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More and more people prefer to spend their weekends on outdoor activities, rather than mindlessly spend them sitting in front of the TV. Different types of hiking are becoming more and more popular. However, few beginner tourists are responsible for collecting the necessary things for travel.

Even if the hiking route is thought out to the smallest detail, and is only 1 day, the backpack of a tourist should still be assembled in accordance with all the rules. This is the key to a good outdoor recreation. A big mistake tourists - newcomers is overload. In this article we will try to figure out what you need to take with you on a hike, what requirements there are for tourist’s clothes, whether a first-aid kit is needed, and how to assemble it yourself.

A complete list of possible things to go is available on the download button after the article.

Camping preparations

What to take on a hike

Fees will depend on many factors. First you need to decide on the route. What terrain it will go through (forest, taiga, mountains), estimated duration in days, whether you will spend the night outdoors or plan to settle in the hotels for the night. You should take into account the time of year, the age of the participants and their number.

Be sure to check out the information:

List of things to go camping

- yourself
- passport, ticket, money
- map
- tent
- sleeping bag
- foam mat
- backpack (how to choose a backpack for a trip)
- Seat / hob (a small rug, attached with an elastic band to the pope, so that you could sit anywhere at any time)

- soap, shampoo (you can use soap), toothbrush, paste (all in small containers)
- toilet paper
- wet wipes or antibacterial cream (we use toilet paper and iodine as napkins)
- cotton buds, cotton pads
- gaskets, tampons
- razor and shaving cream (I use soap instead)
- comb (we do not take)
- handkerchief (we do not take)

In the Cosmetic Bag: (this is more likely for women)
- invisible hair clips, crab, elastic bands
- tweezers
- small scissors
- file
- mirror
- moisturizing cream
- ear plugs (the train is very useful! Checked!)
- hygienic lipstick
- needles, threads, buttons, pins

- notebook, pen
- phone, charging
- player with batteries (needed on the train, well, or a smartphone)
- plastic tray or bowl, mug, spoon
- knife
- clock
- alpenstock
- map, compass
- sunglasses (optional)
- a camera, batteries / accumulators for it (which camera to choose for travel)
- headlamp, batteries for it
- a lighter (matches), dry alcohol (in case of wet weather), candles (we take a couple of Ikea candles)
- burner + gas spray (1 for two people per week)
- ordinary linen rope
- a pot 1-1.5 liters (each pair carries a pot)
- food on a hike (what kind of food to take on a hike)
- food on the train
- insect repellent
- glue moment is small (optional)
- waist or chest bag for documents (if any)
- adhesive tape / electrical tape (optional)

First Aid Kit:
- patch
- iodine
- hydrogen peroxide
- freezing
- bandage
- elastic bandage
- cream from bruises (we do not take)
- aspirin / citramone
- antibiotic
- Activated carbon
- noshpa
- asterisk
- sunscreen (we do not take)
- instructions for the use of drugs, if necessary (so that the packaging does not drag)

- T-shirt to go with a backpack
- T-shirt (go to camp)
- shirt with a long sleeve from the sun
- headdress / bandana
- thermal underwear (well, or, if not, then something under the pants and a warm thin jacket)
- two warm clothes, so that one is worn on the other (thermal underwear that is higher + flisk or thermo + sweater (although it is heavy) or a thin warm jacket + flisk / sweater).
- windbreaker from wind and rain (or windbreaker + cellophane raincoat)
- dense windproof pants, preferably made of synthetics, so that they quickly dry and do not tear on the branches
- waterproof pants (optional)
- shorts or summer pants
- civilian clean clothes on the way back (if you fit in a backpack)
- high waterproof trekking boots covering the ankle + sandals / sneakers
- packages for the legs (if suddenly the feet got wet, so that after changing the socks and putting them on top of the bags, you could walk in wet shoes again)
- gaiters (although this is not necessary if you are not afraid to soak your pants on wet grass)
- woolen socks to sleep, socks to walk there (if any, tracking and regular cotton)
- elastic tights
- swimsuit, pareo, swimming trunks
- towel
- Underwear

P.S. I hope that those who are going to the mountains and forests, this list of necessary things in the campaign, is useful. Once again, I shouldn’t take everything from the list, and vice versa, something may be missing here, because the trips are very different, ranging from duration to complexity. Have a good rest!

