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Success in the network business from A to Z


In this article, we’ll look at how to succeed in network marketing, why some succeed, and some fail. As leaders of the Faberlik Energy project, we are constantly analyzing the results of our structure. There are people who quickly achieve good results, grow and increase their structure, and there are partners who do not achieve anything.

The article is great, if you are too lazy to read, then watch our video on this topic.

We are constantly trying to understand the causes of failure. Since we work individually with each, and we understand that everyone is different and not for everyone, general training is always 100% understandable. Accordingly, it is necessary to direct, correct and indicate to such partners their mistakes. Therefore, we always have structure feedback and now you will learn about the results of the analysis.

If the work on the Internet is transferred to ordinary life, then what will we see? Most people drive an inexpensive car or a car bought on credit; some people don’t have a car at all. Such people live again in a small apartment, some again have an apartment on a mortgage, in other words they don’t earn money. Of course, there are other values, such as family, friendship, health, etc. For some, money may not be important at all, some just like to belong to a certain caste of people, let's say, but in fact not to fall into the circle of these people, in some network companies this is very common. But let's face it, that money is important and they give some kind of freedom (freedom of choice where and what to eat, where to live, in which country to relax, etc.), but most people simply do not have this freedom.

But there are people who achieve significant results from scratch. And then the question arises, but how to achieve this? There are people who have received the first failures, analyze the failure and become stronger, try to get additional information, study, consult, try themselves to identify what works and what doesn’t. And there are people who, after the first failures or failures, give up and remain in place. They don’t go to a mentor (we assume that there are mentors who can’t give anything), they don’t look for additional information, they don’t do anything at all. And they continue to live with dreams of a better life.

So how do these two categories of people differ from each other?

The most important thing is the action! You are reading this text, which means that you have already acted a little, you have already decided to build a network business, but this is not enough, these are just the first steps. Many people have enough motivation for the first actions, and after the first actions there are no results. Why?

Because if you got into a boat, took oars and sailed to the center of the river, you now need to row somewhere. If you don’t row, then the course will decide where to swim and often the course will decide not in your favor. It is possible that in the course of time it may be lucky and it will take you exactly where you need it, but this is a huge rarity, it is easier to win the lottery. Those. after the first actions it is necessary not to stop and continue to act, otherwise you can’t get anything serious and you can forget about success.

But taking action is also not enough. Having drawn an analogy with a boat, we still need to choose a direction, that is, to set a goal. We give an example.

I have an old good friend who wants to get rich, start a business, he always has a bunch of ideas. We see each other regularly, about once a month, and he constantly only talks about his future business. But the problem is that he has been talking about this for more than three years. And the most interesting thing is that at the time I learned pretty well how to create simple sites and online stores (this site you are on is also created independently), as well as promote them in search engines. All this website promotion, depending on the niche, is almost free, well, or with minimal investment, though it takes time from three to six months until the site appears in the search for the necessary positions. I can also launch paid advertising, which will give an instant result. In other words, my friend, roughly speaking, can use my knowledge and time for free.

What do you think, and what is the result?

But nothing) He still speaks and dreams, but does nothing at all, and also earns his 20,000 rubles. per month.

That is, the goal is of course to set it well and to be honest it is very important, but it is also important to do something and not even something, but a lot and purposefully.

therefore in our online project we not only devote time to studying the marketing plan and programs of the company, since it is impossible to go towards the goal if you do not know how and what the payments are calculated from, what are the main advantages, etc. But we also devote considerable time to specific actions.

Look, you can go through all the training located on our website, receive individual support, but until you start acting and not just acting, but acting thoughtfully, then you will not have any changes and changes for the better. That is, you should know what and why you are doing and what the result will be.

To get an excellent tool for earning and free training on how to use it, please register at the link below. After registration, we will contact you.

If you don’t do anything, then nobody and nothing will help you, neither trainings, nor courses, nor personal accompaniment.

How to set goals in network marketing

Now back to the goals. Tell me what is your purpose now? Can you specifically say how you will achieve this goal? How long will it take you? What resources will you use to achieve your goal?

