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Hugs or turns away? Poses in a dream tell the truth about feelings


What emotions does a woman feel when she is imprisoned in a tight embrace by people close to her? She suddenly feels truly loved and needed. The woman clearly understands that she is not indifferent, that at this moment she has protection from all worldly tribulations. Well, how are things with men? Is a strong and rational half of humanity much less in need of psychological support, recharging with positive emotions through a hug?

If you answered yes, then you missed. In fact, it is much easier for the stronger sex, as creatures less emotional, to express their feelings not with words, but with gestures. And hugs are a universal weapon that can be used to express a lady her love or friendly sympathy. Is it possible to learn to read the hidden messages of male hugs, knowing their psychological background? Yes sir! Here are 7 simple feelings that a man reveals to a woman through touch.

1. "And you are on the board, keep it up!"

You should not look for deep attachment to yourself if a man in a good mood is slightly patting you on the back. Most likely, he doesn’t even see a woman in you, and his pats indicate a friendly "well done", "you are cool" and "you need to repeat more." You can count on friendship, but nothing more.

2. "You are more than I like"

If the partner at the time of hugs pats your back, most likely you are really interesting to him and cause strong feelings. Maybe he is not even against the further development of events. Stroking it is a symbol of a strong attraction to you, which (under a favorable set of circumstances) can develop into something more.

3. “I am upset, I need support”

If a man hugs you and is in no hurry to leave, silently stroking the good half a minute, most likely he is upset, but does not consider it necessary to talk about it. The worst thing that can be done is to take offense (“he went into himself again and even strokes me on the machine!”). The best thing is to hug him tightly and try to distract him from sad thoughts.

4. “I'm crazy about you, you are dear to my heart”

If you are already in a relationship, but are not sure about the feelings of a silent partner, pay attention to the characteristic gesture - touching you with your forehead when hugging. This laconic act means that you have become one of the people dearest to his heart, and therefore he is ready for a serious turn of events.

6. “I am ready to protect you from the whole world”

If a man does not just hug from the back, but also weaves his hands on your chest (as if covering his heart), he not only sees you as a dear person, but also wants to protect you from all sorts of sorrows and tribulations that may lie in wait on your life path. By the way, he may also be unsure of your feelings for him, torn in doubt: loves or not? Be bolder, reveal your feelings to him, do not torment your beloved by playing indifference.

7. “I want you”

When a partner puts you in the strongest embrace possible, as if wanting to feel your whole body, imprint in it, smell your smell, you don’t need to be an outstanding science luminary to understand that he wants you in the most animalistic sense of the word. Most likely, the young man experiences not only strong emotions, but also an irresistible sexual attraction. And only on your consent depends on the further course of events.

A couple of hugs per day is able to restore peace of mind, cause a surge of the hormone of happiness and even strengthen immunity. Hugs bring back spiritual harmony and speak more clearly of all the words of the world about feelings. What more can we say? Hug more often!

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Body language in a dream

Do you touch in a dream or turn your back on each other? Do you both sleep on your side or do you like to feel the warmth of your loved one sleeping nearby? Answers to these questions will help you understand exactly what feelings of both of you make you go to bed.

Key poses of partners:

1. Back to back. Asleep, you turn away from each other, but is it still important for you to feel the other person nearby? It turns out that those couples who sleep in this position hold on to their independence and freedom, but at the same time experience a strong sexual attraction to each other. In this case, a man and a woman prefer a free relationship, although in reality they cannot live without each other, writes

There is an opinion that this pose indicates a possible lack of passion and tenderness in your marriage. Perhaps you have become too individual and no longer need each other's support?

2. The pose of the spoon. This posture suggests that one sleeping hugs the other from behind. This pose suggests that one of the partners feels superior to the other and this fact is likely to manifest itself in all areas of their life together.

By the way, actress Cate Blanchett believes that the spoon position during sleep is the key to establishing harmony in a couple’s relationship. “Someone told me, and I think that it’s the pure truth that if your bodies touch in bed in the form of a spoon, everything will be fine in life.

If you like this posture for sleeping - you will be fine. You can vote in different ways, your opinions on politics may differ, but it’s not so important, ”said the actress, writes

3. A strong hug. Lovers lie facing each other, hugging. The legs of partners can be intertwined - this indicates a willingness to own each other. This pose also speaks about the strong feelings of two people in love. In this position, the heads of partners can be at different levels. The one whose head is higher, is in a pair of "leading", "head of the family."

With this position of the bodies, lovers cannot let each other out of their arms even in a dream. Scientists are sure that this pose is the most accurate sign of strong feelings and mutual love.

Note that this situation is difficult to maintain all night, which is why people who have long been living together have this pose less often.

4. The pose of detachment. People for all the time of sleep never touch each other and sleep almost separately. This pose suggests that the relationship between the two came into disagreement, that lovers are experiencing difficulties in understanding.

5. Hugs on the back. Researchers at the UK Sexual Health Center talk about interpreting the “hug on back” posture. This pose has 3 varieties:

- A man lies on his back and hugs a woman clinging to him. This suggests that your partner is ready and happy to give you emotional support and in every way protect.

- One of the partners lies on his back, and the other is nearby, in the “fetus” position. The language of the bodies deciphers it this way: one who is in the position of "embryo" needs the support of a partner, but for some reason cannot say this directly. This pose is also called Under the Wing.

Note that the poses of spouses who have long lived together are more restrained than the poses of the newlyweds. If passionate lovers cling to each other with their whole bodies, intertwined in a dream, then spouses with experience can touch each other with only one hand or foot, thus psychologically confirming the right to each other.

By the way, psychologists recommend that all couples go to bed in the same bed, even if they quarreled strongly. The fact is that if the lovers disperse in different beds to rest from each other, this negatively affects the relationship, only deepening the misunderstanding, writes

But if you, despite the conflict, sleep together, then, as practice shows, in a dream the quarrel will recede into the background, and out of habit, you will unconsciously cling to each other. And this is the first step towards reconciliation! Scientists explain this recommendation by the fact that in a dream a person is more frank and natural than in an awake state, and less prone to the influence of insults and insulted pride.