Lifehack 1 - how to buy good insurance

It’s unrealistic to choose insurance now, so I’ll make a rating to help all travelers. To do this, I constantly monitor forums, study insurance contracts and use insurance myself.

Life hack 2 - how to find a hotel 20% cheaper

First, select a hotel on Booking. They have a good base of offers, but prices are NOT the best! The same hotel can often be found 20% cheaper in other systems through the RoomGuru service.

Brief digression

For a trip, especially a long one, get ready in advance. There are things that are not done a day before departure:

  • paperwork, bank cards of international standard,
  • purchase of medicines, currency, tickets,
  • copying documents
  • hotel reservation.

Make a short plan and act clearly on it. Then you will not forget anything.

Create two lists on a laptop: for summer and winter trips. It will take several minutes to fill in the fields of the special program. Divide things into categories. Once compiled list is useful to you for each subsequent trip.

Category No. 1. Cash, documents, roadmaps

If you travel by car, include a roadmap in the list of things - it’s definitely useful.

Documents, bank cards, cash are best placed in a backpack or bag. Always carry them with you.

So, the most important list on the road:

  1. Passport, its copies. Needed if you are going on holiday abroad. For travel to your native places do not forget your regular passport. Make virtual copies to a USB flash drive, email, phone. Be safe. If you suddenly lose the originals, copies will come in handy.
  2. Air, railway tickets or printout of their electronic options.
  3. Printout of electronic hotel reservation.
  4. Medical insurance of the international policy, their copies.
  5. Driving license, documents for the car, if you are going on a journey by personal transport, their copy.
  6. Bank cards.
  7. Cash in the national currency of the country where you are traveling. Divide into 3-5 parts, put in different places.
  8. A small notebook with personal notes. Enter the route, addresses, phone numbers.

Category No. 2. Travel First Aid Kit

Another important point is what to take on vacation. Going on a trip without medicine means risking your health. Many drugs are not sold over-the-counter. And the same cream for burns at the resort is several times more expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to take medicines on the road.

It is convenient to divide the preparations into two parts. First, put the necessary remedies, for example, a remedy for allergies, motion sickness, or a medicine that you constantly take. Carry them with you. All other drugs belong to the second part. They can be folded into a travel kit and put in a suitcase. What medicines to take with you on vacation is best known in advance, and prepare them.

What to take on a trip:

  1. Medicines for diarrhea.
  2. Antipyretic, analgesic drugs.
  3. Allergy pills.
  4. Antiviral agents.
  5. Antibiotics.
  6. Cream for burns, stretch marks, bruises.
  7. Medications you take all the time.
  8. Pills for motion sickness.
  9. Ointment for insect bites.
  10. Bandages, cotton wool, iodine, adhesive, hydrogen peroxide.

How to pack a suitcase so that you don’t be ashamed

I like to pack my suitcase - I know how to neatly pack all my things and do not forget the important things.

I know how to protect my suitcase from thieves. I'll tell you how to do the same.

How to choose a suitcase

The best suitcase is small, stiff and on four wheels.

A large suitcase is uncomfortable to carry: it weighs a lot on its own, does not fit on the luggage racks in buses and trains. You are unlikely to clog him with things and purchases on a regular trip. And if you score, then pay the airline for an advantage.

In a hard case, things are more intact. He does not remember when loading a plane, he is not afraid of blows. In a soft suitcase, tin cans were constantly changing and packages were torn. In hard, I boldly drive wine bottles - everything flies.

Often a code lock is installed on the suitcases, which locks the lightning dogs. It’s called “TSA Lock”. The thief will not be able to open your suitcase without knowing the code, and the security officers at the airport - they can, they have a special key. I do not recommend using this lock. In fact, at many airports there is no key to the TSA Lock, and the security service opens the suitcase with a ballpoint pen, damaging the zipper (this is how it is done). Thieves do the same.

