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How to do engraving on metal


1. Wooden key holder

Oksis at Etsy offers many wall-mounted key holders, but this one was especially impressive. We were pleased with a simple and at the same time original design with short sayings and funny monkeys. This thing is made using a laser cutter and engraver and demonstrates their capabilities in the processing of wood (in particular, plywood).

2.Opener keychain

While we're still exploring the keys and key chains for them, let's take a look at the HangerDesignCenter at Etsy and look at these laser engraved stainless steel openers. They also show a very simple design. As long as you have such a thing, you can always open the bottle.

3. Wine glasses

Engraving on glasses is not a new idea. But daydreemdesigns have a special set of wine glasses. We admire not only the complexity of the pattern, but also the way it wraps around the glass, repeating its bends. This technique can be implemented using a rotary device that allows engraving on objects of a cylindrical shape. It is always surprising when a design works seamlessly with the shape of an object.

4. Trays

These wonderful trays can be seen at grafcreations on Etsy. You can engrave whatever you want - from statements and initials to any forms and drawings, the possibilities are endless. These trays are made using laser engraving on acrylic, but materials such as wood, glass, stone and some metals can also be used.

5. Acrylic wax seal

This wax seal mold is also made of acrylic using laser engraving. Of course, since the advent of modern postal services, no one else has been using wax seals. But such stamps can be used on wedding invitations, as well as on letters special to the addressee.

6. Wooden roller for cutting cookies

This item can be purchased at the BoonHomeware store on Etsy. We admire how many wonderful, surprisingly simple and original things can be done using a laser engraver. This wooden roller is useful to you when you need to cut 200 New Year's cookies for all relatives, so that is enough for Santa Claus.

7. Glass jars for spices

While we're still in the kitchen, let's look at these beautiful laser engraved spice jars. They prove that everything that you use in everyday life can be decorated with laser engraving. If you need an inscription or a little personality, use a laser engraver.

8. Box with engraving

You can engrave on the box an image of any collectible item that matters to you, such as coins. You can engrave any text or picture, whatever. On this box on the glass is an engraved image of a mug. It is created by cheaphumidors at Etsy.

9. Wooden puzzles

There are so many ideas for creating puzzles and puzzles. This puzzle from TimberGreenWoods is suitable for students, but they also have many others, from the simplest to the incredibly complex. For a school where there is a laser machine, it would be very simple to literally make one such jigsaw puzzle of wood or acrylic in one day.

10. Acrylic decorations

What do people hang on trees, rear-view mirrors and other things that require at least the slightest individuality? That's right, decorations! People love things that tell the world about their interests, so for some, jewelry will be a great gift. These fun laser-cut acrylics are available at useyourdidgits on Etsy. Even if they are not to your taste, you must admit that they are a great example of using a laser cutter and engraver.

11. Paper art

Laser can also be cut out on paper, creating real works of art. Just look at the work above. Thanks to CuriousDoodles for the inspiration.

12. Dog Collars

Your dog should not stay away from current trends. A lot of labels can hang around her neck, so isn’t it better to engrave some of the information, for example, the dog’s nickname and the owner’s phone, right on the collar? In addition, it will look very cool. Check out these trendy laser engraved collars from MaritynDog at Etsy.

13. Laptop stand

People do cool things by simply cutting the workpiece and combining the cut pieces into a puzzle. This acrylic carved laptop stand is a good example of this technique. You are limited only by your imagination. If you like jigsaw puzzles, this will be your bonus.

14. Felt carpet

Do not forget that the laser can be applied to textiles. Take a look at this laser-cut, super-modern felt carpet featured at If you do not like him, you can always cut your own.

15. Pillows

This two-tone pillow with geometric cuts also looks incredibly modern. Such pillows are very easy to make from leather or felt with a laser cutter. Buy them for $ 412 on LuxeDECOR or do it yourself.

16. Rubber stamp

This laser-cut rubber seal is a really handy thing. It is much better to use it than to write your address every time on wedding invitations or any documents. In addition, with the help of a laser, you can create your own design, which is better than paying a ton of money for standard printing. We liked the design of this print from PoppyandMintDesign.

