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Everything you need to know about field hockey: rules and some game secrets


When choosing a healthy lifestyle, it is important to give preference to some kind of sport. Field hockey today is one of the favorite for many active people. Learn the basics of the game can adults and children. For this, it is important to know the rules of the game and have the necessary equipment.

Field Hockey - Rules of the Game

Even a child can learn to play field hockey, for this you need to know the rules of the game:

  1. Line-up. The team includes a goalkeeper, two defenders, three midfielders, five forwards. Two substitute players may be used only once throughout the game.
  2. Play time. Often beginner hockey players are interested in how long field hockey lasts. For adults, each such match consists of two periods of thirty-five minutes each. For boys - two periods of half an hour and for children - two periods of twenty-five minutes with a ten-minute break.
  3. Goal. According to the rules of the game, a goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line, or when one of the attackers touches the ball in the strike circle. At the same time, it is forbidden to push and step on the opponent’s feet. This can be assessed as a game by the corps and as a result is fined. When the actions of the players create a danger for themselves, the referee gives a signal with a whistle. In addition, according to the rules, it is not allowed to block the road and block the opponent.
  4. The ball is out of the game. When the ball goes beyond the sidelines, it is brought into the game by an opponent team hockey player. All other players need to be at a distance of no closer than four meters from the ball.
  5. Corner kick. Appointed when the ball goes beyond the goal line outside the goal, while bouncing off the player.
  6. Free kick it is customary to appoint if the players of the defending team violated the rules directly in the zone of the shock circle.
  7. "Out of the game" each player who is in the opponent’s half of the field may turn out to be when there are no 3 players from the opposing team between the team line and the goal line during the ball’s pass.
  8. Deletions. When gross unsportsmanlike behavior of players is observed, they may be assigned a deletion for five minutes or for the entire time of the game.

Field Hockey Equipment

Favorite for children and adults, the field hockey game provides special equipment. Here you can’t do without clubs, a ball and special clothes. Field players of the same team should be dressed alike. In this case, the goalkeeper's shirt must be different. All players can wear:

  • special protective gloves
  • shin guards,
  • teeth protection plates,
  • special shoes
  • smooth protective mask.

The goalkeeper must have:

  • protective helmet,
  • mask,
  • shields
  • shoe covers
  • bib,
  • elbow pieces
  • goalkeeper shorts.

Field Hockey Sticks

It is generally accepted that a field hockey stick should have a weight of 340 to 794 g. As for the length, there are no restrictions. On average, it is 85-90 centimeters. The hook of the club is made of walnut or mulberry, acacia or ash. The veins of the tree at the bend must necessarily be parallel to the outer sides. Otherwise, the stick can easily crack. For the same reason, it is not recommended to wrap it.

Field hockey ball

It is impossible to play field hockey without a ball. Its diameter should be no more than 7.4 centimeters. Weight - within 156-163 g. According to the rules, the ball must be completely painted white or painted with white stripes. The core of the ball is made of cork and felt. Under the influence of dampness, such a ball can change weight and quickly lose its former shape.

Field Hockey Guards

The world famous field hockey sport involves the use of special shields by players. They are an element of hockey equipment that protects the knee joint, caviar and lower leg of the hockey player. They consist of a calyx and a shin-fitting shin. Additional elements of hockey shields - cushioning lining and special adjustment straps. Often there is also a lateral covering protector of the lower leg, which can protect the calf muscle. Hockey shields are wide and narrow. The former have a larger, and narrower smaller inner radius.

Field hockey shoes

To play field hockey it is important to choose high-quality shoes. Experienced athletes choose sneakers for field hockey. They must certainly be comfortable and not constrain movements during the game. In this case, you do not need to buy shoes "with a margin." Otherwise, the sneakers will cause a lot of inconvenience, and it is unlikely to be able to enjoy this game. You can buy such special shoes in a specialized store.

Field Hockey - Interesting Facts

It is known that field hockey competitions have many interesting facts:

  1. The field for the game should be standard - 81-91 m by 50-55 m.
  2. Before the start of the game, the field must be filled with water.
  3. Field hockey is an Olympic sport. He was included in the program of the Olympic Games back in 1908.
  4. Initially, the competition was held exclusively among men's teams.
  5. Women's Championship was first held in 1980 in Moscow.
  6. The founder of this sport, many historians consider shepherds. They had fun in their free time, passing each other a stone with sticks.

Field Hockey Books

You can learn a lot of interesting things about field hockey by reading the special literature:

  1. “Field Hockey” by E. Fedotova. Thanks to this book, everyone can master the beloved game by many. It is dedicated to the technique and tactics of hockey. Written in an accessible form, the book will be an excellent guide to the world of sports for children and adults.
  2. "Field hockey. Rules of the competition "N. Dotsenko. The book tells about the important rules of refereeing and the organization of the game.
  3. A Dangerous Book for Boys Conn Yggulden. The publication says that field hockey is an exciting game for boys, requiring special skills and knowledge.

General rules of field hockey

By order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation dated June 22, 2017 No. 564 Rules of the field hockey sport approved.

They comply with uniform game standards approved by Field Hockey Federation (FIH), and are valid for competitions at all levels of discipline in Russia.

Championships in this sport are held on circular system, a scheme with division into subgroups, playoffs (elimination) and comforting meetings.


Raffle the ball in field hockey is held in the center of the field at the beginning of the game, at the beginning of the second half and after every projectile. At this time, field players of the teams, with the exception of the throw-in athlete, are in his half of the field.

In case of stopping the competition due to injury or other reasons not related to violations of the rules, controversial ball. It is thrown from the stopping point. The athlete before putting such a ball lowers the club on the field to the right of the projectile, then once hits the front of the stick over him, and then hits the ball.

If the projectile has completely flown over the front or side line, it is considered out of bounds and is entered from the intersection with the dash.

When a projectile leaves the site from an attacking athlete, goal kick, from defending - running corner kick.

During the field hockey competition, there are two judges each of which controls the game in its own half: defines controversial and corner kicks.

They also prescribe free throws, appoint and take cards to athletes, record goals, monitor the duration of the entire game and individually of each half.

Moving a projectile across the field is carried out to approach the opponent’s goal and score a goal. The ball is played in field hockey in several ways:

  • movement by successive shocks,
  • moving by alternating touches left and right on the ball with the flat side of the club
  • tossing in constant contact with the stick of the club shell.

Attention! Athletes do not have the right to touch the ball with your hands and feet, other parts of the body, this is only allowed to goalkeeper.

Sport shoes

This sport requires endurance and activity from athletes, so shoes for playing field hockey should be high-quality and comfortable matched to size. there is special sneakersthat take into account the specifics of the game.

Photo 1. Sneakers for playing field hockey Adipower M, for a wide range of players, manufacturer - Adidas.

Field coverage

By decision International Field Hockey Federation competitions in this sport are held only on artificial turfwhich is homogeneous and as comfortable as possible for the game.

The advantages of such a coating are that the shell does not bounce from it, does not require repeated overhaul during the season, reduces the likelihood of injury playing field hockey, does not need special care and is durable.

Award of victory

A ball in field hockey is considered to be scored (goal) if it is completely crossed through the goal line, or one of the attackers touched a shell in the area of ​​the shock circle.

The victory in field hockey is awarded to the team that scored during the match more goalsthan the enemy.

If the score is equal, then a draw is declared. In field hockey competitions, especially international and Olympic, extra time may be assigned, and upon its completion - bullets.

The shootout at the end of the match is a series of shots that helps determine the winner. During such a pass, the goalkeeper and the attacking player, who has just one attempt to score a goal.

Championship in field hockey championships between league and national teams in Russia is determined by the accrual of points, which are summed up according to the results of all games. Awarded for victory 3 points, for losing - 0 points. For winning the shootout - 2 pointsfor losing - 1 point For the failure to appear, the team is given 1 point. If the points are equal for the national teams, the winner shall be determined:

  • by the maximum number of wins in all championship tournaments by the largest difference between the number of goals scored and conceded in all games,
  • by maximum number goals scored in matches
  • by series of shootouts.

How long are the halves and the match in general

Field hockey match consists from two halves. The duration of each is 35 minutes with a break between them of 5-10 minutes.

In the European Hockey League (EHL) the game consists from 4 periods of 17.5 minutes. everyone and with 5 minute breaks between them.

