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NOOK Simple Touch (with GlowLight), NOOK HD and NOOK HD


If you experience problems like freezes or a sudden shutdown while using NOOK, you can reset the device. Soft reset or reboot will solve most problems, you just reboot the device without deleting any data from it. In case of more serious software failures (or if you decide to sell your NOOK), you may need to reset to factory settings. With this reset, all data on the device will be destroyed.

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Remember that all actions you perform at your own peril and risk!
You can restore the NOOK Touch factory settings and firmware using simple manipulations:

  1. Download the archive from the nookRestore memory card image.
  2. Extract the contents to the root directory of the computer drive.
  3. Insert a microSD memory card (128 MB or more) into an external (USB) card reader and connect it to the computer. Do not connect the NOOK Touch to your computer at this time!
  4. Restore the image (nookRestore.img) to the memory card using Win32DiskImager.exe
  5. Turn off the reader (while holding the power button

15-20 sec.), Insert the prepared memory card into it and turn it on while holding the power button

5-10 sec After the nookRestore splash screen appears on the screen, wait another 10-20 seconds and turn off the reader while holding the power button

15-20 sec

  • Remove the card from the NOOK Touch and turn it on again.
  • If everything went well, the factory settings restore screen will appear, upon completion of which the factory firmware will be restored (1.0.1).
  • Do not forget to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, erase old data and unregister: Settings> Device Info> Erase & Deregister Device> Erase Device
  • Update official firmware, if necessary.
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