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Buying books in St. Petersburg and where to sell profitably


In a previous article, I talked about where you can give unnecessary books for free, and today I have prepared detailed instructions for those who want to make some money and sell books from their home library.

I myself have been selling home books for over 2 years. By the way, I didn’t start because I wanted to make money: I somehow read useful tips for developing entrepreneurial thinking - one of them was: “Start selling at least something.” I thought: what can I sell? Yes, at least unnecessary books!

In general, I liked the idea. Later it turned out that you can even make a little money on it - I got about $ 400 for 140 books. I will share what you need to consider if you want to sell your unnecessary books from your home library.

How to sell used books: practice

  1. What you do not need, others can persistently look for. You never know which book to sell. Surprises on every corner: sometimes they buy such a book, which you could not even think of, that someone is looking for her. My book buyers were mainly from Belarus (sent by mail), but a couple of times I sent parcels to Ukraine and Russia - moreover, international shipping cost the buyer almost 3 times more than the book itself! People were willing to pay a high price - for what they were looking for a long time.
  2. Look for suitable sites. You can sell home books on any sites that place used items: for Google, finding them is a matter of a couple of seconds. For example, in Russia there is,,, My favorite in Belarus, where I live, is, here you can sell at a fixed price or put the book up for auction. The latter (auctions) works well if you have any worthwhile or rare book. From my experience: if I post on sites, I’m looking for ones where you can raise an ad for free or update once a month or two without publishing it again (for this reason I do not sell in social networks). I try to avoid those where, after some time, the ad is simply deleted and you have to publish it a second time.

Read also universal tips to help sell unnecessary things on the Internet.

  • Take a picture. It will take a little time to sell used books via the website: be sure to take a photo of each book (it’s almost impossible to sell without it). If there are defects, be sure to show them too.
  • Specify information about the book: number of pages, year of publication, a brief description is possible (in order not to write manually, hammer in the Internet and copy). Potential buyers often ask about the size of books: in order not to measure each book, I took pictures of them next to the box of matches - everyone represents its size)) If you take a picture of the contents and the "insides" of the book is very lazy (and this is not always necessary), indicate that people wrote to you in a personal - and you will add a photo on demand. Nice to add and illustrator surname - Some are looking for books with the work of a particular artist.

  • Sort. Give up hope to sell Soviet editions of the classics of the 70-80s, which are in every house and were bought when there was nothing at all. Keyword: "which is in every home." At first, I also posted them, but then I realized that they were not only not being bought, but also not viewed by potential buyers on the sites (by placing a book for sale, you can see the number of views).
    1. Check the relevance of the book. For example, books on accounting and computer technology become obsolete very quickly.
    2. Look for buyers yourself. When you register on sites selling things, you can browse the accounts of other people: sometimes they not only sell themselves, but also buy - they publish on their pages whole lists of books that they want to buy. This method is long, because you need to first find them, and then look at that list, but as an option it may come in handy.

  • And the last one. Books are not the most popular product. Be prepared that some can be sold for months. Selling used books is convenient if you do not plan to move and your wealth can calmly stand on the shelves.
  • Which books from the home library are the easiest to sell?

    • Children's books for a small price, they sell just fine!
    • Highly specialized benefits (breeding cacti and more)
    • Recently released books at a reduced price (for example, you read it and quickly sell it) - on any subject, including art.
    • Books that are published in several volumes - and you just have one of them. For example, I had the fourth volume of one rare four-volume dictionary - it was bought very quickly. Or a specific issue of some rare magazine.
    • Other countries editions in the original language - I quickly sold art books in Polish.
    • Autographed books by the author.

    Which home books are the most difficult to sell?

    • As already said, these are publications that were bought during the Soviet deficit
    • Old textbooks
    • Recipe books (apparently, everyone is looking for on the Internet)
    • Books and handicrafts
    • Dictionaries of Soviet times

    As for the last three: if they are new, beautiful, something unique, then they can be sold.

    I hope my tips will help you sell unnecessary books from your home library and leave only your favorites! If you still have questions, write - I’ll be happy to help than I can.

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    Tell me on which sites it is better to sell used books and how to determine their price?

    Good day. In Russia there are,,, In Belarus, I sell on or You can search for groups in the social. networks (VKontakte, for example) - such as "Sell" or "Flea market." If the books are for children, look for children's groups where moms sell / exchange things. There are almost every city. You can also place ads on the forums of your city, if the city is large, or on the forums of other cities - indicating that you are ready to send the book by mail.

