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How to refill a Canon printer


Different Canon cartridges refill differently. The easiest way to determine what you need is the instruction for the cartridge number on the sticker on top.

You can also use refill kits to refill cartridges for dual-cartridge printers at home - it's more expensive, but more convenient.

For example, the video below shows how to refill a black PG-510 cartridge using an InkTec refill kit.

General refills for Canon cartridges.

Refill the cartridge with compatible ink only. You should choose the appropriate ones according to the model of the printer, and better - according to the number of the original cartridge. About how to recognize him, we wrote in the corresponding article.

For refueling at home, you should purchase syringes (one for each color), as well as thin rubber gloves and a sufficient number of napkins (ink for the printer is quite difficult to wash). A thin drill or clerical knife may come in handy for expanding the ink filling holes, although it is better to just use syringes with fairly thin needles.

With the help of special chips in cartridges, printers keep track of expended ink and block printing when a conditional zero mark is reached. To resume printing, you need to disable ink level monitoring, for which, as a rule, it is enough to hold down the Cancel button (red triangle in a circle) for 10-20 seconds when the printer displays the message “Out of ink”. Read more about resetting counters in the corresponding article. Please note that disabling tracking will invalidate the warranty on the printing device, so that all manipulations are at your own risk.

Canon believes that cartridges with an integrated printhead will work for one cycle, after which they will be replaced with new ones. That is, the operating resource of the built-in GHGs is very small. To prolong the life of the head and the potential increase in the number of refillings, you should carefully handle the cartridge: do not allow the ink to dry with regular printing, rinse the GHG with software and tools and using special service fluid.

How to refill a Canon inkjet printer yourself

Lift the printer cover to access the cartridges; the printer must be plugged in at this time. Cartridges are mounted on a moving platform, so wait until this platform takes up space for servicing the cartridges.
The printer has stickers with the English letters “B and“ C, in translation they mean: B - (black) black. C - (color) color. Under these letters are cartridges, respectively, black and color. Pull down a little on the protruding bow on the cartridge, and it will pop out. Reinsert the cartridge very carefully, it should snap into place easily. After removing it from the printer, remove the sticker from the top cover of the cartridge. Under the sticker on the black cartridge there will be a small depression in the form of a circle, and on the color there will be three of them. In the center of these circles, drill holes with a diameter of about 1 millimeter. If there is no drill, carefully do them with a knife or a sharp cutter. Try not to get chips or other debris inside!
How to refill the Canon printer with black ink is already clear, but the color cartridge has three holes and different colors are poured into everything. The main thing is not to mix the colors, otherwise the cartridge will have to be completely disassembled and washed.

On my cartridge, I even scribbled where to put the paint on the paint and how to refill the Canon printer. The top hole is red ink, the bottom left is blue, the bottom right is yellow.
Now a few words about the ink itself. They are sold in syringes and banks, it is better to buy in banks, they are enough for a long time.
For refueling, you need 10 milliliter medical syringes. Use a separate syringe for each color!
In a cartridge for black ink, you can safely fill up to 10 milliliters. When refueling, the syringe needle should easily enter the hole of the cartridge, because air will come out of it. Insert the needle into the hole for 1 centimeter and start pouring paint, do not be afraid to spoil anything inside, there is a sponge that absorbs the paint, you can even stick the needle into this sponge a little.

For a clearer picture of the color cartridge device, I took a photo in disassembled form. Inside the cartridge is divided into three compartments. Pour 3-4 milliliters of color ink into each compartment.
Always try to carefully refill cartridges, use napkins, the ink is very corrosive, it can hold on your hands for several days, you’ll completely wash them off the fabric. Before you fill in the colored ink, make sure that you refill them correctly, do not confuse the colors, otherwise you will not be able to understand how to refill the ink in a Canon printer. If you mix ink, either buy a new cartridge, or disassemble it and rinse with distilled water.
After the process of replacing ink in a Canon cartridge is finished, always seal the holes with tape or tape. Before returning the cartridge to the printer, wipe the nozzles with a dry cloth, a couple of drops of ink may leak out of them (in the photo of the nozzle above), do not press hard! Also try to never touch the electrical contacts on the cartridge wall!
That's all, use cartridges and a printer carefully, keep clean!

What do I need to refill Canon cartridges myself?

  • slotted screwdriver,
  • syringes for refilling cartridges with blunt needles,
  • napkin or shred of fabric,
  • duct tape
  • a pair of latex gloves
  • apron,
  • paper or newspapers,
  • ink for Canon cartridges.