17. Wooden signs

Gone are the days when famous artists held this market in their hands. These laser-cut wooden signs really attract attention. If, in your opinion, the tree does not suit you, then try to cut a sign from metal, acrylic or stone. These signs from Visual Mechanics really captured our imagination.

18. Wedding invitations

This is just the tip of the iceberg of wedding invitations. There are many ways to make a wedding invitation, including the one in the illustration where the wooden plank is used. You can also use paper for wedding invitations. But be careful! The paper may light up when cutting with a laser. Read our tips on using laser equipment safely.

19. Jewelry

There are many jewelry created with a laser cutter. Ladies, go to the store and see for yourself. Men, buy at least one such product to your woman. Warning - it is not suitable for any major date or anniversary. We especially liked these two (we could not choose the best of them).

20. Business cards

This example needs to be saved somewhere in order to return to it and admire it again and again. Business cards are what is used in any business. It does not matter what material they are made of - wood, metal or acrylic - laser processing will allow them to stand out among business cards of other businessmen. Of course, no one is going to wash them in the washing machine, but if this still happens, then after a rinse cycle they can be taken out in the same condition as before washing.

Arc welding technology

What is electric arc welding? What arc welding methods are there? What metals can be cut and joined using electric arc welding technology? What requirements should be observed during electric arc welding?

Front Panels

What are the front panels of instrument housings? How are the plastic front panels of the cases fastened? Why are the metal front panels of the housings so popular? Is it possible to make the front panels of the cases yourself?

The use of artistic engraving allows you to give a unique character to any object, to make it truly unique. In addition, art engraving looks very stylish. In this article, we will consider in detail how to make engraving on metal and what is needed for this?

5 ways to make engraving on metal

Modern methods of advertising your own brand (including ways of expressing individuality) have advanced technologies. One of the most popular in this direction are the following methods:

  • laser sublimation,
  • laser metal engraving,
  • sandblasting engraving metal.

Each of these methods has its own characteristics and recommendations for use in specific cases. For example, laser engraving on metal is the most versatile and easy to learn, mechanical engraving is focused on engraving plastic and metal products, but sandblasting technology is more typical for glass products. Laser sublimation allows you to make a color drawing of any complexity and, if necessary, transfer it to print.

The best engraving specialists usually choose one technique for themselves, improving their skills in it. We will talk about how to do engraving on metal, which is necessary at the initial stage and analyze the features of each method.

Laser engraving

This is perhaps the most popular method of engraving on metal because of its accessibility to development, low material requirements and low cost of equipment.

The laser beam focuses on the object (a system of lenses and mirrors is used for this), as if evaporating the processing material with its intensity. By changing the force of influence, you can even trim the subject.

CO2 laser engravers working due to the emitted infrared radiation by carbon dioxide molecules have gained great popularity. The technology is widely used for engraving wooden, glass, plastic, ceramic, leather, polymer surfaces. But engraving with such an engraver on metal is possible only when the metal has, for example, brass enamel, anodized aluminum coating or has another, suitable type of coating. Such engravers will not be able to process a metal product without coating.

Laser engravers with carbon dioxide are the most economical among all types of laser equipment. The price of such a tool depends on its size and power level.

Mechanical engraving

This method is also quite common. It is based on embedding a rotating sharp cutter into a metal coating. One of the varieties of this method is diamond mechanical engraving, in which a mill with a diamond tip is used. This type of engraving is often used when working with jewelry and gift souvenirs.

The advantage of this technology is its versatility, the ability to quickly transform the object of engraving, make it truly unique.

Mechanical engraving can be of two varieties: manual (pantograph) or computerized. The manual method is still used in engraving jewelry, metal and ceramic dishes. But, for the most part, engraving workshops use computerized engravers. This tool uses software, a control module and a cutter motor to accurately position it on the material being processed. Depending on the dimensions of the engraving machine, it can be used both for engraving small items (souvenirs, jewelry, personalized prizes), and used on an industrial scale with mass production.


