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How to survive the first night in minecraft

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Housing construction

The first day you should not build a house, as it will take a lot of time and resources, so just start digging a dugout with the help of a pickaxe made by you. The entrance should be 2 blocks high and 1 block wide. Inside, create a small living space. Do not dig too much at the beginning. You still need time to create the necessary things.

Making torches

You will definitely need to make several torches to illuminate your home. Did you manage to find coal? If so, you are in luck. Make torches from coal and sticks! (You can do this both in the inventory and in the workshop). If you do not have coal, then you need to make charcoal. Surely during the digging you found several stones. You will need 8 of them. In the workshop, create a hearth from them. Put it where it will be more convenient for you. Right click on it and you will see its interface. Put 3 wood blocks in the ingredients and 2 boards in the fuel. You will see fire, and wood will turn into charcoal. Use it to make torches as described.

By the way, you can download Minecraft 1.6.4 for free not only on the official website, but also in other places, for example, 2 MineKraft.RF.

Home improvement

If it isn’t dark yet, you can go outside to collect nearby resources. If it has already gotten dark, then expand your home. You can expand your existing room or build new ones. If you have caught several sheep, you can make yourself a bed from their wool. To make the process go faster, make yourself stone tools.

You probably are not very pleased to be in prison and want to see the light when the sun rises. Did you find some sand? Glass can be made from it. Use the hearth to melt glass from the sand. Glass can be used without frames, but it is better to make decent windows with frames. Of course, windows can be omitted altogether. Monsters cannot get through the hole into one block, although the skeleton can shoot through it from a bow.

What's next?

How to survive the night in Minecraft is not known to all beginners. Minecraft is a very simple game. At the same time, beginners and experienced players need to memorize the basics. There are many recipes for crafting, survival techniques and modifications that can facilitate or complicate the adventure. The main challenge a beginner receives is the first night in the mining sandbox. Zombies, skeletons and spiders climb from all sides. It is worthwhile to prepare for the test in advance so as not to suffer from hunger pangs, not to become a victim of enemies and not to sleep in the open. Let's take a closer look at how to survive the first night in Minecraft.

Crafting and construction - the basics of survival

The first day of the game is the most important moment when you start looking for ways to survive. Time should be used efficiently if you want to start the journey successfully and without problems. One full day at Minecraft lasts 10 minutes. This period should be used wisely. Time should be enough not only to collect basic materials, craft tools, but also to build the first modest shelter.

1. When you appear in a new world, you should try to find a source of wood, as soon as it becomes possible. If the character appeared in a biome with a small number of trees, then you must collect at least 12 logs.

3. The next task should be the creation of a workbench. Take any four boards and collect the item in the inventory.

4. The next step will require the creation of basic tools. Use some wood planks to make at least 8 sticks. Once these sticks have been produced, assemble a set of basic wooden tools. They are not very good, but they will accelerate progress in the next few steps. You should get a wooden ax, a sword, a pickaxe and a shovel.

5.Using your sword, try to find a food source. You should collect as much food as possible within the next 2 minutes. These are natural products such as chicken, pork, steak, sugarcane, eggs, pumpkin. You need a small amount of such food. More can be collected the next day.

6. By this time night may come. If you are not in peaceful mode, monsters will begin to appear, and your beautiful world will soon become a deadly, hostile and truly dark place. Try to create a simple shelter for yourself at night. It is recommended to collect any wool if lambs appeared near you. Simple shelters such as an earthen house or an underground shelter will be enough.

7. Move the workbench to your home and block the entrance. Dig a small hole under your shelter and collect a minimum of 12 cobblestones using a pickaxe. After the material is collected, follow the recipe for crafting a furnace.

First night under the roof

By this time, there will be more mobs. They will try to reach you. If you did the steps above correctly, you should still set aside half the logs. Place them on top of the oven opening, and then add spare wood tools, sticks, or wood planks. The stove will work and the logs will soon turn into charcoal. Use charcoal in combination with sticks to create torches if you do not want to spend the night in complete darkness. We advise you to light your shelter before continuing the adventure.

