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10 tips for those who want to always live on the sunny side


There are many ways to turn a sad, dull room into a cozy room. If you add bright furniture and appropriate decor, then the area will even increase in volume. Today you will learn about these and many other ways to make a room brighter and larger in order to turn a gloomy den into a cozy nest.

On a note! Here we wrote about how to make a room visually larger.

White tones of the ceiling

Dark wood or darkened paint will only overshadow the atmosphere.

  • At any store, buy a couple of cans of paint, and apply it on top of the base coat. The secret is that the white tone does not absorb light, but reflects it, so after drying you will see the difference.
  • If you negatively look at cold white, choose cream or cream.
  • Even if the walls remain the same shade, a light ceiling will greatly refresh the room.

Colorful accents for home brightening

If you want to paint everything in your favorite color, then try to refrain from total painting with the saturated and deep color of the entire area of ​​the walls.

  • It is better that the main territory is neutral, and the color should be used only as individual elements of decor on the ceiling or walls.

  • Use a stencil with a pattern. So you can decorate the perimeter of the ceiling. Favorite color apply leaves, ornament, abstraction and other decor.
  • You can decorate door jambs or skirting on the ceiling with more saturated elements.

The most natural lighting

Sometimes access to natural sunlight is limited in the room, therefore everyone should be protected. To make a dark room brighter, such methods will help:

  • Hang air curtains on the windows that can transmit rays well. For example, cream tones of tulle or curtains will create an atmosphere of privacy and comfort.

  • Deaf blinds will not work, and wooden and plastic options will completely block the access of light. The most acceptable option would be fabric blinds with good light transmission.

Using fixtures

  • It is better to replace (or supplement) the central upper lighting with several lamps, placing them around the perimeter.
  • A sharp light source will only emphasize the darkness of the space in the corners. Soft light will make the room fresher.

  • Track light. Its peculiarity is not wiring is used for fixing, but a bed with an electricity conductor. You can mount this option anywhere.
  • In the most important areas, place several floor lamps. Lampshades for them are best chosen not dark.

Ambient light

  • Install several loft spotlights on walls and ceilings, directing them in different directions in the right situation.

  • Remember the candles. This is not only a noble, but also a pleasant source of additional lighting, which creates a romantic atmosphere.
  • More powerful fluorescent lamps shine brighter, and you can even choose a shade of color.

Farewell to the trash

Take a critical look at the surrounding area. Perhaps there is something clouding the atmosphere. Often the main problem is clutter.

  • There is no need to flaunt the library. Better select 10-15 pieces, and set in the best place.
  • Large tubs with flowers should be discarded, replacing them with smaller varieties.

Using mirrors for lighting

Make the room light with mirrors. Hang a few narrow but long pieces so that they reflect the sun's rays that have climbed into your home. Be sure to choose mirrors light, bulky, with light frames. The main advantage of this method is that the mirror reflects the sun's rays, thereby visually increasing the area of ​​the room.

Replacing Dark Furniture

  • Massive, dark furniture makes the interior heavier and makes you feel dark. Such headsets can overshadow any room.
  • Think about whether light paint can help.
  • But the dark upholstery of upholstered furniture can be hidden with a light blanket.

Use of wall shelving

In order to make the room lighter and more comfortable, the amount of furniture can be reduced. Traditional bookshelves and a table are best replaced with attached shelving. Neutral colors will do. Of the advantages is the lack of large furniture and long shadows.

Light flooring

The easiest way to hide the floors in a dark shade is to apply a beige carpet. In the future, it is better to completely repaint the floor, and if repair cannot be dispensed with, then there are such recommendations:

  • It is better to remove a layer of paint from a wooden material to expose the texture of the wood, or subsequently paint the coating in a lighter tone, for example, a pearl gray laminate.
  • For a bathroom or kitchen, it is better to use glossy tiles.
  • As an option, polished concrete with the addition of color shines and shimmers.

Glass doors for clarification

Stained-glass windows will help to make a room without a window light, while glass inserts are used for both external and internal doors. Even dark, massive doors will look much easier if glass stained glass is used in their decor. In order to dilute the darkness, you can cut through the viewing window above the door leaf. If replacement or decoration of the door is not possible, then paint them in a light shade.

