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How to apply lipstick in Adobe Photoshop


The content of the article
1Skin smoothing
2Eyebrow and Eyelash Editing
3Eye makeup
4How to make up lips
5How to add blush on cheeks

Many people think that making realistic makeup in Photoshop is not realistic. This myth is not very difficult to dispel in the wind, because even a person who is not very versed in this software can very well do a nice makeover. And if there is a lot of work experience behind the user’s back, he’s quite capable of doing makeup that can easily replace a professional makeup artist. So, by processing photoshop it is possible to save successful shots in which the girls did not have time to apply makeup.

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In this lesson, how to apply makeup in Photoshop, take an example of a lady Gaga who hasn’t made up as an example. You can open any or download the original photo from the link above.

Skin smoothing

Girls before starting work on the face in front of the mirror, the first thing they do is start with the skin, with foundation. We will probably start with the same thing - the creation of velvet skin and the concealment of minor facial defects.

Take Clarifier Tool from the toolbar and brighten the bruises under the eyes, so that they would not attract attention, also large and soft Clarifier let's go through some dark places.

Ok, now copy the layer with the singer and convert this layer to a smart object, for this, right-click on the layer and select the appropriate function.

Apply a filter to this layer Gaussian blur, it will make the skin smoother and more even, at the same time hide small imperfections. The value of the radius should not be too large.

After this procedure, fill smart filter mask black, and a white brush we go through in places where we want to create blur. We pass through the entire skin, except for bends, eyes, nose, lips. The layer with the smart object will lower the opacity - this will adjust the degree to which this effect is applied.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Editing

Let's do eyebrows. They are almost invisible in the photograph, they are rather pale and rare. To tint the eyebrows, we will first use Straight Lasso. To select the second eyebrow and not cancel the first selection, hold down the Shift key for the first press. Selecting them, fill the entire area with a suitable color on a new layer - it’s better to take the hair color, the eyebrows will turn out to be twice as lighter (unless, of course, you are processing the photo of the blonde).

Specify the blend mode of the eyebrow layer Soft color.

So that the eyebrows do not seem so sharp, we will use the filter we already know Gaussian blurto a state of natural edge.

Good, but the eyebrows still do not look natural, since they have no texture at all, the hairs themselves are not visible. In order to fix this, we will find on the Internet a suitable eyebrow texture in png format (or download from additional materials for the lesson), and then transform it to the desired size using hot keys Ctrl +T or turning on this mode in the menu Editing - Free Transformation. Blend the texture over the eyebrows in the same way using the layer blend mode. Soft color.

Surplus that can be wiped from the edges Eraser.

The next step is to copy the layer and reflect it horizontally to simulate the texture of the second eyebrow.

We transform it in a similar way until the texture lies well.

In the same way as with eyebrows, we look for suitable cilia in png format for the photo, after which we apply them, transforming the size. The line of the eye may not coincide with the line of the selected eyelashes, so we will use Warp.

Having selected the desired shape, dragging the points on the deformation grid should look something like this:

Now copy this eyelash and reflect for the second eye, where after overlay and another Strain we erase its excess parts Eraser.

Change the color of the lips in Photoshop

This article will look at a simple option. lip color changes in Photoshop. This operation is very simple and will take even a beginner a maximum of 15 minutes.

Just like reddened eyes, cyanotic or pale lips can significantly impair the appearance of the model in the photo. For example, in wedding photographs before the start of the banquet, the bride looks simply gorgeous, but later her appearance becomes unkempt due to the faded lipstick, which for obvious reasons cannot stay on her lips for several hours in a row. Fix it with Photoshop. I also recommend taking a detailed retouching lesson in Photoshop. "How to change eye color in Photoshop".

Learn to paint lips in Photoshop

On the left you see a photo of a girl before processing, on the right - the result with a changed lip color in Adoble Photoshop.

First of all, open the photo for processing in the Photoshop image editor. Duplicate the layer with the image by pressing "Ctrl» + «J". Next, we work only with a duplicate of the original image.

