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11 secrets of beauty Miranda Kerr


Supermodel Miranda Kerr is not only a successful businesswoman and caring mother of her three year old son, but also a certified specialist in healthy eating and lifestyle. She has a lot of unusual beauty secrets in stock that are worth adopting.

  • 1 Miranda prefers sandalwood essential oil to any perfume. This is not surprising: it is believed that it helps to develop intuition, has a relaxing and calming effect on the body.
  • 2 Millionaire supermodel prefers mascara for $ 5 - Great Lash from Maybelline NY. Invented in 1971, this mascara is still the best-selling mascara in the world.
  • 3 Another inexpensive but favorite product in the model’s makeup bag is the $ 10 Toplon Tomato Revlon Lipgloss.
  • 4 Young mother Miranda Kerr is fluent in the art of time management and knows how to save time. She practices her favorite yoga with a moisturizing mask on her face, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

  • 5 To refresh his eyes, Kerr puts chilled slices of cucumbers on his eyes - of course, not simple, but organic. So if you think that this simple recipe is in the past, then you are mistaken.
  • 6 Once a week, Miranda is sure to sleep, applying olive oil to the strands from the very roots to the ends. The star claims that it heals the scalp, not to mention the fact that it gives superluster curls.
  • 7 Every morning, Kerr drinks a smoothie, which she calls the Miranda Mix. Recipe: chia seeds (this is a rich source of vegetable calcium), goji berries (they speed up metabolism), fresh coconut water and protein powder.
  • 8 Every day, the model makes self-massage with a dry brush with natural bristles. First you need to massage the skin starting from the toes up to the chest, and then each hand from the palms upward - also to the chest. This excellently helps to improve blood circulation and achieve an excellent drainage effect.
  • 9 “In order to be successful in photographs, look into the lens as if it were your favorite person or close friend,” Kerr advises.
  • 10 In the morning, in the shower, the model necessarily includes loud music, sings, dances and has fun. “Laughter rejuvenates the body and soul,” she says.
  • 11 When Miranda travels in a car or airplane, she meditates. Meditation brings great benefits to both the soul and body: it helps to achieve inner harmony, gather thoughts, strengthen memory, relieve muscle tension, restore strength and endurance to them.
  • 12 “For the entire pregnancy, I did not have a single stretch - and I gave birth to a baby weighing 4.5 kilograms! My secret is rosehip oil. It has a lot of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, so it perfectly nourishes the skin, ”Miranda told Intothegloss.
  • 13 In order to always feel “the most charming and attractive,” the model resorts to auto-training. “I keep notes with my positive attitudes next to the bed to read them first thing I wake up to.” They charge me all day. Having made auto-training a part of my life, I feel more collected and harmonious, ”the celebrity confesses.
  • 14 The only indulgence in the diet that Kerr allows himself is fried chicken. “Sometimes you need to let yourself relax, otherwise you will feel left out and depressed,” she says.
  • 15 In the star house on all water pipes there are special filters that alkalize water, restoring the optimal pH level. The model believes that such water cleanses the body and moisturizes the skin, as well as strengthens the immune system.

Which of the beauty secrets of Miranda Kerr are you ready to adopt?

dada, hair oil - instead of first-class salon procedures, a drop of essential oil - instead of selective perfume, mabelin mascara, not false eyelashes, self-massage with a brush. made fun, thanks)))))

my hairdresser told me that olive oil on my hair is harmful

How beautiful she is)))

Mascara is really the cheapest and the best. I bought myself a couple of these in America

Miranda, in my opinion the most beautiful, sweet and charming girl in America, no one has inspired me like her yet) You look at her and want to imitate her, even without makeup - she’s chic, it’s a pity that she is no longer Victoria's Secret angel (

dada, hair oil - instead of first-class salon procedures, a drop of essential oil - instead of selective perfume, mabelin mascara, not false eyelashes, self-massage with a brush. made fun, thanks)))))

my hairdresser told me that olive oil on my hair is harmful

dada, hair oil - instead of first-class salon procedures, a drop of essential oil - instead of selective perfume, mabelin mascara, not false eyelashes, self-massage with a brush. made fun, thanks)))))

Mascara is really the cheapest and the best. I bought myself a couple of these in America

The figure is beautiful, no comment! Face on the fan! The nose is terrible! The hair is luxurious! Regarding auto-training - auto-training is needed, to a reasonable extent, filters everywhere are completely and completely agree!

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Childhood dreams

Few people know that in childhood, Miranda Kerr dreamed of becoming not a supermodel who would travel the whole world, but a nutritionist. She knows a lot about proper nutrition and can maintain the beauty of the body even without the help of specialized specialists.

Miranda's figure is the result of daily work, observing the basics of a healthy menu and regular exercise. And the supermodel should be obliged to “grandmother's secrets of beauty and ... her own line of cosmetics, based on organic recipes, for her skin radiance and flowering appearance.”

What is included in the daily beauty routine of a charming Australian?

Sleep and Awakening

Miranda Kerr loves to go to bed early and wake up too early. Relaxing rituals help her fall asleep, which free her body from the burden of problems and set her up for a full night's rest. Getting ready for bed, the girl lights scented candles, sprays lavender mist (a cosmetic product) on bedding and indulges in meditation.