Copies of documents

I am afraid to lose documents on the trip. Therefore, I do not carry them with me, but leave them at the hotel. However, sometimes documents are needed: they are asked when you buy alcohol, or the police are sometimes interested.

For such cases, I make color copies. I copy the main page of the passport and the page with the visa. I put them in my wallet and always carry it with me.

Printed Insurance

I take medical insurance with me on all trips. I buy it at least a day before departure - it starts to work the next day.

Or how much is your life traveling

Some are content with an email from an insurance company with a policy. But I print insurance and put it in my passport. If they bring me to the ambulance unconscious, the first thing the doctors will find is a policy in their wallet and they will contact the insurance company themselves.

Roulette Cable

This is a small lock the size of two matchboxes, with an exhaust cable and code. It is convenient for them to fasten their luggage in the train, store, room.

In a hostel, such a thing will save a couple of euros. They will ask for money for a padlock to lock things in a personal locker, and you have your own.

When is the cable roulette useful

You flew to Berlin and you take an electric train to your home for an hour. The luggage was put on a special shelf, among other people's suitcases. In order not to worry and not to look back after each stop, fasten it with a cable to the handrail. So no one will grab your suitcase.

Or you are going to buy water in a supermarket, but it is inconvenient to roll a suitcase in a store. Fasten it near cash desks or storage compartments.

But remember that the roulette cable is a weak lock. If you give the thief enough time, he will either pick up the code or have a bite of the cable. You should not park your suitcase for a couple of hours on some busy street.

On Aliexpress, you can buy a simple model for 200 R. Or go broke on a company lock for 1000 R.

Mini kit

I take a bag with a minimal set of medicines:

Medicines have contraindications. Consult a doctor, otherwise you never know

  1. “Aspirin” if the temperature rises.
  2. "Teraflu" from colds and slight malaise.
  3. "Citramon" or other headache pills.
  4. Smecta from light food problems.
  5. Enterosgel for severe stomach problems. It is sold in large packages, from where I squeeze 1-2 servings into a small plastic container.
  6. "Dramina" against motion sickness.
  7. Adhesive patches are useful for cuts or calluses.

Do not forget about the lenses, vitamins and medicines that you take constantly.

Covers for clothes

Usually, clothes are either piled in a suitcase or wrapped in plastic bags. But I found something better - inexpensive mesh bags from Ikea for washing delicate items. They are lightweight, durable, with zipper, in one package at once three sizes.

I carefully fold the clothes into a roller so as not to wrinkle them, and put them in a bag (here's a video about this). I put underwear and shoes into separate bags. Then carefully place them in the luggage.

So the contents of the suitcase will not turn into a textile dump during the flight. Any item is easy to find and put on.

How to carry a film

The film is afraid of radiation - from it it lights up and becomes cloudy. In translucent devices at modern airports, the radiation level is very small, and the film is not damaged. If you are flying from an old airport in an exotic country, do not put the film in scanned baggage. Show it to a security officer - usually no questions arise.

It is convenient to carry a film in cases. I use these.

Spare card and cash

I’m paranoid - I’m afraid to be in a foreign country not only without a passport, but also without money. To prevent this from happening, I put the mini-purses with a credit card in my suitcase.

I put a hundred dollars there just in case. I also put a piece of paper with a bank support phone — I will call him to block the missing card.

If my wallet is stolen, then I can always take a taxi to the police, embassy or airport. I’ll pay for food with a credit card, buy a new plane ticket or withdraw cash as a last resort. But this is only as a last resort - large interest will immediately run for withdrawing money from a credit card.

What else to bring with you

An interesting book and a chocolate bar - in hand luggage. The book helps aerophobes like me to relax. Have a snack with chocolate, if you wait a long time for dinner or do not want to spend money on a cafe.

All liquids it is better to carry in baggage - otherwise they will be taken away at security control.

Thread and needle. I advise you to pack them in an empty matchbox and put them in a purse with wires. It will help if the trousers are torn or the button comes off. And with a needle it’s convenient to change a SIM card in an iPhone.

