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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate offers 74 playable fighters, 8 of which are available at the start of the game. You can reduce battles from 10 minutes to 1 minute and fight new rivals much faster to unlock all characters.

The network mode of the game offers you to fight with a new fighter in the framework of the game "New Challenger". Therefore, to unlock new heroes, do the following:

  • Click "Home"on the console gamepad to open the main menu.
  • Click X and Confirmto exit the game.
  • Launch the game again and create a new set of rules. Expose 1 Stock - 1.00, this will reduce the time to one minute (according to standard rules, a round lasts ten minutes).
  • Proceed to the battle, and as soon as you defeat the enemy, after the statistics menu a new Challenger will appear, waiting for the next battle. Repeat the above process.

    Following these tips, unlocking the remaining 64 characters will take less than 2 hours compared to 11 hours if played by the rules.

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    Publisher Nintendo
    GenresFighting game
    Game Release DateMarch 9, 2008
    Game Release Date in RussiaJune 27, 2008

    “This is not a game, but some kind of anecdote” - such is the first thought of a random spectator. Well, where else do small Pokémon get forged muzzles with forged boots, and the evil ones bounce off blows like balls ?! But you just have to linger for a second in front of the screen, as the cartoon fights in the style of the Friday wrestling show will open a panoramic royal battle and an amazing adventure for all, all, all the characters of the great Nintendo (and not only).

    To tell you exactly which genre is hiding under the cover of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it’s quite difficult, the developers have prepared a very diverse program. This is a two-dimensional fighting game, and an amazing adventure, and an arcade with jumps, and an armful of additional mini-games. The show begins with a duel between two or four opponents, working on each other's signature tricks, continues with an exciting battle to save a dozen game worlds, and ends with humorous scenes and funny competitions.

    While the good heroes enthusiastically watched the championship finals, where Mario and Kirby met, an invading army appeared from a neighboring dimension. Dark forces led by Bowser, Vario, the Ancient Minister (Ancient Minister) and Ganondorf (Ganondorf) methodically cut down the defenders and punch in reality small black holes. Who will save the Nintendo universe from ruin? Of course, a player who will take under his leadership the disparate resistance forces and lead them to victory through a good two dozen locations.

    Heavens and jungles, waterfalls and ice peaks, deep caves, fiery bowels of volcanoes and technical floors of secret stations - everywhere and everywhere heroes are required to perform a mandatory acrobatic study: jump over obstacles and pits, avoid contact with traps, escape from lava and deal with numerous opponents. The ending of each episode is a fight with the local boss or a victory over the dark emissary. The loser, as a rule, is aware of his own mistakes and joins our army.

    The majority of the star cast of participants are mega-popular characters who, with friends and treacherous foes, confidently hold the line of defense in the current war of large and pocket consoles. They are the cheerful Chester Mario and his family, the brave Link and proud Zelda, the fearless mercenary Ike and the deadly Samus Aran, the Kongi brothers and the brood of Pokemon, the hilariously funny dinosaur Yoshi and the caricatured ugly fat man Vario.

    The second echelon is veterans who long ago brought glory and financial prosperity to Big N, who were revived again for service in the Virtual Console service: the boys Lucas and Ness (EarthBound), the Eskimos Popo and Nana (Ice Climber), Pete (Kid Icarus) and captain Falcon (F-Zero). In the third wave - the "star" old people, whose appearance on the Wii may well take place in the coming years - the trio of space pilots Fox, Falcon and Wolf (Star Fox), and the protector of fragile ecosystems, Olimar (Pikmin).

    Honorable places on the bench are assigned to the R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch. The former was once a special gaming device for NES, while the latter represents an entire gaming system, known in the former USSR as a local modification of the “wolf and eggs”. What unites such a motley company is only the name Shigeru Miyamoto - the creator, parent and producer of almost all major projects from Nintendo, including both Wii and Wii Fit.

    On the magical wrestling show did not hesitate to procure invitations and outsiders - nimble Sonic and harsh Snake. A hedgehog, a quick-witted and unpretentious creature, lived comfortably and long ago, lives on Wii, but Snake will most likely remain a guest star.

