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How to make curly short hair


A short haircut is not only always fashionable and practical, but also very beautiful.

At the same time, the owners of short hair are sometimes worried about the same question: how to diversify your hairstyle, add a twist to your usual look or radically change your image?

There are so many ways to style short curly hair in a beautiful hairstyle.

You can do this with the help of curling, choosing the most suitable and convenient way for yourself.

How to choose the type of curl for this length?

It is necessary to choose a wave based on the following factors:

  • general condition of the hair (oily, dry, brittle, stiff),
  • their lengths (short and very short),
  • type of face (oval, round, square),
  • curling time (short or long),
  • the size of curls (large, small, medium),
  • forms of curls (zigzag, corkscrew, spiral, large, dotted, etc.),
  • hairstyles (cascade, ladder, etc.).

The best option for short women - shoulder length curls. Otherwise, curls to the waist will make the silhouette of their owner even smaller and stifled. Owners of a thin or slightly elongated face will suit strands of any size and shape.

The best option for women with a wide face will be light waves or side curls, collected in a high tail.

For owners of a triangular shape of the face, a curl of the ends of the hair is suitable - such a hairstyle emphasizes the external attractiveness and makes the oval of the face more balanced.

There are several ways to curl.:

  1. biowaving,
  2. chemical
  3. wet
  4. carving or light waving,
  5. acidic
  6. basal.

Step-by-step instructions on how to wind beautifully at home

Short hair can also be curled.:

You can do this at home, spending a little time on the procedure.

    For curling with an iron, the length of the strands should be sufficient to wrap around this unit. Under the influence of ironing, the curls turn out to be slightly broken, but very beautiful. To wind the curls with an iron, you must perform the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. distribute clean and dry hair into several strands,
  2. hold the end of one strand with an iron and make one or several revolutions around the device,
  3. wait a few minutes and take out the lock
  4. carry out such a procedure with all the strands,
  5. fix the finished hairstyle with varnish.
  • Another simple and quick way to get beautiful curls at home is a curling iron. This device is best used on medium-length hair, but there are also curling irons for short and long strands with small and large diameters, respectively. The principle of such winding is identical to ironing, however, like the frequency of use of these devices - no more than once a week.
  • Using forceps, you can quickly create volumetric styling and curl the ends of the hair.

    To obtain straight curls, the forceps must be held parallel to the floor, for spiral curls - in an upright position. Also, you can use curlers for curling, the only difference in the use of which is their preliminary boiling in water.

    You do not need to sleep with thermal curlers, because the duration of their action is 3 to 4 hours maximum.

    How and what to curl without thermal devices?

    For those who do not want to expose their hair to the negative effects of thermal devices, There are several easy ways to get fast and beautiful curls.:

    1. beach styling
    2. soft waves
    3. pigtails
    4. soft curlers (foam tubes, boomerangs, curlers with velor coating).

    How to do each of these methods:

    • Beach styling can be done with a sea salt spray and your own fingers. First, the hair must be treated with a spray, and then wrinkled until a slight negligence effect is obtained.
    • Soft waves can be obtained by twisting one large bundle or several small flagella. To achieve the result, it is enough to hold the strands twisted for 1.5 - 2 hours.
    • Braiding one large or several small braids is best for the night and on wet hair. So the braids are easier to braid and look more even and neat. In the morning they must be dissolved, and the finished hairstyle fixed with varnish (optional).
    • You can curl short strands on thin curlers. The best option for owners of short hair up to the shoulders - soft curlers made of foam rubber, inside which there is a flexible wire. Such curlers do not interfere during sleep, so they can be wound at night, and in the morning to get a beautiful and stylish hairstyle. As in previous methods, when winding hair on curlers, they must:

    1. Divide into several identical strands (as winding).
    2. Spread the curlers on the body and twist in the direction from the tips to the roots.
    3. In the morning, curlers should be removed, and the finished curls should be fixed with wax or varnish.

    Check out the photo of styling with beautiful voluminous curls that can be done at home:

    How to lay and fix curls?

    To get curls at home, you need to follow a few simple rules.:

    1. Before styling, moisten the hair a little and divide it into sectors,
    2. twist strands on curlers at an angle of 90 degrees,
    3. alternate the sides of the curl,
    4. remove curlers only after the hair has completely dried,
    5. comb the curls no earlier than 15 minutes after removing the hair curlers with a large tooth comb.

    The following cosmetics are used for styling and fixing curls.:

    The most effective of them are varnish, gel, wax and paste, providing the strongest and most durable fixation of the hairstyle.

    Short hair curling is a great way to add variety to a familiar look and make the hairstyle easier, playful and direct.

    Thus, you can not only give a beautiful appearance to naughty strands, but also make thin and sparse hair more magnificent and voluminous. Neat curls fit almost any style. Stylish curls always look well-groomed and attractive, refreshing the appearance of their mistress.

    How to make wavy hair? Popular ways in the photo and video.

    Beautiful flowing, soft waves lying on shoulders or elastic curls - this is what most owners of straight hair and those who have only slightly wavy hair dream of. There is an opinion that men like just such hairstyles, and the girls themselves, having created a mop of curls on their heads, feel much more romantic and feminine.

