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Create a real sword in a Photoshop lesson, download a sword


This lesson fell into the category of lungs, which means that in theory a small child will be able to repeat it. Naturally, parents can also help young children draw a sword. And if you consider yourself a more advanced artist, then I can recommend the lesson “How to Draw a Hare” - it will require more perseverance from you, although it will be no less interesting.

What is needed

In order to draw a sword we may need:

  • Paper. It is better to take medium-grained special paper: for beginning artists it will be much more pleasant to draw on this one.
  • Sharpened pencils. I advise you to take several degrees of hardness, each must be used for different purposes.
  • Eraser.
  • Hatching stick. You can use plain paper curled into a cone. Her lego will grind the hatch, turning it into a monotonous color.
  • A little patience.
  • Good mood.

Phased lesson

It’s easiest to draw ordinary household things, because you can always look at the sword, always at hand and you can examine every detail. You have to draw not from the head, but from nature, and this is much more pleasant and easier. If you don’t have the opportunity to look at what you are drawing, it’s best to turn to the search engine and see the pictures before taking on the lesson.

By the way, in addition to this lesson, I advise you to pay attention to the lesson "Draw the flag." It will help to enhance your mastery or just bring a little pleasure.

Simple drawings are created using contours. It will be enough for you to repeat this, and only what is shown in the lesson, to get an acceptable result, but if you want to achieve something more, then try to imagine something. what you draw in the form of simple geometric bodies. Try to make a sketch not with outlines, but with rectangles, triangles and circles. After some while constantly using this technology, you will see that drawing becomes easier.

Tip: Sketch as thick strokes as possible. The thicker the strokes will be, the more difficult it will be to erase them later.

The first step, or rather zero, you always need to lay out a sheet of paper. This will let you know exactly where the drawing will be. If you place the picture on half of the sheet, you can use the second half for another picture. Here is an example of the layout of the sheet in the center:

Let's start by drawing simple elements. As shown in the first figure, we make two lines: horizontal and vertical, the handle is located on top, we will draw a circle there. The skull will be located above and the blade itself below.

Step 2. We outline the main elements of the sword. Do not try to draw everything in detail immediately. The main thing is to first outline the main lines.

Step 3. We remove auxiliary lines on the handle. And select the contours with a large line.

Step 4. Our sword will be fiery. Make light, jagged lines that symbolize the flame. In the next lesson, we will also take a closer look at how to draw fire with a pencil.

Step 5. Draw a skull, and detail the flame of fire.

Step 6. Erase auxiliary lines and strokes and draw around the outline

Step 7. Bringing beauty and admiring the result.

This is my first lesson on how to draw weapons with a pencil, in the next lessons we will look at how to draw other types of weapons.

Now you know how to draw a sword and hope you can repeat the lesson. Now you can pay attention to the lesson "How to draw a whale" - it is just as interesting and fascinating. Share the lesson on social networks and share your results with friends.

How to draw a sword

Want to learn How to draw a sword with a pencil in stages, take a few simple steps.

Step 1. First, take a ruler or hard-edged piece of paper, and draw a straight line that flows diagonally. At the upper end, draw the width of the handle will be, and add a line, crosses between the base of one. This is important if you want to create a perfectly accurate sword.

Step 2. Next, work on the base of the handle and the blade itself. This should be addressed, with patience because of the vulnerability to run into unpleasant incidents. Starting from the handle and down to the blade.

Step 3. Then, work on finishing the details that will define this sword into something unique and suitable. Add the receiver pad and handles so that having it has a tight grip on it. The hand of the guard is used so that the hand will not slip on the blade, thus being a useless weapon.

Step 4. Finally, this is what your lines should resemble. If you are not satisfied with how your results are, reload the tutorial until you get it right. Do not hesitate to add your own little details to your swords! This tutorial just guides you on How to Draw Edges and Corners with your Basic Blade Weapon. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for watching!