Useful Tips

Adjustable diopter glasses


Although glasses are certainly a very useful invention, wearing them may bring some inconvenience to their owners.

People who wear glasses often come across small nuances and difficulties that are incomprehensible to those who have excellent vision.

What is it drizzling rain covering the surface of only worn lenses or a greasy stain on glasses in a dark cinema.

Fortunately, there are several useful tips and tricksthat will keep these little troubles to a minimum.

Wearing glasses

2. Use a simple trick to see better. For this you need to twist your fingers into the tube, leaving a small hole and look through the hole. This method works no matter how poor your eyesight is.

3. Rags microfiber Best for cleaning glasses. Keep several of these rags in different places so that you can always wipe your glasses.

4. Use a lens cleaner. diluted dishwashing detergent. Do not use products with alcohol, vinegar, ammonia or bleach, as this will damage the coating on the glasses.

5. Glasses lens scratches? Squeeze out a little toothpaste without abrasive substances on the lens and a microfiber cloth, rub the paste with a small circular motion on the scratch.

6. Glue a reflective strip to the eyeglass caseso you can easily find it in the dark.

7. Put gum on the bottle of shampoo. When you wash in the shower without glasses, an elastic band will help you distinguish the shampoo from other similar bottles by touch.

8. To adjust the nose stops, put the glasses on a flat surface to see them in relation to each other.

9. If the screws of the glasses are lost or fly out, use a toothpick as a temporary solution. Align the rim and temple of the glasses, insert a toothpick, and break off the unnecessary part.

10. If glasses constantly slide off the face, hold the rounded parts of the arms under hot water for several minutes until the plastic softens a little. Bend the ends slightly so that they fit snugly to your ears.

11. If glasses squeeze you slightlythen hold the temples under hot water and try bending them a little up to relieve pressure.

12. If the glasses are constantly slipping due to sweat, or you have a narrow nose bridge, you can use another trick. Take two elastic bands for hair and wrap the temples in place behind the ears. The frame will sit denser, and the elastic bands will not be visible behind the ears and hair.

13. If you have wide-set eyes, choose frames with a thick or prominent nose bridge.. This draws attention to the center of the face and the eyes appear closer.

14. If you have close-set eyes, choose frames with decorative details on the outer edges.. This gives a feeling of greater distance.

15. If you have many pairs of glasses, you can store them on a hanger.

16. You can temporarily fix the flown-out temple using a small piece of chewing gum or a bolt from the earrings.

Makeup under glasses

18. Remember: the frame frames your eyes and the eyebrows frame the frame. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the shape of the eyebrows.

19. Bright lipstickIt usually looks good with glasses, even if you don’t use anything else in makeup.

20. Best used shades of neutral or bright color. Dark shadows can give you a tired look.

21. Mascara is preferable to choose bulk, and not lengthening, as the eyelashes will touch the frame.

22. To make the eyes look visually larger, bring your eyes so that the tip of the eyeliner tends to the upper corner of the frame.

Types of adjustable glasses

There are several types of such points. Depending on the need, different types are used for everyday life: conventional, hydraulic, electronic. These glasses are good in that everyone can customize them for a specific vision. Various firms are engaged in graduation, distributors work in all countries of the world.

Hydraulic Superfocus

This is a modification of Adlens glasses made by Superfocus. Its feature is a special fluid between two lenses. The inner surface of the one closer to the eye is flexible. Thus, when the amount of fluid changes, both the pressure and the soft lens bend. The number of diopters varies. You can configure them in the range from -4.5 to +3.5. The undoubted advantage of these glasses is that they are very light and comfortable.

One of the very first models was unsuccessful - they connected two lenses with medical glue, and distilled water was added to the space between them with a syringe. It was inconvenient and the experimental models did not like the participants of the experiment. In addition, there was too little diopter range. In total, about ten pairs of such glasses were issued.

