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Spending time in the company of friends and relatives, we try to capture these moments in the photo and often users of the social network Facebook want to mark other users in the photos in their photo albums. Please note that you can tag those users who are on your friends list. In the social network Facebook you can put a mark on those photos that you have uploaded, and mark users in friends' albums, but in the latter case, the mark will be added after the author confirms the photo. Putting a mark is quite simple and in this step-by-step instruction with photos I will show you how to mark a user in a photo on the social network Facebook.

  1. How to tag a user in the photo of your page
  2. How to tag a person in a friend’s photo

Avoiding unwanted Facebook photo tags

Not happy with the many tags on your friends' photos on Facebook? In fact, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you begin to be marked on images and videos that have nothing to do with you, or if you are specially marked so that more users can see their photos, it starts to get on your nerves.

Of course, you can not confirm the labels, but in the above cases it is better to stop this function altogether. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn off tags on photos on Facebook, however you can control how they will be broadcast in your chronicle.

1. How to remove tags from photos
To begin with, you are probably already tagged in photos or videos on Facebook that have nothing to do with you directly. To remove such marks, just open the publication, hover over your name and click "Delete tag» (Remove tag).

2. How to unsubscribe from a publication update
If you have nothing against the fact that someone tagged you in your photo, but don’t want to receive notifications about new likes and comments on it, open the photo and click on the “directly” button above the commentsUnsubscribe from a publication update» (Unfollow post).

3. How to view tags before they are published
As we noted earlier, you can’t do anything with the fact that friends mark you on their photos on Facebook, but you can decide in what form the marked videos or photos will appear in your chronicle. To carry out this kind of control, you need to go to the menu "Confidentiality» (Privacy setting), which is located in the upper right corner of your page.

Thanks to this option, every publication that has your tag will wait for your approval, and only after that it will be included in the chronicle. Please note that by choosing this option on Facebook, friends will still be able to tag you, and these tags will appear anywhere, but not in your chronicle, if you decide so.

4. How to control those who can view photos with your tag.
You cannot cancel tags, but here’s what can be done in this situation: to exercise control over users who will watch photos or videos with you. This can be done even if they have already appeared in the chronicle. So, again go to "Confidentiality", select "Chronicle and Tags" and click on "To whom publications are available ..."

Now only "Save Changes" remains, and the option immediately becomes active.

Probably, there should be some way to completely protect the user from tags on other people's photos and videos. The most correct thing in this case is to preview publications with tags and control those who can see them. And how do you deal with this? Share your ideas with us.

How to tag other faces or pages in photos

To tag a person or page in a picture:

  1. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
  2. Position the cursor over the photo and click Flag photo (down below).
  3. Click on the person in the photo and start typing his name and surname.

  • When the full name and surname of the person or the name of the page you want to mark is displayed on the screen, select this item.
  • Press button Lock Tags.
  • You can mark up to 50 people or pages in a picture. If you tagged someone in a photo, this person’s friends can see this photo, like it or comment on it. In addition, if you add a tag to a photo that has not been added by a friend, you will need to confirm the tag with the person who added the photo.

    You can add tags to other pages and profiles in photos and films, if these pages or people have given permission to post such marks. You can tag people in photos and movies on your page if they clicked the Like button and are at least 18 years old.

    Who can see my photos that marked me

    Your personal photos and the photos you are tagged in are visible to:

    • the audience to which they were provided
    • to the people who were marked in the picture,
    • friends whom the marked users have added to the audience.

    To change the circle of people who see photos you upload to Facebook, change the audience or remove them from the audience. If you’re tagged in a photo and you don’t like it, you can remove tag or ask the owner of the photo.

    Remember that the photos and messages that you have hidden in your profile stream will still be visible to the audience they were provided in other places on Facebook, for example, in News and Search. To view and check messages hidden in the profile stream, go to the activity log.

    Who can see the post or photo if you mark another person

    When you tag someone, this material (for example, photo, post) can be provided to the designated person and her friends. This means that if you are still friends of this person did not belong to the audience, now they can see the material.

    For example, if you marked Alina in the picture with your friends, the circle of recipients will expand to the level of Friends (+) and will include your friends and friends of Alina.

    If you do not want the photo, post or other materials to be visible to the friends of the marked person, you can disable this setting for each post when publishing. To do this, click on the audience selection icon next to the event, select User Settings and uncheck Friends of tagged people.

    The audience will also be expanded to Friends (+) when other users put a tag on your post or photo.

