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WhatsApp Messenger for Android


WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messenger program for quick and free communication by exchanging short messages in the form of text, pictures, video and animation, as well as audio and video calls.

To start using the application, just download Vatsap for free on your Android phone and in Russian using the link below, enter your mobile number and activate your account via SMS.

Important! For WhatsApp Messenger to work correctly, you need a constant connection to the 3G-4G (H-LTE) mobile Internet or Wi-Fi access point.

WhatsApp features

The program meets the user with a pleasant, slightly green, interface, made in a minimalist style. The main thing:

  • simple and intuitive interface, easy customization,
  • completely free after Facebook bought it,
  • the ability to make audio and video calls,
  • send short recorded video and audio,
  • edit and delete an already sent message,
  • share any files: pictures, office format and others.

How to download and install WhatsApp on Android phone steps

First of all, you need to download WhatsApp for free on your Android phone APK file or through the Play Market store. Then start the installation, then open through the appeared icon in the menu of the smartphone / tablet and enter your cell number. An SMS with an activation code will come to the entered number, it must be entered into the program if it itself has not done so.

After a successful installation, you can go to the Contacts section and see who you can write through Vatsap (next to the name there will be a green Vatsap icon).

In the application, you can set the status: busy, at school, in the cinema and another, which all your friends and relatives will see.

Remember! All that you write and send via WhatsApp Messenger occurs via mobile networks (Internet on the phone), for which a fee may be charged at your rate.

What are the other advantages of WhatsApp Messenger on Android

When communicating via WhatsApp, you can:

  1. send image: picture or photo,
  2. share audio and video files,
  3. Share a location on a map
  4. Call friends and family over the Internet
  5. by chat: delete / change message, block contact, moderate and clear chats.

You can download WhatsApp to your Android phone for free and in Russian and is recommended to all users who are tired of paying for SMS and MMS messages.

Install WhatsApp

First you need to download Vatsap from our website to Android. Then run the installation file. After installation, open the program (the Internet should be turned on). We enter the country code, your phone number and press "OK" twice, so that the program sends SMS to your phone to check the number (send SMS according to your tariff).

After checking the number, enter your name, profile photo and click the "next" button in the upper right corner. “Welcome to WhatsApp!” Appears. and information that the program can be used for one year for free, and then only 33 rubles per year. Press the "Next" button, after which you will see the inscription "Welcome! To start communicating with a contact who already has WhatsApp on the phone, click on the icon in the upper right corner." Do not be afraid that not all your contacts will appear on the list. Recommend the program to your friends, let them install it on their phone too. Click on the icon in the upper right corner. A list of contacts will appear. This completes the installation of WhatsApp Messenger on Android.

How to use WhatsApp?

To send SMS messages, select WhatsApp Messenger from the contact list of the person to whom you want to send a message. Type in the text and click send.

By clicking on the Android menu button, you can set the status so that everyone knows what you are doing: available, busy, at school, in the cinema, at work, low battery, I can’t talk, at a meeting, in the gym, I sleep, only urgent calls or write status. You can also create a group chat there.

When communicating through the WhatsApp program, you can: send images, photos, video and audio files, contacts, your location on the map, see contact information, search by correspondence, call a contact (through cellular communication), block the person you’ve contacted (blocked contacts won’t be able to send you messages, but can see your status), clear the chat, send the chat by e-mail, add the contact shortcut to the phone’s desktop.

Program settings

In WhatsApp settings you can: ask a question about technical support, see information about the program, about payment, list of blocked contacts, message statistics, tell a friend about the program, enable or disable the use of hidden contacts, send messages by Enter, change the profile name, font size (small , medium, large), wallpaper, delete an account, all chats, all correspondence, send chat by mail, backup chats (backup), set up a notification.

Whatsapp Messenger Features

  • An excellent replacement for standard SMS.
  • To communicate, you do not need to create an account, it is enough to download Vatsap for Android, connect to the Internet via GPRS, EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi, indicate your phone number and name.
  • In addition to SMS messages, you can also send images, photos, videos and audio files.
  • Free sending SMS messages within one year (including to foreign countries), and then only 33 rubles per year.
  • Create a group chat (conference).
  • Even with the phone turned off, incoming messages will not be lost anywhere. The program will store them until the next launch.
  • A huge number of beautiful smileys.
  • Many useful settings.

From our site you can download WhatsApp for Android for free, by direct link, without registration and SMS.

