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Twins games


"The Sims" is an adored computer game. Many parts have already come out, and people do not cease to lose interest in such a colorful and amazing life simulator. Many additions, cities, interior items, you can create in it anything you want. All you need to create a character, your ideal or projection of yourself, takes care of him and build his life. Someone likes to equip their home and live a full life, someone builds a career, but you can not forget about such an important part as relationships and family. Here you too can do what you want.

However, the pregnancy process is close to real and your baby will be a surprise for you, it is a kind of random combination of the features of your characters and pure coincidence. Therefore, many care about whether they can control this part of the game. And we will tell you that this is possible. If you want a girl or a boy, or twins, of any gender, then the game is in your hands, and you have the right to be the hand of God in it. Please note that twins without interference in the game also happen, but very, very rarely.

Base game

And so, what influences the birth of twins? In the third part of the game, in addition to the usual characteristics of the character, achievements were also added. For points that you get after fulfilling the wishes of the character. You can purchase bonus features that are very useful to you. One of these bonuses is Fertility. It will be good if you can, get it for the mother of the children, then you will definitely have twins, at least.
If you are developing your career in show business, then here is another opportunity. At a certain level, you can get a lamp with gin. He can make a wish under the item "Big Family", then your sim will get a certain mood. During which he will not only give birth to twins or triplets, but he will also be able to prepare with great zeal to become a parent.

Of course, I would like to control how to give birth to twin boys or girls, and maybe even heterosexual. This, maybe just follow our advice. To determine the sex of the child, there is a great way in the third part. In order for you to have girls, you need to eat watermelons and strawberries, and for boys to have apples and carrots and listen to a certain type of music. It’s more difficult with the twins, this method also works here, but to understand who you need, you will have to turn to the engineering genius for a clue, he will be able to tell you the gender of the child. So if you have boys, you can have watermelons and you will have heterosexual twins, and vice versa. If you want, for example, to give birth to twins of girls in Sims 3, then your Sim should eat only watermelons or strawberries and listen to pop music.

Now about how to give birth to twins in Sims 4. Both parts of the game are very good, and only you decide which is better and which part to play. But in one and the other the family’s question is acute. What is nice in the new part is much easier to find out the gender of the child. You just need to do a test in the toilet, and no longer have to chase experts. As in the previous part, you can buy for points, a new bonus feature, now it is called “Large families”, and will help you give birth to twins. You can give birth to more children by giving birth at home. Buy cribs, as their color will affect the gender of children.

Additional functions

No one canceled the codes in the sims. Each fan of the game uses them at different stages of the game. After all, I want to build a beautiful house and establish a critical situation with a bad mood. Cheats help us a lot with this in Sims. Of course, there is also a special code for children, and perhaps this will be the best and easiest way for you. To do this, open, as always, the console for the code and enter: modifyrelationship (name and surname of one sim) (name and surname of another sim) (100) (romantic). This is a romantic code that will help you give birth to twins.

House twins

Macaroni and sausage - so children always answer me the question, what would they like to get for breakfast (dinner). Children of all ages are very fond of pasta. But mine love not only to eat them, but also to play with them, and sometimes create.

Playing with pasta is the best way to thoroughly captivate my twins while I cook.

When I was still pregnant and found out that I was waiting for twins, I began to read various literature about the development and upbringing of twins, and almost everywhere it was said that twins would definitely have problems with speech. Then I began to study literature about how to stimulate speech, and, first of all, about the motor skills of pens. And when my kids began to grow up, we very often played (and still play) various finger games with them (since I know a lot of them from my grandmother), play with toys that I made myself, filled with various small objects - millet, groats, etc. When the kids grew up, I read that you need to give children to play with cereals - this greatly contributes to the development of fine motor skills, and hence speech. But you can’t imagine what the kitchen turns into after the first minutes of the game of the twins with small loose cereals! Groats, peas, etc. were everywhere! On the floor, in all corners, on tables, chairs. even under mom’s pillow. And even a thorough cleaning after this entertainment did not help to completely get rid of all the consequences. Therefore, these games quickly stopped.