Proper preparation is the basis for successful survival. Knowing the basics described, you will understand that the question of how to survive the night in Minecraft has simple answers. Now you are ready for trials and nightly horrors - forward towards your survival story.

Minecraft is growing every day. The game simply blew up the world of gamers, and now everyone wants to become part of a global network of minecraft. To do this, firstly, download the installer, and secondly, learn about the basics of the game. Having installed the game, few will immediately understand what needs to be done, where to go and how to walk.

The main task for a beginner is to survive the night. Before its onset, it is necessary to follow the simplest instructions.

By downloading minecraft launcher, you need to familiarize yourself with the main control keys, which are: W, which is responsible for moving forward, A, which controls movement to the left, S, to move backward, D, to turn right, spacebar for jumping. With the help of the left Shift, the hero will be able to sneak up. Left CTRL is responsible for running.

Having appeared in the game world, it should be remembered that when creating a map, the world is chosen randomly, the hero is thrown into a random place. First of all, you should find a tree to get wood for tools and weapons. Going close to the tree, you need to point the mouse pointer at the trunk and hold down the left mouse button. So the tree is cut with bare hands.

To switch to crafting, you need to press the E button and make the boards and workbench from the extracted wood. To use a workbench, you must move it to the ground. In a workbench from 2 boards you can make sticks that are needed to make a wooden pickaxe. It is needed for the extraction of cobblestone. The latter is used in the manufacture of stone picks, swords and axes.

In the workbench you can build a stove in which food will be prepared for the hero. Do not forget that coal is needed for it, which can be found underground. It will also be needed for the torch.

With the help of boards, you need to build a simple house and put it before nightfall. Bring a workbench and stove inside the house. Hostile mobs will appear at night, from which the house will protect. Having survived the first night, proceed to the opening of new spaces.

Chop wood

First of all, you need a tree. Approach it and chop it (holding the left mouse button) until the barrel block breaks and turns into a small wooden cube. Pick it up.

Repeat the process until you collect all the wood from the tree. It is necessary to get 4-6 blocks of wood.

The next step is to create the necessary items. To get started, turn wood into wooden planks.

Press E to open the inventory screen. Practice moving items in your inventory. Left-click to select a stock of wood. Right-clicking on any square places one item in the slot, with the left - a full supply of items.

Take the tree and place it in the crafting section in your inventory.

Turn a tree into wooden boards. As you can see, 1 block of oak gives 4 blocks of boards.

Create a crafting table

Now use four wooden boards to create a workbench.

Place the workbench in your inventory and press E to close the screen. Select the workbench by pressing buttons 1–9 (or the scroll wheel on the mouse), and place it on the ground with the right mouse button.

Right-click on the workbench and you will see another screen with inventory and a 3 x 3 crafting zone.

Craft your first tool

Place two boards on a crafting table, one on top of the other to create sticks.

Use sticks and boards to create a wooden pickaxe.

She will be your first tool. With its help, you can dig, fell trees or kill animals. You can create other wooden tools (an ax, a shovel and a sword), but this makes little sense, since it is advisable to make stone tools as soon as possible.

You can use a pickaxe to break a workbench and take it with you, or you can create a new one in another place if necessary.

Tour of the area

Search the area and find a place to build your first home. The fastest way is to build an underground house that looks like a hobbit hole. An ideal place would be a hillside or cliff face.

Hint: do not go too far from the place of occurrence: when you die, you will be returned to the same place. If you build a home far from it, then it is not a fact that you will get a built house after rebirth.

Spend a couple of minutes looking for a good place, while paying attention to the following:

  • Coal seams: coal is a black mineral that can be seen on the rocks. Use an ax for mining
  • Sand: by digging a few blocks of sand, you can create glass windows,
  • Sheep: if you see three or more sheep, it’s worth killing them to get the three blocks of wool that are needed to make the bed,
  • Tree: you need several blocks of wood that are not turned into boards.

Build a house

Using a pickaxe, start digging out the house. The doorway should be 2 blocks high and 1 block wide, opening up a more spacious place inside.

Do not dig too much at first: having received the minimum space in the house, later you can start creating additional objects.