EmPower electronic glasses

The glasses of this system were developed by the American ophthalmological company PixelOptics. The lenses are coated with a special liquid crystal layer. Under the influence of electrical impulses, this layer changes its structure depending on the visual acuity of a person. Thus, the owner does not need to change glasses when his vision becomes better or worse. On the glasses there is a button for adjusting the sharpness. There are also models with automatic tuning. They work from a special battery, which must be charged every 3-4 days. A charging device is attached to them, they charge for 8 hours. So far, the adjustment range is only a few diopters, in addition, these glasses have a very high price, but the developers are working in this direction so that their product is cheaper and more functional.

Why fit glasses?

Frame manufacturers manufacture their products taking into account the average anthropometric features:

  • men have a wide face and a nasal bridge, therefore, as a rule, they wear glasses with a wider bridge and an ear length,
  • women are owners of more miniature faces, so the models created for them are presented in smaller sizes.

Despite this gradation, it is rather difficult to provide 100% convenience by choosing a frame of a suitable size. Each of us has our own characteristics - congenital or acquired, because of which you can feel uncomfortable in new glasses. The problem can be solved by fitting the frames in the optics salon. In the hands of an experienced professional, the glasses are easily adjusted to be comfortable to wear.

Important. We do not recommend doing this on your own, because it is likely to break the frame.

Where to make fit glasses?

Adjustment of glasses is carried out in the presence of their owner. The service is available in most opticians, where they repair glasses and change lenses. During operation, the technician takes into account anthropometric indicators and features of human visual behavior:

  • face parameters - nose bridge width, distance between temples,
  • the presence of individual characteristics - the consequences of injuries, operations,
  • certain wearing habits are at the tip of the nose or closer to the bridge of the nose.

Why adjustment?

Adjustment of glasses is required not only if they are loose, but also, for example, if you bought a new frame. The fact is that companies engaged in the production of optical goods manufacture their products taking into account the average statistical anatomical and physiological characteristics, therefore it is natural that glasses need adjustment for a specific type of face. The frames are adjusted in the optics salon. But if you now do not have the opportunity to contact a specialist for help, you can try to adjust the glasses yourself.

Points Adjustment Tips

Before you do the adjustment, you need to carefully look at the position of the glasses. To do this, stand in front of the mirror and look directly. In this case, the means of spectacle correction should be located so that the center of the lens is exactly in the center with the eyes. This position is considered ideal for the product. Adjustment must be made in accordance with it. The following tips will help you in this matter:

  • When fitting glasses, follow a simple rule - if they "sit" too tightly, then it is necessary to bend them out. In the opposite situation, when the arms hang out, it is necessary to bend them inward.
  • The wire-framed arches can be easily straightened with small pliers. After this, you need to try on the means of spectacle correction and look in the mirror to evaluate the result.
  • A damaged plastic bow can be heated with warm air before fitting. A hairdryer is well suited for this purpose. During drying, care must be taken to ensure that the arms do not melt. After this, you need to carefully move the plastic so that it takes the desired position.
  • Another option for frames made of plastic is to lower the ear hook for 20 seconds in a bath of hot water and only then proceed with fitting the product.
  • After fitting, be sure to tighten the screws on both arms. Only in this case will the frame “sit” tightly, and the windows will not fall out. Do not tighten the screws too tight, as there is a risk of breaking the product.
  • If the glasses are too high on the face, then the nasal stops need to be moved apart from each other.
  • If, on the contrary, the opposite situation is observed - the nose stops need to be moved closer to each other.

Also keep in mind that if this is not the first time you have been adjusting glasses, and wearing them is still inconvenient, then most likely you need to buy new ones. It is possible that the product simply can not be repaired due to its long use.

Fit nose pads

Nasal stops are movable and motionless. Stationary are integral with the frame and are not subject to correction. You can change the movable silicone nose pads. Feeling discomfort and excessive pressure on the back of the nose, you can bend them yourself with little effort or go to the optics salon.

