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How to make a sweet table at a wedding


Wedding gifts have long become an integral part of the celebration. A traditional present for newlyweds in the form of money or jewelry will no longer leave a special mark in memory. Therefore, for those who have a desire give something special, you can use the idea of ​​a sweet presentation. A particularly sweet wedding gift will appeal to the sweet tooth. Sweet gift can be either acquired or made with your own hands.

Photo of a wedding bouquet of sweets

Useful tips and rules for making gifts from sweets

Most of those who want to give the bride a homemade sweet gift do not have practical experience in compiling it.

Tips for assembling a sweet bouquet of sweets for weddings will help not to hit the face in the mud

Rules for making a sweet presentation:

  1. If a beginner makes a bouquet for a wedding, it is better to start planning the composition as early as possible.
  2. When making a bouquet, it is better not to pierce the candy itself, try not to violate the structure of the shell (packaging). For an aesthetic appearance, sweetness must retain its shape.
  3. The fewer empty spaces in the composed bouquet, the better. The wrong side should not be visible.
  4. When choosing several types of sweets, it is important to consider their color combinations. The closer the wrappers are in gamut, the more harmonious the composition looks.
  5. Chocolate as a gift should be fresh. This should be considered when composing bouquets. You do not need to collect it in a month or two, and then be surprised at the stale appearance. But also to delay with the timing of production is also not necessary. The best option is to first make a trial version, and then build the final one 10-14 days before the celebration.
  6. For each type of flower, a certain chocolate is suitable. For example, it is best for a rose to use round candies, and chocolate bars are ideal for a lily.

DIY handmade candy bouquet for a wedding

How to make a wedding bouquet of sweets with your own hands?

A sweet gift from a candy for a wedding with your own hands, then, of course, stand out among other similar souvenirs. But for beginners who want to make a memorable gift on their own, without knowing the basics, it is difficult to create something that I have not tried to do before. Therefore, a master class on making a wedding bouquet from Raffaello sweets will help begin your journey in the world of sweet floristry. A step-by-step instruction for beginners is given with a detailed description of actions and necessary materials.


  • Raffaello and Ferrero Rocher sweets,
  • stuffed organza
  • floristic wire
  • decorative fabric
  • corrugated paper
  • Scotch,
  • floristic grid
  • satin ribbons,
  • hot glue.

Instructions for creating a bouquet:

  1. A wire with a cross section of 1 mm and a length of 20 cm is taken.
  2. Using hot melt glue, the candies are strung on a wire. It is important not to damage the edges of the candy wire.
  3. To form a bouquet, cut an organza or a floral grid with 13cm x 13 cm squares.
  4. Then 2 squares are added and a small hole is made in the center.
  5. Candy is dressed in a shaped "skirt". All other sweets are also made out.
  6. The assembly of the bouquet begins. It is necessary to glue 3 workpieces with a heat gun.
  7. In order to arrange the bouquet harmoniously, the paper should be similar in tone to the color of the decorations.
  8. Then you need to bend the edges of the paper from yourself and to yourself alternately.
  9. With the help of floral ribbon and organza, the bouquet is given splendor. Then everything is decorated to taste with a beautiful fabric, for example, lace.
  10. Next, the bouquet is tied with a ribbon and, if desired, decorated with additional elements. They can be made from sweets and corrugated paper. For final decor, you can also add statuettes of newlyweds on skewers to the bouquet.

Artificial flowers can be used for decoration. At will, you can take fresh flowers. The main thing is not to miscalculate the timing of the wedding so that they do not wilt before giving

These kind of wedding bouquets of sweets with their own hands will be a wonderful and sincere gift, and especially will please sweet brides.

Wedding bouquet of sweets as a gift

Candy Wedding Ideas

Creating a wedding bouquet, whether from sweets or simple flowers - painstaking and creative work. A wedding bouquet of sweets can stand out from the crowd of gifts using the original design. But not all guests have enough imagination for creative presentations. Therefore, ideas of compositions from sweets for a wedding will save time and choose the right option.

