Useful Tips

How to rap: useful tips for novice artists


If you want to do rap, then you need to start somewhere. Biggie started in the corners of Brooklyn streets, raping with a portable tape recorder and competing with everyone who came up and expressed a desire to join the fight, sometimes won, and sometimes lost. Thus, constantly improving, he learned his craft. You will surely succeed much easier, but the goals are exactly the same. Listen to the sounds around you, record the rhymes and begin to build these rhymes into songs.

How to become a rapper: practical tips

First you need to learn how to feel the music. Turn on your favorite artist’s favorite track and try to feel the rhythm. How does a beat sound, how fast, how words fall on it. Try to read the text together with the performer, adhere to the set rhythm, pause and emphasize, get to the beat as the original does.

The language of rap cannot be called simple, so first memorize any song, find its minus and rehearse, repeat the manner of the artist, make your own chips. Be sure to record the result and objectively evaluate the record. It will be very good practice to play one track under different beats, with a different melody and even rhythm. The goal of such a training is to develop and hone the sense of rhythm, not to be afraid of improvisations, to keep attention on yourself.

Try writing your lyrics. To rap, you don’t have to be born in a ghetto, you can write on topical topics and draw inspiration from everything that surrounds and bothers you. Try to objectively evaluate the fruits of your creativity, read poetry to friends and listen to criticism, this will help to achieve a better result and accustom to the public.

Read more good literature and classical poetry. This will expand your vocabulary and your rap language will be filled with beautiful puns and witty metaphors. Try to avoid flat texts, humiliating comparisons, obscene speech (rap without a mat is possible!), Respect your listener.

Get a paper notebook and take it everywhere with you. Inspiration can come unexpectedly, and ideas are quickly forgotten. In addition, text written by hand and on paper is perceived somewhat differently than the one typed on a computer. Write with a pencil, re-read the lines, objectively evaluate them and edit if necessary.

How to rap: the basics of technology

How to rap: the basics of technology

Good text, swinging bits are important components of success. But besides this, you need to be able to present the material in such a way as to hook the listener from the very first lines. How to rap effectively, clearly and legibly?

Highlight consonants. They should sound harder and clearer than in everyday speech. Speak competently and confidently, do not lose the ending.

Remember that rhythm plays a major role in a rap reader. Even if you get lost, catch the beat and continue.

Try to stay naturally at the performances, pick up comfortable clothes that emphasize the image, not restricting movement. But do not overdo it with gestures and movements, so as not to look comical.

Where to perform?

Of course, the artist must be heard, and therefore study the clubs of your city that work with newcomers and knock there.

Another great event that will reveal your potential and show yourself is rap battle. It's no secret that it was the rap battle that became the launching pad for many famous rappers such as Noize MC and Oxxxymiron. Participating in rap battles gives a tremendous experience where you can easily hone your reading skills and see the public’s reaction to your work, this is a good way to test yourself, learn to compose texts on any given topic. Especially popular are rap battles face to face (as has already become famous Versus Battle), when it is possible to look into the eyes of an opponent and prove that you are the best. However, not everyone dares to enter the competitive scene, because often the rap battle is designed for people with a certain experience. There is also a light version of such events - online battles, and if this is your first experience in public competition, then it is better to start with them.

Do not ignore special rap schools, where competent and practicing specialists will put your voice, develop the necessary skills and give an excellent start for your musical career. One of them is Myrapgame Rap School, which teaches Al Solo from the band Bad Balance. Guys regularly conduct trainings and webinars on reading, including free ones. Also, more recently, St. Petersburg artist Kazhe Oboyma opened his rap school.

Be sure to write down your songs and post them on the Internet, read comments and listen to the criticism of the public, because the further development of your creative path depends on it.

By the way, who better than Eminem knows how to rap. We offer you to watch a video on this topic from the king of hip-hop 😉

Work with text

In order to start rap, you must first write it. Every rapper knows that the text must be sincere and understandable. Some write “banter” or rhyme their emotional experiences. What to write is up to you to decide, it is worth remembering that each line should reach the listener, be clear to him. Lines of text can come anywhere, so it’s important to always have a notebook and pen or voice recorder with you.

Rhymes in rap are not used the most complex, because rap began as a form of improvisation. It is worth remembering the following rules for rhyming lyrics for rap:

  • Do not rhyme a verb with a verb, for example, shout - hang around. Different parts of speech should be used. The most suitable option is a verb + noun or adjective.
  • You must use approximately the same number of syllables in each line. The text will become smoother and more rhythmic.
  • Each line should carry some kind of meaning. All text should be logical and coherent. You should not use “rhyme for rhyme”, it’s better to choose words longer than to use those that sound more beautiful.

After the test is written, it is worth showing it to close friends. After all, it is they who will most correctly issue a critical assessment of your creativity.

Once you have decided that the text is ready, you need to think about how to learn how to read the rap that you wrote.

Reading texts

Submitting text in rap is one of the most difficult skills. Sometimes, despite the fact that the text is excellent, the composition does not sound at all. It is important to remember that reading rap is primarily a game of intonation and rhythm in performance. You can highlight the following recommendations that will tell you how to learn how to rap.

  • Reading intonation is a very important factor in the success of a text presentation. It’s important to invest in every word you say. To do this, you need to feel what you are writing about. The combination of reading emotionality and beautiful text is the key to good rap.
  • Reading technique is another important parameter for reading rap. It is determined by diction and speed of pronunciation. Diction can be developed in different ways: pronounce tongue twisters, speak with some kind of obstruction in the mouth, for example with nuts, regularly do articulation gymnastics. For many, the important question is how to learn how to quickly rap. It is worth saying that you do not initially need to wait for a high reading speed. At first, you need to work on sound quality, and only then speed up the pace of speech. Over time, speed will come.
  • Rhythm is the foundation of rap. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the development of rhythm mastery. The same rhythm is always in the reading, however it is suitable only for beginning rappers. Professionals, on the other hand, change the rhythm in virtually every new measure, but it’s worth remembering that you cannot leave the dimension of the text. In order to develop a sense of rhythm, it is worth acquiring a metronome and constantly reading texts under it. A new line should begin for each hit of the metronome. Over time, the knock of the metronome will remain in your head, and the texts can be worked out without it.

Thus, learning to rap is possible. It is only necessary to set a goal and begin to carry out exercises. Remember, rap is the music of the heart superimposed on the rhythm, so listen to it and everything will work out.