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Asparagus in bacon


Original, elegant and at the same time simple and fast - this is how you can briefly describe this appetizer of asparagus and bacon. A great addition to breakfast with scrambled eggs or as a snack on the festive table. In any case, many asparagus fried in bacon will appeal to many - it looks fresh and beautiful with a minimum of cost and time. Give it a try!

Total cooking time - 0 hours 15 minutes
Active cooking time - 0 hours 15 minutes
Cost - Average Cost
Calorie content per 100 g - 308 kcal
Servings Per Container - 24 Servings

how to cook asparagus fried in bacon


Asparagus - 24 pcs.
Bacon - 24 pcs. strips
Olive oil - to taste


The asparagus stalks should be washed well and dried with a clean towel to remove excess moisture.

Then you need to cut or even break off the hard ends of the asparagus, they will no longer be useful to us, because they are not edible.

Bacon must be cut into very thin strips. At home, without special equipment, this will be difficult. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to buy already sliced ​​bacon.
Now you need to wrap each stalk of asparagus in bacon as if in a spiral.

Fry the workpieces in a well-heated pan for 2-4 minutes, turning from time to time to brown on all sides.
How much oil to pour during frying depends on how fat your bacon is. If it’s like mine, then there’s practically no need to add oil - the fat in the bacon melted during frying, and everything was cooked “in its own juice”.

Serve hot - soft asparagus, fried in crispy bacon, ready. Enjoy your meal!


Green Asparagus - 30 amount

Bacon (smoked, sliced) - 150 g

Olive oil - 1 tsp

Cream (not less than 20%) - 200 ml

Cheese (Tilsiter, Mozzarella) - 200 g

Nutmeg - at the tip of a knife

Black pepper (ground) - to taste

Thyme (dried) - 1 pinch

Salt - optional

  • 152 kcal
  • 20 minutes.
  • 20 minutes.

Step by step recipe with photo

Asparagus is a very healthy low-calorie product, it was appreciated even in ancient Egypt.

In modern culinary methods and recipes for preparing dishes with asparagus are great. I suggest trying asparagus in bacon cooked in a grill pan. The classic asparagus sauce is hollandaise (or hollandese sauce), but in addition to asparagus in bacon, I have quick and equally tasty cheese cream sauce.

Minimum time, minimum ingredients and maximum taste.

You will need fresh green asparagus to prepare the dish.

For the sauce, I used cream of 30% fat, I have two types of cheese: semi-hard Tilsiter and soft Mozzarella for baking. These cheeses melt well, but you can take any cheese to taste. Grate the cheese on a fine grater.

Pour a small amount of water into a suitable pan, bring to a boil. Water is needed for blanching asparagus. I did not salt water.

We also need a bowl of ice water - to quickly cool the asparagus so that it does not lose its beautiful green color.

We cut off the hard ends of the asparagus, we won’t need them.

We put the prepared asparagus into boiling water and blanch at low boil for 5 minutes. Next, immediately transfer the asparagus to ice water and let cool.

We take the cooled asparagus out of the water, dry it with a paper towel and wrap it in strips of bacon. You can wrap each asparagus separately, or you can make bundles by wrapping 3-5 stalks of asparagus together in bacon.

Grease the grill pan with olive oil and heat over medium heat.

We spread the asparagus in the bacon on a hot pan and quickly fry from all sides to the rosy color of the bacon.

While the asparagus is fried in bacon, prepare the sauce. To do this, bring the cream to a boil in a saucepan (or in a frying pan), after adding the nutmeg, black pepper and thyme, as well as salt to taste, if the cheese is not very salty.

In the boiling cream we put the cheese grated on a fine grater and, stirring, we will cook on the smallest fire until the cheese is completely melted. It will take 2-3 minutes.

Serve hot asparagus. She turned out very tender in crispy bacon.

And, of course, a generous amount of cream cheese sauce.

Cooking method:

1. Cut blue cheese into small pieces.

2. Put the sliced ​​bacon on a chopping board. If your bacon has not yet been sliced, be sure to do it.

3. Carefully wrap the fresh asparagus in the bacon, as shown in the photo.

4. Pour olive oil into the pan and heat to the optimum temperature.

5. Fry the resulting parcels in a pan, first on one side. Then turn and fry on the other side.

6. When the parcels are optimally fried on all sides, pour a little soy sauce.

7. We continue to fry constantly turning over billets until ready.

8. Serve the finished dish with blue cheese. This combination of tastes is optimal for this dish.

What is asparagus?

Prices for asparagus usually “bite”, but in the season they drop two to three times, and this is a delicacy vegetable that everyone can afford.

It is simply amazing how many people have never tried asparagus in their life, and many of them are not going to do it. You can ask your friends. Surely many of them will say: “Asparagus? Well, I don’t know ... What does everyone find in it? I definitely don’t need it. "And they can be understood.

I myself went around asparagus for a long time, buying more familiar and familiar vegetables. And in vain! After all, this vegetable is one of the first in spring and contains, in addition to the vitamins so necessary for our body, also potassium, calcium, iron and protein.

In order to preserve all the beneficial properties of asparagus to the maximum extent, it is necessary to use it as fresh as possible, subjecting it to minimal heat treatment.

How to choose a good asparagus in the market?

Determining the freshness of asparagus is easy. Choose dense, elastic shoots of uniform color. Press lightly on top of the shoot. If the asparagus is fresh, pressing will highlight juice. Slices should also not be dried.

Since the taste and beneficial properties of asparagus are lost during storage, do not delay its preparation the day after purchase. If, for some reason, you still need to postpone the preparation of asparagus, you can recommend the following storage method: update the slices of the asparagus shoots and put them in a jar of water. This will keep the asparagus fresh until the right moment.

Asparagus is available in white, green and purple. Green asparagus is most common since it is grown year-round, and purple is quite rare.

But this does not mean that purple asparagus is tastier or healthier than green or white. The nutritional value of all of them is about the same, but the most delicate taste has white asparagus.

How is asparagus cooked?

The method of preparing asparagus is very simple. Wash the shoots, clean their lower part (about two-thirds of the length) of the fibrous top layer, tie them in a bunch with a parsley branch or just a thread and boil for 5 minutes.

It is best to use a special - tall and narrow pan, in which asparagus is cooked "standing", immersed in water by about two-thirds, and the tops "reach" by steam.

Professionals recommend draining the water after boiling and pour asparagus with cold water so that it retains its color, taste and useful properties better.

Traditionally, asparagus serves Dutch sauce, which you can cook yourself or buy ready-made. Light white wines are best suited for asparagus, such as Sylvaner or Chardonnay.

Thank you so much for your time, I hope the article was useful to you. That's all, see you soon!