Another method for engraving on metal is based on the effect of the abrasive on the surface being machined. Most often, such material is sand, hence the name of the technology. Abrasive powder under strong pressure is applied to the surface of the material, destroying its surface structure. This creates a matte finish on the treated area. By changing the pressure intensity of the sandblasting apparatus and the level of granularity of the sand (powder) itself, it is possible to adjust the level of surface matting. The use of stencils allows you to engrave the smallest details on the product: photos, pictures, company logos.

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Having set the goal to learn how to do engraving on metal by sandblasting, you will need to find equipment such as:

  • sandblasting system
  • pneumatic compressor
  • mask,
  • special stencil.

To perform a broader range of tasks, it is recommended to purchase medium-sized closed-type sandblasting machines. The advantage of such a system is the reuse of used sand (or other abrasive) and the durability of the equipment (built-in filters do not allow the system to absorb dust).

A stencil is a must-have item for a metal engraver. It can be made of vinyl or photoresist. It can also be made independently by cutting the desired workpiece on the plotter.

But stencils made of photoresist are more popular because of their strength characteristics, easy adaptation to any shape and the simplicity of applying thin lines to the treated surface. A stencil from photoresist can also be made independently.

The presence of a laser engraver allows it to be used for the manufacture of a stencil for sandblasting engraving technology. This option is convenient if you already have a laser engraver and a sandblasting machine. The kit will allow you to exclude from the list of necessary equipment a device for the manufacture of photoresist.

In addition to these devices, you will need a printer (inkjet or laser) and one of the graphic editors. For decorative processing of products with engraving already applied, you may find it useful: glue, paints, glaze and other elements.

Laser sublimation method

This method is used in cases where you need to do color engraving. For its implementation, you will need a printer, sublimation cartridges, appropriate paper and sublimation metal (or thermal press). The laser sublimation process is as follows:

  1. The selected image is printed, which serves as a transfer.
  2. This transfer is placed on the workpiece (product surface material is polyester or special coating).
  3. Thanks to heating, the used paint is transformed from a solid state to a gaseous one, thereby coloring the entire structure of the processed material.
  4. After cooling, the transferred picture is fixed on the polyester.

This process involves the use of special sublimation printers. In addition to the printer and ink paper (for printing transfer), you need to choose a thermal press and a convenient graphic editor. Thermal presses can vary in size and scope of use. The use of flat thermal presses is justified for laser sublimation on fabric surfaces, flat products (badges, tablets, computer mouse mats and others).

How to do engraving on metal on CNC machines

The use of CNC milling machines is in special demand in the manufacture of metal souvenirs. Such machines can significantly improve both productivity and product quality.

Among those who engrave on metal (with regards to souvenirs), such material as stainless steel is popular. It has undoubted advantages: it is durable, resistant to corrosion, has an attractive appearance and low cost (when compared with other metals).

The appearance of metal products with engraving made on CNC machines for metal engraving is really impressive. Engraving with the company logo on business card holders or cutlery in a restaurant will leave a lasting impression on visitors. Such machines have special fasteners for fixing workpieces of non-standard sizes.

The entire engraving procedure on the milling machine consists of the following steps:

  • The drawing is prepared (digitized if it is not digitally) and poured into the program.
  • Based on the given pattern, the milling path is built. At this stage, it is important to choose the cutter itself and its frequency of rotation. The area of ​​the product on which the drawing will be applied is selected.
  • The workpiece is mounted on the machine. If necessary, the surface is lubricated with a special compound for a better engraving result.
  • The selected cutter is mounted in the spindle using a collet of the appropriate diameter.
  • Checks fluid level in equipment.
  • The machine control program is loading, the engraving process begins.

How to do pencil engraving

As one of the varieties of carbon, graphite can take on both soft forms (in fact, graphite itself) and the hardest (for example, diamond). Its conductor qualities are also known, which make it possible to use the material in the production of conductive coatings.

