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How to attract a buyer to your tent (point)


Own business is the best solution for those who are tired of working for an “uncle” or “aunt”. However, the opening of an enterprise is not a guarantee of a comfortable old age and financial prosperity. It is important to conduct your business correctly and try to avoid the most common mistakes that may lead to not the most favorable consequences.

Market and competitor analysis

It is worth analyzing competitor stores

To promote a grocery store, it is not enough just a good location of the enterprise and low prices. A large role is played by competitors and potential buyers, whose interests must be taken into account in the first place.

Given the fact that the grocery store already exists in a certain territory, the choice of the optimal location no longer has the right to exist. This means that it is necessary to build on existing features of the enterprise, that is, make sure that the location of the store plays into the hands of its owner.


Grocery stores - this is the type of enterprise, which is characterized by quite a lot of competition.

In order to successfully work in this business area, it is necessary to take into account the features of competitive enterprises and use the strengths of their business.

For example, arrange sales and lure customers with low prices, conduct advertising campaigns and report discounts.

Working hours

Opening hours of the grocery store plays an important role. Is there a convenience store nearby? If not, then why not extend the working hours of your own? This will increase the number of buyers and sales.

Of course, you will have to tinker with obtaining permission to trade at night, but the possibility of selling alcohol will be a key factor that will increase the profitability of the enterprise.


Having spent a day searching for suppliers, you can find out that the products they offer differ in their price segment. The same chocolate from different vendors has different prices. It follows from this - it is necessary to choose such suppliers who offered lower prices and discounts (or bonuses) for large orders.

Regular and potentially new customers

To keep attractive in the eyes of regular customers, as well as expand the customer base - all this can be done using standard methods of conducting your own business. Pleasant service, low prices and a wide range of products - this will be enough to not lose regular customers and acquire new customers.

Assortment grocery store list

Probably not worth talking about that in any self-respecting grocery store should be bread and milk. This is a classic of the genre, without which it is impossible to develop your business in this industry.

It is known that up to 500 items of goods can be placed on an area of ​​50 square meters. Based on the fact that the food store, the assortment list is formed as follows:

  1. Essential goods: bread and bakery products, dairy products, sausages and meat products, eggs, soft drinks.
  2. Everyday goods: cereals and pasta, tea and coffee, alcohol, canned goods.
  3. Seasonal goods: draft beer and kvass, alcohol and ice cream.

This is the so-called backbone of the assortment, which can be changed depending on demand. It is important to respond to every client’s wishes. Ask for fresh pastries - it is worth conducting an experiment with the nearest bakery or confectionery. Ask good wine? It is worth finding suppliers of elite alcoholic beverages.

In addition, a good grocery store should also have a small group of non-food items. So, for example, there are cases when a specific product was suddenly needed in the evening, and cosmetic shops are already closed.

The right decision is to go to the nearest grocery store for women's "little things." Detergents for dishes, sanitary pads and toilet soap, garbage bags and toilet paper - all this will not take up much space from the retail space, but will play into the hands of the owner of the grocery store.

Product Location

Correctly position the goods

The best way to promote a product is to show it to the buyer from the most profitable side. Despite the fact that this method is as old as the world, it remains relevant to this day. During the layout of the store, its most active zones are determined. As a rule, most often they are located in the immediate vicinity of the cash department. It is enough to pay attention to how the goods are located in large supermarkets - promotional products are located near the checkout, so the buyer will not be able to pass by without paying attention to the "red" price or other advantageous offer.

To find out which zone of the trading platform is the most attractive will allow a simple and effective way - you need to pay attention to where in the place customers spend the longest time. In the summer, it can be freezers with ice cream or a rack for draft kvass. Given this fact, it is possible for a while to place in this area related products that are stored elsewhere.

Given this feature, it is worth placing essential goods (bread, meat and milk) as far as possible from each other, so that the buyer can get around the largest possible area.

The upper shelves are designed for goods with high cost, and on the lower trays are products with low prices. Statistics show that transferring goods from the belt level to the eye level allows you to increase sales by 30%, and moving from the level of the legs - by as much as 70%.

It is important to consider the commodity neighborhood. It is advisable to surround the shelf with low-alcohol drinks with related products - chips, crackers, seeds, nuts and dried fish.

Cash desk is a separate story. Here you can place everything that the buyer is ready to buy at the last moment. The place near the cash register is the optimal solution for various small things. Batteries, chewing gum, condoms, piece candies and chocolates - no one purposefully searches for this in the store, as they know that at the checkout you can buy everything that was not found on the trading floor.

