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How to make a cardboard machine? Options for small and large cars


For various exhibitions of crafts and just for games with children, you can make cars from cardboard. These can be small board toys, as well as large floor toys, in which the child will fit himself. Children like to help in making and coloring, coming up with a purpose for crafts. It can be an ambulance, a fire department or a character from the Cartoon Cars.

In the article, we will consider how to make a cardboard machine with your own hands from different materials.

Cardboard Cylinder Machine

As the materials needed to assemble such a board toy, you will need a solid cardboard cylinder left over after using toilet paper. Before you make a small machine from cardboard, in its central part you need to make a rectangular hole with a knife, which is intended for the driver. It is not necessary to cut the paper completely - the back for the seat is made from the strip that turned out in the center. The steering wheel can be cut separately from another cardboard.

It remains to attach the wheels. Before you make a typewriter from cardboard, you need to buy thick sheets of paper from which the wheels will be made. To make them stronger, it is recommended to glue them from several layers. Then the child will be able to push the toy with his hand, not being afraid to bend the product.

The wheels are mounted in pairs on bolts or buttons. Details are painted separately, then everything comes together.

We will see further how to make a cardboard machine into which toys can be loaded, and it will play the role of a cart. It is better to make them corrugated cardboard using small metal bars. You can take them from another broken machine or take out waste material.

For the main structure, you can pick up a ready-made box of cookies or assemble it according to a simple scheme for the manufacture of rectangular boxes.

The wheels are mounted on the axle. At the ends of a metal rod, a wire is wound in several layers. This serves as an emphasis on circles made of cardboard, so that the wheels do not fall. It can be painted at the request of the child in different colors. A rope is tied in front, and the trolley is ready.

How to make a typewriter from cardboard: diagram

Now on sale are printed diagrams of different models of cardboard machines. These are famous and popular cars of foreign and Russian companies. If you have a color printer, you can print them from sites.

Before you make a typewriter from cardboard, you need to carefully cut it along the contour with scissors, not forgetting the white corners, on which a layer of glue is then smeared.

Collecting such a model is easy. It is only necessary to carefully stroke with a finger in places of paper folds. But it will be just a static toy, all the child’s interest in assembling and cutting out the model. You can collect them for the sake of collection and keep them under glass in a cupboard.

Garage for cars

If you already have several home-made cars, then you need to keep them somewhere. It is necessary to build a garage or parking for cars. Before you make a garage for cars from cardboard, you need to pick up a box of corrugated material of the size we need.

All sides are left, and the upper side is cut off completely. The box is turned upside down. Large square holes are cut to the side for cars to enter.

If you are making a parking lot, then you need to draw up places for cars on its roof and, of course, make a convenient exit for them. Children love to ride cars on hills, so that an externally attached strip of cardboard glued to one side of the garage can easily play this role.

You can improve the parking by making borders or garage doors, as well as beautifully painted it. It is interesting to glue the box with colored paper, or you can paint with markers or gouache paints.

Big fire truck

To make such a specialized machine, you need to pick up a box of corrugated cardboard. It should not be too thin and high, because the truck is a package turned upside down. Before you make a typewriter out of cardboard, you need to carefully glue the sides together with tape so that the slot is not visible.

Then you need to cut a hole on top so that the hero-fireman could be put in the car. The wheels can be cut out of another box and just stick them on the bottom of the car. If you want to make them spinning, then you need to figure out what they will be installed on. You can use wooden round sticks from flags, for example.

It remains to colorfully paint all sides of the fire truck, embellishing them with small details: a ladder, headlights, a windshield, white stripes, you can write a phone number for calling the fire service. It is often written on such cars.

Do not forget to use lights to make lights. To do this, use strips of yellow paper, rolled up by cylinders.

Floor machine for a child

Children are very fond of all sorts of large containers - boxes, barrels, even cabinets, where you can hide or just fit in. Therefore, before making a cardboard machine for the child himself, you need to check whether he fits there, think about where the baby can stretch his legs, so that it is convenient.

One box can not do, you will need at least two, and preferably three, as in the photo below. The trunk and the hood of the car make them two whole boxes, sticking them to the slots with tape. But the middle part will have to work hard. If the child does not fit in the center of the car, he has nowhere to put his legs up, then you will need to cut one side of the box from the middle and also the side of the hood adjacent to it. Then the child, sitting in the center of the structure, can stretch his legs into the space of the first box.

The windshield of the convertible is cut out of the sash, making a rectangular hole in it. Wheels and headlights can simply be glued to the skeleton.

As you can see, doing such interesting crafts with your own hands is not difficult at all, and the baby’s joy will be endless. The main thing is not to be lazy and want to bring joy to the child.