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8 rules you should know if you go to a concert


If you ever were lucky enough to attend a K-pop concert, you will immediately agree that there is a very special atmosphere and the impression is that you get into another world. The magic begins with the first sounds of music, when your idol just enters the stage, and continues until the very last song, all this makes the fans go crazy and feel like the hero of some kind of free magic game.

These are one of those moments when you refuse to believe what is happening, but your eyes prove to you that all this is actually happening. But while you buy a ticket, go to the concert hall, take your place among other fans, you still doubt the reality of what is happening.

And after a long wait, the lights go out in the hall and complete silence sets in. And then, when the idol enters the stage, silence is replaced by a roar of applause and screaming. Your heart begins to beat furiously, it seems it will now jump out of your chest! And even if you think “I'm too cool and adult for things like this”, you will still scream and jump like crazy with pleasure, just like all the other fans around. If not even stronger.

But, before you go to such a concert, you have to thoroughly prepare. There are things that you can do at a concert, but there are things that you can’t. But today we will dwell on what should be taken with us to such an event.

1. Ticket

You say this goes without saying? But, on the day of the concert, you will be out of your mind from worries and worries, so just put your ticket in advance in the bag the night before.

2. Smartphone and / or camera.

Of course, if you wander late in the evening after the concert, without any means of communication, you like it, then forget about it. But you need a smartphone even if you do not want to get lost, especially if you are not going to a concert alone.

Now let's talk about cameras. Depending on the concert itself, you will be allowed or not allowed to film. But let's be honest, even if it’s absolutely impossible to shoot, you will still do it. You cannot attend such an event and not shoot every minute or record as many videos as possible.

And besides this, unfortunately, over time, we will begin to forget how our heart was breaking from the chest at the concert and how breathtaking. Therefore, we need these photos and videos so that, even after many years, we recall how cool it was. So, the camera is a must at a concert.

Thank God, smartphones today can shoot just as well as cameras - so if you are the proud owner of such a smartphone, then you will kill two birds with one stone. And every time you watch a photo or video, you will be as happy as this guy

3. Bag.

Oh, I know what you thought, “I'm going to a concert to have fun, I don’t want to worry about how I better keep my bag or how to follow it.” Do not make mistakes! The bag is very useful!

The one that can be worn behind your back (a backpack, for example) is suitable for you. Among other things, you will have to bring along a bottle of water, some cash, binoculars (also a great thing), something to eat and wipes to rub your hands on. So that all the torment due to the backpack (which you imagine) will quickly pay off.

If you are a little paranoid and afraid that while you jump like crazy to the music, they will rob you, then just put your backpack on in front. I will not say that it will not look stupid, it will be so. But then, along with this, there is less chance that something will be stolen from you.

4. Spray for body or face (refreshing)

So, you will be standing in a crowd of thousands of fans (perhaps very close to the stage), everyone will push you, jump next and wipe yourself. In addition, you yourself, after you start dancing and having fun, quickly sweat. I'm not talking about the fact that in such a way in a stuffy room you can get hit and faint (not at all from surging feelings), but suddenly your goal at the concert is to seduce an idol, it will not be very good if you look terrible and smell bad . So you only push him (or her).

5. Luminous sticks.

When you hold such a glow stick during a concert in the dark, magic happens. The wand should match the color of your artist. Such things help fans feel united whole and cheer on idols. In addition, this is a great souvenir from the concert!

I hope that with these things, attending a concert will be super pleasant and comfortable. In any case, we wish you to fulfill your dream and see your idol on stage live!

Of course, if you know all the songs of your idol by heart and sing along, this will make your concert even more unforgettable!

We wish you to fulfill your dream and go to a K-pop concert!

What to wear?

In fact, you can not bother and dress as you like, because all eyes will be directed to the stage, and not to you. But still you don’t want to look like a simpleton, because suddenly you can take a picture with your favorite musician or glue a nice guy? We are sure that in your wardrobe there are a couple of ordinary jeans - they are ideal for a concert. Put on a loose T-shirt, shirt or top. But the most ideal option is a T-shirt with the logo of your favorite band. The main thing to remember, no matter how cold it is on the street, it is always hot in the hall!

You can take a backpack only if you are not going to dance right at the stage, but plan to stand aside. For lovers of "poslemitsya" suitable cool hip bag. As for shoes, make a choice in favor of the most comfortable sneakers or sneakers in the world - after all, these are the most suitable shoes for a concert. In it you will be comfortable jumping and dancing to the beat of the music, also it will protect your legs from. other legs!

