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Barbados Cocktail Recipe


by Administrator · December 4, 2013

Barbados is a hot coffee cocktail, very similar to Caribbean coffee. The main difference is the use of coffee liqueur instead of hazelnut Amaretto. A hot drink is relatively sweet, so some gourmets may not like it.

Popular recipes

Extremely tasty and most useful version of the dish, which is ideal for children and adults for breakfast. Soft and juicy, without a drop of fat and oil! Ingredients: Chicken egg - 3 pcs. Milk - 2/3 cup. Salt (to taste).

Ingredients: - 2 medium-sized chicken fillets, chopped in small cubes 1x1 cm or even smaller - 100 g of hard cheese (any), chopped in small cubes 1x1 cm — 2 eggs— 100 g of kefir — 100 g of flour—.

Ingredients: 1 egg 1 glass of milk 1 glass of flour 300 g of suluguni (cottage cheese) 30 g of butter Preparation: 1. Beat the egg in a bowl with a whisk. 2. Pour milk and whip again. 3. Add flour and beat. 4. Rub 300 grams of suluguni. 5.

Ingredients: - ready-made puff pastry - minced meat –– cheese –– mushrooms –– onions –– carrots ––––––––––––) Cooking: 1. Cooking minced meat: Fry the mushrooms separately, finely chopped onions and carrots (grated), salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients.

Ingredients: ● Egg - 1 pc. ● Sugar - 2 tbsp. l (to taste) ● Vanillin - 1 sachet ● Kefir - 0.5 l ● Flour - 400 g ● Baking powder (or soda) - 1 tbsp. l (one.

Cocktail "No Words" - Cocktail Recipes

    Anonymous January 01, 0001 00:00

Red Box Gin - 50 ml.

White vermouth - 50 ml.

White port - 50 ml.

White table wine - 50 ml.

Mix equal proportions of white vermouth, gin, white port and white table wine. The name of this alcoholic cocktail speaks for itself - all emotions and feelings will gather here in one glass

Blend Method - Cocktail Recipes

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Strange as it may seem, the blend method is the most ancient, historical method of making cocktails. The mechanical blender appeared earlier than the shaker and became a revolution in the manufacture of mixed drinks. The blend method is used to make cocktails with fresh fruits, “frozen” cocktails. When preparing a cocktail using this method, it is easy to obtain a drink with a beautiful foam or a drink having an airy consistency (especially when using cream liqueurs). Using this method implies the use of special bar equipment - a blender. Currently, a mechanical blender is more likely a rarity and a museum value, so electric ones are mainly used. It is desirable that the blender has two speeds and a pulse mode. When preparing a cocktail using the blender method, measured and weighed ingredients are placed in the blender bowl, then they are homogenized (I use a high blender speed for this), then crushed ice is added (by weight or volume!) And the cocktail is mixed at a low blender speed (in pulse mode) for 10 to 15 seconds. As a rule, a cocktail prepared in a shaker has a thick consistency similar to a fruit ice cream. Naturally, the cocktail does not need filtering.

Easy Cocktail - Cocktail Recipes

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pineapple juice 100 ml, grapefruit juice 50 ml, martini extra dry 40 ml, blue curacao

Well, to be honest, the drink itself is extra dry this dry by itself and therefore still for everybody: lime 15 ml, gin 30 ml and extra dry 40 ml (mix in a shaker with ice0 add 200 ml of apple juice in a glass!

simple option: strawberry syrup 10 ml, apple juice 80 ml and martini 35! (shake))))))))))) and you can drink it with apple, grapefruit, pineapple, orange! 50/135 with ice!))

Cocktail 50 50. Fifty Fifty - Cocktail Recipes

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50/50 Cocktail (Fifty - Fifty)

As the name of the Fifty cocktail - Fifty testifies, it consists of equal parts of gin and dry vermouth.

mixing glass

50 ml dry vermouth

In a glass for mixing with ice cubes, add gin and vermouth. Stir and pour into a cocktail glass. Garnish with olive.

Olmeca Apple Tini Cocktail - Cocktail Recipes

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Cocktail Olmeca Apple Tini

An unusual combination of tequila and apple.

margarita glass

50 ml tequila (Olmeca)

20 apple syrup

10 ml of lemon juice

apple slice for decoration

Mash an apple in a shaker, add tequila, linon juice and apple syrup. Filter through a strainer into a margarita glass and garnish with an apple slice.

Cocktail Ambassador - Cocktail Recipes

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A pleasant, refreshing, easy-to-prepare cocktail.

mixing glass

60-120 ml of orange juice

1 dash of sugar syrup

orange slice for decoration

Pour orange juice, sugar syrup and tequila into a mixing glass filled to half with ice cubes. Stir and strain into a glass of old fashion with two or three ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of orange.

One of the most popular alcoholic cocktail Sex on the beach contains vodka. - Cocktail Recipes

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One of the most popular, alcoholic cocktail Sex on the beach contains vodka, peach liquor, as well as cranberry and orange juice. The international bartenders association included him in the list of official cocktails.

This popular drink first appeared in the USA and was called “Sand in your shorts”, then changed its name and became “Fun on the Beach”, since in those days the word “sex” ”Tried to avoid and did not write on the menu.

Currently, the cocktail Sex on the beach rightfully takes first place among the ordered drinks in most bars. To make it, you need vodka, peach liquor (Peach Schnapps), cranberry and orange juices. These ingredients are poured into a highball glass in a ratio of 2-1-2-2. Garnished with an umbrella, two cherries and a slice of pineapple or lime. Juicy orange color, refined taste and freshness of the drink will not leave anyone indifferent.

In some embodiments, pineapple juice may be added. Instead of a glass of highball, a hurricane can be used to make a drink.

In addition to the classic version, cocktail Sex on the beach can be non-alcoholic. In this case, cranberry, peach, pomegranate and pineapple juices are simply mixed in equal proportions. Served in a glass with ice. This version of the cocktail is excellently refreshing on hot summer days.

Cocktail Orgasm - Cocktail Recipes

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Cocktail orgasm is included in the list of leading cocktails in the world and is recognized by the international organization of bartenders, so you need to take it seriously despite its original name.

The Florida Bartender, who works in an institution called Flying Elk, invented the orgasm. The history of the invention is simple to the point. Somehow, a pretty girl came under a local bar with the funny name “Flying Elk” and tells the bartender that he would make her some tasty and unusual cocktail that is not on the menu. The bartender was an experienced and quick-witted man, without thinking twice, made a batch of various ingredients and served a glass to the girl. She liked this unusual drink so much that she began to come and constantly order it. So there was a cocktail orgasm. Rumor has it that the name of the cocktail orgasm came either from the fact that it needs to be drunk as soon as possible, in general, to catch that moment, or just the bartender decided to make a hint to the girl for an intimate continuation of

In order to prepare a cocktail orgasm, the recipe must be repeated exactly following all the proportions. Although this drink is unique in that its composition is constantly undergoing changes, since each bartender has his own ideas about what a real orgasm is.

I would like to note that the orgasm cocktail was most popular in Florida, despite the fact that it is known all over the world. However, I will try to convey to you the very initial composition of the cocktail orgasm that that cunning bartender invented.

Cocktail Orgasm Recipe:

30 ml Baileyz Irish Cream (Bailey’s Irish Cream)

Making Barbados Hot Coffee Smoothie:

The Barbados coffee cocktail is prepared in a mulled wine glass using the stir method.

Pour dark rum, coffee liquor. Then a turn of coffee. It needs to be added just enough to leave room for a creamy chocolate side dish. Stir with a spoon

It remains to install a cap of whipped cream and rub on top the black chocolate.

Barbados is ready. Proceed to the tasting.

Ware for cocktail: irish coffee glass

A hot digestif is strong enough, it will be very difficult for an unprepared to drink it. Dark rum is stronger, but the taste of this drink is much more beneficial combined with a chocolate base.

Grated dark chocolate is the best powder for this cocktail. Basically, if you think such a side dish is too sweet, try cocoa powder.

On average, if you decide to do a Barbados coffee digestif, you will have 4 minutes to mix one serving of the cocktail.