It is necessary to select the lip area, for this we enlarge the image to a size convenient for us, this can be done using the mouse wheel while holding down the “Alt"Or by pressing the"Ctrl» + «+».

Select the lips with the Magnetic Lasso Tool. If the teeth of the model are visible on the image you are processing, then you can remove them from the selection area by holding the "Alt", Adding a selected area - by pressing the"Shift».

The borders of the selection area should be shaded, for this, click "Shift»+«F6"Or go to the" Selection "menu, then" Modification "and" Feather "(Select> Modify> Feather). Enter the Feather parameter: 2 pixels.

Transfer the selected area to a new layer using the "Ctrl» + «J". Let's check what happened: make the “Background” and “Background copy” layers invisible by clicking once on the icon to their left in the “Layers” menu.

It is necessary to adjust the color of the lips, for this we will perform a series of operations with the layer “Layer 1”. Press the keysCtrl» + «U»And we see the Hue / Saturation parameter window, and in it we will experiment with the color of the lips. Set the “Colorize” checkbox. Now slowly move the “Hue” slider, with its help you can radically change the tone of the lips.

In addition to the tone, you can also adjust Saturation. Having chosen the desired color, we will choose the optimal shade by moving the “Saturation” slider. You can make the lip color lighter or darker by changing the Lightness parameter. Click “OK” and see what happened:

To compare the edited image with the original photo, make “Layer 1” invisible by clicking on the icon. To weaken the effect, you should reduce the transparency of the upper layer: I set the “Opacity” (Opacity) in the region of 75-80%.

Due to the fact that we performed all operations with the lips on a separate layer, other areas of the image are not affected. Having saved the file in the .PSD format, you can change the lip color at any time by adjusting the “Layer 1” parameters.

Here is what we got as a result:

Now you learn fast and easy change lip color in Photoshop. I wish you success and successful experimenting with your photos!

Lipstick advertising or how to apply lip gloss in Photoshop

Did you know that applying lip gloss in Photoshop takes no more than the same action in front of a mirror? Let's try. For example, I decided to take advantage of the work of my long-time co-author, a professional photographer from Moscow Nikita Istomin:

Step 1. We select lips in any way convenient for you. However, it would be better if the edge of the selection is “soft” (blurred). Therefore, for this purpose I used the Quick Mask mode (Q key) and soft whale (for more details on this selection, see Lesson 3).
Step 2 Copy the selected lips on top of the main layer and apply the “Imitation” - “Plasticization” filter to it (in some versions of the program translation - “Cellophane packaging”), select the parameters “by eye” depending on the size of your photo:

And then on the layer palette we set the layer with lips the following parameters: the blending option is “Hard Light”, the transparency is experimental (in my case it is 67%):

Reduce the layers and get the result:

A very interesting effect and, most importantly, quickly and easily achieved. Good luck in your work!

Eye makeup

After applying the texture, you can safely go to the shadows. To do this, select a color twice as dark as the shade that we want and go through the eyelid with a soft brush on a new layer, of course.

Change the blending mode for this layer to Soft color, and so that the edges of the shadows are not sharp, we use Guass Blur.

Now we can move on to the eyeliner around the eyes, applying for this, as in the work with shadows, an ordinary brush, but in this case black.

Next, we use the blending mode for our eyeliner layer, as in previous moments Soft light. If the effect of the eyeliner is poorly visible, and in our case the skin is rather pale, duplicate the layer with the eyeliner so that it can be seen. Eraser remove all excess. In order for the eyeliner to look more realistic in the inner part of the eye, it should be a little thinner.

The next step is to make the shadows more saturated, for this we select a color slightly darker than the main one and paint over the eyelid, but much less than the first time.

Again, set the Blend Mode - Soft light and not much use the tool Blur or Finger from the toolbar. Shadows are ready.

You can add glitter. To do this, translucent around the eyes with a translucent brush of the main shade chosen by us.

In order to get glitter, you need to apply a filter Add noise use blending mode for it Soft light.

Soft Eraser we erase too much Opacity layer adjust the level of manifestation of sequins.

How to make up lips

We select a nice color, it will be lipstick. After selection, we completely paint over the lips.