Eliminating unnecessary walls is the key to effective lighting

Analyze which interior or walls obstruct the penetration of additional light. For example, often in small apartments between the living room and the dark corridor an unnecessary partition. It is really possible to remove it, since it is not a supporting structure, then the room will be much more spacious.

Important! To remove the wall, you should seek the services of professional builders, since in some dwellings even such walls have functional significance. It is possible that the construction used lead or asbestos, dismantling with which can become hazardous to health.

Useful home lighting tips

If you study in detail a lot of photos on the network, then we can conclude that you will get more sunlight if you follow these tips:

  • add light on the walls, so the room will look hospitable and cozy,
  • LED lights can be used,

  • leave a little darkness, for example, for romance: a few accented lamps and candles,
  • glossy stretch ceiling is the key to increasing space, you only need to properly care for the stretch ceiling.

  • window cleanliness - guarantee the penetration of an additional 25% of sunlight,
  • with the help of wallpaper it is also possible to achieve clarification, for this you need to paste the walls with plain pastel options, or paintings with a small relief or flowers,

  • do not choose a large pattern or voluminous flowers, this will not only not increase, but also will steal the square footage.

Safety precautions

In order for all the changes to please you, it is important to know the following points:

  • when using candles, do not leave the fire unattended,
  • fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, stores often take them back, and mercury cleaning requires care,
  • to install fixtures, it is better to invite a master, or insulate the wiring as carefully as possible.

Living in a gloomy hole is uncomfortable, not only practically, but also psychologically. Following the recommendations made, you can even turn the grayest mink into a beautiful room, where it will be a pleasure to spend time with the whole family.

Simple tricks to multiply the amount of incoming light and even make a dark room with windows to the north more spacious and lighter

Living in an apartment with small windows is not easy - there is very little sunlight. Especially from October to April. Is it necessary to say that depression, causeless spleen are largely the result of insufficient insolation? And it is clear that no lights - point, table, floor, ceiling - and the most powerful light bulbs can not replace natural lighting.

Since in a typical high-rise building an extra window cannot be “cut through”, methods of visual correction of space come to the rescue. We will teach you how to make light from a dark room and multiply sunlight beautifully.

How to make a dark room brighter - designer tricks

Do you know that not only the location of the room in relation to the cardinal points, the size and number of windows affect the lighting? It is also influenced by the colors of the floor, furniture and walls, window decorations and other materials used in the interior. If everything is in dark colors, then such a room will seem even darker than it actually is. A bright room looks much more spacious and larger.

How to make a dark room brighter if you have neither the desire nor the budget to replace furniture? To do this, use less capital-intensive, but no less effective tricks. Start by identifying the darkest areas in the room — highlight the shaded walls and corners that work should change the situation. Consider which of these items can be relatively inexpensively updated.

Repaint the walls or replace the wallpaper. It is not necessary to change the wallpaper in the entire room, you can replace them only on one or two walls. Taking into account the principle that an interior that is not cluttered seems lighter, is it worth thinking about getting rid of some not very useful furniture? If you take out a bulky tall cabinet or furniture wall, or at least part of it, from a room, such a room will instantly become lighter and more spacious.

If you plan to repair:

  • remove the floors from the dark material or repaint the wooden floor in light, pastel colors,
  • replace the dark carpet with patterns or patterns with a smooth and light one,
  • replace doors with one-piece doors with glazed or sliding doors,
  • paint white window frames and window sills,
  • recycle the darkened floor and cover it with clear varnish,
  • if you plan to change the floor, think about where you can put light polished tiles that reflect light well and “illuminate” the interior,
  • replace the old, dark ceramic tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen, or paint with special paint for light-colored tiles.

Wall painting

If you plan to paint the wall in a different color, then you should choose the appropriate paint to decorate and brighten the interior.

Of course, the brighter it is, the better. Don't you like the white walls? Do not worry, a good effect can be achieved using other light and whitened shades.