So, the vast majority of people can not clearly articulate their goal. In general, your goals can be different, for example: goals for rest, for family, for someone for treatment, for buying something, for training, earning, etc. We are just talking mainly about earnings. I already said in my videos that a network company is just a tool for achieving goals and you are already with the right tools. In general, almost anyone can use this tool (no need to think about product release, pricing, product delivery, receiving payments from customers, and much more) the company does all this for you.

The fact is that moving towards one goal, you are immediately pulled to the fulfillment of other goals. If you start earning more, you will improve in other positions. For example: after some time, you will be able to work better and more efficiently, since you will have money for a good rest or improve your health, maybe send your children to study at a good university, etc. In general, money helps and improves our lives in different directions.

I must say right away that it is necessary to forget about constant excuses, like I will someday do it or I will someday become something. You just need to take and do, and not like my friend for years to grind the same topic, but do nothing to implement it.

Your goals should be as clear as possible, not very easy and not overly complex, which cannot be reached. Most of the training on the site is very detailed, but somewhere you will need to gain your own experience in order to see your goal more clearly. I note that as you move towards the goal, do not be afraid to change or modify it (transform), but just do not give up on it and do not replace it with something very simple or even false.

Now a little about how to set goals, a lot has already been written about this, on the Internet all this is, but I will tell you briefly.

  1. Always set yourself a certain deadline. For example, today I need to study so much, or I need to close so many deals today. This is for daily goals. Thus, from daily goals, goals are set for the week, month or year. You can also go from the opposite, for example, set a goal for a year or a month and, based on this goal, paint daily activity, but experience and knowledge are already needed here. To set goals for yourself, you just need to sit down and devote several hours to this, I repeat that you already have good tools in your hands.

Do not be afraid that you will get something slurred at first, after you start to act, the goals will be adjusted and the most interesting thing is that you can find new options for achieving goals.

  1. To monitor the implementation of the intended keep your goals always somewhere in a conspicuous place. This can be a notepad, notebook or applications on a computer or phone.

This is very concise about how to set goals, now let's talk about what we need to achieve our goals.

  1. This is a theory. You just need to study the marketing plan of the company, all programs and generally learn more about the company itself. The second private training has all the information. All this will allow you to calculate your payouts. We will provide you with all the theory. Also in the third training you will receive templates from which it will become clear how people think, what they doubt and what needs to be done, then learn how to work with structure - this is what concerns the theory itself.
  2. Here it will already be necessary to begin to act, from the actions you will receive primary communication skills with potential partners. After that, you will get a cool tool to track your target audience.
  3. We need to learn to value our time. You need to work not 8 or 10 hours, but you need to work productively. You yourself must constantly monitor for what you are doing. Do you need it? What result will bring this or that action. In other words, do not spray on unnecessary actions. For example, refuse empty correspondence with a potential partner, and conduct a dialogue in the direction you need. You need to clearly understand what is working at the moment and what is not.
  4. It is also necessary to put all our actions on an ongoing basis. You need to work not only productively, but also systematically. Systematically - this is not once a week)) It is better to work daily at the initial stage. Then, determine for yourself how you are more comfortable working. Someone works constantly and little by little, someone takes all the work aback, i.e. works hard and hard, without days off, but then arranges for himself quite a long rest.

All of the above items will help in achieving our goals.

And in the end I will give 2 more tips.

The first. At the initial stage, do not set yourself a lot of tasks, it may happen that by furnishing yourself with tasks from all sides, you will cease to understand what to take up, your hands will drop, and so you won’t even begin to perform tasks.

And the second tip. To make it easier to force yourself, create the feeling that you should have done something yesterday. And do not even try to put off something for another day.

Prioritize importance. Remember that success loves regularity.

5 components of faith

Success in the network business depends on how much a person believes in what he does, namely:

  1. Belief in the network marketing industry
  2. Faith in the company
  3. Belief in the product
  4. Belief in sponsor, mentor, leaders
  5. Belief in yourself, in your strength

Ask yourself now. Do you believe in network marketing, believe in your company, believe in your product, believe in your sponsor, and do you believe in yourself?

Ideally, when you can put a plus against each point. This means that you are in the right place and will move right to your success.

But often it happens that not everything is so smooth ...

If this concerns the first 3 points, then it is better for you to either deal with this or do something else. It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve great success in the network business in general, or with this company, or with this product

Your insecurity will be well felt by other people ...