Place a crafting table in the house.

Craft torches and light the house

Torches are required to light a house. If you find coal, then you are in luck. Torches can be made using coal and sticks in your inventory, or on a workbench.

If you did not find coal, you need to make charcoal. Digging a cave under your first house, you could find a minimum of 8 blocks of cobblestone, if not, look for them specifically.

Go to the workbench and make the stove.

Place the oven in a convenient place. Right-click on it and open its interface. Place 3 blocks of wood in the upper section (“Ingredients”) and 2 wooden boards down (“Fuel” slot):

You will see a flame that indicates that the stove has started. As a result, the tree will turn into charcoal. Use it to create torches.

Now that you have coal, light the room. While holding torches, right-click to install them on walls or floors.

Make sure that the house is well lit so that there is not a single dark corner farther than six blocks from the torch, as hostile mobs are spawned in dark places.

Close the door

Finally, build a door so that unwanted guests do not enter the house. For this you need 6 wooden boards.

Place the door with the right mouse button on the floor in the doorway and the house will become a safe place. Here you can wait the night, and the light will allow you to do home improvement.

The door will allow you to hide from hostile mobs at night. It opens and closes with the right mouse button.

Option 1: Cabin

The cabin is a small ground structure that will help to spend a cozy night.

The most proven option. The cabin is a small ground structure that will help to spend a cozy night. The cabin should be at least 3 blocks high (the roof starts from 3 blocks), but I prefer to make it higher so that there is at least some reserve. When building the first building, you need to find a flat plot of land and create the main contour of the Cabin.

Do not worry about the lack of a door : you can safely do it when everything else is ready and you are safe.

In addition, you can always create coal from wood for torches. When you are safe in the cab, you can dig down to expand your possessions.

Monsters cannot pass through the hole in one block, so it can be made for a window. From it you can watch how safe the situation is outside. It is so easy, digging down, not to notice that morning has already arrived.

Option 2: Hole

A hole is the most affordable option, because it does not need blocks.

This option exists only for the most desperate travelers.

When the night catches you in the desert, every minute counts.

You need housing and urgently.

It is necessary to dig down into three blocks and lay the upper part in order to get a hole.

Below you can dig for expansion.

But you need to dig up very carefully, because the path to the Mobs opens.

A hole is the most affordable option, because it does not need blocks.

The best option for adventurers and fools.

Option 3: Cave

The advantage of the cave is that you know that you are protected by dirt and stones.

Taking refuge in a cave is the coolest option.

In Minecraft, the cave is a convenient place to relax.

By changing the walls of the cave, you can make comfortable housing.

The advantage of the cave is that you know that you are protected by dirt and stones.

However, dangerous mobs often live in the cave.

At best, they will prevent you from sleeping in bed. At worst, they attack if you are not protected.

If you want to relax and quickly fence yourself off from enemies with walls - the cave is perfect. It’s enough to take the Torches, Pickaxe and Sword with you.

Option 4: Island

The farther the island from the earth the better: the monsters will not spawn, and on earth you are in real danger.

This option requires a little more skill than everyone else. The island is created artificially in water.

It is on it that you need to wait out the attack of mobs.

Monsters do not melt in water, so only the earth threatens you. The longer the island is from it, the better.

Find an isolated place and swim straight down.

From the bottom, build a tower to the very top.

From the top block of the tower you can create a platform and enlarge the island.

The chances of surviving on a flat surface are high, but for safety it’s better to create several walls and arrange a surface shelter.

Option 5: Mountain House

There are many advantages to building a house on the mountain: a great overview, finding housing is not difficult.

There are many advantages to elevated construction.

Great overview of what is happening around.

In addition, finding housing will be quite simple.

These are the most pros of housing on the mountain.

However, height can be a minus and create the illusion of security.

After all, it may not be lucky, and crowds of enemies will attack housing.

It is always worth keeping the door locked to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Option 6: Treehouse

Make sure mobs cannot climb into the tree housing. Remember: mobs can only jump one block.

The tree gives a height that helps to stay away from enemies.