Apply Blend Mode Soft light and use Blur byGaussto soften the edges.

To make lips more expressive, you need to add light glare. To do this, use the tool Clarifier and draw them over the chubby parts of the lips on the main layer with the girl. And the central line of the lips is slightly distinguished Dimmer.

How to add blush on cheeks

The last moments of treatment do not want to warm the skin tone a lot and apply a blush on the cheeks.

To do this, use the adjustment layer. Color balance but note that it should be under the layers with makeup, so as not to distort the shades we have chosen. Add a little red.

After correcting the skin tone, you need to add a blush to the cheeks. To do this, create a new layer and paint the cheeks with a soft brush in pink with a bed tint.

Change the blending mode to Soft color and the image is ready. You can admire the work done.

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In this last step, fix a small defect with a distant eyebrow.

Create duplicates of the layers used for eyebrows and erase the eyebrow that suits us on them. On the original layers, we erase the distant one. Now select two layers, with a distant eyebrow and apply to it Transformation

What is retouching?

Of course, more than one professional will have to work on the retouching of this girl. But to hide the imperfections of the face in the photo of an ordinary person is not so difficult. We will deal with this a bit later. Now let's see what retouching is.

By retouching, we mean changing the original image using the tools of a graphic editor (in our case). Most often, retouching photos in Photoshop is done to hide small flaws in a person’s face and figure. Or to implement the artist’s creative ideas. This adjustment is called portrait retouching.

The scope of portrait retouching has a wide range. It is used by:

  • Professional photographers,
  • Designers
  • Artists,
  • Ordinary people.

But most of the men of the whole Earth are sure that women came up with the retouching to seem more beautiful and slimmer. That is, to hide their shortcomings.

How does face retouching in Photoshop

In order not to be unfounded, we take a picture of a beautiful girl and try to make her even more beautiful. That is, we will do retouching of the portrait. Here's what the original photo looks like:

To get started, let's take a look at adjusting the color saturation of the photo. We do it as follows:

  • Open the picture in a graphical editor,
  • In the main menu, select the "Image",
  • We find the “Adjustments” element in the list and go through it to the “Hue / Saturation” item.

As you can see, the sliders of all parameters are set in the middle to zero. That is, the original settings are taken as a reference point. Before retouching a portrait in Photoshop, to give the face a healthier color, you can slightly move the saturation slider to the plus side, and make the brightness less:

  • On the side toolbar (left) with the cursor, activate the tool we need:

  • On the upper panel we set the stiffness parameters of the brush and its diameter in the range of 15-30. Or just set all the parameters as shown in the picture:

  • Then, with the movements of the brush, we adjust the face skin of the girl. Here's how it should work out in the end:

But not all parts of the face need to be smoothed out. Some of them against the background of the main blur should be emphasized on the contrary. That is, make it a little sharper. These parts of the face include:

To correct them, use the "Sharpness" tool. It is located next to the previous tool in the sidebar.

This tool, even at a zero level of stiffness, has a high strength. Therefore, for subsequent retouching in Photoshop, set all the parameters as shown in the picture. You should not often use the Sharpness tool on the same part of the image, otherwise you will have to cancel all actions through the story and start all over again:

Fighting Acne and Freckles in Photoshop

But this is not all the possibilities of how to retouch your face in Photoshop. Here there is one wonderful tool with which you can save your face from freckles and acne. To demonstrate it, take a photo of another girl. Here is the source code:

  • On the toolbar, select the "Healing Brush" tool:

  • We set all the brush settings as shown in the figure:

  • We hold down the ALT button and by clicking the left mouse button we set the reference area,
  • By clicking the mouse, we go through all the problem areas.

Here's what the face looks like in the photo after the “treatment” with the brush:

For example, in the following image, partial removal of freckles from the face is achieved by lightening the skin tone:

Paint lips in Photoshop

On this, the possibilities of Photoshop for hovering makeup are not limited. Consider an example in which we will make up lips. Here they are:

  • Open the image in a graphical editor,
  • Make the main layer of the picture open for editing. To do this, double-click on it in the layers panel: