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10 ways to have a good time without spending a dime


After a hard day's work, you just need to relax to go to bed in a good mood. We offer you 19 ways to spend the evening profitably and cheer yourself up.

1. Make a healthy dinner

Those who cook at home achieve great success in losing weight and maintaining their perfect shape. HELLO.RU has excellent recipes for steamed fillet of dorada with black risotto or Tempura maki rolls with salmon and tuna. Surprise your family or treat yourself to an unusual dinner.

2. Relax over a mug of herbal tea

A mug of good herbal tea will help you relax, forget about the stresses that were during the day, and prepare for bed.

3.Gather clothes for tomorrow evening

Everyone knows the bustle of running in the morning in search of the necessary things. In order not to be late for work, not to rush and not turn over your wardrobe in the morning in search of a suitable skirt, try to collect what you need in the evening. This will increase the chances of not forgetting something very important, preserve nerve cells and drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

Why not make out finally the laundry on the dryer or wash the dishes after dinner? You can do a lot of useful things today so that tomorrow you don’t have a headache from piled up worries.

5. engage in stretching

Doing yoga or just stretching exercises will make you more flexible and tone your muscles. In yoga, there are special relaxing exercises and asanas that will prepare you for sleep and help get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

6. Make sleep a top priority

Lack of sleep can cause high blood pressure, exhaust the immune system and even increase weight. Make sure that you allocate enough time to sleep - at least 7 hours.

7. Do not reproach yourself

Even if you broke today, ate a packet of cookies or missed a workout, don’t reproach yourself! Tomorrow will be another day, another opportunity to catch up, but you will not return the past.

8. Remove gadgets away

Answering letters, flipping through social media feeds - all this can seriously drag you on. Make sure that you are not dependent on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, or you will soon catch yourself with the fact that at 4 o’clock in the morning in bed you are still sitting on Instagram.

9. Remember your rituals before bedtime

Spend time at bedtime with pleasure, remembering your favorite bedtime rituals. It can be a hot bath, peeling and other activities. The main thing is that you go to bed in a good mood.

10. Snack only healthy foods

It happens that after dinner a hundred more things appear, and as a result, late in the evening you are hungry again. Make sure your refrigerator has healthy, low-calorie snacks or fruits. Candies and cookies are not included in this category.

11. Do not forget to drink water

For a healthy body and skin, a person needs to drink 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day. Coffee, tea, packaged juices only increase the need for plain water, and soda is generally better to exclude from the diet.

12. Make dinner for tomorrow

Save money, time and make dinner to your taste. Very often at work there is a need to have a meal with “harmful” calories, or even skip lunch. Prepare in advance in the evening, for example, a healthy salad with vegetables and herbs.

13. Do what calms you down

Do you need to watch your favorite TV series or do a 10-minute meditation? No matter what it will be, you definitely deserve it!

14. Skip dessert

Sugar, of course, increases serotonin, which is also called the "hormone of happiness", but this does not mean that you need to jam the grief and stress with cakes before going to bed. It is better to do with fruit or a slice of dark chocolate.

15. Plan Your Next Day

It is not necessary to paint plans for the year ahead - a small to-do list will allow you to feel more confident and avoid "cereal in your head."

16. Pamper yourself

Don't let stress get the better of you. Whether you dreamed of lighting aroma candles or listening to classical music - do it! Even 5 minutes of real pleasure are good for your peace of mind.

17. Do what you did not have time

If you think that you did not have enough time in the gym today, fill the gap at home. For example, you can do the “plank” exercise for abs or squats that best train your buttocks.

18. Congratulate yourself

Praise yourself for any achievements: you got up early, made an incredible presentation or signed a contract. There is always something to praise yourself for. After that, he sleeps especially well.

19. smile more

Do not remember the difficulties of the past day, find what makes you laugh. Firstly, it is useful, and secondly, fun.

How to organize your vacation

How to organize your vacation In order to cheer yourself up, as well as your family and friends, you do not have to spend money on expensive restaurants, enchanting shows or exclusive gifts. Of course, from time to time people also feel the need for these things, but in most cases they need something completely different.