And do not be surprised if this is the last release of your shoes.

If you go to a music festival, usually held in the open air, it is best to bring along a raincoat and a hat (for example, a cap). It does not take up much space. And if it rains, then it will be very handy. Also, unlike an umbrella, a raincoat will not interfere with you or others. A hat will protect against sunstroke.

P.S .: And don't forget to put your hair in a ponytail or pigtail! First of all, few people in the crowd will like it if your hair reaches into their faces. And secondly, the curls will be safe and sound.

What time to come?

It all depends on where exactly you want to be during the concert. Right by the stage? Then come a few hours before the performance and be ready to tolerate all these several hours in line for the sake of your favorite music. You can come back later, however, be sure that, having arrived 2 hours before the concert, at the entrance you will see a huge crowd of fans who have been in line from 7 or 8 in the morning. Typically, these fans consider themselves “true” music lovers and behave a little aggressively. Therefore, do not try to squeeze into the beginning or even in the middle of the line - just offensive words they can not do. But don’t worry, you will still have a chance to be at the stage itself - read about it later) If you just want to enjoy the music, dance to the fullest from an uncontrollable crowd, you can safely come to the time indicated on the ticket.

Running fans

When you start, you should immediately prepare for what it will be like during rush hour in the subway. Or even worse! Remember, a little higher we talked about the fans who have been standing at the club since the morning? And why did they warn you better not to get into this crowd? Another reason lies just in the launch. Everyone wants to quickly be in the club, and the crush begins! Then, as a rule, everyone already forgets about the queue and struggles to make their way to the entrance. Once again, we advise you not to get into this crowd. If you come later, then nothing bad will happen, you will still hear and see your favorite artist! :)

How to be at the scene itself?

Rule one - as soon as you find yourself in a club you shouldn’t rush headlong into the hall. Of course, it is necessary to hurry, but not to run away, which is strength. You don’t want to fall, get hurt and admire not the handsome guitarist, but the plaster on your hand? Rule two - once in the hall, do not go to the center of the stage. Do not try to cram through the middle of the crowd. This is where the most “mess” usually happens. Move around the perimeter - there is always less density, especially in clubs. When there are ten rows left before the scene, begin to infiltrate diagonally into the center.

By the way, if you were going to a concert for the first time, then try to take a seat at the stage itself: there you can grab onto the fence and even touch the handsome vocalist's hand!

Therefore, do not be surprised if your neighbors at the stage will be just girls :)

Now we talk about the most “terrible” performance at the concert: about “Moshe”. This is a type of dance in which the participants (mostly tough strong guys) form a circle, wave their arms and legs and perform strange gestures. In short, this is a real "kneading." But you don’t have to be afraid! "Mosh", as a rule, occurs behind the crowd, so as not to interfere with the rest. And it’s very difficult to accidentally end up in this circle and get out with a fingal under your beautiful eye: most of the participants of the “mosh”, despite their formidable appearance, are cultured people who immediately identify those who have come to the wrong address and calmly let them go. And fragile girls are even carried out in their arms.

One of the most unpleasant things at concerts is the so-called waves - when one part of the crowd presses on others, those, in turn, on the others standing, until the impulse decreases so that some part of the crowd begins to push in the opposite direction - trying to balance the balance ... And off we go ... If you still fell - try not to panic! Do everything to be noticed - then they will help you to get up. If you got to the stage itself, congratulations, you just got into a "flea market"! So that you are not knocked down in this “flea market” - jump in unison with people standing nearby, enjoy music and general euphoria.

If you feel that “mosh”, “slam” and a crush near the stage are not for you, then buy a VIP ticket to the balcony! The launch to the balcony is carried out separately from the main one, and there is no risk of falling or being caught by the crowd, the audience on the balcony is calm and friendly, and the view of the stage opens up gorgeous. And mom will definitely not worry about you. True, you have to pay a tidy sum.

What to expect besides your favorite music?

You have repeatedly seen on the Internet a huge number of people who jump, push and shout. In fact, everything is a bit wrong. Of course, at any concert there is always a flea market, but this is not at all scary, and even fun! After all, you yourself can jump, scream and have fun in every way. By the way, this is called "slam." Usually the crowd in the “slam” is very friendly, because they are, first of all, equally thinking people, and there you will find such an understanding that you have never met in your life. Therefore, no one will touch you there if you do not provoke anyone to quarrel. And provoking a quarrel in our time is very simple, for example, with your mobile phone or tablet, which you lifted up and closed the entire review to those who are behind you. Believe me, it infuriates a lot of people. You came to enjoy the live performance of your favorite songs, and not to record the whole concert on video, right? :)

How to meet a guy?