    There are not just many characters, there are a huge number of them: more than three dozen fighters are ready to defend the honor of their gaming universes. What can they do? Oh, a lot: Beat lightly and sweep, using arms and legs, knees and elbows, heads and fifth points, swords and batons. Weaves eights and twist blades with a cunning feint. Distribute generous slap in the face and uppercuts. They throw opponents with arrows and grenades, hook the “cat” with hooks and whip with an energy lash, fire flames and miniature lightning bolts, lay mines or launch homing missiles. Heroes call for help tanks and race cars, meteors and starships, helicopters and gods, a team of Pokemon and characters from other games.

    Not all dolls from birth were conceived as killing machines, but they will become so in a fight. The deadly arsenal is constantly replenished, as additional props are thrown into the gaming arena. The interest is most likely not the weapon kit itself, but how the heroes treat it, combining their proprietary techniques with a selected arsenal. This is the culmination of the entire show with fencing on magic wands, baseball bats, hammers and sledgehammers, daisies and laser swords. Duelists do not hesitate to pick up a blaster or plasma rifle. Boxes and barrels of dynamite, smoke bombs and thorns, banana peels and tortoise shells bullet into each other. Eat mushrooms to become large and strong or small and inconspicuous. There is only one rule in a speed brawl - you must stay in the arena until the very end, trying to throw the enemy from the platform into the abyss with a powerful blow.

    Speed ​​and speed of reaction - these are the main keys to victory. It doesn’t matter whether you know your ward well or poorly, all the tricks are mastered on an intuitive level, and new objects break the existing balance of forces in an instant. Self-control and steel nerves? Forget the stupid stereotype. Only one who laughs at the wretches of his wards and has fun at the comic brawl from the heart will find a way out of any situation. Well, how to stay serious when Yoshi eats an opponent and returns the alien carcass enclosed in an egg shell ?! How not to admire the chiseled figure of Samus Aran, who dropped the signature orange armor ?! How to disregard the dressing of Zelda from a court outfit into rags of a street thief ?!

    Leave the battle? It's easier to break your fingers. Do not believe me ?! And you have to! For a simple operation with a connected nunchuck, you will need to simultaneously hold down 4 (!) Buttons located on opposite sides of the vimot. With tremendous speed of fights, control with a horizontally inverted vimot (as well as a classic or original controller from Game Cube) is much more convenient.

    The two-dimensionality of what is happening is arbitrary and practically not felt due to several tricky tricks. Firstly, the arenas and the figures of the fighters themselves are completely three-dimensional. Secondly, the screen is not static. At the request of the invisible director, the platforms are swapped and turned over, the operator is looking for new angles: it brings and removes the scene of the fight. At the Pokémon Battle Stadium, the field will turn into mountains, the bridge from the adventures of Link (Bridge of Eldin) will collapse, the volcano from Metroid will respond to annoying jumps with a stream of fiery lava. Back scenery and background pictures - generally live their own lives. Starships rush there, planets move in space, monsters come to life, attackers storm the fortresses, racers find out relationships or bards speak to the assembled audience. The fight can take place both in the celestial halls of the ancient gods and in one of Electroplankton’s music arenas, on the screen of the ancient Game & Watch handheld console and in the scenery of the Emerald Isle. Tired of all the arenas? It doesn’t matter, there is the opportunity to create your own unique one, both for the race and for the duel.

    The final part of the entertainment program is divided into mini-games and special scenarios (events), where the imagination of the developers puts the player in a comical victory environment. “Is it hard to be Mario?” Bowser muses and sets off for a run through the very first level. Accompany the sworn enemy and push the three cloned plumbers with dents. The remaining questions are in the same vein. Link - you need to defeat yourself in a classic shadow fight. Pikachu - withstand the battle simultaneously with three Pokemon. Baby Robot R.O.B. - curb the three giant beasts smashing the city.

