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How to fry cheese


Good day, dear readers. To please relatives and friends, each housewife can learn how to cook fried cheese. This delicate and original dish is sure to please everyone. The main thing is to follow the recipe exactly, because different cheeses are prepared in different ways, in addition, the taste seriously changes depending on the method of preparation. Recipes allow you to discover a wide variety of tastes.

The right choice of cheese

First of all, it is necessary to choose a cheese variety that will be perfect in taste after processing in a pan.

The main task of any recipe is to create a contrast of tastes. Inside it should be a soft molten mass that gently spreads in the mouth.

Outside, you should create a delicious crispy crust. For these purposes, it is best to use soft grades, otherwise hard ones can quickly catch in a crust.

The most common varieties for these recipes can be considered:

Mozzarella is especially tasty. It melts perfectly and has a flowing seductive texture.

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Breaded options

As a result of frying, processed cheese is obtained. In order for him to keep his shape, you need to create a crisp. Any product should initially be kept in the refrigerator, so the top will not have time to leak. Some varieties of cheese can be safely fried without breading. This is Adyghe, halumi, they are quite dense and will not spread.

An ideal option would be frying in breadcrumbs. You will need breadcrumbs. The baby should be medium in size, as it absorbs less oil and the balls are less greasy.

You need to rub the cheese and roll the balls. Then the product is dipped in an egg and in breadcrumbs. You can panic 2-3 times if you want to get a thick crispy crust.

In the absence of breadcrumbs, you can make cheese in two different ways in flour. First of all, it is a similar breading, the main thing is to add flour and add spices, preferably a little pepper. The second option is frying in batter.

A simple dough is being prepared:

  1. Beat the egg.
  2. A small amount of flour is added.
  3. You can pour water to a homogeneous consistency of liquid sour cream.
  4. Pepper, salt and Provence herbs to taste.

The dough is stirred, and then the balls of cheese are carefully dipped into it and immediately placed in a frying pan in heated oil.

Universal step by step recipe

The easiest way to consider the recipe for fried cheese is the example of mozzarella. Often, it is already sold in balls. During heat treatment, this variety melts and envelops perfectly. In this case, it is simple enough to achieve a firm crust.

An original and tasty snack can be obtained from simple ingredients:

  • mozzarella balls - 200 gr,
  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • milk - 200 ml
  • white bread - 200 gr,
  • Provencal herbs - 1 tsp,
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Any housewife can cope with a step-by-step recipe. You need one pan and a couple of bowls to prepare the ingredients:

  1. Egg, salt, pepper and herbs should be added to milk.
  2. Separately, it is necessary to prepare the flour, sift it, and also add a little salt and pepper.
  3. Cheese must be wiped with a paper towel to get rid of excess moisture.
  4. It is necessary to dry the white bread, crush into crumbs crumbs medium size.
  5. Then the cheese is crushed first in flour, then in milk and egg, and then in crumbs from crackers. The procedure can be repeated 1-2 times.
  6. In a deep frying pan, pour oil on 1-2 centimeters.
  7. Balls are immersed in a preheated pan.
  8. A few minutes are enough for frying, the main thing is that the crust is browned.

Serving such cheese is easiest with cranberry sauce, then a combination of flavors captivates anyone.

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Fried cheese with filling

When the usual delicate taste of fried cheese gets tired, you can safely experiment with different fillings. You can safely call the classic recipe with cottage cheese.

You will need a set of ingredients:

  • cheese, it’s better to take mozzarella or Adyghe,
  • curd, preferably medium fat
  • breadcrumbs,
  • salt and pepper to taste,
  • egg.

The cooking process is similar to the previous one. The only problem is the placement of the filling.

To do this, when rolling a cheese ball, you will need to place a small amount of cottage cheese inside, and then gently fill the cheese. That is why it is better to use soft varieties so that it is possible to handle them easily.

Then you need to make a breading and fry the finished balls in oil. When the dish is ready, it should be laid out on a paper towel and let the excess fat drain.

Cottage cheese can be replaced with different fillings, it can be vegetables, such as bell pepper and tomato, pieces of chicken or fruit, if you want to create an interesting dessert.

Cheese Sauces

The finished dish must be served with sauce. There are many options so that everyone can choose according to their taste.

A universal option would be a classic garlic sauce:

  1. Sour cream mixed in half with mayonnaise.
  2. Grated or crushed garlic is added.
  3. For aroma and beauty, greens are placed, this is parsley, dill or other herbs.

For a change, a similar sauce can be prepared on the basis of tomato paste. Besides. Berry jam is ideal for cheese. It should not be too sweet, cranberries or other berries with sourness are best combined to taste.

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Benefit and harm

Cheese itself is a fairly healthy product. It contains a large amount of protein, useful and important amino acids, as well as vitamins. Using cheese balls, it is easy to make up for the lack of energy in the body.

Calorie can safely be considered a disadvantage. Cheese must be eaten in limited quantities if a person suffers from excess weight or is on a diet.

In the case of balls fried in oil, calories increase. A large amount of fat remains on the product. In fact, this is a deep-fat product that contains a lot of cholesterol and fat.

