Useful Tips

We tested 6 tricks from the stylist, how to seem taller


Every woman wants to be beautiful.

The correct style and well-chosen accessories will help to hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages.

Sometimes just one detail or a minor correction can radically change the whole image.

Well, of course, in the arsenal of any image maker there is a selection of stylistic tricks that will help correct imperfections and significantly improve the chosen image.

So, if you want to visually look taller and slimmer, pay attention to the following nuances:

1. Properly select shoes and accessories

The first rule of a stylish woman: choose accessories wisely. Fashionable and popular choker, which came to us from the distant 90s, today uses every second fashionista.

But few people think about it, but does he paint the image of a woman? After all, this accessory can be afforded by a pretty tall and slender girl.

Fashion Chokers

The fact is that black chokers create an active horizontal, which contrasts sharply with the neck. Due to what the neck seems shorter than it actually is. Visually growth also decreases.

But a neat thin choker with long pendants is an excellent choice for those who want to visually lengthen their neck.

Another version of the choker that does not shorten the neck -concise and open-loop.

A light choker will also beautifully emphasize the curve of the neck.

To pay attention shoes. She must be correct height and color. Well-chosen shoes will not make the legs shorter, but rather add length to them.

3. Choose bags and jeans that suit your height.

Do not forget that not everyone suits jeans of the same style and bags of the same shape. So, for example, a huge sack bag would look ridiculous on a short, thin girl.

If you choose jeans in style boyfriendtry with the right blouse or sweater accentuate the waist. Otherwise, you will visually make your legs shorter.

4. Choose the right top for your palazzo pants

In fashion, the so-called palazzo pants.

Palazzos are wide trousers. Unlike regular flared trousers, the flared trouser leg of a palazzo of trousers starts already from the upper thigh or waist.

A palazzo can be a great option, both for a slim and tall girl, and for one who is not sure of the harmony of her legs. These trousers require a carefully crafted top.

Avoid duo with this item of clothing wardrobe, long and too loose tops and sweaters.

The picture shows how a well-chosen top under the palazzo pants can change the image as a whole.

5. Properly wear a pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is perhaps one of the most feminine components of a girl’s wardrobe. But, in order not to reduce your growth, you need to wear it correctly.

Look at the picture. Visually tinted blouse draws a silhouette. While a shirt that slides freely onto a skirt takes away growth and violates the correct proportions of the figure.

6. Wear the dress-shirt correctly

Dress-shirt is chosen by girls who love convenience and comfort. If the dress is a shirt of a rather wide cut, then it can "eat" your waist and reduce your height.

To avoid this, use a strap that will highlight the waist, thereby making you slimmer and taller.

Pay attention to how the silhouette visually stretches when a woman in a dress-shirt is belted. The length of the legs of its owner is also increasing.

7. Large cage

Large-cage clothing can simply kill your figure. This print looks stylish, but adds extra centimeters and visually expands the hips.

Give preference to neutral, small prints or just plain colors. If you really love checkered things and cannot refuse them, choose clothes in a small cage. Such things make less fat.

8. Be careful with horizontal prints.

Horizontal print adds weight to the figure, making it bigger than it really is.

But if you like stripes in clothes, do not despair. This is not a reason to abandon them.

Just change their direction: the effect of vertical stripes in clothes will be completely different. They will stretch your silhouette and make you visually slimmer and taller.

In addition, a win-win option is to choose classic combination. Various combinations of monophonic things have not been canceled yet.

9. Excessive decor in clothes

Caution with frills, creases and ruffles. Their excess will add you at least a couple of sizes.

Only a thin girl with a lack of the necessary volumes and forms can afford it.

Try to choose clothes with a minimal decor. For example, a skirt with a long zipper visually stretches the silhouette, as well as the vertical strip that was mentioned in the previous paragraph.

10. Large print with horizontal elements

Large pattern will make the figure heavier, and so-called gladiator sandals with long shoelaces running up the leg, visually shorten the legs.

But V-neck and slit in the skirton the contrary, visually elongated figure, making you thinner and taller.

Choose solid items, as well as shoes in color, close to the tone of your skin. It will also help to look taller and slimmer.

12. Wide horizontal stripes in clothes

Worse than horizontal stripes in clothing can only be wide and bright horizontal stripes.

For a visual comparison, look at the picture. Such a skirt will add massiveness and ruin even the most elegant figure. And women with curvaceous shapes should especially avoid such a model.

If you don't want to turn a figure into a shapeless bag, exclude such a thing from your wardrobe.

Plain dress with small ornaments, plus a wide black belt at the waist accentuated by the waist. This way you will look much slimmer.

13. Bright colors in clothes

Bright colors in clothes fill its owner more than calm muted shades.

For example, a vest of the same style, but with a different color scheme, can look completely different on the figure. A thing with soft, muted in color stripes will fill its owner much less. And the same thing, but with red, more active strip will add massiveness to the figure.

Pay special attention to dark things. Usually, black is slim. But only if he himself the style is chosen correctly.

Otherwise, the whole image will be corrupted.

Choose the "right" shoes and accessories

The easiest way to become not only visually, but actually higher - these are heels. The color of the shoes is of great importance: nude pumps and any other shoes of a neutral color will make your legs longer. Black shoes, especially those with high lacing, on the contrary, will shorten them.

Also, as can be seen from our example, it is better not to use decorations that “cut” the image horizontally. For example, a fashionable choker. His neck looks thicker, and the whole figure seems squat.

Be careful with striped prints.

This example shows that the now fashionable strip cannot be used thoughtlessly in your image. The horizontal strip adds volume, and the unsuccessful combination of the print and the length of the skirt above the knee will make you visually lower by a couple of centimeters. But the combination of a striped top with a plain midi skirt, on the contrary, stretches the silhouette.

Choose jeans and bags to suit your height.

Cropped jeans with small stature can further reduce it. Combine these jeans with high-heeled shoes and a short top (crop top). High-waisted jeans will help you adjust your height and look taller. They will help to stretch the figure and accents on vertical lines - for example, stripes will lengthen your legs.

I would like to pay attention to the size of the bag. The best choice for miniature girls is a small handbag with a width of no more than 25 cm. The now fashionable shopping bag will make your look more bulky.

Try the palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are a great way to hide high heels or a platform, making your legs much longer and taller. Choose calm, concise monophonic color models. A combination that does not go out of fashion for many seasons - a cropped top and high-waist pants. This technique will perfectly preserve the proportions of the upper and lower parts of the body and visually lengthen the legs. If you chose a sweater or blouse as the top, grab it with a narrow belt at the waist or, as in our example, tuck it into trousers.

Don't ignore pencil skirts

Special attention deserves a pencil skirt. She perfectly slenders, and also helps to look taller. If you don’t have a short top, then a white shirt will help you out - this is a must have for all times. In our case, it must be tucked in: you will look noticeably slimmer.

Wear shirt dresses correctly

The shirt dress has a rather interesting cut and is suitable for almost any type of figure. But on short girls, such a dress may look disproportionate, as if it were sewn for a person of high stature, and besides, it can add volume to the waist. However, this is easy to fix - you just need to gird your shirt-dress with a belt and roll up your sleeves. The ideal sleeve length for petite girls is 3/4. In addition, it is better to choose a solid model.