It so happened that in the crowd next to you, shoulder to shoulder, there is a handsome guy, and your attention is already attracted not by the languid handsome vocalist, but by him? Believe me, getting to know a guy at a concert is very easy, because the fact that you were at this concert shows that you already have a common interest. First of all, you need to attract his attention: ask him to move a little, which will be quite appropriate at the concert. Ask during the break for his opinion on the opening act. Even if you are embarrassed to take the first step, we guarantee you that he will contact you at the concert anyway. After all, people who were in the same crowd, one way or another, become one big and very sociable company for those two hours while the concert is on.

Enjoy every moment!

Each concert, and especially the concert of the most beloved band in the world, is a great celebration. Therefore, in spite of all these shreds, waves, “slam” and “mosh”, you have to come and recharge your batteries with energy at the stage, get euphoria from your favorite song, meet new people, forget about all the routine problems and enjoy every moment.

How to survive the "post-concert" syndrome?

The concert ended, the group left, all the friends went home, a week passed, and you only have memories, a bunch of selfies and some videos. You constantly remember that grand day when you met your friends from other cities, how fun you were, how much you enjoyed so passionately any music. I wish I could relive this day again, right? And after the concert you feel like the square from which the fair left is empty and frighteningly quiet. We understand that it is not easy to survive, because it is so hard to return to everyday routine after such an amazingly bright day. But just think: you saw your idols in reality, you heard the voice of that very handsome vocalist live, and this very handsome vocalist after each song sincerely confessed his love to you, Russian fans. What is there to be sad about? Because they left? But they still come back! Be sure to come back! If such a psychological technique does not help you, then try to flood yourself with study or work. Ask teachers of biology, literature and English for topics for abstracts. Indeed, in the company of mitosis and meiosis, Onegin with Larina and the “present-perfect” it will be much easier to forget.

Do not drink hot drinks near the stage

You arrived by car, so instead of your own powder beer, you took a coffee. Fine! Drink it near the bar and don’t get on the dance floor. There some kind of insane youth will shove you there. And instead of going home with a stately-breasted stranger, you will go to the burn department to the accompaniment of "Thief" from the ambulance radio.

Do not communicate with strange subjects

A drunk man happily treated you to beer, but when he heard that you thought Aerosmith was cooler than AC / DC, he wanted to kill you? A familiar story! Try to limit your circle of friends at the concert to friends, a girl and a bartender. Then you do not have to listen to the story of another neurotic about how he dreamed of becoming a guitarist, but became a Trudovik.

Do not cuddle other girls

When a lady with a gentleman is ahead of you, try to keep a pioneering distance. If the crowd is pushing behind, you can put your hand forward. Anyway, this is better than getting a girl from a companion for mythical harassment. If the beauty is one, then you still do not need to cuddle. Why feed your inner pervert when you can just get to know her?

Do not try to crawl into the dressing room

You will probably be very surprised, but performing on stage is quite hard work, after which you need rest. Imagine: out of breath, wet through the musicians finally finish the performance, sit in the dressing room, open the kefir - and then ... you appear! “Give an autograph!”, “Can I take a picture?”, “Oh, and you are so tall in the photographs” and so on. Believe me, do not bother people. And if you desperately need to shake hands with your idols, then just wait for them at the service entrance. Otherwise, you risk getting a unique autograph in the form of a fingal under the eye. Rockers are like that.

Do not be indifferent to other people's problems

The man standing next to him was stunned by stuffiness, and he fainted. No need to delicately step over it and pretend that nothing happened. Call the guard and together drag this fat body into the air. It is likely that it will also thank you with a glass of tea or a Brezhnev kiss. Even if not, your conscience will be clear and you will not curse yourself for indifference for the rest of your life.

Do not load others with unnecessary information

Believe me, your friends don't care that you lost your virginity in this ninth grade. People came to the concert to watch the performance of the artists, and not to listen to your second-rate stories. Instead of yelling to a friend in the ear the translation of a sounding song, give him the opportunity to imbue with music and take a break from your endless chatter.

Do not hide your emotions

If you really like the band, then feel free to sing along to the musicians, wave your hands and shake the remnants of a once luxurious haer. And it doesn’t matter that you are forty-two, and on the weekend you will take your mother-in-law to the country. If you do not give free rein to your feelings, a feeling of longing and dissatisfaction will settle in you. And this is much worse than all the abrasions and scratches combined.