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Various fears, conflict situations, difficulties and problems stand in the way of everyone who wants to at least somehow improve their lives. No matter how grand the goals are, and the longer you go to them, the more situations will arise in the way of a person who has not previously encountered them. And here it is necessary to be bold, decisive, self-confident.

How to develop the qualities that help anyone to be successful, happy and realized in life? The online magazine understands the complexity of the issue. On the one hand, it’s easy to say: “Just be like that and all!” On the other hand, when a person finds himself in a situation where it is necessary to show such qualities, he forgets everything and becomes himself.

Courage, determination and self-confidence in themselves do not give anything to a person. You can sit in four walls and think that you have similar qualities. However, when a situation arises that requires the manifestation of these character traits, then the person shows how bold, decisive and confident he is.

First you need to decide on the concepts in order to understand what you need to develop in yourself:

  1. Courage is a quality when a person, contrary to all his fears, does not allow them to take the upper hand and continues to act as intended.
  2. Decisiveness is a categorical disposition to achieve a result, as well as the ability to make decisions and think with your own head.
  3. Self-confidence is a person’s faith in his own strength, understanding of his own abilities and the availability of resources, the conviction that he will cope with everything that he encounters.

So, a person is rarely born in an environment full of abundance of all the goods that he may need. Usually a person is born in a world where he must fight for his own happiness. And the more courageous, decisive and confident he is, the more chances he has to achieve what he wants. How to develop the qualities that help in achieving a better life?

How to become bolder?

Courage is manifested where a person must fight his own fears. To a greater extent, a person is afraid not of what is really happening to him, but of what he represents in his head. Thus, in order to become bolder, you need to start by understanding that all your fears are mostly in your head.

Look at reality: what are you afraid of is already happening to you? If you are afraid to fall, but do not fall, or you are afraid of condemnation, while no one is condemning you at this moment, then what are you afraid of?

Fantasy can both help a person in achieving goals, and interfere. It allows not only to plan further ways of its action, but also to draw scary pictures of what can happen if events begin to unfold in an unfavorable way. A man is afraid of what has not happened yet. How reasonable is your fear?

To become bolder, you need to understand that you are afraid of something that does not exist. Until terrible events happen to you, you can not be afraid! What to do if a frightening thing happened to you? In this situation, you proceed to the next solution to the question:

  1. Do you begin to fear, run away, defend yourself from your fear, thereby depriving yourself of the opportunity to follow the planned path that leads you to the goal?
  2. Or do you clench your fists and teeth to be afraid and at the same time perform the necessary actions?

Courage is when the eyes are afraid and the hands are doing. You have to go through a situation that scares you. And here some say “I can’t”, thereby allowing fears to prevail, while others convince themselves: “I can!” Courage is not a quality with which they are born and live forever, but a character trait that develops and is developed by a person every time he begins to be afraid, while continuing to do what is needed.

Courage develops by daily overcoming all your fears. You can start small when you are afraid of an unpleasant look at yourself or criticism of a stranger. Each time overcome your own fear, which will develop your courage.

How to become bolder and more confident in yourself?

Courage requires overcoming one’s own fears, which mainly live in the person’s head, and self-confidence needs the individual’s conviction that he will be able to overcome everything and take the necessary actions. Self-confidence can be either underestimated or overstated. However, if we talk about adequate self-confidence, then it helps to achieve goals:

  1. Low self-confidence is a person’s understanding that he has the power to do something, while he has no strong motivation to use his own power. He would rather refuse to take the necessary actions than agree to use his strength. And if so, then over time, a person begins to get used to the idea that one should not rely on oneself.
  2. Overstated self-confidence is an exaggeration of one's own abilities by a person. By and large, a person does nothing, but he is trying to convince others that he is capable of something.
  3. Adequate self-confidence is an understanding of what forces and resources a person possesses, while being ready to use them at the right time, and if an individual does not possess something, then he is ready to acquire it.

Self-confidence, like courage, is not a constant in a person. Today you can be confident, and tomorrow you will lose this feeling. What does it depend on? From what you focus your attention on and how often you prove to yourself that you are capable of something.

  • Keep a diary of your achievements. Reread it every time to remind yourself of what you are capable of.
  • Pay attention to your opinion. As long as you take care of what other people think of you, you will always slow down the process.
  • Focus on what good can happen. As long as you concentrate on fears, you encourage yourself not to act.
  • Take a chance. However, this risk should be justified. Just don’t take risks to show your courage and courage. Take a chance if even a negative result is useful to you.
  • Women should pay attention to their appearance. If you are beautiful in appearance, then your confidence will automatically be strengthened.
  • Try to achieve new things. This may be new knowledge, developments of new skills.
  • Men are advised to pay less attention to failures. They happen to everyone. However, if you focus on success, then you will be more concerned about how to achieve it and what to do.
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How to become bolder and more determined?

On the way to any goal, a person will be forced to solve certain problems. To overcome something, you need to decide how to deal with it. And a person, first of all, must think with his own head, try to solve all issues himself, which will allow him to show such a quality as determination, which together with courage helps to achieve any goals.

To be decisive, you need to take responsibility. Indecision indicates that a person is afraid of the consequences that may arise as a result of his actions. And fear arises on the basis of irresponsibility, when a person does not want to collide, to understand, to do something.