Interesting and original sweet composition options:

  1. Wedding ship made of sweets.This gift option is suitable for those who have a themed wedding, for example, on a ship. The marine style of the gift will complement the atmosphere with sweet notes. In addition, you can give a bottle of good alcohol. And in addition to the ship, you can construct an anchor. The larger the anchor, the stronger the union and family life of the newlyweds.
  2. Gift of toys and sweets for the wedding. Many girls in their youth dreamed of bouquets of sweets and toys. Why not fulfill children's dreams on the most important day by ordering a toy and candy bouquet for a wedding? After all, toys will remain as a memory, and some brides will even make talismans out of them later. You can choose a toy with meaning or just from the heart, which one you like.
  3. Heart shaped bouquet. Such a gift will add romance to the holiday. In addition, chocolate as a gift is now gaining more and more popularity. The bride’s bouquet of sweets will suit natures who decide to surprise guests. But you need to make sure that there are no too superstitious girls among friends. And then a sweet gift instead of joy will bring only disappointment. Especially those who hoped to get married after the wedding. Such an idea is suitable only for non-standard-minded brides.
  4. Bouquet in the shape of the initials of the newlyweds. Such a memorable and tasty idea will appeal to business people, but who do not disdain romantic feelings.
  5. Bouquet in the form of wedding rings.Such a memorable gift will become an original attribute for a wedding photo shoot. And after the celebration, the newlyweds can enjoy a family tea party. Wedding bouquets of sweets for newlyweds will be an excellent memorable gift instead of traditional options.
  6. Religious bouquets. Such a present is only suitable for families who are deeply immersed in one or another religion. In addition, it is worth exploring in more detail the religious nuances of the faith of the couple, so as not to be mistaken with symbolism.
  7. Bouquet in the form of an animal. This idea will appeal to nature lovers. If, for example, the bride is somehow connected with the animal world, then the bouquet in the form of the same hedgehog will bring her tangible joy. You can perform a composition in the form of a zodiac or totem beast. The flight of fancy is unlimited here.

Candy ship as a wedding gift

Additional tips for choosing a bouquet of sweets for a wedding

When composing wedding gifts, it is important to consider not only the main recommendations. A wedding is an important event in the life of every bride. And gifts play an important role

Choose a bouquet as a gift, especially from sweets, is based on following recommendations:

  1. Choosing sweets is in accordance with the taste of the bride. If, for example, a girl loves Raffaello or does not tolerate alcohol in chocolate, you need to consider this.
  2. If the flowers in the bouquet correspond to the theme of the celebration, it will be even better. For example, for marine subjects peonies or lilies will ideally look. And roses are suitable for a traditional celebration.
  3. The closer the bouquet is made to the wedding, the fresher the chocolate will be as a present. The best option for a “downtime" gift is 2-3 days.
  4. The color scheme of the bouquet should at least slightly match the color palette of the celebration.
  5. If the bride does not really like sweets, do not give her such a gift. Most likely, she will give it to the guests.

The idea of ​​a sweet gift will be relevant for a long time. Therefore, you can safely present such a present. In addition, sweets cheer up, which is especially important on such a gala day.

Video of a master class on making a wedding bouquet of sweets do it yourself with your own hands to make a beautiful composition yourself:

Stage 1: determination of the general concept

A sweet table can decorate different moments of a wedding day:

  1. If you are planning a traditional wedding with a bride’s ransom, the candy bar will complement or even completely replace the buffet table, at which future newlyweds with their relatives and friends speak the first toasts. But it is advisable to organize it in the bride’s house only if you have calculated the timing of the event very accurately and are sure that there is enough time for sweet treats. Otherwise, in the bustle of the guests simply do not have time to enjoy the goodies and decor.
  2. In the case of field registration in nature, a candy bar is often placed right on the street. Near him, guests can socialize and reinforce their strength with sweets. In this case, it is very important that the design is in harmony with the design of the entire zone as a whole: a wedding arch, chairs, floor vases and other elements. Floral arrangements on a sweet table will not be superfluous. If you chose this option, then it is important that the candy bar is sufficiently mobile. In case of bad weather or immediately after the ceremony, it will need to be quickly removed. The bride and groom, of course, will not do this themselves, therefore, responsible assistants from among the guests will be needed.