Arm Adjustment

Press the temples of the glasses after the first fitting? This flaw is easy to fix. Plastic arches bend in two directions:

  • inside, to the temples, if the face is narrow,
  • outward from the temples if the face is wide.

Adjustment is not possible for all frames. Titanium and carbon materials are not fit. You can choose a frame TITANflex by Eschenbach with memory effect.

You can learn more about the possibility of fitting your glasses from specialists of the nearest optics salon. Try not to bend the earhooks and nose pads too sharply. Remember, excessive force can damage your glasses!

Adlens Adjustable Glasses

Among all such glasses, they are the cheapest and most practical. They are also called "family", because thanks to the built-in device, each family member can customize them for themselves and their needs. They can be used as auxiliary, take with you on the road, carry in the glove compartment of the car. The most famous of them is made by the ophthalmological company Adlens. These glasses are quite stylish and beautiful, frames are made of plastic in various colors, suitable for both men and women. You can configure in the range from -6 to +3.

The company also makes sunglasses with the same function, so far only with a yellow filter. So far, frames are made in one size, designed for the average person.

So, these glasses can be used under any conditions and life circumstances - for reading, watching TV, working at the computer, when you need to consider something in the distance.

How do they work

The simplest principle of action is to adjust the lenses relative to each other. It turned out to be the most reliable and practical model, in which everything is provided for the most comfortable use. And among all the models and variants offered on the market, Adlens is the cheapest with the same effect.

The lenses themselves glasses combined, consist of three parts:

  • Frame
  • Fixed lens
  • Movable lens

A mechanism is mounted in the frame itself that allows the movable lens to approach or move away from the stationary one. This mechanism looks like a wheel on the side of the frame. The wheels are on each side of the frame and act individually for each glass. When the wheel is rotated, the movable lens approaches or moves away from the stationary one, which creates the necessary effect. In this case, the number of diopters falls in the range from -6 to +3.

This happens as follows - a person puts on glasses, covers one eye and twists a ringlet, achieving maximum image sharpness. The same action is performed for the other eye. It will take less than a minute to adjust. Thus, it turns out that everyone can use such glasses, due to their universality, therefore they are also called adaptive.

The principle of their operation can be compared with binoculars when sharpness is induced using a special wheel. This mechanism allows you to adjust the lens, focus in the full range of vision correction.

Advantages and disadvantages

When you decide to use something new and unusual, first of all, consider the pros and cons. Especially if the question is about the health of your or your family. In particular, whether the new invention will bring harm to health, whether it will not be necessary subsequently to correct the rash step. The same applies to glasses - is it worth taking them, or is it better to use the usual ones.

Although these glasses are very good, it is still a medical device. Before using them, consult your ophthalmologist to exclude any contraindications to their use.

They are universal

They can be used by men and women of any age with any visual acuity. In addition, they can be used to correct farsightedness and myopia, even contribute to improving vision. These glasses are incredibly stylish, with an interesting design - a dark frame, double lenses perfectly accentuate the eyes. They can also be configured as glasses without diopters, worn as an accessory for beauty. They can emphasize any image that you want to create.

Less eye strain

Compared with bifocal, adjustable glasses are much lighter in weight, more convenient and do not cause overvoltage of the optic nerves. They are indispensable for people with "flickering vision", (as in diabetes) will help when performing work requiring eye strain (such as embroidery) or to the surgeon during operations. They are good also during rest - when you want to consider something in the distance, even with excellent vision, glasses will help to do this.

They are comfortable

Thanks to its frame, adjustable glasses are comfortable and reliable. A case is given in the kit for glasses - stylish, beautiful, easy to open. It also contains instructions for using and adjusting glasses. At any time, you can adjust each eyepiece to specific needs.
Glasses can be worn every day, their case was designed specifically for this mode of operation.

There are many trainings on improving vision. Passing them there is no need to order new glasses every time - they will be successfully replaced by glasses with diopter adjustment, one for the entire duration of classes. With an improvement in the state of vision, you will only need to twist the ringlet until you achieve the desired result.