    However, most often the result of hair curling turns into a disorder. Curls straighten for several hours and simply hang with icicles, or curl too much and look ugly. Worst of all, when curls stick out in different directions. Do you want to learn all the secrets of how to make your hair wavy and at the same time how not to spoil it? Take our advice.

    Making hair wavy

    Curling iron (tongs) is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create curls at home. Nippers will help to make even short hair wavy. The main condition for obtaining beautiful curls is that you have clean and dry hair. Since the remnants of cosmetics and natural fat can cause your hair to look untidy, and it will take a lot more time to curl or curls will not hold for a long time.

    When using forceps, certain precautions must be observed, otherwise you risk spoiling the hair, because the styling of the curls will be carried out under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore, before the curling iron touches your hair, apply a special heat-protective agent to them.

    Wavy hair with a curling iron

    In addition, the use of forceps will have to be abandoned if your hair is too thin, dry or brittle. Since, regardless of how much and what kind of protective agent you apply, the condition of the hair can be greatly damaged. Try not to curl with tongs every day, after all, this method weakens your hair.

    Curling hair is as follows. You need to start from the top of the head. The thickness of the strand depends on how pronounced and noticeable the curl will be. Separating a strand of the desired thickness, you insert its tip into a special clamp and wind it onto the base of the curling iron.

    We do not recommend that you heat the curl for longer than 10 seconds. Then carefully remove the strand from the curling iron and leave it to cool. At this time, move on to the next curl.

    Beautiful Curls / How to Curl Hair with a Curling Iron ♡

    Try to make the strands be approximately the same thickness, then your hairstyle will look neater. After all the hair on the head is curled, you can carefully straighten them with your hands or comb with a comb with rare teeth. Finally, sprinkle your hair with hair spray.

    Create waves with an iron

    A hair straightener or hair straightener will allow you to make long hair wavy. However, medium or short hair when styling with an iron may look untidy. In the case of long hair, you can create light body waves from the very roots (similar to the hairstyle of angels from Victoria Secret), sloppy curls or neat tight tresses, for example, like Carrie Bradshaw. To achieve this effect, you need to follow our instructions step by step.

    Divide the hair into several sections: the crown, back of the head, bangs, whiskey, hair behind the ears. Secure each strand with a crab pin. We will work separately with each sector. We start from the back of the head, then go to the top of the head, then the hair behind the ears, whiskey and, lastly, work with the bangs.

    Create waves with a hair straightener

    We divide the hair into curls with a thickness of no more than two fingers, comb them, apply a thermal protective agent. Now grab the entire strand with a straightener right at the very roots, turn the device around its axis, which will allow you to create a curl, and stretch the iron along the entire length of the hair.

    Try to make smooth movements, however, do not stay in any area for a long time, otherwise the strand will be curled unevenly. Strive to do everything in 15 seconds. In the same way, treat all the hair on the head. You can spread your curls slightly with your fingers, and fix your hair with varnish or a strong hold spray. You can highlight individual strands with a gel or hair wax.

    How to get curls using a hair straightener

    How to wind hair on curlers?

    Of course, styling wavy hair is still difficult to imagine without the use of curlers. In addition, despite technological progress, it is they who remain the most harmless way to achieve curls on your head. Modern manufacturers can offer you, in addition to the usual ones, several more models of this gadget: soft curlers (papillots), Velcro curlers, thermal curlers.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? Soft curlers provide you with light waves and will not cause much discomfort if you leave them overnight. Velcro curlers are convenient in that they themselves are attached to the hair, therefore, you do not need to use clips or elastic bands. However, it is impossible to sleep in such curlers. Thermal curlers are the most modern version of this item. They are convenient to use, all that is required of you is to heat them, wind your hair on them and wait 15-20 minutes. However, hairdressers still do not recommend using them more than once a week to keep your hair healthy.

    How to curl hair with curlers

    In addition, choosing curlers, pay attention to their diameter, the smaller it is, the smaller your curl will turn out. Curlers allow you to best style wavy hair with bangs. Since the bulk of the hair you can wind on curlers of the same diameter, and for bangs use the largest size to give volume. Consider how to use curlers.

    1. Wash your hair. Remember to use air conditioning.
    2. Dry your hair with a towel and apply styling agent to it. Mousse or foam to create curls or voluminous hairstyles. Distribute the product as evenly as possible over the entire surface of the hair. Do not overdo it. Better use less than more.
    3. Now you can wind your hair on curlers. Start as before from the back of the head, then go to the top of the head, then along the sides of the head and lastly, wind the hair around the face.
    4. When all the curls are twisted into curlers, you can do the following. Either leave your hair to dry naturally, or blow dry it with a hairdryer. In the second option, after the hair is dried, you need to leave the curlers to cool for at least 20 minutes, and only then remove it.
    Styling without a hair dryer on Velcro curlers
    • Remember that hair should not be combed immediately after removing the curlers. Give them another 5 minutes to take shape. Only then can you pass your fingers through your hair and give them the desired structure. You can fix the resulting hairstyle with a light fixation varnish.