If you do everything right, you can even build a staircase to the housing. If not, getting to the house will not be easy.

The main thing is to make sure that mobs will not be able to get into housing. If you put blocks to climb into it - remove them.

Remember : Monsters can only jump one block. This knowledge will help in survival.

However, one major threat remains - spiders. If the housing is well built, then they can’t get inside.

In addition, the trees have the shape of mushrooms and protect them from the attacks of evil creatures with a hat. But it’s better to build a roof yourself.

Option 7: Flying Fortress

Creating a flying fortress is difficult and dangerous, but it is one of the most effective structures that will help to avoid the attack of mobs.

Almost the same as the tree house, only “tree ”You need to create it yourself. Creating a flying fortress is difficult and dangerous, but it is one of the most effective structures. You need to throw blocks under your feet to reach a certain height.

Когда расстояние устроит, можно смело останавливаться. Главное помните: нужно ещё спуститься вниз.

Об этом нельзя забывать. Совет: присядьте на большой высоте. Это поможет не свалиться с блока, при постройке платформы. Именно созданием платформы нужно заняться в первую очередь. Когда она станет достаточно большой, можно возводить стены, которые точно защитят от падения.

Лучше всего такой остров строить рядом с водой. You can safely jump into it and not get any damage. If the fortress is just in the air, and there is no water under your feet, you need to go down carefully, placing one block at a time. Blocks left behind are best destroyed.

Option 8: Underwater Fortress

One of the most difficult structures of all time, but the game is worth the candle.

The protagonist of the game "Bioshock" Andrew Ryan created an underwater bunker, which he called "Calm." It is such an underwater utopia that you can create in Minecraft.

But know: this is one of the most difficult structures in the whole game. First of all, you need to create a large shell under water.

It must be filled with different blocks (dirt, earth or other material) in order to remove water.

For the shell, it is best to use glass. After all, to observe all that is happening in the underwater kingdom is pleasant and reassuring.

Also, the shell is best strengthened by making it from several layers. After all, if one layer is destroyed, the underwater building will not sink.

Option 9: Tower

Create a magnificent architectural structure, you can try and make it in 1 day.

Some people play Minecraft to relax and let off steam.

And some want to create a beautiful architectural structure.

Those who are well trained can very well create a beautiful structure in 1 day.

It can be a squalid one-story house or a huge beautiful castle.

For beginners, I do not advise creating towers and castles at once.

But this is what all players need to strive for: create the beautiful in a short period of time.

Option 10: Running

The easiest and easiest option is to run. Kill monsters on your way and do not be afraid, do not forget about the supply of food.

And now the simplest and most classic option. If you do not want to create a building in order to survive, you can just run. Why do some monsters have to stop incredible adventures?

You are a tough guy. Therefore, just kill everyone in your path, sowing death and destruction.

The main thing is to monitor the supply of food, so as not to die of hunger. And do not forget about torches to illuminate the path.

And a rule that is worth remembering, regardless of the chosen option for survival at night: torches and other light sources prevent the respawn of enemies.

If the night is still scary, do not despair. You can safely go to the Peace mode of the game.

It does not spawn enemy mobs, and health is constantly restored.

Try all these options and create your own!

Update Tools

A workbench can be used to create better tools using cobblestones instead of wooden boards. The most complete collection of recipes for crafting can be found here.

If you dig sand, you can make windows - they will come in handy to look out in the morning. Use a furnace to turn sand into glass.

One block of sand gives one glass. This consumes one block of boards for kindling the furnace.

Glass blocks can be used as windows.

If you don’t have glass, a single-block opening can be used instead of a window. It is not enough for the monsters to get inside, but through it the skeleton can fire an arrow.

If you killed sheep and got wool from them, you can make a bed and sleep in it at night.

It is worth crafting chests to store items in them.

Two chests set side by side give a double large chest.

What to do next?

Is it still dark? Then you can do mining inside your cave house. If the day has come, you can continue to explore the world.

With this, our brief guide on how to survive the first night in Mainrkaft is over. For beginners, it can be useful. Good luck and survival! Until we meet again.