Five rental rules

A couple of simple souvenirs. Postcards from your hometown, magnets and even metro tokens - present random acquaintances that you like, or hand them over to the owners of an apartment with Air BBC. I prepare special traveler business cards for every big trip.

Registration of tourist groups

When solving the dilemma that on a hiking list, keep in mind that the maximum weight of a backpack for a man is 30 kg, but for a woman it is limited to 15 kg.

The required minimum of things can usually be divided into 3 categories:

  1. For movement. This includes all navigation items (map, compass), comfortable clothes, shoes. In addition, for active actions in nature, you will need any auxiliary items (a lamp, a whistle, a magnifying glass, a rope) and a first-aid kit.
  2. For relax. For a one-day trip, a plaid or a tourist rug will be enough. If the plans include spending the night in the forest, then you need to think about a tent and sleeping bags. Campfire facilities will be needed (matches, lighter, paper or newspaper).
  3. Nutrition. The minimum set for a picnic, consisting of metal kitchen utensils, a knife and a dry ration. For long trips, it makes sense to purchase a gas burner.

Many are concerned about the question of what to take with a child on a camping trip. All of the above, but do not forget about sports equipment, which will help pass the time on vacation. It can be a ball, tennis rackets, badminton.

Category No. 3. What to take on a trip from personal hygiene items, cosmetics

In this category, enter only the minimum set of what you need. Women often take with them the whole arsenal of makeup products. As a result, most of the space in the suitcase is occupied by completely useless objects. Take only the really necessary personal care products with you!

What to take on the road:

  1. Toothbrush, paste.
  2. Shaving accessories.
  3. Hairbrush.
  4. Solid deodorant.
  5. Liquid soap.
  6. Bast.
  7. Shampoo conditioner in probes.
  8. Roll of toilet paper.
  9. Packing dry wipes.
  10. Wet wipes packaging.
  11. Cotton buds for ears.
  12. Disposable plastic bags (10-15 pieces).

Clothes and shoes

Tourist cutaway

The most important rule for choosing clothes for a hike: it should cover and protect the skin from various dangers in nature. It can be insects, stones, branches of trees and shrubs, poisonous plants. The material should pass air well, be light and quickly dry in the sun. Almost all modern suits designed for outdoor activities meet this requirement.

Socks and underwear are best used from the "thermo" category. There are special sports models. It is recommended to choose shirts without seams so that the straps of a tourist backpack do not cause discomfort.

Going to the mountains, pay attention to the fact that outerwear should provide full protection not only from the winds, but also from rainfall. For hiking in the winter, it is better to take ski suits marked - tex. They have a lighter weight, retain heat due to a special membrane structure and do not impede movement.

In the hot season, it is not recommended to go camping in light and open clothes. The sun, various blood-sucking insects, as well as damage from stinging plants will only spoil your vacation. Обязательны брюки, заправленные в носки, а также кофта с длинным рукавом и воротником.

Что взять с собой в однодневный поход, включающий подъем на горную вершину и прогулку по лесной чаще?

The best option would be trekking sneakers. They have a good degree of amortization, which reduces the load on the spine during long walks. This is especially important when behind a heavy backpack. In addition, a special sole pattern provides firm grip on any surface.

Shoes should be athletic, suitable in size and with a stable sole. High-heeled shoes or any open shoes are completely unsuitable for camping. This choice can be fraught with various injuries, including injuries and dislocations.

Supplement for women:

  1. 5-10 sponges.
  2. A small mirror.
  3. A pair of rubber bands for hair or hairpins.
  4. Moisturizing cream.
  5. Tweezers.
  6. Makeup remover.
  7. Gaskets, tampons.
  8. Mascara, a small package of shadows, lipstick.
  9. Foundation or powder.

The last two points are only needed if you can not imagine your life without applying makeup. If you eat on a beach holiday, you need to paint only in the evening, if you go somewhere to go. This is not recommended on the beach. Therefore, you do not need 10 types of shadows and the same amount of lipstick and lip gloss. One mascara, lipstick, a package of two types of shadows and a foundation that evens complexion - this is the necessary list of things to travel from makeup.