  1. They are light. The glasses are made of modern lightweight materials, with a convenient plastic frame and weigh only 30 grams. For comparison - 1 simple pencil weighs 20 grams.
  2. With these glasses, you can rarely order new glasses with other lenses. Although people with problem vision need to visit an ophthalmologist regularly, if you only need to check his severity and replace glasses, you can postpone the visit for some time.

Sergey, 45 years old, Kursk

For a long time I tried to engage in the Bates method, but I couldn’t completely abandon the glasses, yet with -5 vision it’s difficult to navigate the city without them. In glasses with diopter adjustment, everything turned out to be simpler, for six months I have significantly improved my vision - by 1 diopter in each eye. I will continue to work in this direction.

Svetlana, 25 years old, Pskov

Due to the fact that she was constantly forced to work at the computer at work, her eyes were red and somehow sore, as if I were crying all the time. Adlens adjustable glasses saved from this problem - the eyes stopped getting tired, the feeling of tension disappeared, now I don’t want to rub them all the time, and they are not red, but normal.


It turns out that these glasses are a magic tool and you can no longer worry about anything, bought it once and for all? Not certainly in that way. These glasses have their drawbacks.

Original Adlens adjustable glasses are relatively expensive. When ordering them, you should beware of fakes, buy only from dealers of the company. Fake glasses can be cheaper, but no one will give you a guarantee in their quality, and that they will not harm your eyesight. For warranty, it is better to contact the official website of the company. This will protect you from low-quality goods, and in case of marriage you will always be replaced with another copy.

It can not be used for certain diseases

If there are severe eye diseases that require surgery, for some diseases of the brain, with mental disorders, wearing such glasses may be contraindicated.

Some consumers complained that this model lacked image alignment. This caused discomfort, leading to visual impairment. A close examination of the objects gave a feeling of concavity. Однако представители фирмы утверждают, что на подлинных моделях такого эффекта не возникает, наоборот, использование очков уменьшает нагрузку на зрительные нервы, на отделы мозга, отвечающие за зрение, на нервную систему в целом.Discomfort may be caused by the quality of the pair itself, but the company guarantees replacement in case of ordering points directly on the official website.

Among the shortcomings can be noted that they are recommended only as spare points.

Katya, 30 years old, Omsk

Since childhood, I had poor eyesight, and the left eye always lagged far behind the right. So much so that I had to make glasses with different lenses. In the first grade, it was even so that in glasses on the right eye there was ordinary glass, and on the left with diopters. Then he “swam” and the right one. I had to always carry two pairs of glasses with me. What bothered me a bit, I constantly confused them, they got lost ... Yes, and it was unprofitable, often change points. I read about Adlens glasses with adjustable diopters and was very passionate about buying them, which I immediately reported to my friend. She smiled mysteriously and gave them to me for my birthday.

These glasses are in demand.

It may seem surprising, but initially the glasses were designed specifically for diabetics. This insidious disease ultimately leads to the loss of certain visual functions, in particular to peripheral vision disorders, when flickering patches appear in front of the eyes. Glasses were designed to solve these problems, adapting to the needs of each person. However, it turned out that this technology really helps people of any age, and even without diabetes, because they were suitable for everyone, without exception, even with the most capricious eyesight.


They began to be in demand, they began to conduct clinical trials with them in many countries of Europe and America. They passed all the tests, all the necessary quality tests. So, glasses with adjustable diopters have proven their reliability, effectiveness, and are allowed for sale and use in any country where these studies were carried out, including in Russia.
Glasses are made of certified materials, environmentally friendly, recommended by many ophthalmologists in the world.


Also, these glasses were handed out as humanitarian aid in the poorest countries of Africa, where medical care rarely reaches, and there are practically no ophthalmologists and people are deprived of the opportunity to check visual acuity and pick up glasses. With such a gift, thousands of people solved their problem - after all, all family members could use one pair.

To date, it is Adlens glasses with adjustable diopters that are the most promising and are being developed and researched more than other directions.