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How to hide messages on iPhone screen


Most likely you have already taken advantage of the changes in the embedded Messages application. The updated version in iOS 10 allows everyone to express a personal image of their emotions, how to send a sticker or visual effect. Options fall into two main categories. In Screen, you can go for a fresh animation, which will be displayed on the whole screen, while in the Bubble section you will get acquainted with offers that will only move the part in which the content you sent is located.

To send iMessage with invisible text, first of all, it must be that you have already installed iOS, 10 or any of the updates sentence, as it applies to us the device that will receive your message. It remains only that you do not have an active Internet connection, and you are ready to take a chance in a fun opportunity. Just open an existing conversation or start writing a new one, but do not rush to send content.

Press and hold the standard icon for sending until the not so new Send with effect feature appears on the screen. Automatically you will be in the Bubble category, which means only one thing. It remains to choose any of the options like Invisible Ink and click on the submit icon again. That's all. Therefore, the parties should touch the empty bubble to view the content you sent.

To send iMessage with the effect in the Screen section, simply swipe to go to the offers and repeat the steps. More on iOS 10, you can remind yourself how to visit the following link.

How to hide some unused "native" applications that cannot be removed

This is a completely free application and has unlimited storage space. Your calls and messages are protected by a password-protected safe. You can also block any number of applications if you are a premium user.

The good thing about the app is that it gets a snapshot of the person trying to access your personal notes. Since the application uses strong encryption to hide data, this can slow down the device. It automatically hides received and sent messages.

Each time, re-enter the most frequently used text and phrases completely - the procedure is very annoying.

In order not to, say, constantly enter the same email address, iPhone can be taught tips. The user can type, for example, “soap”, and the entire address appears on the screen. To do this, go to the menu "Settings ", in section "The main " choose "Keyboard "And click on the item"Text Replacement ».

There are some errors in the application that can reduce the performance of the application. Although the applications mentioned above are useful for hiding your messages, they are very inefficient because they can take up a lot of space and complex methods can display hidden data because they are not completely deleted from memory. from your phone.

Therefore, a more reliable solution is to use or. This is not only an effective data eraser, but can also perform other tasks very conveniently. One-click cleaning - this feature saves disk space with one click. As the name implies, the function allows you to erase the phone and restore it, as if it were new. This option is very useful because it allows you to selectively delete personal files from your phone permanently. Deleted. Files that you usually delete can be recovered in various ways or you can delete large files that can take a long time if they are executed manually.

  • You can delete unnecessary files to optimize the memory of your device.
  • Delete all data.
  • Delete personal files.
Step 2: Select the option “Clean personal files” and click “Scan”.

Click here + in the upper right corner, in the field Phrase enter the full phrase (in our case [email protected]), and in the Abbreviation field enter the desired abbreviation, for example, “soap”. Now, when writing the word “soap” in the text, iOS will offer to replace it with an email address [email protected]

Hide notification thumbnails for all applications

Step 3: After scanning, it will display all personal files on your computer. You can select the ones you want to delete. Step 4: Click Erase Now. Step 5: Enter “delete” to confirm and click “Clear”. When you designate an application as “sensitive,” you will not see the contents of your notification — for example, the entire text message or email subject, but you will only activate “Notification.”

How to add and rearrange virtual keyboards

Try using, for example, one of the third-party keyboards below:

If you do not select custom settings for the "application" will use the default setting selected for all applications. When you turn off the preview, someone watching your phone can still see that you are receiving a notification from this application. They simply will not be able to see what the notification says. In addition, you can completely hide application notifications from the lock screen, so people don’t even see if you have a notification. Move the "Show on lock screen" slider. You want to hide from the lock screen.

You can activate a new keyboard after installing it along the path: Settings ->The main -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> New keyboards .

To work with the keyboard, you must provide it with full access to iOS. To do this, click on the name of the keyboard and slide the switch to the ON position, then confirm the intentions by choosing Allow .

The order of the keyboards in the list can be changed by clicking on the “Edit " in the upper right corner. This will let you know exactly which keyboard will appear next when you switch.

You can switch the keyboard by clicking on the icon in the form of a globe in the lower left corner or in the settings of the active keyboard.

How to turn off calls and notifications at night or at lunchtime

The "" function allows you to turn off the sound signals for calls, notifications, and notifications that are received on a locked device. The user can schedule the time or select the subscribers whose calls are allowed to receive.

In order to activate the function, you need to go to the menu "Settings "And select"Manually ».

You can also do this in the Control Center by clicking on the crescent icon.

How to make the flash light when you call, receive messages and notifications

Many iPhone users who like message lights on older phones don’t even realize that they can activate this feature in the apple gadget. This can be done by going to Settings -> The main ->Universal access -> Warning flash .

How to set different vibration for individual contacts

You can find out who is calling, not only by the ringtone, but also by the sound of vibration. In order to set a specific vibration for individual contacts, you need to go to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone -> Vibration -> Create vibration .