Where to find and how to download

If you know the address of the official website of the program, then in this case you can simply enter its name in the browser and immediately go to the program download page, which you can download for free.

If the address of this page you do not remember - it does not matter. Google or any other browser, as you know, knows everything. Drive any of the phrases containing the word whatsap into the search engine and you get a lot of links in order to download this application. And one of the first will be the address of the official website of the product, which will contain a redirect to the latest available version of Vatsap. The available version will be in the language of the country indicated in the settings of your device (since we write text in Russian and for a Russian-speaking audience, the vast majority of users will search for the Russian version of the program).

Next, you will need to follow the site link and you will be taken to a page from which you can download the official version of Vatsap to your phone. Here you can see a list of devices and operating systems that are supported by the program, namely:

  • Android (for all phones and tablets with this operating system),
  • iPhone (iOS),
  • Windows Phone

By choosing your option and clicking on it, you can download the WhatsApp from the Internet.

You can also download the apk file to a personal computer and download it to your phone via cable or wireless devices.

To download the file for devices on Android, you will go to the Google Play page. To download the installation for free from here, you need to have a Google account. Similarly, for the iPhone, you will be transferred to the AppStore to download the application. Accordingly, for Windows Phone, the installation application is available in the Windows Store.

After installation, you will need to connect Vatsap to the device through a simple user identification procedure. To do this, you must specify the login (phone number) and confirm the registration via SMS.

If we talk about the conditions of loading, the advantage of the official developer page is that Vatsap can be downloaded without registration, and there is nothing to worry about for fans, since the Vatsap application is absolutely free. You will always use the new version of Vatsap and its update will occur on your device unnoticed, that is, automatically. Provided, of course, that your smartphone is configured to automatically update software.

How not to make a mistake

So, first of all, the installation archive must be downloaded from a site that you trust. In addition, he should provide you with information about the program (version, release date, compatibility) as much as possible. It is advisable that it be indicated what is new in the latest update, what is its difference from the previous ones. Also, the page should in no case require you to provide your personal data - bank card number, mobile phone number, identification code and other things.

The choice, in our opinion, is obvious - you need to download Vatsap from a source that you trust and nothing more. Stay in touch with WhatsApp!


One of your friends told you about the free WhatsApp messenger and you decided that it was time for you to join a friendly family. And indeed - it’s enough to give your money to insatiable mobile operators. And the money saved on mobile communications we ourselves will find what to spend with benefit and pleasure. The only thing left is to download WhatsApp to your phone and register for the service. How to do it? The question is, what model of cell phone do you have and on which operating system does the smartphone work.

How to download WhatsApp to your phone?

If you have a device on the Android platform of one of the latest models - no problem. Open the Google Play app store and use the search function to access WhatsApp:

  • Click install.
  • If your phone is suitable for WhatsApp for its software and hardware resources, then you will be asked to read the conditions and agree to access personal data and the phone book, the Internet and applications on your device.
  • If you agree, click OK and the process has started.

No registration and system configuration is required! WhatsApp does everything itself, and it registers you in the system by phone number and scans the contact list on the device. Everything is ready to work right away. Your friends who pointed you to this service will be shown in the interface, and you will learn all about them, who is doing what and in what mood.

Whatsapp statuses on the phone

How is it in what mood? The fact is that the Watsup service supports the Status option and each user can write a few words about what he feels and thinks at the moment. This is called user status - you yourself tell everyone else about your mood. For example - "Free and waiting for a call." Or like this: “It's terrible once, call back for lunch.”

An entire industry of these statuses has been created on the Internet. And if you are not in the mood to invent something on your own, there is a list of ready-made statuses for WhatsApp for any occasions of ginka.

WhatsApp official website

If you didn’t manage to download Vatsap to your phone from the Google Play store because you didn’t have one, don’t despair. There is a WhatsApp site and there you can get an application for your phone model for free too. By the way, free of charge is the credo of the WhatsApp server. And even no ads in the application you will never see. So decided the founding fathers of WhatsApp.

The application is created for your comfort. So that you stop spending money on cellular communications and at the same time you can always know exactly whether your friends are available for communication. And when it’s better not to disturb them. Really useful options. For example, you urgently need to intercept a hundred or two rubles until Monday. You do not have to spend time phoning all your friends and relatives in a row.