Воздействие на графит электрическим током заставляет его выделять большое количество тепла. But in the case when it is necessary to do engraving on metal with a pencil, it is necessary to achieve heating of the graphite rod at one touch point. This will allow the metal to evaporate, which will lead to the appearance of an engraved image.

But not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. In order to be able to engrave on metal with a pencil, it is necessary to achieve a sharp increase in the resistance of graphite at the point of contact with the metal. Taking as a rule the inverse dependence of the conductor resistance on its cross-sectional area, the tip of the pencil lead is carefully sharpened (this increases the resistance by reducing the cross-sectional area). After that, on the back (not sharpened) side of the pencil, a small groove is made, exposing the stylus section, an electric wire is connected to it. Securely fix the wire in the groove so as not to cause a possible overheating of the connection.

This connection must be made as safe as possible. To do this, you can do the following:

  • The contact is insulated by heat shrink and insulating tapes.
  • To prevent a short circuit, it is recommended to install a current limiter. A conventional incandescent lamp of 200 watts can act as a limiter.
  • As an additional protection, it does not hurt to use rubber gloves and an assistant who can disconnect the electrical network if necessary.

After these steps, you can do an engraving on the metal with a pencil, periodically sharpening it and monitoring the heating of the wire.

How to do engraving on metal with an engraver

Before engraving on metal, it does not hurt to familiarize yourself with the sequence of actions:

  • The front side of a sheet of brass is ground and polished.
  • The base is pre-degreased. To do this, you can use a cotton swab dipped in some kind of solvent, or a brush soaked in soda solution. After the degreasing process, the product can only be taken with tweezers so as not to leave new traces of fat on it.
  • Next is the process of tinting the surface. To do this, use an aqueous solution of sodium sulfate. The density of tinting directly depends on the degree of concentration of the solution. To give the front side of the brown brass sheet, it is rubbed with a swab soaked in the finished solution. To speed up the process, the sheet can be evenly heated.
  • After staining the sheet of metal, it is washed with warm water, thereby getting rid of the remains of the solution.
  • Next, the sheet is dried and becomes suitable for engraving.
  • The prepared picture is transferred to tracing paper, passing the contours of the image. If small details of the drawing should be present on the finished product, then they are applied in the process of engraving itself. Tracing paper is fixed on the surface of the brass sheet by bending the edges of the sheet of metal, followed by gluing the tracing paper to the base with rubber glue. This type of glue is perfectly removed after drying, which is why it is recommended to use it in the described operation.
  • With a sharp needle, the pattern is drawn around the contour, leaving a shallow groove on the polished sheet.
  • After that, the tracing paper is removed, and the picture is applied by the apparatus for engraving to the surface. Boron for metal is mounted on the hose with a tip and the outlined contours are circled by it. Before using the apparatus for the first time, it is best to practice on metal plates using different types of patterns and geometric circles. When the hand gets used, you can start engraving on the ordered object.
  • Next, small details of the drawing are applied, including shadows (they are usually depicted as shaded lines, in cells or circles), and to give the shadow of the contour, the boron is drawn repeatedly in one line.
  • After the engraving is completed, a layer of varnish is applied to the brass surface and wiped with a swab soaked in wax. After that, the surface is wiped dry. If necessary, the metal sheet can be reinforced with a wooden lining.

We tried to maximally detail the topic of how to engrave on metal using an engraver, but if you want to learn about engraving methods at home, go to the next section.

The main types of engraving on metal

A craft called engraving appeared centuries ago. Items and jewelery, performance with individual engraving are passed down by generations. Engraving on metal allows you to give the product an individual look and uniqueness. In practice, there are several types of engraving.

Hand engraving appeared the very first, is in demand when making jewelry to this day. Parts that have an uneven surface are almost impossible to machine. The inscription on rings and other jewelry is carried out mainly by hand. The tool for work is a shtikhel, a small chisel with a pointed end. Manual engraving makes the appearance pleasant, adds value. The disadvantages of this method are worth noting the high price, the execution of work requires the necessary professional skills and mastery.

