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What to do if the alarm does not turn off and the car does not start?


There was a problem: the horn itself turned on.
In the evening I parked the car. After a while, a beep sounds. The neighbors began to bother: your car is yelling!
I thought the signaling worked, leaned out from another window, my alarm is silent and the keychain does not show anything. Something yells, but the sound is not mine. And an ordinary horn sounds different. After half an hour the neighbors bothered your car yelling. Came out - really, my car is "yelling", and not with a signaling, but with a regular horn. (I could not even imagine that it happens).
I removed the silence terminals from the battery (night time, went to sleep).
The next day I tried to figure it out: I connected the battery-yelling. I tried to get to the relay, it didn’t work (I could not remove the mounting block). He removed the radiator grill and disconnected the contacts from one of the beeps (upper) silence. I tried to rearrange the contacts from one beep to another, one at a time the upper one is silent, the lower one is beeping (the relay means it works), but when you connect two beeps together, it screams. Now I removed the top beep altogether, I go with one for a week (it works fine).
I can not understand: either the beep itself was covered or the wiring. Who knows the electrician help advice.

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How to turn off the alarm using the button?

An infrequent situation occurs when the security device does not respond to control. However, there is a danger of blocking in the world. The reasons may be different. As for the alarm, if you have a remote control, you should check:

  1. The batteries that are inside.
  2. Car battery.
  3. Interference from surrounding radio devices.

As for the batteries, it's simple. The display has an indicator that displays the charge. If it is at zero or close to this, then you need to look for a new power device. Fortunately, there is no problem with cities. It should be noted that the battery could not just end, but deform. In this case, it may be necessary not only to change the battery, but also to clean up the contacts before that, if the old one “started to leak”.

If the battery is dead in the car, you need to open the doors and immediately turn off the alarm. This is followed by turning off the sound signal and solving problems with the battery.

As for interference, they often occur in parking lots. High concentration of cars with security devices can affect signal quality. The solution to this problem is to bring the keychain as close to the control unit as possible. The latter, as a rule, is placed closer to the driver.

Having solved these problems, the driver enters the salon. Further option 2: either everything is fine and you do not need to turn off anything, or you have to use the service key.

Turn off the alarm on a car without a key fob

If the car door is open, there is a problem starting the engine. Indeed, most modern security systems block it. The actions are as follows:

  1. Mute speaker alarm.
  2. Engage in engine unlocking.

It will take some time to unlock the motor. Therefore, you have to get under the hood and turn off the alarm speaker.

To disable the security device you will need:

  1. Make a combination of turning on the ignition.
  2. Press the secret key Jack.

Service button installation location:

  1. Shows a specialist who was involved in the installation of security systems.
  2. Should be checked with the previous owner of the car, if it was bought with it.

Independent search, if the location is unknown, is made at random in the following places:

  1. Under the car dashboard.
  2. Near the fuse box.
  3. Near the control pedal.

Different manufacturers of vehicle security systems use different combinations to put the device into service mode. The combination for security systems Pantera, Sheriff, Alligator is not difficult:

  1. Turn on the ignition.
  2. Press Valet for a short time.
  3. On some Pantera systems, the button should be held down for a few seconds.

How to disable the Starline alarm using the button:

  1. Turn on the ignition.
  2. Press the Jack button for models A1, A2, A4.
  3. For models A8, A9, the button should be pressed 4 times.
  4. Turn off the ignition.

Example for code 11 (factory default code):

  1. Turn on the ignition.
  2. Press the service button once.
  3. Turn off the ignition.
  4. Turn on the ignition again.
  5. Press the button again.
  6. Turn it off again.

There are other systems that also use two-digit code. By following the steps above, you can unlock the engine.

After turning off the alarm, the motor did not start - action

Another situation: the driver turned off the alarm, and the car will not start. In this case, the engine blocks the electrical equipment. She can malfunction in the process of her work. And the severity of the problem does not depend on the car, on the complexity of the complex from theft.