In the Votsap interface, you will immediately see by status - who you can apply for a loan, and who is better not to waste strength and nerves on persuading. Everything will be immediately clear by status. Well, seeing who is in the access zone, you will not need to check those who are far from the phone or turned off the device to get enough sleep. To download WhatsApp for free on your phone, go to the WhatsApp official website and use the download from there or download the messenger on our website:

Free WhatsApp Features

After twelve months of free use of the WhatsApp messenger, you will be asked to pay one dollar of the subscription chamber. One dollar is much less than the Internet tariff and even less than the amount that you saved during the year due to the refusal to pay for SMS and calls via regular cellular communication.

Here's what you get for a one dollar subscription (starting from the second year of use):

  • Free SMS over the Internet.
  • Telephone calls are also free.
  • The ability to share photos and videos - both on social networks.
  • Cool statuses - like in VKontakte.
  • Bulk chat. Do you have a lot of friends on different ends of the city go country? Or even in different countries? Arrange an international conference with dozens of invitees in text or video formats. Skype is no longer needed.

Do you want to conduct a debriefing, analyze how competently you negotiated with partners? WhatsApp service saves the entire history of communication to the internal local memory of the phone or memory card. The advantage is that you can view the history, but if hackers hack a remote server, your villains will not have access to your confidential conversations.

The benefits of WhatsA messenger for the phone

Make a simple calculation and find out how much you will be able to save every month using the instant messenger. It all depends on your activity in communication:

  • 100 rubles per month. 1200 per year. You can pay for a couple of months of high-speed Internet.
  • 200 rubles a month. 2400 a year. You can buy a new cell phone.

And if the connection takes more than 300 rubles a month? You can go to Turkey all-inclusive in the summer.

Want to download Whatsapp to your phone for free? Choose the appropriate phone model. Currently, all popular phones are supported on which Whatsapp can be installed without restrictions. Our portal is dedicated to the free Whatsapp program, the most popular application for any phones and smartphones.
[WPSP 1] On our site, there are all existing versions of Whatsapp on your phone, which you can download from the following links:

Choose a phone model for WhatsApp Messenger

IphoneNokia S40SymbianWindows phoneBlackberry

Program Whatsapp - This is a new and very convenient way to communicate via SMS messages. Thanks to this program, you can not only send text files, but also share new photos, audio recordings with friends, as well as send and receive multimedia messages. Vatsap application, runs on Android (Download WhatsApp for Android Phone), Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.

application WhatsApp for phone uses a program called Push notification, which allows you to deliver messages in seconds. The program is mainly designed for communication, the exchange of video and audio files between people who have their own smartphones, the most important thing is that all sent messages are absolutely free, their cost is included in the base cost of the Vatsap program.

You just need to download Vatsapp for free and install this application on your Android phone or mobile device, within one day, you will have the opportunity to send unlimited the number of messages that will not require payment for additional operations, such as large media files. The application works only through an Internet connection and it does not matter if you use Wifi, 3G or EDGE. The program is very easy to use and does not take up much memory in a mobile device, you just need to find an Internet access point and can quickly and easily communicate with friends and relatives.

WhatsApp can be downloaded to your phone without registration. By installing it on your phone, the program itself will start synchronization with the phone numbers and contacts already entered into your mobile device, then it will independently combine them with the contacts that this messenger uses.

WhatsApp for phone - what to expect in new updates

Download WhatsApp to your phone is easy if you know the phone model. The application was developed in 2009 by one of the companies located in the state of California, the city of Santa Clara. In April 2012, the application sent over 2 billion messages, and in June 2013 - 27 billion messages.

According to the well-known publication Financia Times, the WhatsApp application will do with SMS messages the same thing that Skype did once with international phone calls. In order for this to happen, this application must be installed in both subscribers and the sender and at the recipient. Save your time and money, install the Vatsapp application on your phone, downloading it without registering from our website, and start unlimited communication with your family and friends. If you have any questions about installing WhatsApp, use the “How to install whatsapp on your phone»Which details the step-by-step installation.


Являясь одним из самых популярных мессенджеров, насчитывающих несколько миллионов пользователей, приложение WhatsApp для мобильных аппаратов с операционной системой Андроид продолжает успешно применяться практически всеми, кто вновь приобретает девайсы типа смартфонов, планшетов. Как незаменимая программа для бесплатного общения, бесплатной рассылки текстов СМС и ММС, это приложение имеет огромную популярность в молодежной среде, которая просто не может себе представить хоть один день без общения. А обычные системы потребляют для выполнения такого желания довольно много денежных сумм. В этом случае незаменимость WhatsApp Messenger просто неоспорима.