As a rule, it doesn’t matter to us where our weekend will be held, it’s much more important how and with whom. There are many options for a good holiday. It can be walks with the family in the park, and home gatherings with friends.

The most important thing is to enjoy every minute of communication with your family, try your best to cheer them up and bring joy. And then you will understand that this type of recreation is not only not inferior to the more expensive, but even wins against it.

Here, for example, are some of them:

  1. A trip to nature with friends A trip to nature. If the weather allows, then you can perfectly relax in nature. For example, you can have a small picnic or just take a walk, enjoying the fresh air and birdsong.
  2. Sport games. If you want to not only have a good rest, but also spend time with benefit, then active games such as badminton, volleyball, basketball and not only will help you with this. You can also go rollerblading or cycling.
  3. Barbecue with friends Cooking together with family or friends. If the weather or any other reason forces you to stay at home, you can devote time to cooking something tasty. Engage your family or friends in this process, and at the end of cooking, have a friendly dinner. You will see - a good mood will be provided to you.
  4. Watching your favorite movie. The easiest and most proven way to cheer yourself up. Turn off the light, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and devote the evening to watching a good movie or series. Upon completion, you will feel relaxed and harmonious.
  5. Photography hunt Photo walk. If you feel that apathy and a bad mood are overtaking you, then pick up a camera and go for a walk. Take pictures of everything you meet in your path - people, flowers, architectural ensembles. Devote time to finding the perfect shot, which you can then share with others. If you don’t have a camera, it doesn’t matter. Modern mobile phones are equipped with decent cameras.
  6. Reading a good book. Sometimes each of us wants to abstract from the whole world, brew a cup of cocoa and plunge into the fascinating world of our favorite literary characters.
  7. Feeding ducks or swans Feeding ducks, swans on a pond. Pleasant and relaxing activity. It is only necessary to bring bread or special food with you in advance. If there is no pond near you or there are no birds on the pond, then you can share bread cats with ordinary pigeons, which will surely be grateful to you.
  8. Cooking crafts to various holidays - New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter and not only. This is another great way to have a good time at virtually no cost. It is better to engage in the creation of postcards and other crafts as a family. The process itself and its final result will bring pleasure.
  9. Game Colonialists Board games. Monopoly, scholar, colonizers, twister, munchkin - this list can be continued for a very long time. It is enough to purchase such a game once and it will serve you for many years, each time bringing joy.
  10. Walk around the city. Often the most ordinary walk can significantly cheer up. The most important thing is to go to it together with those people who are really dear to you and spending time together with which brings you joy.


1. Classics of the genre. Light candles, make fragrant tea and talk about everything in the world. In the cycle of life, so little time is left for spiritual conversations with a loved one.

2. Romantic astronomy. Admire the stars with a constellation map or telescope. Imagine creating your own original star combinations.

3. Thematic dinner. Try to prepare a dish from French or Italian cuisine, and then eat a joint culinary masterpiece with a glass of good wine.

4. An evening for body and soul. Find a spa for two. Aroma massage with essential oils, body wrap with honey, sauna with vanilla flavor and delicious tea ... What could be better?

5. Photo story. Have a creative home photo shoot. You will need a camera (or smartphone with a good camera), a tripod and creative mood!

6. Back to the past. Review wedding videos and collaborative photos. These beautiful, bringing together moments will remind you how much you love each other and how wonderful it is to be one family.

7. Again the first date. Imagine that you are two strangers who really liked each other and decided to go to a cafe together. Try not to get out of the role for a while. You can open each other again.

8. Family portrait. Both nice and helpful. Such a canvas can encourage the study of the pedigree and the compilation of a family history book for future generations.

9. Reincarnation. An unknown and unexpected person lives in each person. Try to reincarnate in the personality that you always wanted to try on. This will help you dressing up, changing your behavior and even creating a new biography.

10. Updating the senses. Rent a room for the newlyweds at the hotel, dress festively, hire an elite taxi and spend time as newly made spouses. Let all of the world be only you, love and happiness!

Game lovers

1. An evening in anticafe. A great way to change the atmosphere, plenty to play enough, have fun and meet interesting people.

