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How to hire a lawyer


Whether you make a will or decide to file for divorce, we do not advise you to resolve legal issues without a lawyer. You need a specialist who knows the laws of your state, who can take on all the paper work and bureaucracy. A lawyer is not cheap, but there are many ways to hire a lawyer, even if you have low incomes. You can contact the Legal Aid Society, find a lawyer who is ready to work for free, or agree on payment on your terms. If you need a lawyer, but financial situation does not allow you to use his services - read on.

How to hire a criminal lawyer

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need the immediate assistance of a criminal lawyer. A good criminal lawyer can clarify your rights at all stages of the criminal process and help to avoid unjustified criminal prosecution. It will help to achieve a reduction in punishment in certain cases.

Can I hire ⛳ installment lawyer

Legal assistance in certain types of services in criminal matters. Departure of the defense counsel to the place of actual detention (without issuing a lawyer order) from 25,000 rubles. Advising a witness, victim, suspect, accused from 8,000 rubles. Participation in the production of procedural actions (one day) from 27,000 rubles. Collection and submission to the criminal case of characterizing materials from 22,000 rubles. Conducting a meeting with a client in a temporary detention center before choosing a preventive measure from 17,000 rubles. Preparation of applications and petitions from 10,000 rubles. Holding a meeting with a client in a pre-trial detention center from 17,000 rubles. Representation of interests of a client in the administration of a pre-trial detention center, appeal of a violation of the rights of a person in custody from 16,000 rubles.

Services of an attorney in installments and credit

  • drafting and filing a supervisory appeal against a final sentence handed down by a court of first instance,
  • visiting a convict in a pre-trial detention center, advising a convict and his close relatives on criminal law and process,
  • participation in the review of the complaint by the court of supervisory authority,

b) representation of the interests of the victim, civil plaintiff, civil defendant in a supervisory court:

  • the study of the materials of the criminal case, the determination of the legal prospects for appealing the verdict,
  • drafting and filing a supervisory appeal against a final sentence handed down by a court of first instance,
  • participation in the review of the complaint by the court of supervisory authority,

Cost and fees for a lawyer

Familiarization with the materials of the criminal case after the prosecutor signs the indictment or conclusion, or after the decision of the court of first instance from 27,000 rubles. Protection of the interests of the client in the court of the first instance (one court / day) from 35 000 rubles.

Appeal of sentences, rulings and decisions of the first instance court of appeal, cassation, supervisory instances from 35 000 rubles. Subscription service (family lawyer) from 30 000 rubles.

* Departure outside the Moscow region in the interests of the client is paid by the client in advance, as agreed with the client. ** The amounts indicated in this section are not fixed, and may vary depending on the complexity of the case.

How to hire a criminal lawyer

As a rule, the most common options are hourly pay or installment payment. The cost of services of a lawyer in criminal cases The cost of services of a lawyer in criminal cases should be considered at each stage of criminal prosecution, trial and others.
Of course, the cost is approximate, but you can already calculate the approximate budget for the services of an experienced lawyer. The initial rate in criminal proceedings by Moscow lawyers is 30,000 rubles.
That is how much it costs to consider a criminal case of theft in the same part 1 of article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. There is another interesting payment method called “day to day”.

The cost of a criminal lawyer

First of all, a good specialist is distinguished by a clear specialization (for example, we have lawyers in YurCity specializing in collecting insurance compensation, and there are lawyers whose path is criminal cases). Secondly, a professional always has a lot of feedback about work, he is not afraid to give the contacts of previous clients (with their consent, of course).

Thirdly, it is worth paying attention to how many years the lawyer has been working in the office: if he often moves from place to place, this may be due to his unsuitability (for example, there are specialists in YurCity who already work a lot years old). And finally, it’s worth choosing those lawyers who work out their remuneration in full: they are ready to go home to the client and to court hearings, are available for consultations daily, can assist in collecting and preparing documents - in short, they do not work in the “from 9 to 5 ", And give all the best 100%."