    Wavy curls based on braids and bundles

    Pigtails and bunches are also widely used in making curls. You braid your braids for the night, and in the morning you open your hair and admire your wavy curls. This method is universal and can be used for curling hair even in young children. However, keep in mind that the best results are obtained on fairly long hair.

    If you want to get wavy hair using braids, then proceed as follows. Wash your hair and let it dry slightly in a natural way. Then braid a few braids. Weave, starting as close to the roots as possible and to the very tips. Remember that the size of the curl, and its volume, depends on the thickness of the pigtail.

    However, pigtails are not the only option, how to curl hair at home without curlers and other devices. You can also twist wet hair into bunches. You can make one big bun, then you get voluminous and slightly wavy hair. To do this, collect the hair in a high tail on the crown and secure it with an elastic band. Then wrap the hair once around the place of attachment of the tail, and also secure this revolution with an elastic band. Repeat the turns until the hair runs out.

    Summer evening hairstyle, Curls without curling iron and curlers by AnaLisboa

    Depending on how much you tighten your hair, the structure of curls depends. Therefore, with a rather weak fastening, you will get just very voluminous curls, and strongly tightened hair will give you well-structured waves. If you make several bunches, then the curls will be smaller, but still softer than those obtained when braiding braids.

    Manual styling of wavy hair

    If you have wavy hair by nature, then you are very lucky, because to create curls you can not use special tools, but simply style your hair with your own hands. This styling method is best suited for wavy medium hair. To do this, you will need, in fact, hands and styling mousse. In principle, you can even refuse to use a hair dryer and dry your hair in a natural way, although, of course, then you will need more time to create a hairstyle.

    Such styling is done on dry washed hair. They will need to be applied mousse for styling. Try not to apply the product on the roots, otherwise they may not provide the desired volume or give the impression of being greasy and greasy. Therefore, back away from the roots by a length of about 3-4 cm. When the product is evenly distributed over all your strands, you can start laying.

    Manual styling of wavy hair

    Beat your curls, tilt your head down or to one side and begin to squeeze the strands lightly with your hands. After doing this with all the hair, you can let your hair dry further. You can do such actions from time to time (hair squeezing), then the hairstyle will look even more magnificent.

    If you do not have much time, then of course you can use a hairdryer. In this case, we recommend that you dry your hair as follows. You lean forward, squeeze a lock in your hands and direct a stream of hot air from a hair dryer onto it. Keep it like this for a while, let go of the lock and move on to the next. In this way, dry all the strands. Then raise your head, inspect the resulting curls. If the result does not suit you, you can try to fix it with a comb or fingers.

    There is nothing super complicated in creating the effect of wavy hair, and, now knowing so many options for this, you can choose the method that is best for you. Now you can easily make a seductive romantic look.

    How to do styling for short hair (35 photos) - options for all occasions

    The modern rhythm dictates its own conditions - often there is absolutely no time left for complex styling, which is why short haircuts are very popular among women. Они не требуют много сил и времени для ухода, к тому же выглядеть вы всегда сможете стильно и модно.

    Однако чтобы ваш образ был всегда на высоте, всё-таки придётся хоть немного уделять время своей шевелюре. Read on how to style short hair at home to look attractive in any situation.

    Short hair owners can create styling in minutes

    We lay the hair in various ways

    Be sure to use styling tools for styling.

    There is an opinion that short strands are boring and depressing. In fact, those who think so are deeply mistaken, because short haircuts are an excellent basis for creating a variety of hairstyles that can be easily built with your own hands.

    So, how to do styling for short hair? First of all, it is very important to do everything carefully and accurately when creating a hairstyle, because a short hair attracts attention to both the head and face.

    Therefore, choosing styling tools, you should consider the following:

    • The laying of dark strands should be carried out using mousse, wax, gel, varnish.
    • Do not use gel for styling light strands, as it can create the effect of dirty hair. Choose a lighter lacquer so that it does not glue curls.

    Important! Owners of an oval and round face shape will do voluminous styling, as well as small curls. Broad-faced beauties, this option is categorically contraindicated, because in this way you will make your head visually very large.

    Settle your hair in a casual sporty style

    A tousled look looks bold and elegant.

    Often wondering about how to do styling for short hair, many people opt for styling in a casual sporty style that is suitable for both young girls and ladies at a more advanced age.

    There are no particular difficulties:

    • Rub a small amount of wax in your palms.
    • With your fingertips, apply the product on the locks, squeezing them lightly.
    • Lift the locks up and ruffle them lightly.
    • Optionally, give the hairstyle insolence, making the forehead area smooth, and the back of the head - carelessly disheveled.

    Due to the fact that wax is used to create a hairstyle, which is very elastic in consistency, you can easily transform the styling during the day, for example, turning it into a smooth one. By the way, wax - a tool that must necessarily be in the arsenal of short-haired beauties - the price of the product is not so high, so everyone can get it.

    Note! Be careful when applying wax, it is important not to overdo it, because this way the curls will look dirty and untidy.