Signs of blocking:

  • The engine will not start.
  • The power plant stalls immediately after starting.
  • There is no reaction to starting from the remote control.
  • Does not respond to the ignition system.

Corrective action:

  1. Examine the icons on the control panel of the electronic system. Often, additional features are activated.
  2. Check the LED bulb, if any. If it blinks, it means the anti-theft system is activated in the menu.

If the control panel has the word "IMMO", then the following actions should be taken:

  1. Remove key from ignition. Open the central lock through the keychain.
  2. Get out of the car, turn on the security system, turn it off and try to start the engine.

If there are no signs of intentional blocking, use the service mode. To do this, carry out the operation with the Jack button. Please note that you need to hold the emergency button to turn off the alarm for 10 to 20 seconds. In this case, the signal LED should light up and then go out. After the light goes out, you can try to start the engine. After the problem is resolved, the security function must be turned on again.

What is better to make an immobilizer bypasser yourself, or give preference to a purchased module?

How to correctly fill out a certificate of accident-154, and how much it is valid in the next article.

How to turn on the alarm on the machine after a trip?

Disabling the service mode of almost all devices is the same. This will require:

  1. Insert the lock, start and switch off the engine.
  2. After about 10 seconds, press the Jack button or turn the switch to the OFF position. If using the remote control, you need to open the lock and press the speaker button.
  3. Deactivation of the service mode will be accompanied by a double sound signal indicator on the control panel.

There is nothing terrible in blocking the alarm. The main thing is not to panic. In extreme cases, if you can’t figure it out, you can browse the Internet, find instructions for a specific model. If this does not help, then go to the service.

How to turn off the alarm in more detail on the video:

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I had an unpleasant situation with the control panel, he didn’t want to turn off the alarm with the remote control, because he picked up a malfunction of the radio noise. I put my car in the parking lot that day and when I returned from work to the parking lot in the evening I couldn’t turn off the alarm from a long distance, and so in general 3 times.
When it was the last time I was disappointed and approached closer to the driver’s side, I pressed the remote control and nevertheless, by some miracle, my car finally unlocked and turned off the alarm.

In cold weather I got out of the porch in the morning and went to the car, pressed the remote control hard and wanted to go to work faster, but the car did not open the door, then I called my friend who was driving in the cars. Arriving at the place, he explained that the problem arose with the door mechanisms and that the remote control gave an incorrect notification and the remote control lost. He confirmed the hypothesis to me that all this happened due to the freezing of mechanisms.
After some time, I opened the car with my magic hands, checked everything so that this did not happen anymore and I got to work normally, in the evening of the same day the car no longer got buggy on the remote control.

When such an ugly problem appeared, I did the following in a timely manner. The remote control that I turned on didn’t react at all, to turning it off, and even more so to turning it on. I thought of doing this: disconnecting the siren of the bell terminal from the battery, the second step after that I replaced the old battery with a new one. The battery began to function as before in the previous state.
Since I perfectly dealt with this issue, I refused to help my dear brother, who called me when the problem arose.

Engine blocking car alarms

In the presence of installed anti-theft systems, electrical equipment is responsible for blocking the start of the motor. Immobilizers or car alarms may turn out to be malfunctioning and cause permanent or single malfunctions during operation.

It must be added that the severity of the problem will depend not on the specific model or brand of the car, but on the complexity of the installed anti-theft security system.

Random activation of the engine lock function

First of all, carefully study the displayed icons on the alarm key fob. A common reason for blocking is the accidental activation of additional features. It is also necessary to follow the indications of the LED indicator light (if available) in the passenger compartment, which serves as a light indicator of the alarm status. Flashing of the LED lamp in most cases indicates that the anti-theft function of the immobilizer is activated in the menu.