In a shaded room with one window, it may look spectacular to use three shades of the same color. The darkest of them should be painted on the wall around the window, and place the lightest shade on the wall opposite the window. We paint the side walls in the third intermediate shade. This method of distributing paint and shadows in the room enhances daylight, which penetrates inside.

You will get a brightening effect by choosing transparent paints, to which particles of gold, silver or pearls are added. A wall painted with such paint reflects more light.

Good lighting is important.

Well-planned lighting has a huge impact on our mood. In addition, the interior looks better if it is bathed in sunlight. When the apartment does not have enough sun, it is necessary to choose the right artificial lighting. To make a dark room brighter, you need to provide the light that is most similar to natural. When planning lighting in a dark room, you can use the following solutions:

  • In addition to central lighting, it is also worthwhile to install spot lighting, this is especially important in those areas of the apartment where the darkest is in the bathroom and the corridor.
  • Spotlight in the kitchen will also be useful, especially when it does not have a window or the window is too small.
  • If you want to paint the ceiling in a darker color, then in a dark room this is not the best idea. But if you take care of the good lighting on the ceiling, you can think of such an idea. This can be spot halogen lighting or LEDs, preferably with adjustable light intensity.
  • In the bedroom, additional lighting should be installed near the bed - in the case of a double bed - always on both sides. In the living room in the darkest corner you should put a floor lamp.
  • Spotlights that highlight selected decorative elements - paintings, figurines and other decorations can also give good results.

Interior design: upholstered and bright furniture

In a dark room, large pieces of furniture with gloomy upholstery greatly overload the interior. To make such a room brighter, it is better to choose light furniture and cumbersome. It is better to replace a large furniture wall with a chest of drawers, which stands on its legs, this will immediately make it visually easier, since tearing furniture off the floor adds lightness to it. If the seats on the chairs have dark upholstery - it is worth sewing covers from light fabric for them. The sofa can be covered with a light blanket.

How to make a dark room brighter - photo

Light floor makes the interior brighter

Ideal in dark rooms, light floors and bright doors. This solution is for people who like to clean and clean. Unfortunately, such a floor becomes dirty much faster than normal, so with a large number of family members - this is an impractical solution.

If you are thinking about buying a carpet, and your sofa or chairs have upholstery with a pattern, then it is better to choose a carpet that is smooth and plain. However, in the opposite situation, you can choose a carpet (or carpet) with a pattern, but not too colorful and bright.

In a dark interior, you should not choose solid doors, but it is better to put folding or sliding. Glass doors or partially glazed are definitely better, allowing light to penetrate between rooms.

Mirrors for optical effects

Mirrors contribute to the formation and lighting of space. It is better to choose the location of the mirrors on one plane, preferably large. The mirror should hang on the wall opposite the window. A large mirror that shows the full-length silhouette of a person should also hang in the corridor - the darkest room in the apartment.

The frame of the mirror should decorate the interior and should be light, cumbersome. If you do not like to look in the mirrors while wandering around the apartment, then you can use many mirrors in the bookcase, behind the shelves, and install objects made of transparent glass on the shelves.
Using mirrors, you can also mask the doors of a massive cabinet. You can buy a large mirror or stick a mirror film on the door.

Window decor - delicate delicate curtains and curtains

Dark curtains with patterned drawings and romantic ruffles are not suitable in dark rooms. It is better to open the windows as much as possible - let the daylight fall into the apartment without obstacles.

However, if you do not like empty windows - you should think about soft white curtains, the best of translucent tulle. If you need to close the windows in the evening from prying eyes, you should choose blinds in neutral, bright colors.

Another important point is to try to leave the windowsills empty. And if you want to put something for them - let it be objects made of transparent glass that will let in sunlight.

What to do with a dark kitchen?

In all dark rooms it is better to create interiors with light furniture, preferably with glossy, varnished surfaces that reflect light.

In a dark kitchen, if you have dark cabinets and floors, then you should take care of light additional elements. Paint the walls in a light color, the tile should also be chosen in bright colors, preferably with a glossy sheen, skins with a backlight will be a good option.

