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How to properly suck in and quickly get rid of it on the neck, face or chest


Suction is quite active kiss, after which a trace in the form of a bruise remains on the body. We can say that the desire to put a hickey is not a manifestation of tenderness and concern of a partner.

Hematoma in the neck is not at all associated with love. However, there are lovers of just such signs of attention. There are even various types of suction:

• ordinary - it is formed if you put suction only with the help of lips,
• if you put a suction with the use of teeth - a trace will remain on the body, resembling a vampire bite.

Despite the completely aesthetic appearance of such manifestations of passion, there are lovers of hickeys in life. And they know for sure how to put a hickey, and leave whole patterns of bruises on the partner’s body.

You need to think about where to put a hickeyso as not to put it on public display later. It’s better to admire him alone with a partner, so you can put a suction on the neck under the hair or in another place, usually hidden by clothes. If you decide to suck a partner, do not forget to ask his consent. If suddenly you want put a hickey on the girl’s neckwithout asking her at the same time, the relationship can end at the same moment.

Suction on the body signal either crazy passion or rudeness of a partner. However, some couples consider them a manifestation of love and unbridled sexual desire. There are men who, thinking where to put a hickey, try to do it in a conspicuous place, thus demonstrating their power over a partner.

For those who have not yet done this, but want to learn how to put a hickey, we offer a brief instruction:

• it is better to put a suction without the participation of teeth, otherwise you will hurt your partner,
• grab the skin with your lips and suck it for a few seconds - you will ensure the flow of blood to this place, and the skin will darken,
• You and your partner need to relax as much as possible.

To hide the hickey (if it was in a conspicuous place), you can use the following methods:

• applying foundation,
• imitation of an insect bite - you should pierce a point with a needle in the center of the suction,
• put on something with a “stand” collar, close the suction with a scarf, scarf, hair,
• you can hide the suction by simply sticking an adhesive plaster on this place.

To get rid of various types of hickeys, folk remedies will help:

• a piece of raw meat, applied to the place of suction for 15 minutes,
• you can moisten the bruise with vinegar, and then apply toothpaste to the skin,
• fresh onion juice, which lubricates the place of suction,
• compress from bodyagi,
• medications - lyoton, lifeguard, venorutin, lead lotion,
• iodine grid.

Suction passes in about a week. However, do you really need information about how to put a hickeyif you seek to hide it.

Suction on the neck, face, chest: photo

Every woman, as well as a man, at least once in his life, faced with the manifestation of passion of a sexual partner.

The sign with a heart looks especially beautiful, which means skill, the ability to do suction on the body.

Not all ladies like violet manifestations: this color acquires a trace over time - the skin is compressed, the capillaries burst, and a bruise forms.

You can see the signs on the neck, on the face or chest using the photo below.

Let's see what they mean:

    On the lip. The manifestation of passion on the lip indicates that during a passionate kiss, the partners did not calculate the strength of absorption, which caused a bruise.

As you know, the lips are covered with thin and delicate skin, so it is not difficult to make a suction in this area. On the chest. Men are often carried away by the process of sexual intercourse so that they do not notice the traces they left in the area of ​​the mammary glands.

To remove the suction, it is necessary to use gentle methods, not allowing harm to the chest. A trace on the chest of men adds to them a brutal note of character.

  • On the hand. The skin on the hands is quite delicate, so the marks here have a bright red tint. Hands are the best place for self-suction.
  • On the face. Bruises on the face look especially unpleasant: in particular, the mark left on the cheek is unlikely to bring pleasure to the girl.

    Before making such a mark, it is better to make sure that the lady does not mind, otherwise there is a risk of a major quarrel.

    Sometimes aspirations adorn the body of a man and woman, but often cause irritation and disgust among others.

    To hide the manifestations of passion, use clothing made of thick fabric.

    How to properly suck a guy or a girl: video

    For the absence of unnecessary questions from parents or acquaintances, you can learn to do the right suction: they are beautiful and do not cause discontent.

    To quickly leave a neat and painless mark on the body of a girl or guy, follow the rules:

    • First you need to decide on the place: for brighter options, choose places with thin skin, for darker tracks it is better to put them where the skin is dense.
    • To put a hickey, a girl or a boy should have a completely relaxed body - otherwise nothing will work.
    • Visually in the head it is necessary to outline the area where the sign will be located.
    • Touching the designated area with your lips, you must carefully draw in the skin.
    • The waiting time is 30 seconds, if you want to leave a strong mark, increase the time.

    Do not suck on a person who does not want or does not expect this.

    Carrying out the procedure, do not use teeth and bites - this will damage the skin and cause discomfort. For the best effect, you can leave a trace overnight.