Another trick that will increase sales is semi-empty shelves. Psychological research in the field of marketing policy has proved that the appearance of a half-empty shelf for the buyer means that the goods are in short supply and are quickly being sold out. On the other hand, a too-motley shelf does not allow you to concentrate on a particular product.

Buyer Internal Awareness

Proper layout of the goods is far from the only way to attract the attention of customers and leave it for a longer time in the premises of the retail facility.

Musical accompaniment during shopping is no less significant factor. An interesting feature - the less people in the store, the more there should not be quiet. In complete silence, the only buyer will seek to finish their purchases as soon as possible and leave the store. That is why it is very important to provide light and unobtrusive music that would accompany the buying process. By the way, the radio is far from the best option, since most of the time there is empty talk.


The aroma of fresh bread

Scientists as a result of research proved many years ago - correctly selected odors significantly increase the level of sales. The statistics say that the use of aromas increases sales by 15%, and the client’s stay in the aromatic segment increases by 18%. It is known that the most “delicious” smells are the aroma of fresh pastries and freshly brewed coffee. That is why large supermarkets are increasingly trying to place their own mini-bakery on the ground floor of their shopping center.

For small stores, this is difficult to do, but with the help of aromatic products you can at least recreate that amazing atmosphere of aromatherapy.

Such important "little things"

There are a huge number of small tricks and tricks that will increase sales and acquire an expanded customer base.

  • The presence of specialized equipment. Studies have shown that shopping carts allow customers to make more purchases than with a regular consumer basket. In addition, large supermarkets also acquire special children's trolleys so that adults can fully enjoy the shopping process. At the same time, the smallest buyers put their goods in a separate basket, which prevents unplanned purchases.
  • Special attention deserves pricing. A cunning marketing move - setting the lowest prices for essential goods - will attract the attention of a wide range of consumers. You can increase the cost of goods of secondary importance, but low prices for eggs, bread and milk will certainly attract a larger number of consumers. The strategy is this: the buyer will be delighted with the savings and decide that he can afford to buy something “tasty”. The result is the usual psychological move - the difference in a practically "free" product is already included in the cost of related products.

The adjacent territory is of no small importance. It is unlikely that the buyer will decide to enter the territory of the shopping facility, which has an unaesthetic appearance. Garbage cans, well-kept lawn, equipped parking for cars, bicycles and other types of vehicles, convenient lifts for the disabled, etc. - All this attracts the attention of buyers and provides the attractiveness of a shopping facility.

Store name

You should not save on a signboard, especially for a grocery store located in a not very convenient location.

A large and bright poster should be visible from afar and not cause difficulties in its search. If the grocery store is located next to other shopping facilities, it is advisable to make the sign visually different and stand out from the rest of the identification marks. You can come up with an unusual design, an interesting color combination, or just think about the facade of the store.

The name of the grocery store is a topic that deserves special attention. The name of the shopping facility, as a rule, reflects the essence and specialization of the store.

But this does not mean that the outlet should be called primitively “Bread, meat, milk.” Here just the same and need to show imagination. Instead of the usual “Milk”, you can call the food store “33 Cows”.

Pay attention to the name of a particular area among buyers. Bus stop, local name of the district - all this can indicate the correct name of the store, which will be heard by buyers.

We revive the store

The store should not just exist and offer its customers a traditional assortment list. The trading platform must live! Regular promotions and discounts, all kinds of weekly and monthly prices, hours of reduced cost and other advantageous offers - all this attracts the attention of regular and potentially new customers, and also creates the impression that this store works for the benefit of its customers.

Promotion is not the destiny of exclusively large retail facilities. Discounts and promotions are a common thing for supermarkets. So why not introduce such a policy for small shops? Promotions are eloquent evidence that the administration of the store pays attention to the interests of customers.

Souvenir products - a certain amount will have to be spent on its organization. However, the effectiveness of this method will more than pay for its cost. Bags with the logo of the store will be distributed throughout the city, and thus more people will learn about the outlet. On these packages, you can apply the terms of the action or other useful information for the buyer, which will also positively play on the reputation of the grocery store.

Advertising promotion

There is one good expression that does not lose its relevance in the masses: "If you want to know something, ask the grannies sitting on the bench." Funny, but it really works. To increase the attractiveness of one or another shopping facility, it is necessary to organize its work so that it is the elderly who pay attention to this grocery store.

Particularly courteous attitude to older customers, courteous treatment of pensioners, low prices and pleasant service - all this will play a role, as well as disseminate information about the store.