Manual engraving on metal

In the mechanical method, a special machine is used, the special cutter tool used, which removes part of the upper layer from the surface of the product. Simple work, as well as its low cost, made this method almost the most common. The surface of the product should be as even as possible and correspond to the size of the bed when using equipment. High-strength materials are processed with a diamond-coated tool.

Laser engraving on metal is a newer way of processing products. The speed of work, the availability of technology made the method the most used type. The product accepts the necessary pattern or inscription by burning out with laser engraving..

The process of laser engraving on metal

This view has several disadvantages, one of which is that the inscription or drawing is quickly erased from the product. On jewelry, laser engraving looks aesthetically pleasing, the quality of work depends on the instrument and the skill of the master.

General technology

The engraving process involves many types of techniques. The main methods are manual and mechanical, the latter is divided into categories of defense and dash.

  1. A volumetric pattern can be obtained by using defense engraving, deeper processing involves three-dimensional engraving.
  2. When performing surface actions, a stroke technique is used. The process is carried out in several steps, the lines of the processing contour are drawn, part of the metal is removed from the surface by stroke movements.

Independently performing incisal engraving is performed by a stichel. Special tools can be purchased at art stores. Accessories for the manual process are divided into types:

  • Messer - Stichel is necessary for the manufacture of thin lines.
  • Engraving involving parallel lines is done by rep-stichel.

Tools for engraving on metal cannot be used without high-quality sharpening of the styli. For high-quality work, you need to grind the tool with a fine-grained whetstone, then wipe it with a leather cloth.

When working with small items, you will need a special pillow. You can make this tool yourself, the material of the same size is connected by a thread at the edges. It is necessary to leave an intermediate place for filling with loose material or sand. The workpiece is turned inside out, sand is poured into the formed hole, after which the rest of the pillow is sewn with a stitch.

Using the tool will require a careful attitude and prior skills. It is necessary to use the tool as a regular pen when writing, with the thumb of the working hand hold the tool on the side.

Engraving on metal is performed on its own, in cases of changing the direction of the picture or inscription, the best option is to deploy the pillow in the right directions.

It is possible to apply drawing on metal by laser engraving. A unique product can be used as a gift or signature hardware. Design changes, inscriptions on metal products, are available by technology such as laser engraving.

Color engraving

The drawing in color is carried out using a glass scanner, made in the form of a pencil or ink. After engraving, the surface is treated with colorless varnish to preserve the result for as long as possible. A clear pattern can be obtained using oil-based paints, before application, the surface is scratched and treated with paint.

Blacking is possible without special equipment. Mixed substances of potassium carbonate and sulfur are used, the proportions are observed one to two. It is necessary to place the mixture of materials on a slow fire in a convenient container, the process must be closely monitored and mixed. After the blackening of the composition, the fire is turned off, and the mixture is frayed in a mortar. The blackening process takes place in several steps:

  • The composition is mixed with water in a ratio of one to 9.
  • An object prepared for the execution of actions is dropped into a special container.
  • The part is heated until blacking occurs, the material must acquire the necessary shade.

Before inscription it is necessary to make a background, such cases do not require varnish treatment. Engraving on metal can be performed with different shades, it is enough to mix special substances. A solution of zinc chloride and copper sulfate will give the details a dark brown shade, mixing is 1 to 1 with water. A grayish tint can be obtained from a mixture of 2 g. potash and sulfur, ordinary table salt to a liter of water. A solution of potassium sulfide in the ratio of grams to 250 grams. water, give the product a red tint.

After the end of the activity, the used varnish is removed. There is a mobile technique, the process is not similar to blackening when engraving on metal. The process can be done only by mechanical means; execution is impossible from improvised items.

Methods of engraving at home

The metal engraving process is carried out in several known ways. All possible options are distinguished by the necessary tool and skills.

Laser engraving performed on metal will require the necessary equipment. With small amounts of activity, the cost of purchasing equipment can be considered unacceptable. Laser engraving allows you to display the smallest details when working, the picture looks clearly, without blots. This type is suitable for entrepreneurs whose craft is the main type of income.