    Important! Suction does not bring much harm, but outwardly it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

    To quickly and effectively get rid of the trace, proceed to a gentle massage of the skin immediately.

    Answering the question of how much the blue trace of love takes, it is worth noting the individual characteristics of each person’s skin.

    Basically this is a period of 2 days to 2 weeks. The presented video will help to make a suction correctly.

    How to suck yourself using a vacuum cleaner, a bottle

    Fake suckers are becoming popular among young people: teenagers use this sign to demonstrate their sexual activity and attract girls.

    An artificial blue footprint also helps to get rid of annoying young ladies, because he says that the guy’s heart is already taken.

    Consider the steps for performing an independent fake suction using various improvised tools at home:

    Using a bottleUsing eyeshadowWith a vacuum cleaner
    Stage 1Choose a place for the track: it is better to choose the neck area from the sidesThe best place is on the side of the neck.Prepare the device and choose the most optimal nozzle - the crevice nozzle will work well
    Stage 2Take a two-liter bottle, stand in front of the mirror and squeeze it.

    Attach the neck of an open bottle to your neck and hold for 15 seconds: the created pressure will help put a bruise in less than a minuteUse pink, blue and purple shades to create an effect. It may seem to many that these are similar spots, but not sucking, so work through each layer carefullyTurn on the vacuum cleaner and hold its flexible tube to the skin Stage 3To make the bruise wider, attach the bottle again, already slightly to the left or right of the first traceYou can fix the work with hairspray - it will not allow cosmetics to crumbleTry to work carefully to prevent large squeezing of the skin: it is better to put a bruise with a vacuum cleaner on dense skin

    How to quickly remove it at home

    Blue traces of the manifestation of love do not always become appropriate.

    The removal problem arises when in the near future it is necessary to hold an official business meeting, and there is no way to hide the trail.

    Consider ways to remove suction in 1 day or more:

    • You can cover the stain with toothpaste - this must be done immediately, until the trace has acquired a bright color.
    • Long-term aspiration can be cured with the help of a bulb: cut the head in half and apply every 40 minutes to the lesion site.
    • To combat the trail that has been holding for a long time, it is recommended to use garlic, aloe juice, ice cubes.

    Putting a beautiful mark means treating your partner with care and love, without causing discomfort.

    How to leave a noticeable mark on the body of a partner

    Suction remains on any part of the body, because the capillaries of blood vessels are located under the skin throughout the body. More than others, those areas where the skin is very thin and delicate are predisposed to suction. This is primarily the neck, then the inner side of the arm, thigh.

    How to suck a guy or girl? You need to touch your partner’s skin with your lips where you decide to suck. Then open your lips and absorb a small area of ​​skin with your mouth. Taking the air in your mouth, you create a vacuum in a certain place, as if “sucking” blood through the skin. You don’t need to help with your teeth, you can injure your partner, bite his skin. About half a minute you need to use the "vacuum" with variable strength, a kind of gentle tremors. That’s all - the question of how to properly set the suction can be considered closed.

    When will suction appear? Not immediately, it should take about 10 minutes until a red spot appears - the first sign of suction. After a while, the blood will go through the capillaries, and the redness will pass, but if the vessels burst, then after a day a magnificent trace of suction will appear in the form of a bruise of a round shape. Here it is, in fact, called a hickey - this bruise.

    How suction is perceived

    The question of whether it is beautiful to walk with such a mark is considered to be very controversial. Depends on who will see these traces of passion. Many believe that such a label will speak of a peculiar belonging to the one who left it. Therefore, men are more likely to leave suction, sometimes in very intimate parts of the body, which confirms their "chosenness."

    Women rarely express gratitude to a man for such a “reward” as severe suction, in female society this is a sign of vulgarity. If the suction is multiple and is located not only on the neck, then the girl will be ashamed to appear on the beach or in the gym with such “orders”.

    It is sad that such a hickey has all the signs of a bruise - it will last more than a week. At first, the crimson hickey will turn bluish, then purple, it causes not only moral displeasure, it really hurts.

    So passion can be cosmic, but suction must be neat and approved by the partner!

    How to make a hickey - fast technique

    Create a vacuum with your lips and suck on your partner’s skin. Make sure that your actions do not cause discomfort to the partner and count to 30 - after a few minutes, suction will appear, especially if done on a delicate area of ​​the skin.

    Also, suction can be placed not only on the neck, but also on other parts of the body:

    Important! If your partner asks you to stop, be sure to do this. It is likely that your soulmate thinks that suction is cool, but she may simply be afraid, embarrassed or unwilling to be discovered by relatives or work employees. Take into account the wishes of your soulmate and do not rest if you are denied, even when you have already begun this process. Suction is a confidence sign and should not be abused.

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