If after turning the key in the lock and turning on the ignition, frequent flashing of the signal lamp (using the StarLine car alarms as an example) is observed before the engine starts, and the pictogram with the word "immo" is displayed on the key fob:

  1. one way to solve the problem is to remove the key from the lock, after which just click on the button to open the central door lock on the key fob.
  2. You can also get out of the car, put the alarm in security mode, then disarm and then start the engine.

In other words, you need to make sure that the alarm works in the normal and familiar mode for the owner. Up to 30% of cases of engine start blocking by an alarm occur due to an accidental change in program settings. The driver’s task is to disable all unnecessary functions in the settings.

Using the StarLine signaling as an example, we note that this system has the option of “two-stage” unlocking. Activation of the function may occur by accident, a separate icon will glow on the screen of the remote control. To disconnect on the key fob, hold down button 3. The key fob will emit two peaks, after which button 3 is pressed once again. Then, button 1 is clamped for a few seconds, then the security functions are removed,

Disabling locks with a service button in the passenger compartment

In the event that there are no signs of an unintentional activation of the engine start locks, you can try to unlock the engine using the service mode. This mode is called Valet and serves to transfer the system to service mode. To activate, you must insert the key into the ignition switch, turn on the ignition and then turn it off.

After that, you need to hold the service mode enable button for about 10-20 seconds. The result will be a notification using a special short signal, after which the indicator lamp (indicator light, LED) will light constantly. This method means disabling all security functions, which may also mean unlocking the engine. We add that after fixing the problem, it is necessary to activate the alarm security functions again.

Self troubleshooting alarm

  • It is often possible to fix the malfunction and remove the engine lock with your own hands if it is possible to detect blown fuses. This problem often leads to malfunctioning alarms. The fuses must be checked; if a problem element is detected, it is necessary to replace the fused fuse with a knownly good one.
  • Malfunctions in the alarm operation can also be associated with insufficient battery charge or poorly fixed terminals on the battery terminals. In this case, the battery is still able to sluggishly crank the starter, but the engine lock can already work and further prevent the engine from starting.

  • Another step will be to check the limit switches (limit switches), which are under the hood and trunk lid. Moisture or oxidation of the trailer often causes an incorrect signal to the alarm control unit, which leads to engine blocking. Please note that unprofessional installation of alarms and limit switches, as well as improper washing of the engine, can lead to malfunctions in the electrical equipment.

Tips & Tricks

If attempts to remove the engine locks and start the engine were unsuccessful, then there is a high probability of a serious malfunction or failure of individual alarm elements. The result is an arbitrary triggering of engine locks, which cannot be disabled using standard methods. The defective machine must be delivered to the service station, since unlocking will require professional intervention.

The specified delivery can be carried out by a tow truck. Another affordable way is to call an electrician who works on the road. It should be noted that the final cost of paying for the services of a field engine unlocking, disabling the car alarm, emergency opening of locks, etc. often get smaller compared to delivering a car to a service center on a tow truck and paying for repairs in a technical center.

The alarm does not respond

The battery has run out in the keychain

The first and most likely reason if the alarm does not work on the machine. Batteries could sit or move from their regular place. Remember when you last changed them. Dead batteries may be indicated by a dimming screen or LED.

To remedy the situation, remove the battery from the case and tap it slightly on another hard object. This may be enough to disarm the car. In general, it's always a good idea to carry a spare battery with you.

You are in the radio interference area

Often jammed radio waves near sensitive enterprises, closed facilities, airports. It can be a powerful electromagnetic field from an object. Interference can be caused by a large concentration of cars, as in parking lots of shopping centers, as well as cash collection vehicles (therefore, avoid stopping next to them).

Try to bring the alarm keychain close to the place where the system receiver is installed, and press the button. If this does not help, you can tow the car 200-300m from this area and try to open it there.

Not enough conditions for wave transmission

It is possible that in order to disarm the system, there is not enough working voltage on a dead car battery. Also in a particularly severe frost, the keychain can “slow down”.

Some transmitters fail due to repeated button presses outside the signal coverage area (for example, when buttons are pressed in a trouser pocket or children play with a key fob).