    Business option

    Smooth hair - a great option for a business meeting

    For going to work or business meetings, smoothly combed strands are suitable:

    • Comb the strands, make a side parting.
    • Apply gel on one side and comb with fine cloves to comb hair well.
    • Do the same on the other side.

    Thanks to the applied gel, you will achieve incredible smoothness of the hair, however if you decide to change the styling, then do not forget that the gel is not suitable for drying with a hairdryer.

    Wet effect in a marine style

    The effect of wet locks is suitable for absolutely everyone

    Wet effect - universal styling, which is suitable for both an evening out and for everyday life. It looks especially attractive on short wavy strands.

    • Put foam on the curls and squeeze each lock by hand.
    • Using a hairdryer with a nozzle diffuser, dry each strand.
    • Make a parting - zigzag, straight or oblique.
    • Fix a hairdress with a varnish.

    Stacking short strands with accessories

    A graceful bezel complements the delicate look.

    With the help of various hair accessories, you can easily turn styling from everyday to evening, and even to a solemn one. Everything will do - beads, rhinestones, headbands, hairpins with stones, bows.

    It all depends on the event and the style of clothing.

    • Elegant and simple looks hairstyle with side parting. The strand in front must be laid so that it hangs slightly to the eyebrows, and secure its tip with varnish and a hair clip at the tip of the eyebrow. If you have small facial features, then a hairpin with stones and rhinestones will do, if large, it is better to use invisibility.

    Accessories add a twist to the look

    • Curly and wavy curls look very cute in combination with various accessories. So you can separate the strand at the forehead and, tipping it back, stab it with a hairpin. A straight parting looks gentle and romantic, where one front lock is pulled back and fixed with a cute bow or flower.

    Styling for a date trip

    Romantic curls on mild strands add femininity and sophistication

    Curls are an ideal option for a romantic date, regardless of the length of the strands. Just use the curling iron to twist the ends so that they turn outward. Make a parting and fix everything with varnish.

    You can stab one side with a cute hairpin, or put on an elegant hair band.

    Party option

    If you do not have very short strands, then this installation option will force everyone to pay attention to themselves:

    • Using an iron, straighten the curls at the roots, after applying the styling product.
    • Twist the ends with small-diameter tongs to get elastic curls.
    • Smooth a direct root zone with a palm with wax or mousse.
    • Apply nail polish for fixing and spray-shine to give a lively look to styling.

    Everyday hairdryer

    Photo: styling for everyday use

    For everyday life, a simple hair dryer option is suitable. Just after washing your hair, apply mousse to your damp curls, lift a lock with a round comb and blow it dry thoroughly with a hairdryer. For volume, you can twist the tip inward.

    Dry all the hair and fix everything with varnish. You can experiment with the ends by tucking them in the opposite direction.

    A short haircut does not mean that you can not change. Change, and be always beautiful!

    As you can see, short hair is not a sentence at all for creating interesting and fashionable hair styles. It takes much less time to spend compared with long strands, and the appearance of a woman is always stylish and elegant. If you decide to make a short haircut, remember that such a hairstyle will not tolerate dirty hair and lack of styling.

    In styling, it is only important to be creative and experiment in order to bring your image to the ideal. The video in this article talks about additional ways to stack short strands.

    Light curls curling

    The easiest way to quickly make light curls for short hair is to use a curling iron. With its help, you can turn the locks into large or small curls, and then grace them elegantly, combing them with your hands. The curling iron pattern is as follows.

    1. Install a nozzle on a curling iron of a suitable diameter and set to heat.
    2. On a previously washed and dried curls, apply a little protective spray (mousse, foam) for styling. Distribute throughout the hair.
    3. Separate a small lock, pinch its tip with a curling iron and, twisting in a spiral, move up to the roots.
    4. After counting 10 seconds, carefully unwind the curl. Similarly, curl all the locks.
    5. It remains to straighten the curls with your fingers, lay them and fix.

    To make curls on short hair using a curling iron, you will need to spend no more than 10-15 minutes.

    Previously washed and dried hair is curled with a curling iron. To keep couriers longer, use mousses and foams

    The method is simple, affordable, but harmful enough for hair. You can seldom curl, during the procedure use protective equipment for styling hair.

    Curls for short hair with thermal curlers

    Thermal curlers will always come to the rescue when you need to quickly turn short hair into spectacular curls. The method is not very convenient, but the result is amazing. Only a few steps are required:

    • comb, split the strands,
    • carefully, so as not to be pecked, take curlers and wind on a small curl,
    • install the clamp so that the lock does not fall apart,
    • wait about 15 minutes and if the curlers are cool, remove them,
    • beat your hair with your fingers and give them the desired shape.

    Can be fixed with varnish, but optional. After curling on a hair curler, curls on short hair hold their shape for a long time.

    How to curl short hair with a hairdryer

    If there is a diffuser among all the nozzles of the hair dryer, then it is better and faster to not invent short hair effectively. Convenience is also that styling, drying and curling of hair occurs simultaneously. Using such a nozzle is easy.

    1. Wet the washed hair well with a towel (preferably terry - it quickly absorbs moisture).
    2. Cover the strands with a small amount of foam.
    3. Disconnect the small lock and insert it into the nozzle.
    4. Moving the diffuser in a circular motion in any direction, dry it by exposing hot air.
    5. A similar procedure is carried out with the whole head.