Advertising on radio, television, social networks, flyers and posters - this advertising campaign will allow you to disseminate information about the retail facility, but its implementation involves significant costs. If there is no opportunity to spend money on advertising as such, you can use your own strengths - to attract the attention of potential buyers with signs and reduced prices, regularly hold promotions and offer discounts on certain products.

A good idea is the “Shopping List.” Significant expenses will not be required to create miniature leaflets with a list of essential goods, but the benefits will be obvious. Most buyers forget what they had to buy in the store - and a small reminder will let you remember everything.

Promotional with stocks

This is also one of the manifestations of customer care, which will positively affect the reputation of the shopping facility. In addition, in such a leaflet you can unobtrusively make a product that does not belong to the basic necessities group - for example, “sweets” for the most beloved. The buyer can simply automatically go to the department with sweets or decide that his beloved should really be pampered with something sweet.

Pricing and discounts: how it works

Most self-respecting food and non-food stores regularly offer customers to purchase some products on favorable terms. “The price of the day” or “the price of the week”, “Discount ..% on goods with a red label”, “price reduction after 18:00”, “delivery of goods to your home when you purchase more than ... rubles” - all this works for the attractiveness of the store. It is important to correctly formulate a pricing policy and conduct discounts so as to result in profit, not losses.

How it works? Take, for example, the real value of 1 kg of oranges - 50 rubles. Reduce the price and declare this to customers. We calculate the amount of the estimated loss and redistribute it to other goods.

The most correct and correct policy that guides experienced entrepreneurs who have achieved success in their field is to sell a lot, not expensive. That is why novice businessmen need to learn how to increase profits by a large turnover of products, and not try to make money by selling bread at the price of meat.

It is enough to go to the shops of competitors and set the price for a particular product at least one ruble lower than in similar stores. This will increase the turnover and acquire an expanded customer base.


This is a separate topic in the conversation about the proper conduct of business. No matter how good the grocery store may be, no matter how low the prices in it are, all this does not matter if there is a vicious and untidy aunt sitting at the counter or cash desk, spitting seeds and rude to customers.

It is the attitude of the staff towards the client that plays a fundamental role in the successful development of any trading company. The buyer must receive an answer to any question raised regarding the operation of a food store. It is unlikely that the same granny, who asked about the composition of the sausage product and did not receive an answer, would want to go to this store again. But the woman who came for the cat for the cat, having seen a pleasant attitude towards herself and due attention, will certainly want to return to this grocery store.

The courteous attitude towards customers is the key to a favorable impression of customers about the outlet.

The Most Common Mistakes of Startup Entrepreneurs

Surely many more than once tried to reproduce in reality all the recommendations outlined, but could not achieve the desired result. Для того, чтобы убедиться в правильности своих действий, стоит обратить внимание еще на несколько пунктов, выполнение которых обязательно для успешного развития продовольственного магазина:

  • Вывеска продовольственного магазина должна быть стильной, яркой, креативной и привлекательной, а не пыльным отражением Советской эпохи
  • Стоимость некоторых товаров должна быть ниже, чем у конкурентов. Это действительно работает на благо продовольственного магазина.
  • Ассортиментный перечень оставляет желать лучшего. Это в Советские времена колбаса была высшего и первого сорта, то есть всего два наименования. Сейчас покупатель имеет возможность выбирать лучшее для себя и своей семьи. This is what you need to use, constantly expanding the assortment list of the store. No need to be afraid of experiments - you can try to sell exclusive varieties of coffee or alcohol, try to sell sausages of a non-common type. By the way, not every grocery store has meat products from rabbit or beef - why not take advantage of this lack and fill this gap?

  • Lack of exclusive goods. It is necessary to make sure that in the city only in your store you can purchase this or that product. You can carry out an advertising campaign, arrange for a weekend tasting of an exclusive sauce from a well-known manufacturer - afterwards, customers will know that it is in this store that a wide assortment of various dressings for dishes is presented.
  • Low prices and appropriate quality food products. Sometimes you should not be fooled by the cunning tricks of unscrupulous suppliers and buy low-quality products from them at a low price. Better to take quality, not quantity.
  • Lazy and illiterate sellers, who, among other things, are still not clean at hand. Here the conclusion itself suggests itself - no one will go to the store again, where sellers are rude or cheat.

Today's times are characterized by a large number of retail chains that place their retail facilities literally at every step. Oddly enough, but the average buyer still lacks an individual approach and communication with the seller. That is why individual entrepreneurs have every chance to win their niche from large enterprises and win over the buyer.

