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60 of the most unusual and scary Halloween costumes in 2019 - 2020 with their own hands


The optimal material for a mummy costume is considered bandages or pieces of gauze. But bandages and gauze should not be white, otherwise you will not look like a mummy, but a patient at the emergency room. To give the bandage a reddish tint that speaks of antiquity, you can use staining in tea.

Boil a few liters of water and brew 5-6 bags of strong tea in them. Put bandages and gauze for tea in the tea and leave it for a few minutes. Then the bandages can be removed and hung to dry. After drying, they get a reddish tintWhich is best for mummy costume.

Give up the idea of ​​simply wrapping yourself in bandages. Yes, this option seems the best in conditions of insufficient time for tailoring a full-fledged suit, but nothing good will come of this undertaking. Even if you fasten the bandages with pins, they still fall. And if you tighten the bandages too tight, then you will not be able to move at the party.

To make a mummy costume with your own hands, you have to sew colored bandages and gauze to your clothes. Take white pants and a turtleneck and sew segments of gauze to them using a sewing machine. It is very good if the segments hang inaccurately. The fact is that the more carefully the mummy costume is sewn, the better it will look. Complete the suit with bandages sewn across the length of the gauze.

Mummy costume: option 2

If men have to be completely wrapped in bandages, then not the girls. If desired, your costume can be quite enticing. So he really was like that, instead of a turtleneck and trousers the basis for the costume is a short dress. On the corset of the dress you need to wrap and fasten or sew bandages. On the dress skirt, wash the torn pieces of gauze or bandages.

Since your dress is short, warming is necessary for hands and feet. In this case, use the bandages again. Wrap your feet in bandages from bottom to top. making something like stockings that ends with a bow. To prevent bandages from falling apart, secure them with pins or with glue. Wrap your hands in the same way (better ask an assistant).

Now let's talk about shoes. It is advisable not to use it at all, as black or white shoes will ruin your look. Give preference tight socks painted with the color of bandages.

Let the mummy suit on you, but you should not forget about makeup and manicure. For manicure use black polishwhile the skin around the nails can even be coated with PVA glue to give the fingers an aged look.

Makeup depends on whether you will cover your face with bandages or not. If yes, then skin is necessary shade yellow-greenthat will give your face a painful look. If the face is not covered with bandages, then we suggest you draw a spider line and a spider on the cheek or forehead. In this case, you can use black or silver pencil for makeup. The shimmering spider web will look especially impressive in the dim light of the party.

TOP of the best costumes for Halloween in 2019-2020 do-it-yourself for girls with photos

We will start with women's Halloween costumes, as they like to dress up a lot more than guys. There will be both classic and very extravagant outfits.

The budget idea for a cool Halloween outfit. You only need a nurse uniform (you can buy it in specialized stores as well as in rental and sale stores for holiday costumes). The cap, the abundance of syringes and fake blood will complement the image.

Maybe you want to swipe at the image of a nurse from Silent Hill? This will be a little more complicated than the previous version.

For the assistant doctor, you will need to wrap your face with an abundance of bandages soaked in tea leaves.

If in detail, then the components of the image look like this: a simple form of a nurse, a lot of bandages and tea bags and fake blood (sold in specialized stores). Soak the bandaged suit in tea leaves and add some fake blood. Wrap your face in bandages, leaving holes for breathing and vision.

A dead bride

It will be more difficult to create such a costume of the corpse of the bride now popular, but at home it can be done. Stock up on blue make-up, tinted shampoo or wig and an outfit resembling a wedding dress. Its edges will need to be processed accordingly. Artificial flowers complement the look.

Want to move away from the image of the heroine of Burton? Then you will be helped out by a beautiful evening outfit and an abundance of makeup that creates the impression of a tired, battered and very scary face.

A very simple and original costume that is very inexpensive to bring to life. You just need to take a dress of a simple cut, white knee-highs and apply makeup that imitates fatigue and pain. An abundance of bows, toys and long eyelashes are welcome. The image for the party is ready!

In a vampire (or vampire) costume, the main thing to observe is the "dress code": a large number of black things, a mask, gothic jewelry and defiant makeup. For Dracula, you can also make up your face with light shades. Small fake fangs and red lenses will also come in handy.

For a nun, take a simple holiday dress (you can even buy for the occasion). Complement it with a white home-made collar and a hat. The latter can be made from a white border of fabric and a long cut of black fabric sewn to it. An unusual image is more suitable for adults.

