Useful Tips

User manual Motorola Moto X Play


1. First turn off the phone
2. Hold the button for a couple of seconds Volume +
3. Without releasing the button Volume + press the button Power
4. Select the Recovery item using the keys Volume Control and confirm by pressing the button Power

5. When we see the Android logo on the display, hold Power
6. Without releasing the button Power press Volume +
7. By pressing the button Volume- select wipe data / factory reset confirm the selection by pressing the power button

8. Next, in the menu, select Yes - delete all user data Volume- confirm the selection with the power button

9. In conclusion, to end and reboot, click the reboot system now menu item

10. After the device restarts, the reset is completed

1. Go to Phone settings

2. Select Recovery and Reset

3. Then click on Reset Settings

4. Click on Reset and agree to the destruction of all personal data
5. Reset is complete after the device restarts.

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Attention! Before using the phone

read the safety precautions

regulatory requirements and legal

information in the attached manual.

This product complies with
national and international standards
radio frequency radiation (SAR standards) at
normal use near the area
head or when wearing the device on the body
or in hands at a distance of 1.5 cm from the body.
SAR standards define standards
safety guaranteeing safety
for every person regardless
age and health status.

Let's start! We will help you fulfill
initial phone setup and a little
talk about its features.
Note. Your phone interface
may be slightly different
images because software
software is updated frequently.