    I estimate the cost as follows: I drive a book into a search engine, look at what offers are available at prices: for example, if a book has been recently released, how much can I buy a new one, and I put the price at 20-30 percent less. It is necessary to pay attention to the state, if the average - then it can be halved. Soviet books 70-80 years. Now they are inexpensive: in Belarus I see them at 2-4 dollars per book. If the publication is good and not the most widespread - you can try to “find the price”: indicate the price, then see if there are views, calls on this book. If not - a little lower, then a little more. Until customers start calling.

    If we are talking about rare, rare editions, then I advise you to look for a specialist, a collector (to whom you do not sell this book, otherwise the estimate may not be very fair) in order to estimate the cost and not lose.

    I have about 1000 books of home literature in good condition, I want to sell at a low price.

    Try to apply the tips from the article - and, I think, sales will go very soon. In this way I sold a very large part of the books that I no longer needed.

    If the books are not sold for a very long time, I take them to a second-hand bookstore, they take 5-10 rubles apiece there - in my opinion, also a good option.

    Yes, thanks for sharing, also a good option!

    and in which store accept 5-10 rubles write his address and phone

    Good afternoon, Eugene! You have created a wonderful, very useful site - thanks. Home libraries are our heritage with which you don’t know what to do. You have made excellent recommendations, I will follow them. But there is another problem - the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Where can I attach it?

    Hello, Galina! Thanks for your words! You can also try to sell it. You can offer libraries, you can offer a museum - if, for example, near you there is a museum, a museum of Soviet life or something like that. You can place an ad that you give with self-delivery - so that a person comes and takes himself. I hope some of these ideas work for you.

    Thank you, very useful information. All the best!

    Which books can be bought

    The most valuable will be old antique books, if your collection has such copies, do not rush to sell them. First find out their real market price. Otherwise, you can sell them for a pittance, as there are scammers in the book buying market.

    As a rule, purchases are interested in - fiction, books on the humanities, natural sciences and exact sciences, non-fiction, any dictionaries, various directories, children's books and encyclopedias, scientific monographs, complete works, science fiction, detective stories and women's novels.

    What does not interest:

    • school books
    • books purchased on waste coupons
    • paperback books
    • incomplete works
    • books with library stamps
    • writers' literature - Daria Dontsova, Tatyana Ustinova, Tatyana Polyakova, Friedrich Neznansky.

    Addresses of shops where you can sell books in St. Petersburg

    You can sell books in online stores:

    • Alib - a large site for the sale of old books
    • Libex is an alib analog but less
    • Ozone
    • Avito

    Or offer them to second-hand shops:

    • Second-hand bookstore World of Art: Nevsky prospect, 3, +7 (812) 312-16-20, +7 (812) 315-11-51
    • Second-hand bookstore on Liteiny: ave. Liteiny, 61, +7 (812) 275-38-73, +7 (812) 275-38-74
    • Second-hand bookstore on Tambovskaya, St. Petersburg, ul. Tambov, 71/73, +7 (952) 384-07-23
    • Book Plus, st. Bolshaya Morskaya, 17, +7 (812) 315-07-85, +7 (812) 570-40-20, +7 (812) 312-15-70
    • Book Kingdom, ave. Engels, 53, +7 (812) 970-35-56, +7 (921) 847-11-97, +7 (901) 370-35-56
    • Kovcheg, Nevsky Prospect, 85, Moskovsky Station, +7 (812) 929-29-29, +7 (911) 929-29-29
    • Shop "Seeker", nab. Moika River, 51, +7 (812) 312-71-14, +7 (812) 312-66-21
    • Shop "Old Book", St. Petersburg, Spassky per., 11, +7 (812) 310-08-84
    • Bookstore Fahrenheit 451, ul. Mayakovsky, 25, +7 (911) 136-05-66
    • Petersburg used book dealer, Pulkovskoe sh., 18, +7 (905) 262-33-00
    • Old Book World of Art, Candle Lane, 5, +7 (812) 713-24-04
    • Old book, ave. Mentors, 36, building 1, +7 (812) 526-05-54
    • Old Book, Riga Ave., 19, +7 (812) 251-48-63, +7 (812) 251-41-25
    • Old Book, St. Petersburg, Grazhdansky prospekt, 33, +7 (812) 535-05-04
    • Old book, St. Petersburg, Suvorovsky prospekt, 56, +7 (911) 932-75-58
    • Old book, st. Driving Away, 11, +7 (812) 575-56-31

    If you are sure that your collection of books is not of interest and has no value, you can turn it into waste paper.