    After drying with a diffuser, the hair will look a little untidy, but this has its own plus: randomly sticking curly hair in short haircuts looks stylish, fashionable and spectacular.

    Which device to choose?

    Manufacturers offer a large number of various devices for styling curls. It's easy to get confused, trying to choose the best. The most important thing to remember when choosing a curling iron: each of the types allows you to create a certain type of curls. Decide which hairstyle you want to see in the end. This will allow you to easily choose the right device. Which curling iron you would not choose in the end, remember that you need to choose tongs with a thermostat. Such models are a little more expensive, but they will help maintain the health of your hair.

    It is worth considering suitable types of plaques for short hair. First, decide how you see your curls:

    • To create curls, you need a curling iron of large diameter. For small curls, it makes sense to buy tongs of small diameter. Professional options are much more expensive, but they will allow you to create a very large curl.

    When choosing a large diameter device, pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations. Often the heating of such tongs does not reach a temperature above 150 degrees. This means that after curling with their help you will get light waves.

    • An alternative is the cone curling iron. Its diameter varies at the tip and at the base, which allows you to adjust the size of the curl at will. Moreover - curls wound around such a curling iron look more natural. As a rule, the cone curling iron is not made in the form of tongs (there is no way to "clasp" the hair with a valve). Be careful when working with such a device, there is a risk of burning your hand. Many manufacturers supply a special glove that protects the hand from burns. If you purchased a curling iron without such a glove in the kit, it makes sense to buy it separately.
    • For curling short hair, a triple curling iron is perfect. With its help, you can create beautiful smooth waves along the entire length. For cutting pixies such a device is not used. If the hair length allows (bob, bob), this device will allow you to create an interesting feminine image.

    Currently, there are a large number of plates, differing not only in shape, but also in type of coating. Try to give preference to devices with a ceramic coating, they are less traumatic for hair. Iron tongs are cheaper, but they are very harmful.

    If you wear a “boyish” haircut, which requires correction every month, an iron curler is a suitable option for you, since damaged hair is still cut regularly.

    What types of curls are better suited?

    It would seem that there are not so many short hair styling options, but this is not so. There are several suitable methods for laying this length:

    • Large curls. This styling fits perfectly into the everyday look, and is also suitable for publication. In addition, large curls will be a salvation for girls who grow their hair, because they will allow you to hide uneven tips. Large curls can be made both glamorous Hollywood, and more natural.
    • The waves. Wavy hair looks very attractive on short hair. A gentle image, complemented by such styling, will not leave anyone indifferent. Creating a hairstyle does not take much time, and hair laid in waves looks as natural as possible.

    • Small curls. The resemblance to a perm was returned to fashion not so long ago and has already won the hearts of many girls around the world. Mischievous naughty curls perfectly emphasize the contour of the face, but this style is contraindicated for chubby girls.
    • "Hollywood wave". A square laid on one side in the form of a Hollywood wave is a classic of the genre for the red carpet and not only. Such styling looks very elegant, elegant - and at the same time, it does not require much effort to create it.

    Hair preparation for curling

    When you are about to start curling, you need to properly prepare your hair so that minimize the negative impact of styling devices:

    • Wash your hair using a moisturizing balm, dry the strands with a towel.
    • Use a thermal protective agent. This is a mandatory daily procedure - even if you do not style your hair with a hairdryer and tongs every day. Thermal protective agent protects hair from ultraviolet rays, protecting them from burnout and overdrying.
    • Apply styling mousse. Choose a product that focuses on the initial texture of your hair: if you are the owner of a curly or wavy hair, a tool with a minimum degree of fixation is suitable for you, if your hair is heavy and straight, choose a mousse with a high fixation.

    • Now dry your hair with a hairdryer using a nozzle diffuser. If you don’t have one, dry your hair with your head down. This will make the hair more voluminous. Do not use a comb, as wet hair is very injured. You can comb your hair only after it is dried by about 70-80%.
    • Divide the hair into zones (occipital, temporal, parietal) to make it easier to wind the hair.

    After all these preparations, start wrapping curls.

    Classic curls

    Getting classic curls with a curling iron is not so difficult. It is worth studying the step-by-step guide, and then you can do everything as beautifully and quickly as possible:

    • Decide what effect you want to get in the end. To create natural careless curls, you should curl your hair in random order. For a more glamorous image, adhere to a certain direction of the curl: to the face or from the face.
    • Begin the curl from the back of the head. Keep the curling iron strictly horizontal to make a classic curl. By expanding the forceps vertically, you will get a curl-spiral.
    • Separate a small strand, comb it well and wind it on the curling iron. Heat the strand for 20 seconds, no more so as not to overdry your hair. Try not to wind too much hair at a time, because it is unlikely that they will spin in the right curl, and in the end you will get only small waves.
    • Wind the whole mass of hair and let the curls cool.
    • Now lean your head back and fix the finished styling with hairspray. Do not comb your hair - so you risk spoiling the entire structure of styling. Better mix the curls with your fingers (for a more sloppy look).