Overnight camping items

Overnight camping items

A tent is the best option if you decide to spend the night in nature. However, it must also be chosen according to the rules. It should be made of high quality and waterproof material, seams glued.

Pay attention to the waterproof index (PU). For demi-season hikes, it is better to use a tent with an index above 3000. Cheap models usually have PU 1500. They get wet quickly enough with a long and heavy rainfall.

Sleeping bags come in many varieties. For summer holidays and for a large company, bags - blankets are preferable. Having unzipped, you can get a wide blanket that will hide several people.

This will allow you to take a smaller number of sleeping bags, which will facilitate the load. In addition, if necessary, it can easily replace a mat or picnic bedspread.

When planning a trip in the hot summer days, you can take a tent tent with you. It will protect from the sun and wind, and make halts more comfortable.

Food and cooking utensils

Cooking is one of the most important issues when planning a hiking trip. You can use a bonfire. To do this, put in a backpack matches packed in waterproof material or a lighter. It is recommended to put means for kindling fire in different places.

A shovel may be needed to prepare a safe bonfire site. An excellent assistant will be a pocket chain saw for camping trips or a folding knife. A large group of tourists can take an ax with them. Going to places where to find firewood it will be problematic to take a gas burner. Do not forget about gas cylinders for refueling.

From the dishes you should definitely take:

  • Ladle or small bucket.
  • Metal mug, bowl and cutlery.
  • One pan is enough for a company of no more than 4 people. There are models in which the lid can be used as a bowl.
  • Cutting board.
  • Set of disposable plastic dishes. They are light in weight.

In addition, wipes, garbage bags, antibacterial sprays will definitely be needed during the trip. Most of the food set should be made up of drinking water, especially if you go camping in the summer.

If you take perishable products, then use a cooler bag, but it is better to refuse them. A typical camping food package includes: canned food, cereals, vegetables, instant meals, salt, seasonings, tea, herbs.

How to assemble a first-aid kit

In nature, while away from settlements, you should be prepared for any troubles. The first-aid kit of the tourist is an obligatory component. Its composition will depend on the time spent traveling, the presence of certain health problems among the group members.

Camping travel kit

Traveler First Aid Kit

When collecting a first-aid kit, consider the following rules:

  1. Injuries, sprains, cuts and dislocations happen quite often. Disinfectants and dressings should be taken in the calculation of 2-3 injuries.
  2. Sorbents need to be taken in larger quantities than other medicines. Approximately 1 pack per person.
  3. Painkillers, antihistamines with a specified shelf life.
  4. Remedies for insect bites.
  5. Individual medicines that must be taken as prescribed by a doctor to any of their tourists.
  6. Sunscreens and ointments for burns.

For a first-aid kit, it is better to choose a container with different compartments. Pack in waterproof material.

Specifically, about how to put together a travel kit read in the article:

It’s not so difficult to pack a tourist backpack correctly. It is only necessary to make a list of the necessary minimum of things in advance, which can not be avoided in the campaign.

IMPORTANT: pay attention to additional materials in the MATERIALS ON THE TOPIC block!

Downloading files is available only to registered users.

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  • 1. Preparing for the trip
  • 2. Clothing and shoes
  • 3. Overnight camping items
  • 4. Food and cooking utensils
  • 5. How to assemble a first-aid kit

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Category No. 4. What to take on the road from things and shoes

One of the most important items on the list of what will come in handy when traveling. Think over your wardrobe well.

Take things according to the climate of the place where you are going. Check out the weather forecast for your holiday days.

Do not take a lot of the same clothes and shoes. Statistics say that half of the items on the list are never worn on a trip.

Take along things that combine with each other.

Prefer comfortable clothing made from natural materials. Do not bring new shoes with you that are not yet worn and rub your feet.