    Mini-games - this is the development of technology and individual attacks. We run through the maze and quickly and quickly knock out the maximum number of targets. At the stadium, with a single blow, we send a sandbag into the flight. The farther - the better, and if you don’t have enough of your own strength, the baseball bat is nearby. In endurance competitions, you have to knock out 100 opponents without a break or deal with all the bosses of the game.

    Gathering is another spice without which it is impossible to taste Super Smash Bros. Brawl The player is first forced to carry out the compulsory solo campaign program (this is necessary to hire a good half of the fighters), and then he, as an avid collector, collects stickers, figurines, melodies and additional arenas. Most of the trophies are only suitable for the refinement of our vanity. Only stickers in small albums for each character will increase the damage done by regular and special attacks. Have you accumulated enough funds? Welcome to the slot machine, where exactly one coin is required for each shot. The reward will be shot statuettes and trophy stickers.

    A fighting game and a two-dimensional platformer packed full of popular heroes, signature decorations and mini-games - this is a cocktail that is amazing in taste and aftertaste. The player is simply not allowed to get bored on any of the attractions presented. More than three dozen characters are first thrashing each other, then they are rescued so that the company can again outmouth someone. Clowning with grievous bodily harm is not as simple as it seems: the point is not so much in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your favorite characters, but in the dynamics and unexpected instant decisions that the players make. Throwing in additional props only speeds up a fight and spurs a destructive fantasy. Sad or joyful, but Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the latest remake for Wii from the bins of the famous Game Cube brands. What will happen next, and how big N will surprise us, we will see soon.


    • Star cast
    • A full arsenal of branded tricks from famous heroes
    • Adventure and fight club in one bottle
    • Humor and funny gags
    • Game Arenas and Themed Locations by Nintendo
    • Funny special game modes
    • Bonus materials: mini-games rollers, figurines, stickers
    • Musical accompaniment from updated tunes of old gaming masterpieces
    • Online fights
    • Level editor
    • Not involved in innovative management

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide: how to unlock each character

    Everyone is here! Truly, they are. 74 characters are available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Do it 76 with the Piranha Plant and the Joker from Persona 5, which will appear early next year. Until then, it's probably best to work on unlocking all these characters so you can have the most ridiculous battles with your friends.

    Alas, in deference to the first game, Smash Ultimate launches you with a miserable eight characters. This means that it will take a long time before you reach this legendary 74, if you do not know what you are doing. Fortunately, this is what this guide is for. Let's start!

    Method 1: World of Light

    It's a pretty slow record, but you should know that playing World of Light is a guaranteed way to unlock characters in Ultimate. When you go to the world of board games to fight Galim, you will encounter many funny battles with spirits, as well as a rare fighter who needs to be “awakened” through the agony of battle.

    Often these fighters will be difficult to access because of the battle of spiritual battles between your character and the icon, or sometimes because of a spiritual puzzle where you have to defeat a certain character in order to subsequently use it to unlock the route. For example, to get to the Captain Falcon, you need to defeat another F-Zero pilot so that they can focus on his badge.

    All of these variables add up, so if you want to quickly unlock the entire list, this might not be the best way. However, if you do not mind waiting and want to enjoy the story as much as possible, then the World of Light method is worth it. In addition, if you fight with opponents in other modes, World of Light allows you to drop difficulties and revenge almost instantly, which means that you do not need to deal with Luigi, who confuses and forgets you, and painful turns into black . what follows.

    Method 2: Classic Mode

    If you played in the previous release of Smash, you are most likely familiar with the classic mode. In fact, this is a standardized mitten in which the selected character must go through many different fights before jumping in the bonus round and defeating the boss. You can choose the “intensity” in which you play to satisfy your own abilities, and the difficulty will increase as you play, and provide a worthy challenge.

    In Ultimate, you start with eight original characters from the original Super Smash Bros., and upon completion, different applicants appear depending on who you decide to play with in Classic mode. Now, this is a kind of spoiler territory, but the Reddit user has published an extremely useful table to consult if you want to speed up and get your main one. Do not look if you want to go through the movements at your own pace, but this is undoubtedly the best resource if you want to unlock the necessary characters.