Absolute freedom for creativity! Remember to wear matching jewelery, such as the one below. It alone will make you the queen of the holiday, even if there is no costume specially made for this occasion.

Harley quinn

Take a close look at the components of Harley's coolest Halloween costume. Much of this can be made by yourself or purchased in specialized stores.

If you simplify the image of the heroine, you can do with black leggings and ankle boots and generally use stylization.

Do not forget about cute costumes. Such an outfit can be made from improvised materials. For example, if you stock up with artificial ivy, then from ordinary sandals you can make beautiful unusual shoes of a forest resident.

For a suit, take a long section of transparent fabric, a base (a tight cord) and a bottom hook (thin blouse). Lay a cord along the neck of the blouse and tie many strips of fabric next to each other, pressing them tightly against each other. Do not forget about the wings and the magic wand.

Fallen Angel

What is the main element of an angel? That's right, wings. Here we are going to create them today.

Prepare feathers, thick cardboard, glue gun, white paint, wide satin ribbon, newspapers, scissors and a brush.

All you have to do is draw and cut out a suitable blank from cardboard (it should consist of two parts). Then glue some newspapers at the top to make the wings more natural.

Then paint the base and stick the feathers in rows. The base can also be reinforced with cardboard inserts at the folds, but this is not necessary.

After both parts are finished, glue them together and tape. From the tape, make fasteners that can be tied (in the master class with a photo, the possible location of the tapes is also shown).

Such wings can be worn with any white dress, and this will become a full angel costume.

For a witch, you will need a couple of old T-shirts, scissors, threads, a small plastic cone, black felt and various decorative elements as desired.

Cut the black t-shirt according to the photo. But from green in combination with black sew a decorative strip, make cuts on it.

Sew the center wedge back. Cut the sleeves and make numerous cuts on them. Sew updated sleeves to your former t-shirt. Garnish with ties. Everything!

For a hat, cut a circle of felt with a hole in the center. Then make a cone (fold part of the circle) and attach on top. Decorate as desired.

By the way, an original and unexpected accessory would suit such an image. For example, an unusual mask. Among all the witches, you will definitely be the most unusual with her

A more playful and easy option can be built using cardboard and corrugated paper. As a basis, take a headband or hair clips.


The true story of this unfortunate fairy has affected many. And the image invented by the authors inspires reincarnation in this heroine.

Flirty image for real ladies.

Black catwoman

The most time-consuming costume, but it's worth it

So what is needed?

  • faux fur of the main color,
  • fleece for the inner side of the ears (preferably pink, white or black),
  • a piece of long-haired fur,
  • wire with a diameter of 3 mm for the frame (you can take any, most importantly, to keep its shape),
  • threads
  • hair clips (it is better to choose the most similar to the color of your hair),
  • wire cutters.

  • leatherette (synthetic leather),
  • decorative elastic (see photo),
  • rhinestones (several tens, depending on the circumference of your neck).

  • faux fur,
  • fleece for pads,
  • lining for the back of the legs (you can also use fleece),
  • linen gum,
  • safety pin.

  • faux fur (the width should be equal to the estimated length of the tail),
  • satin ribbon,
  • a decorative metal ring (or wire for such a ring),
  • bell,
  • brooch mount (sold in fabric stores, see photo).

  • synthetic winterizer
  • bells
  • metal rings (they can be created from wire),
  • scissors,
  • pattern paper,
  • pencil,
  • glue "Moment".

  1. Copy the patterns of the ears. The height should be approximately 7-9 cm.
  2. Now transfer the pattern in two mirrored copies to faux fur and to the fleece. Do not forget about seam allowances (about 0.5 - 1 cm)! Sweep, and then sew the ears on a sewing machine or manually.
  3. Take the wire and attach it to the eye, cut it, focusing on the obtained length with a small margin, and wind the remaining tip around the other. You will need about 40 - 45 cm.
  4. Turn the ears out and insert the wire frame inside. Sew the hem with a hidden seam, folding the edges inward. Give your ears the desired shape.
  5. Sew a piece of long-haired fur from the inside as shown. Put a little second glue on the middle of the edges of the hairpins and quickly press it to the middle of the ears.

  1. Measure neck circumference. From artificial leather, cut 2 pieces in size (2.5 cm x per neck circumference in centimeters), and cut as much from decorative gum. Gum can not be used.
  2. Cut two pieces of satin ribbon about 15 cm long, burn the edges so as not to crumble. Rubber well and the edges of the tape well glue with adhesive on both sides and put between two pieces of leatherette. Glue rhinestones.