Security system wear

Over time, the keychain radius may decrease. The transmitter antenna installed in the vehicle may be malfunctioning or errors may have occurred during the installation of the alarm.

The synchronization of the remote control with the car is broken

This means that the key fob has lost contact with the unit and needs to be reprogrammed. We open the car, and since it is not removed from the alarm, we use the emergency shutdown function. Further, to program the transmitter, refer to your alarm manual. Each manufacturer has its own characteristics, but in general, the algorithm is not complicated and runs quickly.

The car is not removed from the alarm

Control Unit System Problems

If the system does not show any signs of life, this may be due to the fact that the software has disappeared from the main unit. As a rule, it needs to be flashed. This is done by alarm installation service companies.

Electronics malfunction

The most unpleasant news is the failure of the central alarm unit. They cannot be repaired, they can only be changed. This happens infrequently and leads to the replacement of the entire system, which is not cheap.

How to understand that your alarm unit is "dying":

  • no previous functions
  • the system responds inappropriately or does not react at all to the remote control commands
  • spontaneous inclusion of a siren.

Engine locked

Occasionally, an engine blocking relay may fail. If the reason is this, the car simply will not start. Зная, где находится реле, и имея опят в ремонте автомобиля, блокировку можно самостоятельно отключить, перемкнув правильные контакты, чтоб добраться до специалистов своим ходом.But if you are not confident in your skills - in no case do not take such actions, this can lead to serious damage to the car, as well as to short circuit and fire.

Alarm often triggered

Negative influence of the medium on electronics

Often, contacts and relays fail. Most often, the hood ends up. Trailers are buttons that are pressed by the hood when closing so that the alarm remembers the open / closed position. Since these contacts are in an aggressive environment, often dirt gets clogged, moisture gets in, they oxidize and rust. As a result, they do not work correctly, but they may also respond to the opening of the hood. The problem can be eliminated by replacing the trailer.

Sensors that need service

Firstly, when installed, the shock sensor could be configured for increased sensitivity. The siren can be triggered even by gusts of wind. Exit - changing the sensitivity settings.

Secondly, quite often external tilt, shock, and microwave volume sensors fail. This malfunction is considered “floating”, since they are scattered throughout the car, and it is difficult to establish the cause of the breakdown. In any case, it will be better to contact the service.

Alarm does not open or close doors

The car safely becomes armed, but when you open it on the key fob, it’s “open” and the central lock is locked? Listen to whether the central lock works. If so, then first of all we check the fuses, the so-called “brains”.

The cause may be a blown 10A fuse (with a red head), which is installed in front of the locking relay, or the integrity of the wires. In frost, they become especially fragile and often break. Perhaps the solenoids in the doors do not work. It may be that the alarm ends do not close the doors, then they should be checked.

If the fuses are in order, we check the drive of the central lock, which is located in the driver's door. The traction from the front left door lock to the central alarm lock is probably broken. It is fixable and mechanically fixed.

How to "calm down" an alarm that does not turn off

  • Emergency shutdown function. The lock is released in service mode. Every driver should know where the Valet button is hidden in his car. Often it is placed next to the fuse box in the cabin. Also inspect all removable plugs and covers, the torpedo from the side of the open door, the space under the steering cover. This button is responsible for communication with the alarm control unit, reprogramming key fobs, adding new protection functions, etc. When the alarm does not turn off, you need to use the button to enter the secret code that is prescribed in the instructions when installing it. For example, to turn off the siren, you may need to turn on the ignition, press the button twice, turn off the ignition. The alarm will be turned off and you can drive a safe distance to find out why your alarm does not open the car.
  • This method is "folk", but effective. Sitting in the car with the siren turned on, many times in a row press the Unlock button on the key fob. At some point, the alarm will respond and work again. These actions are explained by the fact that sometimes the connection between the remote control and the control unit is broken. Constant pressing of the button amplifies the radio wave and the contact is restored.