    Basically, the one you unlock is determined depending on who you play with in classic mode. This is a much faster method than World of Light, especially if you want to tailor your list to the character that interests you the most.

    Method 3: Applicant Approach

    One of the most controversial additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the Challenger approach mode, which appears as a small icon in the lower right corner of the games. Another section. In the end, you will receive a notification about this as soon as you unlock several characters and spend a couple of hours with the game.

    The Challenger approach is, in fact, a time-saving registry unlock method, enclosed in game mode. Most often (if you are not a professional), new applicants are going to take you by surprise with the help of Moveset and send you back to the main menu.

    The Challenger approach allows you to immediately start a rematch where you can choose the character you are playing for. This means that you can choose your main one and take revenge on the fighter who despised you. This is a good way to mitigate random encounters from previous games, but it is not is always there when you need it. If the small gate icon does not appear, just play something else and come back to challenge your opponent. If you are unable to defeat several opponents in a row, the Challenger approach will also switch between these characters when you play it, which adds an extra dimension of fun.

    Method 4: game system

    Other than just playing a game with friends and naturally unlocking characters, there are no other direct ways to pick up new fighters. However, there is a tricky way to play a system that circulates on the Internet. An honest warning, however, this kind of spoils the pleasure.

    Alas, if you want to finish the registry sooner rather than later, you will want to wait until you fight the new applicant. After you have completed the battle and returned to the main menu, simply press the Home button on the switch, press X and then select to close the software.

    Download the game and go to battle Smash. Define a set of rules that will make this match as fast as possible (1 margin or minimum time limit should work), and then fall off the scene or quickly destroy your opponent with a powerful attack or two.

    После экрана результатов вы должны перейти на другой экран Challenger Approaching с совершенно новым персонажем, отличным от того, с которым вы только что столкнулись. Независимо от того, выиграете вы или проиграете, ваши новые друзья будут сохранены в режиме подхода Challenger, чтобы вы могли попробовать позже. Продолжайте в том же духе, и вы сразу же попадете в неуловимые 74.

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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Потрясающие битвы Super Smash Bros. на Wii в игре Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

    В Super Smash Bros. Brawl есть все ваши самые любимые персонажи Nintendo: Марио, Линк, Донки Конг и Пикачу! Вас ждут грандиозные, сумасшедшие и непредсказуемые бои.

    В этой игре к бойцам присоединяются новые знаменитости. Meta Knight — вооруженный мечом заклятый враг Кирби. Pit — крылатый лучник, герой игры Kid Icarus. Самус в костюме Zero Suit — героиня серии Metroid без своих универсальных доспехов. И даже Варио — его ужасные приемы способны уложить кого угодно! В ряды бойцов затесалась еще пара знаменитых героев видеоигр: легендарный Snake из серии игр Metal Gear и один синий ежик, который хочет свести кое с кем старые счеты!

    Игра Super Smash Bros. Brawl takes the series to a new level: it has an online mode that allows you to fight players from around the world using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. And if you play with friends, you can send them pre-prepared messages during fights and change some rules of the game. Or choose a battle with a random opponent and prove to him that in Super Smash Bros. you have no equal!

    If this is not enough, prove yourself - create your own battle arena using Stage Builder, and then fight against opponents on it!

    The choice of fighters in the game is huge, and the choice of control options to match - you can choose your style of play. Use your Wii remote as a classic NES controller or connect a Nunchuk accessory to it! You can also control fighters using the classic Wii controller or the good old GameCube controller. Whichever option you choose, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the smallest, most provocative and most stormy game in the Smash Bros. series!

    • Fight as legendary characters including Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus, and Sonic.
    • Fight online with friends or opponents from around the world.
    • Create your own arenas and then send them to your friends using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

    Nintendo selects

    This game is now available on Nintendo Selects, a series of first-class games of various genres! Read more about Nintendo selects for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS family of systems and Wii.

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