But one day Anya (then we were a little over a year old) saw a beautiful curly pasta and asked me to play. I gave her a couple of pieces, she sat down at the table and began to play with them and put something out of them. Andrei came up and, naturally, he wanted the same thing. The benefit of pasta is always abundant. So they calmly sat all the time while I was cooking. And large pasta is much easier to clean from the floor.

The next time I offered pasta again, only because I opened a new pack, added to the remaining ones from the last time, a couple more pieces, only of a different shape, and together we began to fantasize. From the horns and ears, we got a dog and pussy, added shells, and we got a car. So time after time we used pasta of other forms. The real find was the multi-colored pasta "Makfa Fantaziya". Then we began to make whole colorful pictures.

Twins on the street

When we were one year and 4 months old, our double stroller broke. But, fortunately, by that time we already knew how to walk well. We live in such an area that in order to get to the playground or on a safe street, you need to go a considerable distance from the house and cross 2-3 busy roads. Naturally, my kids just got out of the stroller They refused to go by the handle and made attempts immediately to leave the house to scatter in different directions. The only thing that stopped them was if I started to tell (and preferably in poetic form) what we see around.

On the lawn like a bell
a puppy is being poured
he collects daisies
for your beloved horse.

A machine
I fly-fly at all costs
I myself am a driver
I myself am a motor!
I press the pedal
And the car rushes into the distance.

Traffic light
On the road for a long time
Our assistant is a traffic light
Lit red light
You and I have no move
Waiting field
Yellow light - Warning
Here the green light is on
Come on in, says.

And the kids themselves asked me the topics: "Mom, Kazi on the tip." About the bird, so about the bird. Because I couldn’t always remember poetry, I had to improvise and compose:

Little bird
Small sprout
Jump-jump, Jump-jump
Insect - clap.

True, it didn’t always work out all right, but most importantly, it fulfilled its task. :)

I paid special attention to the rules of the road, as we live in the city center, and children will soon have to become independent road users.

This place is very strict
Lined road!
To see a pedestrian
Striped transition!

And so we got to the site and back. :) Soon we got used to walking by the handle and we didn’t have to speak our teeth. But I still had to entertain. And then I came up with a game. We walked along the road to the site and searched everywhere for pussies, dogs, birds. living and drawn. As I got older, I complicated the task - we became look for geometric shapes - circle, strip (line, segment), square, triangle. We had these figures in one children's game, so we already knew them. And now, when we walk we are looking for letters, on the way to the site a letter ABOUT, and on the way back the letter T.

On the street. Just a little advice. In my purse, wherever we go, there is always an inflatable ball. It takes a minimum of space and I always, when I need to distract or entertain children, I can get it, inflate and start the game, and I think everyone knows a lot of ball games.

Twins on the way

We are on the road from birth. We do not like to sit in one place. Almost every weekend we go to some of the grandmothers. And this is 40-50 minutes by bus. Almost every day I take my gang and set off to explore some corner of our city away from home. And we are playing. Our favorite game is cat house . I remembered this game in my childhood during one of the train rides, as one fellow traveler played with us. I put my palm on the roof, and the kids hide their fingers under the roof (1-2). And with the words:

Under my roof
Got a mouse
I wanted to catch them
And caught exactly. (five)
I'm trying to grab the little fingers. Laughter, screech provided.

For another game on the road, the Window cartoon from the Plasticine Crow series brought me to mind.

Remember: grandfather and grandson look out the window, then close and open their eyes and look, what has changed?
So I see - the bush grows in the garden.
Sparrows play leapfrog.
I see. ta ta ta. At his house.
And now I don’t see anything.

During a trip outside the window, the views change very often, so playing this game is even more entertaining. We take turns shutting our eyes, and, opening, we tell what we see.

This is our life. Different, difficult, but very interesting.

Strict regime

If with one baby you can allow yourself not to think about any schedule, adapting to the natural rhythms of the child, then the twin mothers have to experiment with different modes.

It is more convenient for some parents to feed or bathe their children at the same time, for others - in turn, however, the ultimate goal of selecting a schedule is the convenience of the mother.

Despite the fact that at first many adults complain that the babies sleep in turn, over time they manage to lead to a “common denominator”.

The managerial skills acquired in the first year of life will then be useful to parents more than once: when the children start walking and moving in opposite directions, when they start asking for different dishes for lunch and so on.