Nevertheless, sometimes you can safely allow yourself to feast on cheese balls and try different recipes and sauces.

How to cook fried cheese and taste it deliciously now should not be difficult. If you liked the fried cheese recipes, share them through the buttons of social networks.

How to grill cheese

Cheese can be fried either in cubes or in grated form. In the second case, you get cheese balls so beloved by the French.

To do this, rub cheese on a grater, add salt and pepper to it, and then small diameter balls are formed from this mixture. The resulting lumps are rolled in flour and fried in any fat. As soon as the cheese balls double in volume, they are removed from the fat and thrown back onto a sieve or napkin. Hot lumps with herbs are amazingly delicious and tender.

And cheese fried with cubes is more relevant to Georgian cuisine.

No less delicious are fried cheese cubes breaded. Their plus is convenient to pick up and dunk in jam or sauce. In this case, the cheese is cut into small pieces of the correct shape, which are immediately sprinkled with flour. Such a measure is necessary so that the next layer of breading lies evenly, does not slide off the excessively smooth surface of the cheese.

Next, the cubes are dipped in an egg, whipped with salt, sugar, garlic and seasonings. When frying, spices give the cheese a delicate, unique flavor, and sugar forms a beautiful crust. Then the cubes are rolled in breadcrumbs, dipped again in the egg and again sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Thus, due to the multilayer breading, the cheese does not leak during frying into the pan.

Finally, the cubes are placed in the heated oil, while it should completely hide them. To evenly, tasty and properly fry the cheese, you need to periodically turn the cheese slices in a pan.

The cooking time of the product takes no more than half a minute. After that, the cubes are removed and laid out on a paper napkin, which absorbs excess fat.

When serving, fried Dutch cheese is seasoned with lingonberry jam, cheese cubes are combined with greens, and dishes from Adyghe cheese are sprinkled with aromatic herbs.

Served fried cheese with a side dish. Most often, it is boiled potatoes or fries. But as a healthier option, you can choose vegetables. Serve the fried cheese immediately, because when it is cold it loses its great taste.

Fried cheese recipes

The first recipe:

  • 300 g hard cheese
  • 40 g breadcrumbs
  • 40 g butter
  • parsley
  • some milk

How to cook fried cheese:

Wet thick slices of cheese in milk (especially if the cheese is too hard), breaded in breadcrumbs, put in a hot pan with melted butter and quickly fry over high heat. Sprinkle with parsley and serve with mashed potatoes.

The second recipe:

  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of hot tomato paste
  • 2 tbsp. tablespoons of flour
  • 1 egg
  • 4 large slices of cheese
  • white crackers
  • fat for frying

Mix the tomato paste with flour and egg. Dip slices of cheese in a mixture, breaded in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides in hot fat.

The third recipe:

  • 500 g cheese
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbsp. tablespoons of milk
  • 100 g butter
  • 1 tbsp. flour spoon
  • salt

Beat the egg with salt and milk, add flour and grind well to get a homogeneous dough of medium density. Then cut the cheese into slices, dip in dough and fry in butter. Serve hot with sour cream or sugar.

So, the right way to fry cheese is very simple and delicious! Enjoy your meal!

Step by step recipe with photo

For me, fried cheese was an unexpected discovery. When you quickly need to eat, but at the same time satisfying, such a dish will be very useful. Cooking fried cheese very quickly, eat immediately while hot. I fried Adyghe cheese, but you can use a variety of cheeses.

A minimum of ingredients will be required.

Cheese cut into pieces of 0.5 cm.

Beat the egg with a fork until smooth.

Dip the pieces of cheese in the egg.

Bread cheese in breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. Heat a pan with oil.

Put cheese in a hot pan.

Fry the cheese on both sides until golden brown.

Eat cheese hot with sweet tea and good mood.

Fried cheese is obtained with a crispy crust and soft tasty filling.

  • 185



Pan-fried cheese

Cheese intended for grilling can be cooked both on the grill and in an ordinary frying pan. In this case, butter allows you to get a slightly crusty crust without overdoing the cheese in a pan, and if it is not the best fried cheese in the world, it will definitely be memorable.
Alexey Onegin

Place the pan over medium heat, pour in vegetable (preferably olive) oil and add a piece of cream to it. While the butter is melting, cut the cheese into slices 1.5-2 cm thick. If the cheese is too wet, dry it with paper towels.

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When the butter has completely melted and bubbled, shake the pan several times to mix it with the vegetable oil and place the cheese slices in it. Fry them for 2-3 minutes, sometimes lifting and controlling the color of the crust - the cheese is fried quickly, and it is also very easy to overcook it. When you like the appearance of the crust, turn over the slices of cheese and fry the same amount.

Cypriot halloumi is shaped very simply - a cheese cake is doubled and pressed. Because of this, the cheese can go a little seam during frying, but this is not at all scary. When the cheese is ready, remove it from the heat, pat it with paper towels to soak up excess oil, and arrange on plates until it has cooled.

Season the cheese with freshly ground black pepper and serve it with a slice of lemon: in the homeland of halloumi, all that is possible is poured with lemon juice, and if the cheese turned out to be excessively salty, the sour notes of lemon juice will help mask this defect.