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It turns out that in order to download files from torrent networks it is not necessary to have a torrent client. In today's review I want to introduce you to the top three services with which you can download torrent files using only a browser.

Let's start with the service To use the service you only need to have a .torrent file, or at least point to a link to it. After you give the bitlet .torrent file, you get the so-called download manager that runs on Java.

Here is another torrent service - Torrent2exe which works on a different principle. You can guess from its name even Doge. To get started, you also need only a torrent file. You give the service your torrent files by pointing to them or upload from your local computer. After that, the service converts your torrent file into a small program that can do only one function, this is to download the file you need. You can pause the download or limit the download speed. If necessary, you can restart your computer and resume downloading without losing any data already received.

Service httpTorrents It works in a completely different way. This service has a search box in which you can enter the name of the torrent that interests you. If such a file is found, then you can immediately download the data via a regular link. And if he is not, then he is queued for download. Using the service is simple: enter the hash of the torrent (uTorrent shows it), and from the list that appears, select the desired file and you can download it.

TORRENT Misc File Format

Torrents are used by users to download large files, as well as counterfeit copies of programs and other data via the Internet. Torrent files that are used by programs like BitTorrent contain metadata, as well as a list of network addresses of trackers that help users find each other or spread groups (so-called storms). Such files do not contain downloadable content, but serve only as a means of obtaining and downloading the relevant files. TORRENT files are the key to downloadable files. TORRENT files are small, but they are the ones that allow you to load huge amounts of data. Parts of the downloaded file are identified, placed in a list, and also receive metadata in order to allow users to find the necessary folders and download speeds.

Technical details of TORRENT files

TORRENT files are divided into data clusters that are downloaded at high speeds by requesting information from several sources. This allows you to offload a specific network sending the file. Despite the fact that the number of peers (i.e. users sharing the file) varies, the download speed does not decrease (the exception is the case of a sharp decrease in the number of peers). After receiving all the parts, they are grouped accordingly, and the individual parts of the file can be downloaded by other users who download the same file. BitTorrent System Improvement Suggestions may include additional metadata that is not included in regular TORRENT files.

Can't open a .torrent file?

If you double-click a file to open it, Windows checks the file name extension. If Windows recognizes the file name extension, the file opens in the program that is associated with this file name extension. When Windows does not recognize the file name extension, the following message appears:

Can I change the file extension?

Changing the file name to a file extension is not a good idea. When you change the file extension, you change the way the program on your computer reads the file. The problem is that changing the file extension does not change the file format.

If you have useful information about the file extension .torrentwrite to us!

How to open torrent file

Be careful when downloading software, music, or anything else via torrents. Since you are most likely getting files from people you don’t know, and you always run the risk of getting malware included in the data. It is important to install an antivirus program to catch something potentially dangerous.

TORRENT files open in a torrent client, such as Utorrent, Vuze and QBitTorrent, or even on the Internet through websites such as Filestream, Seedr or If you are running an Android device, you can use the Flud or uTorrent app.

Online torrent sites, such as Filestream and ZBIGZ, download torrent data for you to their own servers, and then provide files for downloading directly through a web browser, as if it were a regular non-torrent file.

Downloading torrents over the Internet using or another web torrent client is useful if your ISP or organization blocks or restricts BitTorrent traffic. This works because, from the point of view of the service provider, direct downloads are no different from regular HTTP traffic.

The contents or instructions of TORRENT files can sometimes be viewed with a text editor. However, even if you can read the TORRENT file as a text file, there is nothing that you could download or actually use / read - you must use the torrent client to actually receive the files.

How to convert the torrent file

Conventional file converter is the method of choice for conversion the majority file types, for example, DOCX, MP4, etc., but stream files are an exception.

Since the purpose of the TORRENT file is to store instructions, not to store the files themselves, the only reason for converting the TORRENT file is to save it in a new format that can still use these instructions. For example, you can convert a TORRENT file to a magnetic link (similar to .TORRENT) on the Torrent >> Magnet website.

That you are definitely you can not to do with TORRENT files is to convert them to “regular” file types such as MP4, PDF, ZIP, MP3, EXE, MKV, etc. We repeat TORRENT files are just instructions for downloading files, not the files themselves. This means that no conversion can extract files from a TORRENT file.

For example, although a TORRENT file can describe for a torrent client how to download, say, an Ubuntu operating system, simply changing or converting a .TORRENT file will not bring you either this OS or anything else.

Instead, you will need to download the .TORRENT file from the Ubuntu website and use it with the torrent client, which will then download ISO filecontaining the operating system.

After downloading, you can convert the ISO file, like any other file, using the free file converter. It doesn’t matter if the TORRENT file was used to download PNG images or MP3 audio files - you can use an image converter or an audio converter, for example, to convert them to JPG or WAV files.

Still cannot open the TORRENT file

Some file extensions are similar to others, but this does not mean that the files themselves are linked or can be used by the same programs.

For example, TORRENT and TOR are similar to each other, but the latter is the file extension used for asset files Star Wars: The Old Republic, in which stores game data such as weapons and music. Star Wars: The Old Republic is required to use TOR files.

TRN is another example that can be confused with a TORRENT file, even if it is actually used for SQL Server transaction log backup files and is opened using Microsoft SQL Server.