    Laying using the harness technique

    Laying in the “tourniquet” technique is very popular, but not every girl knows how to curl her hair in this way. By the way, just such a technique is used when laying the famous "Hollywood wave". It will take a little longer to style your hair using the “tourniquet” technique, but the result will please you very much. The procedure is as follows:

    • As with creating classic curls, curling should begin from the occipital part of the head.
    • Separate the strand a couple of centimeters wide and twist it into a loose flagellum.
    • Now screw the flagellum onto the curling iron and let it warm up - for 15-20 seconds.
    • Neatly remove the curl with a curling iron (without turning) and let it cool in this condition.

    • Screw in the same way all my hair.
    • As a result, you get tight curls. Fix the hairstyle with varnish.
    • If the option with tight curls does not suit you, do the following. Spray the hairstyle lightly with varnish. Now gently comb your hair with a comb with large cloves. You will get large glamorous waves that fit perfectly into the evening look.

    Waving in the "harness" technique opens up space for experiments. Hair laid in this way can look fresh and interesting if you leave tight curls. On the other hand, luxurious waves will make your image more solid.

    Ideas for different hairstyles

    There are many styles for short hair, which are very easy to repeat. Of course, the best way to find out about them is to peek at the stars. Here are the most interesting options.

    • Kristen Stewart chose a bold image with curled bangs laid on one side. This styling fits perfectly to her face, emphasizing the refinement of his features.
    • Lily Collins opted for careless curls. It seems that the stylists of the stars did not spend a lot of time styling, but this impression is misleading. The whole secret is in the texture of the hair, which looks perfectly healthy, shiny and silky. In this image, the actress's stylists achieved a grunge effect, laying her hair in small waves straight from the roots. Косой пробор подчеркивает дерзкий характер прически.

    • Дженнифер Лоуренс предпочитает носить волосы на прямой пробор. Завивка начинается на уровне глаз, привлекая к ним внимание. Этот образ является более классическим. Stylists of the actress made her a hairstyle for the red carpet, which consists of small curls. It is important to note that there is absolutely no basal volume. This is very unusual for hairstyles with curls, but it looks quite interesting and elegant.
    • Selena GomezHaving naturally round face, does not hesitate to wear wavy hair. Careless curls look very fashionable and stylish, a straight cut of the hair makes the image more interesting.

    • Rose byrne, the owner of a triangular face, prefers to wear a wavy square with bangs. The waves “round” the face, making it more attractive, and the slanting bangs always look relevant.
    • Jessica Alba often turns out to be one of the founders of trends. This time was no exception. Light waves in the hair, deep side parting and deliberate splendor - the trendy light look is ready!

    • Emily Ratakovsky achieved a glamorous look, creating lush Hollywood curls with large forceps. Please note that the curls were not combed after curling. Largely because of this, they look so neat.
    • Square Emilia Clark it looks as if the hair was not touched at all by the curler. Waves of different sizes mixed with curls add volume and create an a la naturelle effect.
    • Sienna Miller chose the original image with a long curly bangs falling down over her eyes. A deep parting adds drama to the image.

    • Polina Gagarina prefers to wear large curls, curled in random order. Such styling is suitable for every day and will be absolutely to any girl's face. An important role is played by the basal volume: the more magnificent the styling, the better.
    • Camilla Belle - The owner of an elongated face. She prefers to wear a wavy caret on a shallow parting, adding volume to the roots and styling her hair so that they partially cover her forehead. This method of correcting the shape of the face is simple and effective, while the hair looks very beautiful.
    • Hollywood wave performed by Kate upton It looks win-win. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the retro wave can be supplemented with both straight hair, like Kate's in this image, and wavy.

    In the next video, watch workshops on 10 short hair styling options.

    Short hair styling

    Shortened hairstyles are very convenient, because they do not need such constant and diligent care as long hair. But many women, having done a short haircut, begin to regret it, thinking that they were in a hurry with their choice and would be forced to constantly go with a monotonous haircut. In fact, styling for short hair gives a huge scope for imagination. And the length of the strands does not reduce the choice at all, but helps to show their originality.

    Stylish short hair styling ideas for women

    Having made a short haircut, many girls choose one hairstyle for her and do not change her for many years. Monotony is boring. But, if you do not plan to change the haircut, try changing your image using different styling. Thanks to modern means for fixing, hairstyles with short strands can change many times. Waxes, varnishes, gels, foams, mousses have a lot of properties to fix the hair, give it shine, volume, straighten or curl locks in curls. Let's look at the popular options for stylish styling for short-cropped girls.

    Easy everyday options

    Here are simple ways to quickly style your short hair at home:

    • Plain. For haircuts cascade or in the style of a bob, with a hairdryer, a round comb, slightly dry the hair and with wax, we select individual strands and bangs. We twist them with brashing or pull them in the right direction.
    • Volumetric styling for short hair. Performed with foam for styling hairstyles. First you need to blow dry a hairdryer, twist the curls from the roots to the ends with a circular comb. Fix each strand with varnish.
    • Curls. We wind small strands with a curling iron (working width up to 1 cm). In the end, you can stab them with hair clips.
    • "Fashion mess." If you have a very short haircut, then grease the strands with gel or wax and ruffle them in a chaotic manner.