2. The night of the games. Fight on the game console for the title of the best gamer or form a strong team of two fighters. Passing exciting levels will color the evening with vivid emotions.

3. Board games. Start with the classic ones (chess, checkers, backgammon), and then move on to "Monopoly", "Tower", "Battle of the Sexes" and another hundred funny, mystical, serious, logical games.

4. Dungeons and Dragons. This is an amazing fantasy role-playing board game that you can go headlong for more than an hour. You can search for D&D organizers in your city and just join the team. An independent game will require reading the manual, the presence of sheets of characters and a set of dice with a given number of sides.

5. Game store. This is a paradise for gamers. Here you can not only test a lot of new games that have just appeared on sale, but also replenish your home collection.

6. Puzzles and games on paper. Forgotten, but not lost their relevance, “Tic-tac-toe on an endless field”, “Labyrinth”, “Sea battle”, “Points”, “Balda”, “Football 8 × 12”.

7. Intellectual battles. Discover, for example, the logical game of go with deep strategic content, one of the five basic disciplines of the World Intellectual Games.

8. Puzzles. Instead of classic puzzles with thousands of elements, you can try to assemble spherical or figured puzzles.

9. Fun games. Create a selection of fun games in advance for a fun pastime. Let's say the popular pantomime game “Crocodile” will charge you with a positive mood for the whole evening.

10. Passing quests. Original stories, surroundings, interesting tasks, puzzles, puzzles and the opportunity to be anyone. Choose any quest you like.

Useful ideas

Go to the rink If you want to live a full-fledged social life, but at the same time you cannot afford extra expenses, then you should know that there is always a way. Just regularly keep track of the free events organized in your city and attend them.

Open door days from time to time arrange almost all museums, galleries, centers of contemporary art. Follow the relevant promotions - and you will not only save money, but also learn a lot of new and interesting things for yourself.

Also, it will not be amiss to participate in various city events - concerts, festivals, fairs, free tours. Sandwiches and tea in a thermos taken from the house will help to resist the temptation to purchase something tasty. By the way, on the day of the city, fireworks are often organized, which gives an excellent opportunity to recall childhood and give in to a little nostalgia.

In winter, you can head to the public ice rink. In summer - go to the city beach. Spring is that wonderful time when cherries, apple trees, magnolias bloom in the parks. In autumn, it is so pleasant to pick up the falling leaves and walk along the park paths bombarded with them.

Thus, having a good time without spending a dime is really possible. All that is needed for this is just a little imagination and a good mood.

Be smart and have a good mood!

Active and restless

1. Sports event. Go to any sporting event in your city and heartily cheer on any team you choose.

2. Step forward. Going in for sports together is indescribable. Be sure to go to a test training at the gym, swim in the pool or try yourself in martial arts.

3. Shopping. As you know, you can walk more than one kilometer through the shopping center. Both useful and pleasant. At the same time, look for gifts for relatives and friends.

4. Dance lesson. Passionate bachata, classic waltz, incendiary salsa, rumba, foxtrot or tango - communicate in body language and have fun.

5. Trying a new one. An excellent option for a date is a joint visit to a lesson in a new type of physical activity for you, such as yoga or stretching.

6. Fitness for two. Evening jogging, warm-up on simulators, stretching exercises and joint preparation of a light dinner - the perfect plan for an active, healthy and enjoyable evening.

7. Forward after the wind. Take a bike ride, go rollerblading, or try skateboarding. On the way, you can fly a kite and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Discover new horizons of opportunity.

8. Dance simulator. If you don’t feel like leaving home, you can plunge into the world of movements with animated dancers under popular music tracks. Move with your partner, learning dance elements and earning points.

9. Alone with nature. Make an interesting city walk route. Visit places you have never been to before.

10. A picnic. Arrange a camping trip with an overnight stay in a tent under the starry expanses and long conversations around the campfire. Let it take only one day, but it will remain in memory for many years.

For lovers of peace and quiet

1. The rustling of the pages. Read your favorite books, wrapping yourself together in a cozy blanket and making hot berry tea.

2. At the peak of calm. Take a thermos, sandwiches, warm rugs and spend an evening on the roof of a high-rise building, watching the boiling life far below.