  1. The most popular and perhaps the most convenient solution is the organization of a sweet bar in the banquet hall. Its presence does not replace fruit slices on tables; rather, it serves as a way to diversify the menu, a joy for children, an additional photo zone and an excellent occasion for guests to make a promenade. The design of the candy bar in this case should fully comply with the style of the evening.

The most universal for decoration are shades of white and pastel colors, as well as intense variations of red, pink, blue and turquoise. They are appropriate for almost any wedding. Keep in mind that a completely white sweet zone may be too inconspicuous, because in the halls of restaurants and cafes most often there are light walls. However, highlighting, for example, a light garland, will help solve this problem.

For a stylized wedding, it is enough to use the appropriate shades in the decor and filling of the candy bar. So, for a celebration in the spirit of Provence, clean and grayish light colors are useful: lavender, mint, dusty pink, beige, etc. A Hollywood wedding involves the obligatory combination of black with fuchsia or red and white, sometimes with gold details. A retro-style event requires tones corresponding to the era: for dudes of the 50s, these are bright colors and catchy combinations, for the 30s, on the contrary, more elegant and calm colors are suitable.

Indoors, a sweet table is preferably placed against the wall. So it will not interfere with the dance and competition program, in addition, it will be more convenient to fix the background and hang all the decorative details. And we will dwell on them in more detail.

Stage 2: the basis of the candy bar and inedible decor details

The design of the sweet table is really somewhat reminiscent of the organization of the photo zone. By the way, having a table directly is not a prerequisite at all, sometimes beautiful dressers, open wardrobes, etc. are used instead. Any version of furniture is suitable where you can place many types of sweets, but it is extremely important that they are convenient to take.

All kinds of decorative elements are also integral attributes of the candy bar:

  • tablecloth,
  • flags (in the form of a garland above the table or small ones with the names of treats, funny inscriptions),
  • large fans and flowers, paper pompons,
  • light garlands
  • tapes
  • framework,
  • wooden inscriptions
  • a wedding monogram with the initials of the newlyweds, the inscription "Candy bar", etc.,
  • butterflies, bows and other details,
  • flower arrangements, preferably small
  • various nuances emphasizing the style of the event (for example, records), etc.

You can select any of these elements and combine them together in search of new interesting solutions. But still, there should not be too much decor, because sweets remain the main ones on the table. To place them you need to choose the right dishes.

For a candy bar, the most useful are:

  • racks for cakes, macaroons and other desserts,
  • transparent jars for sweets, marmalade, etc.,
  • sweets,
  • aquariums in the form of wine glasses,
  • flat plates
  • chests
  • glasses for candy, sweets and other sweets on sticks,
  • spatulas for picking sweets, nuts and similar small delicacies,
  • small paper bags in which you can pour nuts or sweets,
  • containers for sweets in the form of capital letters, etc.

Racks are easiest to rent, especially if you plan to make a sweet table yourself. It does not hurt to print labels for jars in advance, because not all sweets can be recognized by sight.

At this stage, it is also useful to consider some popular errors and not make them:

  1. Do not place candles on a sweet table. This is simply a fire hazard, because many guests, and even more so after several champagne glasses, can drop them, burn themselves or even accidentally set fire to their outfits.
  2. Do not place jars and plates close to each other. This will make it difficult to first select and then access to them. It is better to take an extra table than organize a pandemonium at the sweet bar.
  3. If you use a wardrobe or chest of drawers, then it should be without doors. In addition, you do not need to place sweets in boxes and on the lower shelves, it is simply inconvenient to take them from there. Better place decorative parts on the lower shelves so that they are not empty.
  4. Arrange desserts in a stepwise fashion: the smallest and lowest - at the beginning, jars, candies and other long sweets, dishes - closer to the wall. Small table stands are useful for this task. So the likelihood that someone will reach for a candy and accidentally drop other goodies will be minimal. Vases with flowers are also best placed near the background for the same reason.

Stage 3: filling a sweet table

This is the nicest part! The list of sweets, from traditional to exotic, is so wide that you can treat guests with any taste. And when choosing the content for the candy bar, you should also consider the style of celebration. For example, croissants and various homemade cakes are suitable for a Shabby chic or Provence wedding. At a Russian-style wedding, do not forget to include pastille and pies in the menu of the sweet table. At a celebration with oriental flavor, Turkish delight, sorbet, baklava, etc. are appropriate. And for an event in the Hollywood style, be sure to decorate the sweet table with pre-packaged popcorn.