  • The accused or suspect does not speak the language of the proceedings.
  • The subject is charged with a crime for which a sentence of up to 15 years in prison, life imprisonment, or capital punishment may be imposed.
  • The case will be considered with the participation of a jury.
  • The suspect or the accused did not refuse to provide him with a defense lawyer in the established manner (a defense lawyer can be refused at any stage, drawn up in writing, and additional notes are made in the minutes.
  • The trial of grave and especially grave crimes is carried out in the absence of the defendant, who is abroad, evading to appear in court.
  • The accused filed a motion to be tried in accordance with Ch.

What makes a good lawyer different?

The cost of human rights defender services in each case is determined individually. When setting the final price for services, consider:

  1. Article of the Criminal Code, which is charged with the defendant.
  2. The number of specialists involved (it is one thing if you have a theft, it is quite another if fraud is of an international level using computer technology and involving more than 20 people).
  3. The term of the alleged punishment.
  4. The form of the service.
  5. The duration of the preliminary investigation in your case.
  6. Place of crime and place of criminal proceedings, other criteria.
  7. The stage at which the criminal case is currently located.

What payment options are there? What is their value? How much can you find a lawyer (example of Moscow and the Moscow region)? Payment Option Features Cost 100% prepayment.

However, for the vast majority of cases, this fame is completely useless and it’s enough to find a conscientious lawyer who scrupulously approaches the procedure for protecting the client. If the desire to hire a criminal lawyer for a small price is due to objective reasons - that is, a lack of money or a desire to save money, then you should pay attention to novice lawyers.

Can I hire an installment lawyer?

Secondly, in accordance with the law “On advocacy and advocacy in the Russian Federation”, an advocate has the right to a so-called advocate request, to which state and other bodies are obliged (!) To respond. In addition, the code of professional ethics of a lawyer is much stricter, and responsibility is higher.

However, the most important indicator for a specialist is his work. It is worth asking how many lawyers conducted the cases and how many of them were won (and it is good if the format of the cases was similar to yours), how long the proceedings lasted, etc.

Remember that failures are inevitable in the practice of any, even the most successful, lawyer, therefore, if a lawyer speaks only about cases won, this is an occasion to think about the veracity of his words.
In the usual manner: from 50,000 rubles, depending on the number of court hearings and the complexity of the case (includes familiarization with the case in court, consultation of the principal throughout the entire participation in the court (including in the pre-trial detention center), preparation and application to written petitions, obtaining a copy of the decision, protocol of the court hearing, appeal against the court decision if necessary) ***** Complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (complaint to the ECHR) The cost of familiarizing yourself with the materials of the criminal case, preparing, filing and accompanying the complaint to the ECHR30 000 rubles. (depending on the volume of the criminal case, complexity, etc.) ***** Subscriber services (family lawyer, personal lawyer) From 15,000 rubles.

At what point should you hire a criminal lawyer?

The main goal of the defender is to prevent violations of the rights of the citizen against whom the criminal procedure has been instituted, and to qualitatively protect his interests at all stages of the criminal procedure.

The main activity of the defender is collecting evidence, which could refute or mitigate the guilt of a suspect in the commission of a criminal offense.

A criminal lawyer should be hired if

As a rule, they provide the following legal assistance in a criminal case:

Provide protection in the court of first instance:

Provide protection of the interests of the accused in the court of appeal:

Provide protection of interests in the court of cassation.

The lawyer performs the same actions as when filing the defense of the interests of the accused person in the court of appeal.

Services of a lawyer in criminal cases in Moscow

Criminal prosecution entails serious problems with the law and a wide variety of risks. It is possible that you or your loved ones will need a criminal lawyer.

Often the defendants or the accused try to defend their interests during the investigation or in court on their own. The reason for this is the desire to save. However, such “games” often lead to an unfavorable outcome, where the imaginary benefit of “saving” is not at all a benefit to the budget, but its final ruin.

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