For the program to function fully, of course, you need to install WhatsApp on your phone or gadget, observing only a few basic rules, mainly related to the correct choice of a portal for downloading, and then to simply following the instructions that will appear on the monitor during installation.

How to install the WhatsApp phone program using the Android example:

The installation process of this application is not difficult, it takes a minimum of time. Only compliance with some basics is required.

  1. First of all, in order to provide yourself with the full-fledged properties of WhatsApp, it is important to go to the “correct” site, which will not require registration when downloading this application. It just requires internet.
  2. It is necessary that the gadget has 20 MB of free space for installing this program. Now you need to download Whatsapp to your phone for free by choosing your model.
  3. In each device there is such an application as the Play Store, which helps to make the “right” choice. It needs to be launched.
  4. If the program did not start earlier, then you will need to register an account with the username and password, for the full operation of this application.
  5. This program has an icon in the form of a magnifying glass, which you need to click on to display a search bar where you need to enter the name of the program you want to download, in this case WhatsApp. Among the proposals you need to choose “Whatsapp messenger”.
  6. Once on the page of this application, you need to start the installation process, which in principle takes very little time, but really depends on the quality and speed of the available Internet.
  7. Complete completion of the installation will be duplicated by the corresponding message.
  8. Now it will be necessary to launch the application itself by clicking on its designation.
  9. During the launch process, a request to enter a phone number will be displayed on the monitor. The entry of the number should correspond to the SIM card on this device, since this is necessary to confirm the correspondence of the phone and this program, an automatic message will be sent that will cause a response request to confirm this number. A positive result activates the program.

All actions for other phone models are similar, the main thing is to choose the appropriate version of the Whatsapp messenger to your phone, or rather the installed operating system. In fact, even beginners will not have any problems and questions about how to install Whatsapp on the phone.

Quick Install WhatsApp on Computer

The installation process is simple and takes place in Russian.

Now, for the program to work on a PC, you need to have the WhatsApp installed on your phone. If not, download on our website for your iPhone or Android model.

Run the program on your computer and phone, and then scan the QR code using the camera. To do this, point the phone at the square with the watsap icon.

Select the WEB / Comp function in the program settings and point the camera at the monitor:

After that, click on any chat and proceed to communication.

The second installation option is considered in the video. It shows the installation process through the emulator on windows 7. Watching the video will take 3 minutes, but in exchange you will have aastap on your PC. We recommend the first quick installation option.

What is WhatsApp for?

Installation and use of WhatsApp for a computer takes place exclusively in the Android shell. So how on pc to work in Android? - you ask. Very simple! Use the emulator of this platform on pc.
Let's look at the photo simulating a phone on a computer using the BlueStacks program example, and then proceed with installing the WhatsApp on the PC.

Installing Android emulator on a computer

Download the BlueStacks emulator from our link by clicking on the blue button. This is the most convenient emulator at the moment and even a child can handle it.

Start the installation process by double-clicking on the installer.

Installation will take some time, so be patient and wait.

After the end of the process, new shortcuts will appear on the desktop: installed applications and the program itself.

Now on the computer there is a program for using Watsap and other applications in full screen. Play amazing games when you don’t have a smartphone at hand or don’t want to strain your tired eyes once again! This is a full-fledged smartphone in a computer with many settings and even the ability to call and send SMS. In addition, the presence of Bluestax on your computer allows you to install an infinite number of programs and games, including with 3D graphics.

Installing the application through a PC emulator

    Download the WhatsApp file on PC with .apk resolution from this page using the link.

Next, open the folder with the downloaded apk file and double-click on it to install on the Android emulator.

Click on the notification and Bluustax will start the Vatsap program on the computer. Accept the terms and conditions.

Next, select Russia in the list of countries and enter your phone number to check the connection and register the number in WhatsApp.

Click OK and check the correctness of the entered number, as it will receive a call with a code message that you must immediately use in registration.

In the next step, wait until the system checks the possibility of sending SMS to your number. Verification will fail because it is still a computer, so when done, select Call me.

A call will ring on the telephone with the indicated number. Pick up the phone and listen to the digital code. Then enter it in the code field.

Now it is proposed to fill out a profile.

Registration will be completed when you click Next. You can enjoy an excellent phone program for free right on your computer for one year!

But here's the catch - there is not a single contact with whom you can start a conversation, because you need to add the contact list to the Vatsap program first.