As for your sponsor, it may not exist at all, then it is extremely important for you to enter the environment of your superior sponsor. Unfortunately, moving alone is always harder

5th point, this is a constant work on oneself, one's beliefs, views on this world, on oneself and so on

For this, by the way, I really love network marketing, the fact that here is a very strong school of personal growth, which creates strong, confident leaders

Work system

This is where the biggest disappointment of most newcomers to the network business lies.

After all, as many say? It is enough to simply give information, and half will be included in your business.

Sadness, but this system works from the 90s, when people clutched at the network business like a hungry dog ​​in the bone

Today, the market situation is radically different. Offers are streaming to us literally from everywhere, so just giving information is not that impossible, but strictly forbidden!

This is the spam that most old-school networkers on the Internet do today ...

Because of this, many newcomers do not like the system by which their sponsors work. I often hear from my clients that they simply can’t deal with spam as their superiors do, and of course I understand them

But do you remember the 5 components of faith, one of which is faith in a sponsor? If you choose a different system of work, you should consider several important points:

  • You need to become a leader
  • And create your system from scratch

You will no longer be able to rely on your sponsor, since you have chosen another expensively and therefore must yourself become a leader in order to do more and lead people

You understand that in order to succeed in the network business, you must have a clear system that you can easily transfer to your partners. Otherwise, the structure will not grow, and give you a decent check

And all this, if you choose a different path, lies purely on your shoulders ...

Therefore, the other side of the coin, if you do not say it, is the Internet, which has a future. Thanks to this powerful tool, I have established a stable flow of candidates and partners. My best result is 5 partners a week!

It is a pity that many sponsors who have a good check do not want to change anything. If you are in this situation, then most likely you will still have to become a leader and take matters into your own hands

Man himself

Now let's talk specifically about you. How do you influence success in the network business?

In fact, everything depends entirely on you, and it’s time for you to take 100% responsibility for your success

After all, judge for yourself. Does your company have those who make great money? This means that the only question is you.

Do you know what exactly the question is? Write down and remember the phrase:

You earn as much as the value you bring to this market.

For example, most people can become a janitor, which is why they earn so little. But the president of Coca Cola units, so the salary is so high, because such a person is very valuable

How does this apply to network business? Let's see for what value money is paid here and what directly affects success in the network business:

  • The ability to attract an audience
  • Ability to sell business and product
  • The ability to transfer these skills in depth

The first two points are just like in any other business: advertising, traffic, marketing, sales

But the third one, this is the specificity of our business, for which the biggest money is actually paid, since it lies in our structure

In practice, it usually looks like this:

When you start a business, the first thing you do is invite people to a presentation, or to a conversation with your sponsor. That is, you are learning to attract an audience, while your sponsor or your leaders are selling for you so far

At the next stage, you yourself begin to sell a product or business. By the way, I do not recommend newcomers to engage in sales immediately. You must first carefully prepare. This is the moment that is easiest to fill up because of ignorance.

Well, the last touch, when you have partners, you do everything exactly the same with them, passing them your knowledge and experience. And so in a circle to the intended goals

Only 3 steps. It seems to be easier. But as you well know, according to statistics, 90% of networkers get stuck in the first step

They are not ready to invest enough of their time to form this value in themselves, or rather, the ability to attract an audience

Alas, very, well, very weak people come to this business. And when a person is still severely fooled, saying that it’s enough to give information and everything will be in chocolate, they are disappointed and leave ...

I will tell you the truth! To succeed in the network business, you definitely need create great value, which will be expressed in the skills of attracting, selling and mentoring!

So, let's now summarize how to still be guaranteed to succeed in the network business.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Love and use the product.
  2. Be 100% confident in your company
  3. Understand all the value of the network industry, know the facts, data and figures
  4. Adopt a sponsor's work system or enter the environment of a higher sponsor or develop your own system and take a leadership position
  5. Постоянно повышать свою ценность (навык привлечения, навык продажи, навык наставничества)

В завершении хочу сказать, что Вам нужно полюбить процесс постоянной работы над собой, иначе, скорее всего, рано или поздно Вы уйдете с бизнеса

К сожалению, в одной короткой статье, я не смогу Вам передать весь свой шестилетний опыт построения сетевого бизнеса, в частности через Интернет

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Success to you in the network business, go to the end!