Remove unnecessary items

If the apartment is not cluttered, not overloaded with trinkets, it always seems much lighter and more spacious. Therefore, it is worth removing all the decorations colorful, flashy - not only from the windowsills, but throughout the apartment. All the trinkets dear to the heart can be installed in a closet and flaunted at least only a third part.

1. Choose a bright finish

Nothing else makes a room so bright as using tones close to white. The lighter the ceilings and walls - the more light in the room.

Pure white is ideal for the ceiling in a dark room. For walls, you can use paint or wallpaper in both white and light beige.

If the windows face north and the weather is almost always cloudy, bright white walls may be perceived as gray. This will make the room cold and uncomfortable. For such rooms it is better to use a cream finish. In a rectangular room, one of the short walls can be painted yellow - the room will immediately become warmer and filled with spring optimism.

Dark floors absorb light. If the room, although dark, but large, you can make the floors darker. For a small dark room this is a bad option. Here it will be more correct to lay a light floor covering.

2. Decorate windows with light curtains

One curtain (tulle, organza) should allow maximum light - this is a daytime option. Вторые шторы (так называемые ночные) пусть тоже будут светлыми, но плотными. Они впустят в комнату мало уличного света, но не поглотят внутреннее освещение, в отличие от темных драпировок.

Для очень мрачной комнаты стоит выбрать белые шторы.

If the windows of the dark room overlook the north side, the owners are worried not only by twilight, but also by visual coldness. Light yellow curtains flood the room with warm light. It will appear as if sun rays burst into the room. Yellow curtains are a very effective solution for dark and cold northern rooms.

3. Choose the right furniture

Tall and large pieces of furniture (for example, a massive sofa and a cabinet under the ceiling) must be bright. Small items, such as a desk, armchair, coffee table, may be dark.

The light comes from above, so everything that is located above half the wall from the floor should be close to white.

How to make a dark room brighter? Refuse large dark furniture

Furniture reflecting light will also help to solve the problem: polished, glossy, mirror. Glass furniture is another effective tool: it transmits light, allowing it to freely "circulate" in space.

As a rule, it is enough to change the dark finish to the lightest, hang new white curtains and update the furniture to turn the dark room into bright enough. These are the most important steps that should not be neglected. Compare for yourself how different the same room looks with dark and light filling.

However, there are other secrets to keep in mind when working on a dark room design.

4. Remove barriers to light in the form of blind partitions

Zoning in a dark room should not be done at the expense of blank partitions or transversely mounted cabinets. They block the path for light, interfere with its flow. If possible, it is better to refuse any dividers: the more spacious the room, the brighter it is. If you can’t do without a partition, you can choose something light and light: for example, a white lattice screen or a wall of glass blocks will do.

If you can remove the doors between the rooms - it is worth doing it. If this is not possible, you should choose bright doors with large-scale glass inserts.

5. Add lighting

A good move is the installation of LED lighting under the ceiling around the perimeter of the room. You can install "warm" lights directly above the window - so that they are behind the curtains. When the twilight thickens, curtain the room and turn on the window-light - you will feel as if the sun is warming in the street and its rays penetrate the curtains.

6. Use mirrors

One or two mirrors will suffice, depending on the size of the room. It is desirable to arrange the mirror so that it reflects and multiplies the light - ideally opposite the window or so that the chandelier "looks" into it.

7. Enter the "rays of color"

The monochrome white or cream room looks bright, but not joyful. To make the room not only bright, but also sunny, you can add bright accents of yellow, blue or turquoise color.

On the floor of a dark room with a window facing north, you can put a yellow rug. It will look as if a bright ray of sunlight penetrated inside and drew a yellow circle on the floor. The room will become spring bright. You can add a few more yellow accessories, but in limited quantities.

Blue or turquoise accents will also make the room visually lighter due to the association with the daytime sky and ponds sparkling under the sun. But, as with yellow, one should not be too zealous - there should be few color accents in a dark room.

Yellow and blue can be entered through the use of objects of art, namely posters or paintings with the image of the sun and sky. This is the right step for a dark room with a lack of warm sunlight.