    Unusual ways to make curls for short hair

    It is good if the woman has a curling iron or curler in the dressing table drawer. But what if these assistants are not at hand? Resourceful beauties invented a lot of unusual ways with which it will not be difficult to turn short hair into light curls. Everything has been tried and tested, you can repeat it without risking spoiling your hair.

    Curl curls with hands

    Perhaps this is an elementary and affordable way for everyone to make curls for short hair. It takes only sleight of hand and a little styling. After washing and lightly drying your hair with a towel, do the following:

    1. apply a little styling on the palms (it’s better if it is firmly fixed) and cover it with strands,
    2. rhythmic movements begin to crush the hair, gently squeezing the locks in the cam and pressing them to the head,
    3. after such simple manipulations leave the hair to dry.

    As a result, a short hairstyle will turn curly, as if after a perm.

    Rope curlers

    Curlers made with ropes of your own will perfectly wind short curls. A spectacular hairstyle will turn out if the hair reaches the middle of the neck and shoulders.

    This curl is best done at night. Sleeping, of course, is not very comfortable, but for the sake of beauty you have to tolerate. Curls are made on short hair in the following way.

    1. From any fabric, cut long strings 1.5-2 cm wide.
    2. The washed head is divided into small locks.
    3. Twist the rope into a tourniquet, apply a lock in the middle.
    4. Pulling lightly, wind the lock and tie a bow with a bow. To make sure that the hair does not fall apart during sleep, secure each pipette with an invisible one.
    5. In the morning after sleep, untwist the hair curlers and put your hair in your hands.

    As a result of this winding, tight curls will be obtained. To get rid of them, it will be enough to wash your hair.

    Hairpins with the help of hairpin and invisibility

    This way, how to make curls on short hair, can cause difficulties. You will have to try several times, while your hands get used to the procedure. You will need large studs with invisibility. Wash and dry the hair a little before the procedure. Curls spin in stages.

    1. First you need to divide the hair into several parts. The larger you want to get curls, the more strands should be.
    2. A slightly moistened strand, starting with hair growth, wind on a hairpin, moving as if spelled eight.
    3. Secure with invisibility. Wait until the hair dries well (you can speed up this process by using a hairdryer).
    4. After removing the invisibility, unwind the curls and do the styling.

    It turns out that making curls for short hair is quite realistic. You do not need to go to the hairdresser for this. Which way do you like more? To decide, it is worth trying each option. On the other hand, all methods are attractive. Curling irons or curlers can be used when there is no time to mess with the hair.

    In cases where there are several hours before creating a curly hairstyle, it is better to curl curls on short hair in any way that does not require the use of thermal devices. If the hair does not have time to dry by the right time, you can always speed up the process of making curls with a regular hairdryer.

    Original styling curly hair

    With short curls, you can come up with many styling options:

    • In retro style. Suitable for girls with short wavy curls. Hairstyles that use vintage jewelry of the 20s and 60s, for example, styling with a rim from fabric or an openwork ribbon, will look creative and original. To get a retro wave in your hairstyle, use a nail polish for easy fixation, a comb with teeth, metal clips. Using a comb, create waves, fix them with clamps, apply varnish. When the curls are dry, remove the clips.
    • Playful curls. To get beautiful curls at home, apply a little mousse to wet curls and gently ruffle the hairdryer nozzle (diffuser).
    • Curly mohawk. For courageous girls who want to express themselves and wear a bob or bob haircut, a mohawk styling is suitable. To do this, you need a strong fixation gel, varnish, comb, hair dryer. Dress the strands with gel and, tilting your head down, do a comb in the direction from the top of the head. Dry your almost finished hairstyle with a hairdryer and fix with varnish.

    Styling short hair with bangs on the side

    A fringe combed obliquely fits all the girls, regardless of the shape of the face. It not only helps to create a unique spectacular image, but also removes or smooths out imperfections. Modern styling with bangs on the side can make the face too round oval, square - round, narrow - slightly expand. There are many options for bangs, they vary depending on the shape of the face and type of hair. The main types of bangs on the side are as follows:

    • long, the cut line can reach the level of the cheekbones or chin,
    • oblique, formed at an angle
    • short, cut at an angle up to the level of the eyebrows,
    • torn when the edges of the cut are processed with special scissors for thinning.

    Festive bulk styling

    To create a festive styling, a pile is used. It fits any type of hair, lifts even very soft and thin strands. If you have a short haircut, then combing the hair on the back of your head, you will get a fashionable, voluminous and modern hairstyle. It is important when creating this styling to adhere to measures, to perform all actions correctly so as not to harm the hair.

    There are two types of fleece:

    • Usual. Each lock is whipped along its entire length.
    • Easy (dull). A strand is combed from the inside.