If the budget allows, and I really want to impress the guests, then you can even put in the banquet hall a small and elegant little tray with ice cream or caramelized apples. Imagine, it's your wedding, everything is possible!

In order not to be unfounded, we offer only an incomplete list of sweets that can be used in the design of a candy bar:

  • sweets: candies, caramel, chocolate, with and without fillings, in and without packaging,
  • fruits in chocolate or even a chocolate fountain (it is better to install it on a separate table),
  • cupcakes and other types of cakes of small sizes,
  • nuts
  • macaroons
  • keycops (chocolate sponge cake on a stick),
  • big and small candies of different shapes and colors,
  • fruit canapes
  • meringues, marshmallows, marshmallows,
  • marmalade, jelly sweets,
  • gingerbread cookies
  • donuts
  • marzipans
  • baking: nuts with condensed milk, cheesecakes, puffs, etc.,
  • the drinks.

Useful Tips:

  1. When choosing the filling for a sweet bar, do not try to embrace the immense. If there are a lot of different desserts, then they can look variegated and unattractive, remember candy stores. In addition, the more goodies, the more difficult it is to calculate the volume of each and the more financially complicated the organization of a candy bar. Practice shows that far from all exotic desserts are not even tried, preferring more familiar and understandable cakes, cookies, sweets. Therefore, they should be the basis.

Cupcakes should be bought at the rate of 1 per person, sweets and similar popular treats of about 2-3 kg. Other specific desserts, such as jelly sweets or marshmallows, can be purchased in small quantities, as well as very sweet types (for example, marshmallows). The presence of a chocolate fountain also reduces the amount of additional treats to a minimum.

Keep in mind that all kinds of candies are more likely decoration, few of the guests will want to spend a lot of time eating them. Yes, and it looks strange to an adult with a multi-colored lollipop. But if there will be children at the wedding, then be sure to expect everyone to get such a treat. But keypops, on the contrary, may want to try everything, so it is better to order 1 per guest.

In general, it is considered optimal if there are 7-10 types of goodies on the sweet table, corresponding to the style of the celebration. Of these, 2-3 are unusual.

  1. After sweets, everyone is thirsty. To prevent guests from being curated from the candy bar to the banquet table and vice versa, cold drinks should be placed nearby. На самом сладком столе поставить достаточное количество стаканов или бутылочек может быть просто невозможно да и некрасиво.Therefore, it is preferable to place soft drinks, mineral water, iced tea and other drinks side by side on a separate table, supplemented by signs, where what.
  2. If your candy bar is in the open air, then try to choose a shady place for it so that the sweets do not lose their beautiful appearance and do not deteriorate. In this case, it is better to completely abandon the fruit.
  3. All desserts on the sweet table should be presented in small portions or sliced, so that, approaching him, the guest could easily take something and eat quickly.
  4. Candy bar treats are usually eaten with your hands, so be sure to place napkins on it for the convenience of guests.
  5. You should not put a wedding cake on a sweet table, even if the surface dimensions allow it. There is a risk that one of the guests decides to take a piece for himself or a child and break the solemn part of the cut.
  6. Do not forget that the sweet table must have a compositional center. A small version of the cake is suitable for this role for the most impatient, children and those of the guests who are forced to leave early and will not be able to enjoy the main dessert. You can also put in the center a pyramid of macaroons or a cake from keycaps. If you don’t want to organize a very large and expensive candy bar, make the center of the composition a cupboard with cupcakes, it also looks very impressive, and the cakes will become the main delicacy on the sweet table.

  1. If you decide to buy a lot of sweets for a candy bar, then prepare bags in advance and ask the waiters at the end of the evening to arrange the leftovers on them. So guests can take a treat with them, and you don’t have to puzzle over where to put so many sweets and other sweets.

It is much more difficult, but more economical to organize a sweet table on your own, because for it you will need to purchase only filling and some dishes, utensils, and you can do it yourself if you wish and save time. Nevertheless, most couples prefer to transfer this task to the hands of professionals and get a ready-made version. The main plus in this case is the minimal likelihood of unpleasant surprises and the fact that the final candy bar will not look as expected. But no matter which option you choose, the sweet table at your celebration will be a great solution and will definitely be remembered by the guests!