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# 1 freeze2

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  • Hello to all. I am trading in the market, making milk and oxygen cocktails, ice cream by weight. I’m not very happy with how they are buying, but I noticed such a simple thing - if there is a person standing at the tent, at least one, then after 10 seconds a whole queue may well form. Here during the periods of such "raids" I make the main revenue. This is probably some kind of psychological behavior that has been studied for a long time, I don’t know, I don’t understand this, and I’m recently trading at all.
    In general, the question is how to attract people to my tent, so that they would come up more often, someone was standing nearby .. It seems that everything is bright, noticeable, the sticker on the counter is visible from afar .. Even when the mixer is working, people also pay attention immediately. Maybe put the radio to play music .. What do you recommend?

    # 2 Revo

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  • This is called social proof.

    People do not have the opportunity to analyze everything around them and they respond to secondary factors: someone is standing next to you - it means something interesting. If nobody is there, then there is nothing interesting. Everything is simple.

    With a mixer, the same thing means the goods are in demand.

    Just don’t understand what the problem is at the right time to turn on the mixer, for example. Or offer someone from your colleagues treat yourself for free, and include costs in the price.

    No need to reinvent the wheel and rack your brains - use what you personally have confirmed: "works"

    # 3 chunzak

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  • What is the cross-country market, you analyzed?
    there are a lot of chips to attract customers.
    There are old signs, you need to constantly count the money, and also carefully fold (bill to bill) try it really works.
    Also, the first buyer should be male, it happened to buy ginseng and that's it and stand like a deer.
    You can not give loans without selling.

    Reconsider your place where you are standing, you can either turn around or become a little closer.
    Every person needs to work, even if you do not like him.
    Try with bills, then unsubscribe.
    And you also need to stand up at the trading place, and constantly work with the goods, that is, something to fix, to style beautifully, thereby you will attract people.
    I had a prayer somewhere, I can find it, I will unsubscribe.

    # 5 Razdray

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  • I see the problem like this - it is necessary that at least someone stands at the counter. how can this be achieved?

    there about the radio toy was in general - that's right.
    only I would suggest not a radio toy, but an ordinary moving one. only the device should be some more complicated.
    for example, something like a small robot who will ride on the counter (or stand on it), and when a person passes by (at the seller’s command) he will say “do you want ice cream?” or "hot! do you want juice?".
    only it is desirable that he at the same time at least somehow move. I think that if you delve into modern devices, then something similar can be found, and the phrase will be rewritten to the desired one.

    it will turn out cool - and attract attention (especially children) and will offer goods. and this is especially important, because if the seller speaks, they will not pay attention to him, they will even send him, but they will not send the robot - on the contrary, they will say that it’s cool.

    # 6 Revo

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  • There will be no effect that the vehicle describes.

    You offer advertising, but you need SOCIAL EVIDENCE.

    Stupidly, turning on the mixer and asking someone to stand near the point for a free bun will be 10,000 times more effective.

    # 7 olgerd

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  • Stupidly, turning on the mixer and asking someone to stand near the point for a free bun will be 10,000 times more effective.

    We are looking for representatives in Russian cities. More details

    # 8 Revo

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  • "Wise advice"))) And who will stand all day at the counter for a "free bun"? Bum?

    Thinking yourself is a good skill, but don't think of it for me.

    Offer neighbors in the market a free cocktail once a day, and include costs in the price.

    # 9 Revo

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  • *
    Thinking yourself is a good skill, but don't think of it for me.

    Offer neighbors in the market a free cocktail once a day, and include costs in the price.

    When I started selling consulting in my city, there was the same problem. "Is someone already working with you in Temryuk?" And yet, the same principle of social proof.

    I decided simply: I offered the 10th to print 1000 business cards for free, and then slipped a review under the seal and signature. The cost of 1000 business cards (the model himself did) 490 rubles.

    U, now with me how many businesses work and sales went like clockwork.

    SOCIAL EVIDENCE, 5% of people affect the decision of everyone else, as a chain reaction, only you need to be able to use.

    Post has been editedRevo: 07 July 2012 - 20:25

    # 10 Razdray

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  • There will be no effect that the vehicle describes.

    You offer advertising, but you need SOCIAL EVIDENCE.

    Stupidly, turning on the mixer and asking someone to stand near the point for a free bun will be 10,000 times more effective.

    Store policy

    When you know potential customers better than yourself, you can start developing a strategy for attracting customers to your store.

    You need to prepare an action plan to attract customers to the store. Write down specific deadlines and benchmarks for each step. Include the methods that are written below in this plan.