    When creating a fluffy styling, follow these recommendations:

    • Hairstyle is done on clean, slightly moistened hair.
    • For stability hairstyles, use styling products.
    • Dry your hair with a round brush of medium diameter, moving from the roots of the strands to the ends.
    • To create slight negligence, when drying your hair, slightly tilt your head, do combing in different directions.
    • The hairstyle will be voluminous on the second day, if you spray dry shampoo on the roots of the hair to remove their greasy.
    • To create a natural effect, use a root pile.

    1. Apply foam to wet hair.
    2. Comb the strand, pulling as far as possible, slightly blow dry with a hairdryer.
    3. Do combing in a circle with a comb.
    4. Spray each individual strand with a strong hold varnish.

    Wet night party

    Short hair styling with a wet effect is popular for evening walks. But to make such a hairstyle is not easy, the main thing is not to overdo it and not turn the locks into greasy unwashed hair. You need to start creating a wet effect for a short haircut immediately after washing your hair while the strands are still wet. Sequencing:

    • Head with wet not combed hair, tilt to the bottom.
    • Squeeze out a little gel on the palm of your hand, rub it with your hands and apply in massaging movements on the strands.
    • Raise your head, parting.
    • Take a small comb, lay the strands on opposite sides of it.

    Long hair styling

    Carving for short hair helps create a stylish hairstyle that does not need to be styled daily. Long-term styling for short hair is a light perm, which, in contrast to the usual wave, does less harm to the strands. Despite this, some women are not recommended to do carving. Let's see who stylists do not risk doing such a curl:

    • Owners of weak, brittle, damaged strands, prone to loss.
    • Long-term styling on very short hair (less than 10 cm) is not suitable.
    • Pregnant girls, breastfeeding mothers.

    The carving procedure is like a perm:

    • First, a liquid substance is applied to clean locks, which acts on disulfide bonds (responsible for the shape of the hair), making them weak.
    • Then make styling, the features of which are pre-negotiated with the client.
    • After the procedure, the master processes the curls with a neutralizer, which fixes their new shape.

    Short Hair Styling Video Tutorials

    Not all women have the opportunity to visit a hairdresser daily and pay a lot of money for a hairstyle. But after all, it is not difficult to make a hairstyle itself, and hairdressing education is not necessary here. It is only necessary to have a desire, to love yourself, your hair, to present the image that you would like. And most importantly, there should be inspiration. Having it, you will not need a hairdresser, becoming a master for yourself. To determine the style of hairstyle, check out a couple of step-by-step videos of styling master classes that are easy to do at home.

    How to make a haircut styling at home

    It is widely believed that there are very few interesting hairstyles with short hair, so girls are envious of the owners of long strands. They say that the shorter the hair, the more difficult it is to style it, and there is neither desire nor imagination to invent and improvise. But, even with a short square, you can change your image daily. Watch a short video review on creating at home a few simple styling applicable to such a haircut.

    How to style an asymmetric haircut with a hairdryer and an iron

    An essential role in the design of an asymmetric hairstyle is played by everyday styling. It is not complicated at all, it does not require much time, but without it, any haircut will look ordinary, not attractive. How to style your hair in the style of "pixie", see the video clip below. Your attention will be presented with a “tousled” version of styling with a hairdryer and wax, and an everyday smooth way of hairstyle with the help of ironing.

    Photos of beautiful styling for short hair 2016

    A short female haircut is relevant at any time, and this season is at the top of popularity. With her help, the girl’s face becomes more open, interesting. And the variety of options for such hairstyles allows you to choose your own individual, unique image, emphasizing the beauty of facial features. Styling for hairstyles for short hair can be very different: simple, voluminous, strict, using bangs, combed, smooth. Check out the photos of the brightest ideas of 2016.


    Carving procedure

    First, a specialist will check on a separate strand if there is an allergy to the product. Then take the curlers of the right size, locks of hair are wound on them. The drug is applied on top and kept for some time. Then everyone takes off and wash their hair. Apply a fixing agent, rinse off again and nourish with balsam. You can see the process in the photo.

    After the procedure, it is better not to wash your hair with shampoo for 3 days. Then you must carefully monitor their hydration and nutrition, then they will delight you with a healthy and well-groomed look.

    For carving, agents are used that do not affect the structure of the hair, leaving it whole and healthy. However, this affects how long the styling lasts. Unfortunately, carving holds much less perms: only 7-9 weeks. Hair can be dyed, but only three days after styling. The result is voluminous and elastic curls.

    Advantages and disadvantages of carving

    Compared with perming hair, long-term styling has several advantages:

    • the hair does not deteriorate so much, remaining soft and obedient, the hairstyle becomes lush, the color of the hair remains bright,
    • you can repeat the procedure every 2-3 months,
    • good for oily hair, as the sebaceous glands begin to produce less secret,
    • you don’t need to cut your hair, if you are tired of styling, she will gradually leave herself,
    • time is saved, no need to style your hair every day,
    • long-term styling can be done independently at home.

    The disadvantages of long-term styling, judging by the reviews, are that the result is not very stable, somewhere in a month the shape and volume of the hairstyle worsen. Also, carving does not allow you to abandon hair styling completely, it is just possible to do this as little as possible. Despite the fact that styling is considered gentle, the outer layer of the hair is broken, it begins to split.