DIY candy basket

Candy Basket - one of the simplest candy compositions, which is easy to make using a paper base. To get a neat basket, usually use candy in the form of long sticks.

For work you will need:

- Loose colored cardboard

Let's get to work:

1) Long chocolates bend ponytailsby gluing them to the sides using double-sided tape.

2) For the basket you will need a cardboard base, which you can make yourself, or use the finished one. Measure the height of the candy and measure the rectangle on a piece of cardboard the width corresponding to the height of the candy, and the long, depending on the size of your future basket.

Fasten a sheet of paper into the shape cylinder and secure the edges with a stapler. On 300 grams sweets turns a basket with a diameter 7-8 centimeters.

3) Glue to the bottom of the cylinder round bottom. To do this, you can use a circle of loose paper by bending the edges and gluing them with glue from the outside. Then glue on loose paper cardboard circlewhich corresponds to the diameter of the lower part of the cylinder.

4) Stick double sided tape strips in the upper and lower parts of the outside of the cylinder.

5) Then, one at a time, begin to fasten candies.

6) You should get this simple basket:

7) As a complement, decorate the basket bowbandaging a row of sweets. The basket is ready. Now you can put other candies in it or make some corrugated paper flowers.

Notebook made of sweets

This original candy gift can be taken as the basis for many other compositions. Laptop can be easily made out of the box from sweetswhich is decorated with sweets from the outside. The box should have an opening and closing lid that will serve as a “monitor” of the laptop composition. If you do not find a suitable box, the basis of the product can be made from a piece of foam.

For work you will need:

- Sweets (flat and rectangular)

- Polyfoam (thickness - 2 cm)

- Printed Windows splash screen page

Let's get to work:

1) Lay out flat candies to get contour of the future laptop and circle the outline with the handle.

2) Cut out of Styrofoam two identical rectangles, then wrap each of them in shiny paper or foil. These will be the main details of the laptop - a monitor and keyboard.

3) Take the first workpiece and glue in the center of it printout with a computer screen saver.

4) Lay out flat long candy on all sides of the picture.

5) Put the sweets and glue them to the second blank, which will be a keyboard. For example, like this, you can use more tall rectangular candiesto get the keys:

6) Glue the candies to the outside of the laptop.

7) Paste over sweets sides of workpieces, then only on three sides. The fourth side of each of them you will need for fastening. To do this, use a thick wire, sticking it into the end of the monitor.

8) Bend wire at desired angle and insert the other end into the keyboard blank. To connect it to the monitor.

9) You will get an open laptop.

Here are some more options. notebook made of sweets, which will be a great gift for your beloved sweet tooth men:

DIY candy tree

Very popular gifts for any special occasion - candy trees. There are several ways to make them, but there is one principle: a round base, a leg and a pot.

This candy tree option is the easiest. For the manufacture of crafts, it will take you no more than an hour. Based on this product, you can make a variety of trees. It all depends on your imagination.

For work you will need:

- Sweets of various shapes (about 50 pieces)

- Wooden stick for the barrel

- Glass or vase

- Decorations (ribbons, colored paper)

Let's get to work:

1) Make from newspapers small ball of the desired diameter and wrap it with thread so that it does not unfold. From the bottom, stick a wooden stick that will serve as the trunk of your tree.

2) Insert the lower end of the stick into a glass or vase and strengthen somehowso that the trunk does not tilt. For example, you can fill the vase with the same newspapers or use a piece of polystyrene. The foundation for your tree is ready.

3) Make sure the trunk stood tight in a vase and did not fallwhen you will decorate your tree with sweets and other details. Start by sticking sweets. They can be glued with a glue gun. Better to use flat bottom candythen it will be easy for you to deploy them right there on the tree.

As a basis for trees, you can take other, more professional materials, for example, foam ball and plastic stick, which can be found in specialized stores for needlework:

As a basis, you can use liquid gypsumwhich, having hardened, will hold the trunk tightly.

Working with gypsum will take a little longer, although such a tree will eventually work more stable and reliable.