You can set the vibration pattern by tapping the screen. The created sample must be named and saved.

This vibration will be automatically set by default for all notifications, so before you exit the menu, you must return to the previous settings - parameter Not selected .

In order to set a given vibration for a specific person, you should go to the contact list, select the necessary one, press the button Edit and indicate the saved template in paragraph "Vibration ».

Responding to messages from the lock screen is very simple - just swipe the message to the left, thereby activating the "Reply ».

You can find out the most energy-intensive applications by going to Settings ->Battery -> Battery usage .

iPhone stores data on all visited places and makes a hidden map. In order to view it, you need to go to Settings -> Confidentiality ->Geolocation services and choose System services -> Most visited places .

All places that the user visited are sorted by city. After clicking on the name of the city, a map will open with an exact indication of the location and time of its visit.

How to enable power saving mode

Power saving mode helps extend the battery life of your iPhone. When the battery level drops to 20%, a notification appears about the need to switch to low power mode. However, it can be activated even if the smartphone is fully charged. To do this, go to the application "Settings "And select the section"Battery ". When the power saving mode is on, the battery level indicator turns yellow.

In order to save battery, secondary functions, such as application updates in the background, Siri, and some resource-intensive video effects are disabled.

The power saving mode turns off automatically when the device accumulates a charge of 80%.

How to view selfies and screenshots in separate albums of the Photo application

Perhaps for someone this will turn out to be news, but the iPhone automatically saves the pictures taken with the front camera and screenshots separately from the rest.

In order to quickly view the media files sent in the message (photos, videos, coordinates), just click on the “In detail " in the upper right corner.

You can specify the location in the message in the menu "In detail ". The mark is set indefinitely, for example, for an hour or until the end of the day.

How to reduce the screen brightness level to a level lower than that suggested in the settings

Few people know that triple clicking on the display can reduce the brightness as standard settings do not allow. Thanks to this, using a smartphone at night is much more convenient. The triple-press function can be activated as follows. Choose Settings -> The main -> Universal access ->Increase and in the subsection Magnification area check the box opposite Full screen .

After triple touching the screen with three fingers (you need to touch quickly), a menu appears in which you need to click on "Select filter "And tick"Weak light ". Now you can lower the brightness below the minimum set by Apple with a triple touch on the screen.

By launching iOS 10, Apple was able to exceed its expectations after it introduced the ultra-cool update of the integrated application for sending SMS between iPhone 5 - 7. Now iMessage in iOS 10 and above will be able to send messages using invisible ink, as well as apply many others special effects in simple messages. Most likely, even competitors on Android do not have such feature-rich features at the moment. The only drawback is that such messages can only be used on iPhone devices with pre-installed iOS. Now we’ll talk about how iMessage messages can be turned into invisibility and how to send a message written in invisible ink.

Initially, all the lucky owners of the iPhone and iPad have a feature that allows you to preview all incoming messages from the lock screen. Suppose your iPhone is blocked thereby preventing a third party from reading the entire message completely, however, reading the name and beginning of SMS is absolutely easy. Since the iOS operating system allows you to do this when viewing a locked screen.

This is where the need arises for sending a message that you write in invisible ink. Since writing such a message, it will be impossible to read it without unlocking your device and entering the message writing service. After logging in, you just need to click on such a message and it will become available to you for a few seconds.

Now about writing and creating the invisible message. We take and type the plain text that you want to send in the message next to the message the green arrow (or blue if you send free messages between the iPhone) will light up, hold it and hold it. In the old fashioned way, such an arrow usually usually sent a simple SMS, now the send arrow has become more functional.

After holding the arrow to send, immediately an additional menu is activated (Send with effect). As shown in the screenshot below, the (Cloud) and (Screen) tab become available just in the first and the (Invisible Ink) effect will be available. Selecting it, the written message will instantly become invisible. Then, by briefly clicking on the same arrow, we send such a message.

It is very easy to read such an invisible message, for this it is enough to swipe the message to the side, as the message opens and for a moment becomes available. After inaction, the text written in invisible ink is again closed with white snowflakes with a noise effect.

In such a simple way, you can make invisible any image or photo you send - you can view such an image with a simple (erasing the protective layer).

Well, now a little about the affected tab (Screen). By going to this tab, you can easily give your SMS message a more elegant look such as an effect (Balls).

By swiping the display of this tab to the left or right, all possible effects will open, the next chic effect with which you can arrange a holiday message (Confetti).

How to send a message written in invisible ink

To create a special message, write the text and make a long tap on the blue send button (the green button indicates that you are sending SMS, not a free iMessage message, this is described in detail here).

A longer press (with force) activates the menu “Send with effect". On the tab "Cloudy"Available effect"Invisible ink". Select it and click "Submit».

By swiping your finger on the message, you will open the contents. After a few seconds of inactivity, the text again becomes white noise.

Images are sent in the same way - to view, you must “Erase the protective layer”.