask leading questions if necessary. Do not forget that questions should be open. To build an open question correctly, start it with one of the interrogative pronouns: what, where, how, how, how, why, why, when, etc.

Examples of open questions:

“What do you think about ...”, “How do you feel about ...”, “What characteristics of the product are important to you?”.