  1. Print patterns. With crimson lines in the first pattern, I marked the places where the pads were sewn. Transfer the patterns to the fabric, and cut, leaving 5 - 7 mm for the stock.
  2. At the bottom of the paws, you must leave 1.5 - 2 cm for bending and inserting the elastic! This applies to both the main parts and the lining. After the details are cut, sweep, and then sew together two parts of the outer, fur layer, and the wrong, fleece for each foot.
  3. Now turn out the wrong side layer for each foot and put it on the main parts that are not yet turned out and sew the edge with a sewing sewing by hand, or zigzag on a sewing machine.
  4. Without twisting the entire workpiece, overcast the edge of the legs so that it does not spill. Fold the edges of the tabs as shown in the picture and sew at a distance of 5 mm from the border. Sideways in one place, make a small incision to insert the elastic.
  5. Cut the linen gum so that your wrist is comfortable + a small margin for stitching.
  6. Pass a pin through the cut-off piece of gum and pull it through the hole left until the pin appears from the opposite end. Pull out the pin, sew the ends of the gum.
  7. Turn out. Let's start with the pads: sew all the pads along the edge with a “forward-needle” seam, and then pull it a little and fill it with a padding polyester. Slightly fasten with a few stitches.
  8. Drag the largest pillow with a thread in two places. Sew the pads to the foot with a blind stitch so as not to catch the inner lining. Everything)

I made a tail length of about 80 cm, but it can be shorter.

I do not advise you to make the tail too long, because turning it around will be a torment. To achieve the desired length, simply extend the pattern by continuing with straight lines.

  1. Cut the tail as shown below. (The seamless side is the fold line). Leave the allowances.
  2. Now sew, folded in half, and leaving a hole for eversion. Now slowly turn around while filling the workpiece. Sew the hole with a blind or overcast seam.
  3. It remains only to sew the mount for the brooch and decorate the tail with a bow from a ribbon with a bell (optional).

The whole costume is ready) I think you will appreciate it in the video at the end of the article

Other cats

An unusual idea would be the costume of Maneki Neko or the cat-thief. Try on yourself and the image of a cheshire cat.

For pregnant

Nevertheless, this beautiful female state imposes some difficulties in selecting a costume. On the other hand, you can pay attention to more daring and extravagant options.

Halloween Halloween Costumes

For a couple (or even for the whole family), making costumes with your own hands is much more interesting, because monjo can create a very unusual composition. For example, a family of bees.

Lightning and its victim.

Dracula and his vampire.

And a couple of robbers are generally above all praise.

Well, the beloved clowns after the sensational film "It."

Men's costumes for the holiday

For men, aesthetics is not so important as overwhelming fear in the public. From here we will build on.

The main element for zombies is definitely a make-up. For it, you will need a package of face colors, matte black shadows and a marker.

The process of creating a scary image, see the photo.

Such makeup is suitable for the skeleton, and for zombies, and for the vampire. For zombies, I would also recommend numerous bruises with red lip gloss.

Well, and where without scars, I would recommend not to bother with their creation, but to buy ready-made ones, especially since they are inexpensive.

Surely everyone knows the classic version of the mummy with toilet paper wrapping. But you must admit that such a very short-lived option can easily spoil the whole event, even if there is no rain (suddenly, tilt the glass onto yourself?))

To create a more durable suit you will need: a white cloth (bandages can be used), a few safety pins and some black (or gray) dry pastels and hair spray.

The process of creating up to genius is simple:

  1. Cut the fabric into long strips about 8-12 cm wide and the length you need.
  2. As you should remember and rub the material in your hands, if the fabric is loose, then pay special attention to the edge.
  3. In some places of bandages or cloth, rub as it should with fine dry pastels. This is necessary for the effect of aging bandages.
  4. Spray the varnish properly so that the pastel does not wear off.
  5. Wrap the fabric in the right places and pin with pins so that it does not fall off.

To complete the effect, you can also apply makeup, but more on that in the paragraph on zombies.

For him you will need black clothes. It can be a dress, and dark jeans with a T-shirt, and just black long pajamas.

Consider two options for creating:

Option 1: In addition to clothing, prepare bone patterns (you can draw yourself), a pencil and acrylic paints.

Then everything is simple: transfer the templates to clothes and paint over with acrylic paints, wait until they are completely dry (several hours), and iron them from the wrong side.