Manual execution will require only a few tools, the presence of chemical compounds. High quality of a picture is possible to get only with the presence of certain skills in this area. A tool for work should be perfectly sharpened and varied, to carry out activities at a professional level.

Using a special device for applying drawings and inscriptions

Getting a quality product at the end of the process is the main priority of any craftsman. To do it yourself, at home, the best option is to purchase a tool called an engraver. The presence of many snap-ins, devices expand the range of applications and make labor convenient. Mechanical engraving is performed using technology.

  1. Before making an engraving, it is necessary to prepare a pattern or drawing. You can mark the product with a thin marker or a sharpened pencil, you can also use a carbon copy.
  2. It is necessary to use the tool with sufficient lighting, work in one direction to avoid spalling and burrs.
  3. At the end of actions with metal, the area of ​​the work is covered with colorless varnish. To consolidate the result, it is possible to use wax applied in a thin layer on the product.

The use of a manual engraver or boron machine should only be done with a special tool. The choice of nozzles is so great that there is a chance to confuse the tool, which will ultimately lead to damage to the product.

Drawing using an improvised set of materials

Various types of engraving at home can be performed by electrochemical exposure. To use, you need a set of tools that everyone has at hand.

  1. Capacity corresponds to the full size of the product. The part should fit completely, the neck should be the widest for convenient operation. For small products, a faceted glass is suitable, a glass jar remains the best option.
  2. Wires for connection with clamps. It is possible to use a household clothespin with foil clips, but it is better to use special “crocodiles”.
  3. Voltage source. It is enough to charge from a mobile phone with an output of more than 1 ampere. It is possible to use a charger for a car battery or household appliances with a capacity of up to 12 volts.
  4. Salt is used in the required concentration, per 250 ml of water, about 2 teaspoons.
  5. Nail polish. In hardware stores there is a substitute - zapon - varnish. The composition is identical, it is also easily rubbed with acetone or alcohol.

The process occurs by drawing a picture on the metal with a toothpick or a needle. After applying a layer of varnish on the surface. The plus wire of the power source is applied to the product, minus is lowered into a glass of water, a metal object. The depth of metal etching depends on the process time. At the end of the etching process, the varnish layer is removed with acetone.

Engraving on a metal object with a drill

The tool works by removing a layer of metal from the surface of the product.

The price of a boron machine bites, so for use several times - the purchase is not advisable.

To use this method, you need a set of different nozzles. Making engraving with a typewriter will not take a lot of time to prepare and process. Before starting operations with metal, you should test the machine with ordinary metal, get used to the work, fully study the design.

Engraving for metal using various equipment

Mankind has curbed the craft of metal work more than five millennia ago. Improving technology every day allows you to work with various equipment.

Laser engraving is used in conjunction with a paste-solution. The solution is applied to the material before the process, to the treated area. The laser burns a picture or inscription, by changing the temperature of a chemical process. The solution accompanies the dissolution of excess material. Laser engraving is used in various directions, but the price is very high due to the use of expensive equipment.

Diamond engraving is performed by a milling cutter with a special coating and design. The design involves four-sided recesses that shimmer when viewing the product from a different angle.

Work with volumetric parts is possible on a milling machine. Equipment can be manufactured at home, as well as purchased in specialized stores. Processing materials with a milling machine is used in mass production, suitable for souvenirs, key rings and other metal materials.

Production engraving

The process is no different from working at home. Before action, the subject is polished, then degreased. Before preparing for the process, the product is tinted with sulfuric solution, which is distributed evenly over the part.

The drawing is circled with a metal needle on a glued tracing paper. Drawing and shadows are performed as realistic as possible, to obtain a high-quality result.

Laser engraving in production

Next, the main process takes place, a drawing and the rest of the strokes are displayed with a special engraver.

After work, the drawing is covered with a protective layer of colorless varnish or wax. Then the product is wiped dry, polished to obtain a shine.