For boys, the length of the field hockey competition is 2 halves of 30 minutes each, for kids - 2 halves of 25 minutes each with a 5-10 minute break.

The rules of the game provide for strict restrictions on a number of actions that are prohibited for athletes to take:

  1. Not allowed push, oppress, step on the opponent’s feet. This qualifies as a hull job.
  2. Prohibited block the movement and fix the opponent. Neither the athlete nor his stick should fall between the projectile and another hockey player, unless he himself goes with the ball towards the goal during the attack.
  3. Stopping or touching the projectile part of the body is considered a mistake.
  4. Prohibited club elevation above shoulder level.
  5. Not allowed to touch the projectile the rounded side of the club.

For ignoring the rules, the hockey player is assigned:

  • verbal remark
  • a warning,
  • removal.

A personal penalty is imposed in addition to a free kick or a free throw.

Yellow card

It is announced to the player for repeated violations and provides for the removal of his for 5 minutes (in EHL - 5-10 minutes. by decision of the judges). As with the green card, the team for this period of the player plays in a reduced composition.

For gross and repeated violation, the athlete receives a red card and is removed until the end of the game. By decision of the judges, he may be excluded from participating in other field hockey competitions.

The team in this case until the end of the match plays without replacing the remote athlete.

Athlete’s disqualification time may be increased for unsportsmanlike conduct when assigned fine.

Play field

The field hockey arena is rectangular 91.4 meters long and 55 meters wide. Markup lines has 7.5 cm wide and are part of the playing field.

The markings of the side strips are performed along the length of the site, and the front strips along the field width.

The line between the gates is called goal line.

A center line is drawn across the middle of the arena, which divides it in half. Markup 23 meter lanes performed at a distance 22.9 m from the front lines.

Inside the field, the diameter from the center of the gate is impact zone. The gates themselves are located in the middle of the playing field.

The goalposts are installed on the outside of the front line of the field. Checkboxes are set in each corner of the site. 120-150 centimeters high.

Inventory and uniform

Field hockey provides certain equipment for athletes and the necessary sports equipment for the game. Hockey players of each team must have same shape.

T-shirt goalkeeper differs in color from field players' shirts. Athletes are prohibited from carrying objects that could injure other hockey players. Shell Requirements (stick and ball) are also defined by the rules.

Protective equipment

Outfit equipment includes special gloves, shields on the legs and mouth guard for protecting teeth. A protective mask of a color different from the tone of the face is put on the face. Goalkeeper extra equipment includes: helmet, shoe covers, chest vest, elbow pads and goalkeeper pants.

What should be the ball

To play field hockey a round, hard ball is used white or other acceptable color.

The color should be different from the tone of the coverage of the sports field. The circumference of the projectile is 22.4-23.5 cm weight - 156-163 grams.

The ball for field hockey is made of any material, the middle is made of cork and felt. The surface is smooth or with small indentations.

The length of the item is 92.71 cm or 36.5 inches, and weight no more than 737 grams. The club surface is flat, without roughness and chipping. An additional winding is allowed, while the attribute must pass through the hole diameter of 5.1 centimeters.

Inventory bends are smooth, in depth - no more than 2.5 cm. Length is 0.85-0.9 m. The material used is acacia, walnut or ash.

Photo 2. Field hockey stick model TX24 with reinforced zone of the main blow, manufacturer - “Adidas”.

Team Composition

On the field while playing field hockey are 11 hockey players from each team: 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 3 midfielders, 5 forwards. May be exhibited 2 substitutes (of them one goalkeeper) throughout the match.

The number of athletes in the team to participate in the championship and cup of Russia in this sport should be no more than 18 hockey players and no more than six representatives.

For different competitions in different age groups, the rules provide for a different number of members of the national team.

The age of hockey players to participate in the Super League must be 15 years at the time of the game, and in the Cup of Russia of the first and major league - 14 years old.

Hockey player can be filed in the application and play in the championship of the Russian Federation only as part of one team. AT one calendar day he is involved in only one game.

Why do people choose hockey?

Field Hockey - spectacular and large-scale competitionsecond only to football, in which the playing field is slightly larger. Supporters of an active and healthy lifestyle choose it for dynamism, present sports excitement. Both adults and children can master this sport, having the appropriate equipment and having studied the rules.