Option 2: Again, you need patterns, a pencil. But instead of paints, prepare a few pieces of white felt (you can buy at any fabric store). Also do not forget to take scissors and white threads.

Cut the bones from felt according to the pattern. Then sew bone parts to the clothes in several places. It is not necessary to completely sew along the edge, you can literally in the corners so that the bones do not fall off.

This method is good at least because you can wear clothes in the future. It will only be necessary to carefully tear off the bones.


The most important thing in a mouse costume is huge wings. To sew this one yourself is for everyone, if you follow the instructions below.

And here’s another option: they didn’t manage with a simple black T-shirt, but they completely sewn up the mouse’s body.

Young joker

Stock up on green wash-off hair dye, make-up and characteristic attributes. Such a boy will look funny and cool, but very stylish.

Whatever you take as the costume itself, do not forget about the pointed ears that are attached to a specialized glue.

Real outfit from improvised means! Somewhat strange, but interesting costume for the baby in the form of a pumpkin.

Forest deer

You can take a brown t-shirt and a headband with ears for an older version.

Ballet tutu, yellow t-shirt and green crown.

Costumes for children, which can be made even to school

Scary and not very, they will show all the power of your creativity.

Если вы так и не определились с идеей костюма, то советую вдохновиться моим роликом:

Вспомогательные видео для создания костюма

Во многих случаях используйется фальшивая кровь. Как ее сделать, расскажет следующее видео:

Также научитесь делать реалистичные шрамы без вреда для кожи:

As promised, a reference to a couple of workshops: a different kind of ears and make-up “I burned my face”. They are English-speaking, but with minimal knowledge of English you can understand everything here. In addition, there are a lot of pictures in them) If you have any questions - ask them in the comments - I'll tell you everything.

By the way, you can learn how to make makeup for some of the costumes from this article.

On this I say goodbye to you! See you soon)

1. Mummy costume from old clothes tinted with tea

If we talk about Halloween, the mummy costume can be called a classic. Well, the classic is always in demand and preferable - it is easily recognizable, loved and popular. At the same time, you should not worry that you or your child will be in this costume a clone of all the other guests - well, the idea is so rich that you can endlessly experiment and play and still not repeat.

2. A suit from an old T-shirt

Sometimes, to create a new and beautiful one it is enough to take the old and well-worn. The proposed mummy costume is just such an option. Simple and unobtrusive, you can make a wonderful masquerade outfit that will cost you. nothing. All you need is a couple of unnecessary white T-shirts or your husband’s shirts, scissors and time. However, the latter is also a conditional question - it is unlikely that you will spend it more than you need for a shopping trip.

3. Mummy costume for baby

If the whole family will dress up and celebrate, then how to leave her smallest members without a suit? It is definitely worth considering a fancy dress for the baby, if one is available. This is fun, and it will be fun for you and the child himself - children are perfectly able to share the joy of adults. Probably, you should not make the costume too naturalistic, so as not to scare the baby, but dress him with a little cute mummy - why not?

4. Charming mummy in pink

All girls love pink! It may sound surprising, but even a mummy costume it can turn into a cloud of touching and touching mimicry. If your girl is just that girl girl who cannot live without pink ponies, ruffles, strasses and ruffles, try creating her mood by making a pink mummy costume. The child will be satisfied, do not even hesitate!

5. Makeup mummies

Of course, you’ll have to sweat - both during creation (working through the smallest details and paying attention to all the subtleties), and during the holiday itself (wearing such makeup is not an easy task), however, if you are a fan of costume parties, if with pleasure think over outfits and think that the more realistic the suit, the cooler you will go to these difficulties. The idea is worth it!

The first stage is the preparation of dressings.

For the bandages of the reviving dead man, you will need two sheets, preferably white. One is not enough - verified by experience! Cut the sheets into approximately equal strips. Better yet, mark the borders with scissors, and then pick the “bandages” by hand. You do not need accuracy in centimeters - for many years you lay in a tomb, correspond to the image.

The next step is to age the material.

The snow-white monster will cause laughter, and, as the great Stanislavsky said, the reaction: "I do not believe it!".

The easiest and most famous way is to soak the fabric in tea. Throw about 10 tea bags into a pot of boiling water and leave the cloth in it for a couple of hours. Then dry, and the workpiece is in your hands. For greater reliability, randomly apply a little black paint - you were in a hurry for the holiday and got out straight from the ground.