Tools and materials

If you need high-quality engraving, you should contact the employees of a special workshop. High-quality equipment for metal engraving allows you to perform more accurate and beautiful work.

The level of training, the experience of the master play an important role in the process and the final result.

Work with metal requires the following materials:

  • Product or metal piece.
  • Varnish for surface protection.
  • Production tracing paper.
  • Engraver - a tool with a metal bur.

How to choose equipment

Each type of equipment will make the process faster and better. Modern technologies allow you to write out various patterns, inscriptions of high complexity on the metal.

For example, the use of special paste on CNC machines allows you to perform patterns on the metal with a different contrast. High-quality engraving tools will help to embody drawings and other ideas on metal.

Tips before engraving

Для выполнения качественной работы стоит приобрести профессиональный набор для ручной гравировки. Ручной инструмент позволит набить руку, изучить все тонкости работы. After obtaining the necessary practice and skills, it is possible to move on to more complex methods using specialized equipment.

Metal Engraving Tips

Metal cutting is done only with a quality tool. Equipment, accessories must be bought in special stores with a quality guarantee. Making a tool at home will require a selection of reliable materials. Shtihel and engravers should be perfectly ground to obtain the desired end result. A blunted tool can ruin a product, cause injury to a craftsman; safety precautions should be followed when working with cutting surfaces.

In order to engrave the metal with your own hands, there are enough methods and technologies. A large number of metals that are engraved provide the opportunity to realize the most creative ideas.

Steel Engraving Technology

There are several types of steel processing, implying mechanical processing and manual. Application technology is divided into defense and line art. The main tools for embossing on metal is caliber. It can be purchased at a hardware store or made at home.

Steel engraving

In any case, it is worth paying attention to the condition of the cutting element and sharpening. Engraving technology occurs by removing the upper metal layer in a direction away from you.

Features engraving on wedding rings

Since ancient times, a distinctive feature of engagement rings is engraving. The approach to the inscription or drawing takes place individually, according to the preference of the customer. The most common methods are in-depth or grooved method. The most common manual work on jewelry. Jewelers offer many options for writing text, as well as display methods. The complexity of the work is evaluated individually with each customer.

Engraving engagement rings

A common way is also laser engraving. The upper layer of metal is burned out with a beam, fastened with varnish. It is important to remember that it is almost impossible to fit the size of the finished product, you must first determine the size and type of product

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

How to make engraving on metal at home using improvised tools

For engraving on a metal surface, we need the following:

  • match or toothpick
  • nail polish),
  • phone charger
  • salt,
  • capacity for liquid (you can glass),
  • nail polish remover.

As you can see from the list, all components are quite affordable and do not require complex searches.

The procedure for working with this “tool” is as follows:

  1. The surface is varnished (a sufficiently thick layer is applied).
  2. A match is drawn (scratched) pattern. In a glass, salt (two tablespoons) is mixed with water.
  3. Telephone charging should be applied to the application surface with a “plus”, and to another object made of metal - “minus”.
  4. This "other" object is immersed in a glass of saline, and the charger is connected to the mains.
  5. The procedure takes about five minutes, after which the remaining varnish is erased.

The advantage of this method is the simplicity of the components and the obvious cheapness (compared with the metal milling method). But the main plus, probably, is the ability to independently engrave metal objects to decorate your own home and create unique gifts for loved ones and friends.

Engraving on metal is a process that requires accuracy. Our company LLC Trekom specializes in providing such services.

For its part, LLC Trekom always offers:

  • Spent technical processes.

Experienced specialists use only highly professional equipment that meets all modern technical standards. The use of software tools contributes not only to accuracy, but also to the speed of execution of orders from our customers.

Our experts undertake any supporting work, packaging and delivery of finished products, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Production is carried out on its own without the involvement of third-party performers. This allows you to control the entire manufacturing process. In addition, this approach eliminates any supply disruptions and allows for maximum operational efficiency.

An individual approach to cooperation with regular customers is provided. For example, it is possible to gradually produce a large batch of products with the need to pay only the amount that is required by the customer for a specific period.

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