3. The library. Spend time in the library with a cup of coffee. You may be able to get to the evening of poetry or bard song.

4. An evening of films. Find out in advance in which cafe the movie evening will be held. This is a great opportunity to relax from the bustle and travel through fictional worlds.

5. A trip out of town. Autumn forest, a secluded house with a fireplace and you two. You can walk, fish, take pictures, warm the legs by the fire and enjoy the slow flow of life.

6. Riding lesson. Communication with horses relaxes, relieves stress and brings real happiness. No wonder hippotherapy works wonders.

7. Swimming with dolphins. An evening with these fantastic creatures will give you real childhood joy and an excellent photo shoot for memory.

8. Feeding the birds. Stock up on bird food and head to the nearest park. And take a walk, and breathe in the air, and you will make the birds pleasant.

9. The cultural program. A great solution for everyone who does not like the hustle and bustle will be visiting a performance, opera, ballet.

10. Live music. You can book a table at the jazz club or blues club. An unforgettable evening is guaranteed.


1. Lead us, Susanin. Map the sights of your city or area. Find as much information as possible about them in advance and take a walking tour in the evening, telling each other about what you learned new.

2. Explore the microworld. Позаимствуйте у друзей или знакомых на вечер микроскоп. Вы сможете сделать не меньше пятидесяти открытий за раз.

3. Побудьте учёными. Carrying out chemical experiments or creating your own watercolor paints at home will bring a lot of pleasure.

4. Handmade gifts. This can include creating your own soap, designer candles or a family recipe for one amazing dessert. And the resulting masterpiece can be presented to your loved ones.

5. Taste it. Go to a cafe where you have never been before and order a dish from Indian, Japanese, Korean or any other cuisine.

6. Industrial tourism. If you want to learn how to make real chocolate, create wine or Coca-Cola drinks - visit the company with a tour. It will be really informative and interesting.

7. Tricks. Spend an evening of miracles and try to do some unusual magic tricks or mathematical tricks. You can learn the secrets of magic the day before a joint evening.

8. Learning together. Finally, start learning your favorite foreign language. Together, doing it is much more fun and productive.

9. Lectures. An excellent find for the curious is to attend open popular science lectures, which are often held in higher educational institutions. This also includes chamber meetings with interesting creative people.

10. Origami. The art of origami is the folding of unusual figures made of paper. For example, on the eve of Halloween, you can try to fold a creepy hand with claws or a gravestone.


1. We make a tattoo. A romantic adventure saturated with adrenaline. The tattoo will be your little, original secret.

2. Change of image. Change the style, hairstyles and hair color in the beauty salon. Look at life in a new way.

3. Climbing. The first lesson at the climbing wall can turn into a shared passion with subsequent trips to overcome the real rocky terrain.

4. Ghostbusters. Spend the night in a place that is saturated with terrible legends and has mystical glory. Try to capture otherworldly inhabitants on camera and feel the true nature of fear.

5. Two warriors. Play paintball or laser tag - high-tech games in real time and space. Modern weapons, well-equipped training ranges, scenarios of famous computer games and movies will help you to unwind and feel like a team.

6. Jailoo-tourism. This is a completely new type of tourism, involving recreation in complete isolation from civilization in places where mobile communications do not work and there is no electricity. A good opportunity to test your resourcefulness, endurance and patience.

7. Parkour. Parkour is urban acrobatics. Try to overcome city obstacles by running, flying over fences and steps, climbing walls and breaking roofs. If you are not an avid tracer, familiarize yourself with the style in advance and be extremely careful.

8. Overexposure to the animal. Take a cat or dog for a while by contacting animal support groups. If your house does not have a permanent pet, then for you this is likely to become an extremely spent period, and the animal will have the opportunity to feel love and care.

9. A ticket anywhere. Buy tickets for the first train you have and take a trip to a new city for you. Stay in it for at least a few hours, soak in new experiences and come back.

10. Go for it. Spontaneously make a decision to take part in a competition or competition that you have always been afraid of. Overcome yourself and get support in the person of a loved one.

How do you spend your evenings together?