    How to determine who can see the posts and photos I’m tagged in

    To determine who can see the posts you’re tagged in after you publish them in your chronicle:

    1. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of any Facebook page and select Settings.
    2. In the left column, select Chronicle and tags.
    3. Find the value Who can see the publications in which you are marked in your chronicle? and click Edit.

  • Select an audience from the drop-down menu.
  • You can approve the pictures and messages in which you are marked before they appear in your chronicle.

    How to tag a user in the photo of your page

    Consider the method of marking the user in the photo of your page. Start by going to the photo section on your personal page, then click on the photo on which you want to mark the user.

    The next step is to click the “Mark on photo” button.

    Now mark the area and select the user. You can select it from the list that opens or enter the name manually.

    A photo with a mark will be published on your wall and the wall of the user who was marked on the photo.

    How to tag a person in a friend’s photo

    Now the second way in which you learn how to put a mark on a friend’s photo. To do this, go to his personal page and click on the “Photos” section.

    Select a photo and click on it with the left mouse button.

    Under the image, click the "Mark on photo" button.

    In the same way as in the first method, select the area of ​​the photo where the friend is shown and indicate his name by selecting him from the list or entering manually.

    A request to add a tag has been sent and after confirmation by the author of the photo, it will be added. If the information helped you - click Thank you!

    Who can mark and how to find out about it

    Everyone can tag you in a photo and in a post on Facebook. Tags added by people who are not your friends may appear in Recording Information from Your Chroniclewhere you can indicate whether you want to allow them to appear in your chronicle.

    Keep in mind that posts you don’t show in your feed can appear in the feed and other places on Facebook.

    Depending on your settings, you will receive a notification when someone marks you. In the settings you can specify which notifications you want to receive:

    1. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of any Facebook page and select Settings.
    2. Click Notifications.
    3. Activate receiving tag notification.

    You can also use the photo confirmation feature in which friends tag you before they appear in your chronicle.

    If you do not like the material in which you are marked, you can remove tag or ask the person who tagged you to delete the post.

    How to remove a tag from a photo or post in which I was tagged

    To remove a tag from the post in which you are tagged, click the v icon in the upper right corner of the post and select Delete tag.

    You can also remove tags from multiple posts at once:

    1. Go to activity log
    2. Select Photo in the left column.
    3. Check the box to the left of the post from which you want to remove the tag.
    4. Click Report / Remove Tags at the top of the page
    5. Click Remove Tags From Photo To Confirm

    How to quickly see photos in which I have been publicly marked

    Activity log allows you to view your personal photos and photos in which you have been tagged for a public audience.

    To view tagged photos with customization For all:

    1. Go to activity log.
    2. Select Photo in the left column.
    3. Select Accessible to all at the top of the activity log (next to the option lecture hall: ).

    You can also approve of pictures that were hidden in your chronicle by selecting Is hidden in the dropdown menu In the chronicle. Remember that photos you hide on your time axis may still be visible to the audience they were provided in other places on Facebook.

    How face recognition works on Facebook

    Object recognition technology analyzes the pixels in photographs and films to calculate a unique number called pattern. The system compares other photos and videos on Facebook with this drawing. If it finds a match, marks the objects.

    In the case of removing tags from photos or videos, information from this material is not used in the template. If you disable the face recognition option, the template will be deleted.

    This technology is currently only available in some places. It will be available on your profile if you are at least 18 years old.

    How does Facebook use face recognition?

    The following are examples of using face recognition on Facebook:

    • Invites other users to tag you in the photo.
    • The function predicts in which photos and videos you may appear, but are not marked.
    • Identifies people in photographs in which they were not marked, for those who use screen readers.
    • Detects accounts that impersonate you.

    Note: Facebook does not provide face recognition to help strangers identify you.

    When will I receive photos for checking tags

    Facebook is constantly striving to improve recognition technology, but he cannot find you in all photos. Face recognition functions most effectively in posts of which you are part of the audience. This may include photos posted by your friends and friends of friends.

    In some cases, images may not be available for viewing:

    • If face recognition is turned off.
    • If the face recognition function is not able to recognize that you are in the photo. This can happen if, for example, the image is blurry or only part of your face is visible.
    • If there are no new photos to view.

    How to enable and disable face recognition on Facebook

    To enable or disable face recognition in your account:

    1. Open the menu in the upper right corner of the Facebook page and select Settings.
    2. Press button Face recognition in the left column.
    3. Go to the section Do you want Facebook to recognize photos and movies?, and then click Edit.
    4. Select Yes or No to confirm the decision.

    If face recognition is turned off, the templates will be deleted.

    Note: This setting is not available in all countries and will appear in your profile only if you are over 18 years old.