Thus, courage and determination go hand in hand. To be decisive, you need to stop being afraid that there may be consequences, due to which a person will have to think with his own head, answer and do something.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for modern man to make his own decisions and follow them. This is facilitated by the large number of people who are around and ready to help. Parents always try to care for their child, even when he is already an adult and independent. Friends and loved ones also take on the role of assistants, trying in any situation to give advice or express their opinion. Being decisive has become much more difficult, because those who help you, at the same time, also require that their opinions and advice be taken into account. Otherwise, you will encounter resentment or someone's detachment.

How to become more determined? How to overcome that which so well educates a society in each person - infantility and cowardice? You need to learn at least from making your own decisions in detail. For example, go to the store and buy what you personally like. Or decide to wake up every day an hour earlier than it once was. In any situation, try to listen to yourself and your desires and make decisions based only on them.

Undoubtedly, the people around you will begin to tell you something of their own, give advice, insist on something. But in your will not to listen to them. If you hear some recommendation that does not meet your desires and opinions, you have the right not to listen to it. Your life, and you must live it as you personally want.

Learn to make your own decisions in the little things: buying something for yourself, maintaining your lifestyle, presenting what you want. Gradually, you will gain experience and begin to make decisions in more serious situations. And let someone not approve, condemn, say "wrong." For you, all this is not important right now. Learn to make "your decision", which will be independent of what other people tell you and how they evaluate it!

Decisiveness appears where a person is ready to act independently and face any consequences, not run away from them, and not shift responsibility to other people. Decisiveness is the willingness to think with your own head and take responsibility.

How to become bolder, more resolute and more self-confident in the end?

Difficulties and problems will always arise on the way to the goal. Why? Because a person does not know how to act so that his goals are realized quickly. Otherwise, he would not have set as his goal what he already knows how to easily and quickly achieve. What a person already knows how to do, does not require certain efforts from him. The goal is only that which requires effort, courage, determination and self-confidence.

To develop these qualities in yourself, you just need to start embodying your desires. It is necessary not only to dream about something, but also to begin to act so that all dreams gradually become reality. This will require a lot of time and a lot of effort. Sometimes a person will give up and even think about how much he needs a goal to work on it like that. However, a man passes only when he is faced with difficulties and troubles, which just require decisiveness, self-confidence and courage.

If a person does not give up and continues to go towards the goal, then he will show all the qualities. And if he saves, then he will once again prove to himself that he is weak, unsure of himself and indecisive.

What is courage

  1. Courage is the ability to soberly look at a situation and control emotions (for example, fear, insecurity)
  2. Courage is power. A brave man does not need self-affirmation, he knows what he is capable of, he is calm and firm.
  3. Courage is the ability to take responsibility, only courageous people win battles and rule states.
  4. Courage is one of the best qualities inherent in a person, it is out of courage that the willingness to defend one’s interests, one’s relatives, one’s business and one’s country flows.
  5. Courage is the ability to make the right decisions, regardless of fears.

The benefits of courage

    • Courage inspires confidence - in one's own strength.
    • Courage gives hope - for a better future.
    • Courage gives freedom - from a depressing feeling of fear.
    • Courage gives independence - from the opinion of the crowd.
    • Courage gives joy - the joy of being yourself.

How to become brave

Context: Fear is one of the strongest emotions of a person. He warns not only about the real, but also about the imaginary danger that may pursue on the path to success. Most often, fear is caused by our imagination. We can be afraid of anything: darkness, appearances to the public, mice, spiders. Success directly depends on the ability to distinguish between real danger and imaginary. And also from the ability to act in real danger. How to stop being afraid.

Problem: Determine where the danger comes from and overcome fear as quickly as possible.

Decision: Courage can be raised by working on one’s own fears. It is necessary to analyze the situation, "weigh" the danger and threat, make a quick decision, put it into practice.

What skills can be acquired:

  1. The ability to analyze the situation, weigh the measure of danger, correctly classify the threat.
  2. The ability to adopt the qualities of the brave in other people.
  3. Ability to avoid danger.
  4. The ability to control thoughts and feelings, the ability to manage their own actions, actions.
  5. Using courage and determination, look into the eyes of danger.
  6. The ability to go on the attack in time, because this is the best defense.
  7. Try to struggle with your own phobias, if necessary, find the courage to turn to a psychiatrist.
  8. Relate to your imaginary fears with humor.


    1. Courage, like any other skill, can be developed. To do this, it is important to constantly work to eradicate fears.
    2. A brave person is always confident. But the opposite rule also works: believe in yourself - and you will gain courage!
    3. Exercising not only makes the body stronger, more agile and flexible, sports give a person confidence and, as a result, courage.
    4. If a person has fear (phobia), then he can defeat him by the method of “opposite”. Afraid of the dark - entering a dark room, takes a step towards gaining courage, fearing of heights - going up the high stairs, he becomes more courageous.
    5. Respect the opinions of others, but be ready to defend your own - this is the position of a truly brave man.

Similar features: determination, courage, courage, self-control,
Recklessness is a vice of excess courage, cowardice is a vice of lack.

Quotes and Sayings of Courage

A dog barks at a bold, but a coward bites.

Mistakes can always be forgiven, if only there is the courage to admit them.

Better to fight with an eagle than to live a hare.

In a country where there is order, be bold in both actions and speeches. In a country where there is no order, be brave in actions, but be careful in speeches.

Courage is resistance to fear and control of fear, not the absence of fear.

To be courageous means to consider as far away everything terrible and as close as everything inspiring courage.

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