“For me, meditation is very important. When you are constantly busy, running around on business, trying to get as much as possible, it is useful to take a short break to breathe and meditate. In the end, you will always do more, ”says the ex-model.

A flight is coming, and you don’t know how to calm a fast heartbeat? Try meditation! Miranda Kerr always meditates while traveling, this helps her relieve stress and look great after long flights.

Elixir of Beauty

It turns out that the “magic cocktail” that all women dream about already exists! And you can cook it from available products, and not superfoods, which you need to order on special sites at a fabulous price. Miranda Kerr meets the sunrise, holding in his hand a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon. Warm lemon water is delicious, invigorating and healthy. It starts the digestion processes, helps to strengthen the immune system (due to the high content of vitamin C) and perfectly refreshes.

Tonic shower

Before going to the shower, the celebrity treats the skin of the body with a dry brush from an arsenal of beauty. A simple beauty gadget improves microcirculation in tissues, promotes exfoliation of dead cells, gives a drainage and anti-cellulite effect. “I start with the skin of my legs, with quick, but delicate movements going up, thus working out site after site. It’s not very laborious and takes only a few minutes, ”says the supermodel

Healing oil

To wake up beautiful, before going to bed, the model applies rose hip oil to the skin. You can buy it at any pharmacy. The product contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and willingly shares them with the skin. After its application, the skin looks smooth and beautiful, full of health. In an interview, Miranda said that she adds this oil to her eye cream and uses the learned mixture as a make-up remover.

Rosehip oil has smoothing properties - claims a celebrity. So, with its help it is possible to prevent the appearance of stretch marks (striae) during pregnancy and in the process of losing weight.

Moisture source

“To maintain my skin throughout the day, I always keep a cosmetic fog in my purse. I direct the flow of moisture to my face when I need to freshen up and put my face in order, ”says the star.

An alternative to fog can be pink water or a quality tonic. At the same time, do not neglect the basic rules - use a moisturizer in the morning and at night.


“The eyes really frame the face,” says Miranda. “I use the corrector in those areas of the skin where it is necessary (for example, to hide signs of fatigue or the effects of sleepless nights due to work) and apply 2-3 layers of mascara to the eyelashes.” The celebrity also shared the simple secret of eyelash curling: after applying the mascara, you need to press the convex side of a tablespoon to the lower base of the eyelashes and thus tighten them. Unlike using curling, it is absolutely safe.

Magic mask

“I always wash my head before going to bed. I prefer the hair to dry naturally, - ex-angel Victoria's Secret shares her beauty life hack. “And so that immediately after waking up, the curls look perfect, before going to bed I put on my tips braid oil.”

Like many other Hollywood celebrities, Miranda Kerr uses this oil everywhere. In addition to inclusion in beauty rituals, she refills them with salads and first courses, drinks 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach every day.

“The right fitness training will help everyone to create the perfect body,” says Miranda Kerr. The model itself is an adherent of yoga, Pilates and planking (flash mob exercises popular in Australia). In 2014, in an interview with the Australian gloss, the model admitted: “For 15 years I have been doing kundalini and hatha yoga. Even if I only have 10 minutes to do it. ” For a girl, these directions are not just a way to maintain harmony, they are loved and after them she feels good.

How to find "your" fitness direction? Try everything that you like and that is kept “by ear” to dwell on what will bring true pleasure!

Sports nutrition

To recharge his batteries and ensure his stamina during training, the star prepares salads from spinach, celery, broccoli and avocado, or drinks green smoothies. Freshly squeezed cold pressed juices are full of vitamins and minerals, enrich the body with chlorophyll and bring dividends such as healthy skin and a flowering appearance.

Healthy menu

Miranda Kerr adheres to the 80:20 power system and this is an excellent choice for every day. Approximately 80% of the food that enters the body is healthy and wholesome, and another 20% is “freedom of choice”. True, this does not mean that the celebrity is eating bad junk food or sugary-sweet cakes. Even when planning snacks, the girl is guided by common sense.

Healthy foods include vegetables, meat, fruits, and healthy fats. Ex-angel is a supporter of freshly prepared dishes and never leaves anything “for later”. For example, she loves to have breakfast with an omelet with avocado, and for a snack she chooses fruit salads without sugar and salt, almonds or dark chocolate.

Like other celebrities, Miranda has its own "superfoods." On a regular basis, she takes nutritional supplements - Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, probiotics and coenzyme Q10.

Many celebrities adhere to the 80:20 food system, among them Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Gillian Michaels. The famous chef from Australia - Teresa Kutter even released a book about this diet.

The popularity of this system is due to the principles of diet. Instead of eating exclusively “clean” (proper food), it is recommended that 80% of the food be spent on healthy foods, and the remaining 20% ​​on your favorite food.

You can eat varied and not feel guilty that on the weekend you could not resist and ate a burger. You can treat yourself to ice cream or Italian pasta, while realizing that this will make you more motivated at another time.

How to join this diet? To get started, fill your diet with 80% fresh nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, dairy products, lean meat and fish. The remaining 20% ​​can be any food, but it’s better to choose your favorite foods that you really find it difficult to refuse.

If you prefer a more structured approach, then eat only healthy foods throughout the week, with the exception of 4 dinners or lunches and one meal on Sunday. Or eat right most of the time, sometimes allowing yourself the “wrong” snacks.