Original trees can be made from sweets. "Chupa Chups" or others candy sticks. Moreover, these will not be simple candy trees: each such mini-tree will be a one candy.

For work you will need:

- Candy on sticks

- Mastic (edible plasticine)

- Topping for cakes of different colors

- Decorations for pots

- Gypsum or hardened plastic

Let's get to work:

1) Insert the candy on the stick into the thimble and secure it with gypsum or any other materialwhich is suitable (e.g. clay or salt dough). Allow the base to harden.

2) Expanding the candy, wrap it with mastic and form a ball the correct form.

3) After wetting with water, dip the candy in a container with sprinkles and roll it so that small particles stuck to the tree.

4) Decorate a thimble with ribbons or wrap it with foil. Your candy tree is ready.

Similarly, you can do a big tree from round chewing gums.

Do-it-yourself candy cake

Candy Cake - An original gift for a birthday or other holiday, as well as a beautiful craft that is easy to make. The composition is decorated candy flowerswhich can be made of corrugated paper. You can read more about candy colors here.

For work you will need:

- Ribbons for decoration

Let's get to work:

1) Cut cake blanks from thick foam sheets: one more, another less. The size of the cakes will be up to you. Glue the blanks corrugated paperleaving beautiful edges on top.

2) Also paste over with colored paper cardboard boxwhich you put at the highest level and in which you can put small gifts and toys.

3) Paste over the top of the foam blanks with the same paper and set all levels on top of each otherfixing them well.

This is the basis for your future cake. Now you can decorate it with sweets. For example, you can place candy flowers and bouquets on top of it, or sweat over the sidesby putting sweets on glue or double-sided tape.

Here such a composition can be made from the same foam base, cutting it into a triangle. It will turn out piece of candy cake.

One-story candy cake from long and round sweets and paper flowers:

This original cake is made from broken chocolate bars. Kitkat and decorated on top of a dragee M & M's. Not bad idea for children's party or birthday. Chocolate bars were probably used without a base, but kept together with the help of a ribbon.

Grapes from sweets master class

Bunch of grapesmade of sweets is a great and very original gift for sweet tooth. It can be used as a separate gift, or decorate them with any composition: cake, bouquet and so on.

For work you will need:

- Round wrapped sweets

- Wire for bouquets

- Details for decoration - leaves, ribbons, ladybugs, etc.

Let's get to work:

1) Make blanks for the bunch. To do this, to each candy using tape attach the wire.

2) Then assemble several sweets (5-6 pieces) together and fasten with tape or tape. For example, you can use colored tape for the color of the wrapper, then the fasteners will not be visible.

3) Make some small clusterswhich you will then attach to the thicker wire.

4) When the whole bunch is ready, decorate it with leaves, ribbons and other decorations.

With the help of such bunches you can decorate gift bottle of wine:

Another option for making grapes from sweets requires the use of toothpicks and a piece of foam. This bunch is also not so difficult to do.

For work you will need:

- Round wrappers with a flat bottom in a wrapper

- Details for decoration - leaves, ribbons, etc.

Let's get to work:

1) Wrap each candy in brown paper and attach a toothpick to it.

2) Wrap a toothpick at the base of the candy green tape.

3) Cut out of foam cluster base and start sticking sweets into it one at a time.

4) Cut from a piece of organza rounded square and attach it to a toothpick with colored tape. Make a lot of these blanks

5) Insert toothpicks with organza between the candies to hide foam base.

6) Wrap two long wooden skewers green tape over the entire length.

7) Stick the skewers into the base of the bunch and fix them with glue, so that they do not fall out.

8) Decorate a bunch artificial leaves and green organza.

Candy Gift for Men: Candy Steering Wheel

Steering wheel - An original gift for a male driver, which is also a sweet tooth. To make it very simple with a foam sheet or cardboard.

For work you will need:

- Flat bottom sweets

- Glue or double adhesive tape

- Dark cardboard paint

Let's get to work:

1) Cut out of cardboard blank for the future steering wheeldrawing in advance the outlines with a pencil. To make the steering wheel even, use templates in the form of plates or other round improvised means. You can use the compass.

2) Paint the steering wheel dark paint.

3) Glue the steering wheel with sweets.

4) You can decorate it from above logo of your favorite car brand.