    Why buy books

    Some time ago, the City 812 newspaper conducted an investigation into why and why they were buying books. What kind of business is this?

    Journalists interviewed bibliophiles, book lovers, second-hand book dealers and book market experts. As a result, several versions of why books became so appreciated afloat.

    1. Search for valuable rare books. When buying, some part of the books will be rejected and will only go to waste paper, where their prices are much lower.
    2. Business. Banal dealers buy up old valuable books from collected works of famous authors for cheap and then resell them at times more expensive. You can make good money here. The well-known online store Ozone some time ago also began to buy rare old books. For example, for a collection of Dostoevsky’s works in 30 volumes (a set of 33 books), buyers offer about 5,000 rubles, and on Ozone the same set costs 39,300 rubles.
    3. Interior decoration. Here, the demand for books was formed by designers who are engaged in the design of various rooms, first of all, there are catering establishments - trendy and popular cafes, restaurants, in order to create a cozy old atmosphere for visitors and thereby attract more guests. What books are not important to them. The main thing is that the colors coincide with the design of the room and wallpaper.
    4. Scammers. Under the guise of interest in books, they get into apartments and look at what you can make money from. In this case, it is better to contact official purchases that have their own store, contacts, a legal entity. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim of not only deception, but also theft of property.

    Conclusions and Tips

    If you want to sell books from your library, then send buyers a list of books for sale with a request to set prices on them. If you get a refusal, then this should alert you. Probably scammers here. If prices have been sent - don’t be too lazy - go to second-hand shops and compare the prices offered to you. If they are an order of magnitude lower - they want to deceive you and buy books for nothing. Well, it’s better to let no one into the apartment, and bring books to the place of purchase yourself.

    Where can I sell old books? is a second-hand website created in 1999 by a group of enthusiasts. Today it is the largest and most famous Russian second-hand book community. Most people who want to buy a book with their hands, first of all, look for it here, and, as a rule, find it. The number of books sold on the site exceeds 3 million and is increasing every day. Registration is paid, but the tariffs are acceptable: for example, if you put up for sale up to 250 books for a period of 4 months, pay 400 rubles. If you have several books for sale, this is a good option.

    Before registering, you must read all the rules, agree with them, and also download a trial list. After these simple steps, you can pay for the selected tariff and upload your list. There are a lot of rules on, but all of them are needed in order to protect both the seller and the buyer as much as possible. To help beginners on the site there is a forum with useful materials.

    2. Second-hand book forums

    Another place where you can sell old books is the second-hand book forums. For example, the relevant sections are on the Antique Forum and Forum of the UUU Collectors Portal. The Antique Forum is dedicated to antiques and collecting. This is a particularly interesting option if you are looking for where to sell antique books. Registration is simple. The only thing is that you can’t use @, @, @, @ when registering, since the mail service blocks the delivery of notifications from the forum, therefore, it will not be possible to confirm the registration in this case. On the forum you can put up a book for sale, purchase a book or ask to evaluate its value. There is a section with reference literature and useful links.

    Registration at the UUU Collectors Portal Forum is standard and takes 2 minutes. There are special sections for selling, evaluating, buying and exchanging, as well as for discussing general issues. There is a separate topic for those who want to give books for free. Doubtful sellers and buyers are blacklisted.

    3. Message Boards

    These are plan sites,, etc. Some of them have special sections for selling books and magazines.

    When placing advertisements for the sale of books on bulletin boards, it is important to remember the safety rules:

    • Do not disclose your passport details and bank card number, even if at the same time you have to refuse an advantageous offer at first glance.
    • If a buyer from another city / country approached you, the best option is to send the books on delivery.
    • If the buyer is from your city, meet him in a safe place in a neutral territory, check cash in bright light.
    • If you are offered to send an SMS to a short number in order, for example, to cancel blocking an advertisement on a site, do not fulfill their request and contact the support service.
    • If you receive an e-mail on behalf of the bulletin board asking you to send confidential information, threatening to block your account in the event of failure to perform the indicated actions or the attached files - do not respond to it, do not send data, inform the site support service about the receipt of the letter.

    Plus bulletin boards - the ability to place ads for free and a simple procedure for adding an ad. In addition, ads on a wide variety of topics are posted on these sites. If you are looking for where to sell used books along with other items, message boards are a convenient option. You register once on the bulletin board and then post all your unnecessary things.

    As you can see, there are different options for selling old books. Now that you know where to sell antique books or just used publications, you can choose the best option for yourself.