What to take on vacation:

  1. Pants or jeans. For a hot climate, light, linen ones are suitable, for a cold one - from natural wool or jersey, dense knitwear.
  2. Breeches or shorts.
  3. Two t-shirts.
  4. One blouse.
  5. Sweater.
  6. Pajamas, a nightgown are what you used to sleep at home in.
  7. Light jacket, such as a windbreaker.
  8. Sneakers, sneakers made of fabric. Put them on the road.
  9. 3 changes of underwear (based on what you eat for 3 days).
  10. Slates.
  11. Swimsuit (swimming trunks), pareo for a trip to the sea.
  12. Two pairs of socks.
  13. One dress to go out and shoes (sandals) to it.
  14. Sunglasses.
  15. Headgear - hat or cap.

Category No. 5. What to take on a trip from technology

It all depends on personal preferences. Someone takes one mobile phone, another - with a dozen items.

The optimal list of things on the road:

  1. Mobile phone,
  2. MP3 player.
  3. A laptop if you cannot imagine your life without it.
  4. Flash drive, external hard drive.
  5. For traveling by personal transport, a navigator is useful.
  6. Camera or camcorder.

The last item is easily replaced by a mobile phone with a good camera. If this is not the case, then take a camera - you need to bring beautiful pictures from the rest.

Pack the equipment in a separate bag. Do not forget to each charger. If you are flying on an airplane, take your bag with you in case your baggage is lost.

It is not safe to travel to a public network while traveling. Use a VPN.

Category No. 6. What to take with food and other important trifles

If the path to the resting place is not long, and you don’t eat, for example, on a plane where they feed, be sure to bring snacks. It is undesirable to have a meal in road cafes - the quality of products there is difficult to verify.

Take on the road water at the rate of 1.5 liters per person. From food, dried fruits, apples and pears, peeled nuts, vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers). Wash all this, cut and fold it first in foil or parchment and only then in a bag.

If you go for a long time, for example a day, come in handy:

  • boiled eggs
  • chopped loaf, bread, thin pita bread,
  • boiled or fried chicken,
  • hard cheese
  • pastries with raisins, prunes,
  • crackers, bagels, biscuit cookies.

Do not forget tea bags, coffee, sugar.

Important trivia:

  • jackknife,
  • matches, lighter,
  • flashlight,
  • tee, extension cord for those who take a lot of technology on a trip,
  • Toothpicks
  • cling film
  • boiler,
  • plastic mugs
  • set of disposable tableware.

Category No. 7. What to take with your child on a trip

If you travel with a child, the number of necessary items on the road increases. Take care of what to take the baby on the way, than to feed, pick up clothes and personal hygiene products.

List of things for a trip with a child:

  1. Documents. The photo of the child is pasted in the parent's passport or he has his own passport. A visa is issued for him, medical insurance. You will need permission from the second parent in case of traveling with one mom or dad. These documents are needed for traveling abroad.
  2. Clothing. Take the same things for the child as for the adult. Just double the amount of camping clothes in case the baby gets dirty.
  3. Medicines for a child with chronic diseases.
  4. Food and drink. For kids, stock up on fruit and vegetable purees, baby food, juices, water, chopped fruits, and cookies.
  5. Personal hygiene items: diapers, wet wipes, paper towels.
  6. A pillow under the head and a small plaid.
  7. Toys On the road, organize your child an interesting leisure. Take along a couple of books, coloring with pencils, 2-3 favorite toys. Some take a tablet or download cartoons to their phone.
  8. Foldable stroller or kangaroo backpack for very young travelers.
  9. Bottle, pacifier.
  10. Folding pot.

What not to take with you on the road

I would like to take with me things dear to my heart, which are of little use. In order for the suitcase to be lifting and not cause trouble, it is necessary to abandon objects that are not useful on the way. Go to the cold-headed list. Think about what you can easily do without.