How to refill Canon cartridges: step-by-step instructions

    Cover the table with paper or newspapers. The pigments contained in the printer ink are highly resistant and it is not so simple to remove them from wood or plastic. That is why it is important to protect the table or surface on which refueling will be done with paper.

Wear an apron and latex gloves. As mentioned earlier, the ink resistance for cartridges is very high, so it’s quite difficult to wash your hands or remove clothes from such paint. For this reason, before working with ink, be sure to put on an apron so as not to stain your clothes and protect your skin with latex gloves.

Tape the electronic contacts on the cartridge with tape. Contamination of these elements with ink can cause the printer to stop printing in the desired color. Interestingly, many users experienced printing problems even after they had been touching electronic contacts for some time.

Open the filling hole on the cartridge. This is most conveniently done with a screwdriver with a straight slot. Be extremely careful when performing this step - inaccuracy can cause the screwdriver head to slip and damage the cartridge elements.

Use the syringe to paint the desired color. We recommend using a blunt-ended needle for these purposes, since the pointed analogs of such a part can damage the electronic components of the cartridge. It is also important to note that each color cartridge must be filled with a separate syringe. Ignoring this rule is fraught with a change in the color of the ink as a result of mixing pigments. If it is not possible to buy several syringes at once and you are going to use only one, carefully rinse it before refilling each subsequent cartridge.

Refill ink cartridge. To do this, place the needle in the filling hole and begin to press the syringe valve. At this stage, do not make sudden movements - the liquid should flow into the cartridge in small volumes. It is also not recommended to refuel this printed accessory completely. Ideally, ink should occupy 90% of the ink compartment in the cartridge. As you can see, the answer to the question: “How to refill a Canon cartridge yourself?” Is not so complicated and incomprehensible as it might have seemed from the beginning.

Ink the sponge. This is very simple - tilt the cartridge towards the sponge and wait 10-15 seconds.

Wipe the cartridge refill hole with a tissue or cloth. It is important to complete this step in order to minimize the risks of contamination of the skin of your hands, clothing, table or printer.

Close the filling hole.

Remove the adhesive tape from the electronic contacts and tear off the special filmwhich manufacturers cover the air hole.

Remove the cartridge from the orange refill pad.

  • Install the cartridge in the printer. In many models of Canon printing devices, after installing the cartridge, a red light under it lights up and a distinctive click is heard.
  • Repeat the above 12 steps with each subsequent cartridge.
  • To refill a Canon cartridge, you must follow these steps:

    Remove the cartridge from the printer. To do this, first read the instructions to find out the features of your device, and then, following it:

    1. Find out the model name of your printer to know how it works. To do this, inspect the device, and there you can find the name of the printer model next to the brand name. If it is not listed there, look in the button bar. Also, the name of the model can be found on the barcode that is listed on the back of the device. If this information is not visible, find it using the computer (in the "Device Manager").
    2. Check the location of the buttons on the printer afterwards.
    3. Open the printer cover.
    4. When the containers automatically exit (all models have this function, but you can also remove it using special buttons if necessary), remove the cartridge you need from them. To do this, pull on it for a specially designated place (an arched protrusion). To avoid drying out of the print head, you must wait for the moment when the containers with cartridges themselves reach the right place.

    Place the cartridge on a flat surface with the label at the top.

    Remove the sticker. There you will see three small depressions (in a cartridge with black ink there is one such thing, in a color cartridge - three). You need to make holes for paint to enter into them (expand these recesses). Through the holes that you make, we will inject paint with a syringe. These holes can be made using a drill or a hot needle. But be very careful not to push the drill or needle too deeply, as the cartridge may be damaged.

    Type in the ink that needs to be filled into the syringe

    1. It is necessary to inject paint in specially designated places. Remember that the top hole on the color printer is red. The lower left is blue and the lower right is yellow. There is one hole on the black cartridge.
    2. The needle of the syringe in the hole must be lowered somewhere by two-thirds (in no case no deeper, so as not to damage the cartridge).
    3. When you see that a little paint begins to pour through the holes, this means that the cartridge reservoir is already full.
    4. To prevent the cartridge from overflowing, you need to pump out 0.5 ml of paint without removing the syringe.
    5. When you fill all the necessary paint tanks, gently remove the syringe and place the sticker back. This should be done immediately after filling with paint to avoid drying out.

    Place the cartridge that was filled back in the printer.

    Be sure to check that the ink matches the brand of the printer. If they are incompatible, the cartridge may not print and you will have to completely rinse the print head.

    Make sure the cartridges are well installed in the containers. This is one reason why the printer may not print. Therefore, wait for a characteristic click before you start printing.

    Remember to check the expiration date of the ink.

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