There is no room for such items in your suitcase:

  1. Hair dryer. It is in any decent hotel, and it does not make sense to take it from home. For an independent trip, cut your hair in such a way that you don’t need styling or just collect hair in a braid (tail, bun).
  2. Books. They are heavy, take up a lot of space. Fans of reading will come in handy an e-book. Download several works at home on your mobile phone.
  3. Jewelry. Put on a minimum of yourself: a gold chain, a couple of rings. It is better to leave a bracelet and earrings at home, especially if you go to the sea. They are easy to lose in water. Gold watches with precious stones, a brooch and other jewelry are not needed on the trip.
  4. Travel iron. Take with you things that don't crumple. In case the thing is crumpled, you can sprinkle it with water and hang it on a rope. Or take an iron at the reception at the hotel. But the iron on the trip is a completely unnecessary item.
  5. Scissors, wire cutters, corkscrew, screwdriver and other sharp-pricking objects. The exception is only a small folding knife.
  6. Women's bags. You will not need a clutch on a trip. One small bag or backpack, in which essentials are folded, is enough.

Packing the suitcase correctly

The list of things you need to travel is impressive. But proper styling will allow you to collect everything in a suitcase of 45 liters.

First, lay out your travel items in separate piles in categories. Put shoes on the bottom of the suitcase. On top of it are warm clothes, tight jeans. There is the same technique. Knitwear with rollers. In a separate compartment, put a first-aid kit, personal hygiene products, and cosmetics. They are easy to get if they are suddenly needed.

In your hand luggage, take documents, money, house keys, a phone, vital medicine, a notebook with notes. Дорожную карту и все документы на машину положите в бардачок.

Не забудьте отдельный пакет с едой и питьем. Если едете с ребенком, при себе должны быть подгузники, влажные салфетки и предметы для интересного досуга.

Чемодан не забивайте до упора. Во многих авиакомпаниях действуют нормы по весу (20 кг провоза для одной единицы багажа). Оставьте место для сувениров.

Pack liquids in a tight bag. Separate the shoes, clothes and the rest separately and distribute them evenly on the suitcase. Put underwear in a special pocket. Pack cosmetics and other little things in another pocket.

Put a folding bag on top of the folded items. If there is an advantage, put in it some of the things. The same bag is convenient to use when traveling for shopping or on excursions.

A case or film will help protect the suitcase from dirt. Pack the suitcase itself, and it will be visible from afar on the luggage belt.

Last couple of tips

If you are traveling abroad, bring a phrasebook with you. Getting to your destination is a great opportunity to practice a foreign language. Or upload audiobooks to an MP3 player.

While you are on the go, there is a lot of time. Download a movie you’ve wanted to see on your phone or laptop, read a book, make a plan to improve performance. In a word, go in for a useful business, for which there is no time in ordinary life. You can just sleep. For this, as a rule, there is no time in everyday life either.

Take a travel guide with you to travel to a new country. You have time to explore the culture, local cuisine, sights, laws and regulations of the new society.

Bring personalized comfort items with you. Someone used to sleep on a single pillow, someone is mortally disturbed by mosquitoes. Stock up insect repellent. Many children are used to sleeping with their favorite toy. Items will not take up much space, but with them you will feel more comfortable along the way.

Take along a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes: slippers for ordinary walks, trips to the beach, and shoes (sandals) for going to a restaurant or a disco. Wear closed shoes (sneakers or sneakers). They are useful in case of cool weather or rain. As practice shows, shoes take up a lot of space in a suitcase, and most of it is not used.

For many, packing a suitcase for a few days trip turns into a test. Do not bring two or three pairs of jeans with you - they definitely will not come in handy. Several types of clothing are allowed only with underwear, T-shirts and socks. One skirt, one shorts, one dress - this is enough for 3 days for sure.

The same goes for personal care products. Take shampoo in disposable bags, gel, shower foam is replaced with liquid soap and a washcloth. Remember that it is easy to buy at any store. The exception is a trip to the forest, where there are no benefits of civilization.

Take along a bite to eat, which products you can take on a trip to know better in advance.

The main thing! Do not forget:

  • documents,
  • cash and bank cards,
  • house keys
  • medicines that support life (insulin, for example),
  • mobile phone and charger to it. Check your account in advance and find out about the tariff. Do I need to connect an additional service for calls abroad, for example?

These items are really necessary for a successful trip.