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How to effectively mask vitiligo


Vitiligo is manifested in discoloration of the skin. The natural pigmentation of the skin is disturbed, because of which light or white areas appear on the body. Vitiligo can also affect hair. This condition is not life threatening, but many experience psychological discomfort. Using cosmetics, you can hide discolored areas of the skin. Brightened eyebrows can be dyed with conventional eyebrow products. If all this does not help, consider the option of operation.

Is it possible to mask vitiligo with cosmetics?

Depending on the degree of the disease, with varying probability of success, mask stains from vitiligo with cosmetics. The most effective are tanning and folk methods, which we will talk about today.

Also, use a regular foundation, but to achieve a good result you will have to apply layers of cosmetics daily, which is quite problematic, especially if the spots are located in the area of ​​contact with the clothes.

Popular methods

The solarium, like the sun's rays, causes hyperpigmentation, accelerating skin aging. In addition, ultraviolet can cause cancer, some people with a special type of skin can not sunbathe at all. But this does not mean that you need to walk pale-faced, because there is a tan. This substance is in the form of a spray, lotion or cream that causes darkening of the upper layer of the epidermis.

Sprays and sprayers are used in salons, so we will not consider them. At home, it is better to apply a cream, lotion or napkins. Cream and wipes usually give a clear result within a few hours after application, while the lotion causes a tanning effect after a few days of regular use.

But for both types of funds there are uniform rules:

  • Properly apply tanning need on cleansed skin, it is better if it is treated with a scrub or washcloth,
  • it is better to apply the product on slightly damp skin, this will make it possible to avoid streaks and streaks, as well as reduce the consumption of cream or lotion.
  • mix lotion with moisturizing milk to make the color more transparent and even,
  • after applying tanning, wait until the skin dries, this will help to avoid bumps and marks on clothing,
  • self-tanning is quickly washed off, so go stained to prevent this, use a washcloth daily,
  • to maintain intense color, the product is used every day, for the effect of a light tan, it will be enough to apply once every two days.

If you decide to switch from tanning to real sunlight, then darkened skin needs protection.


The skin becomes darker and moisturized. A uniform tan without white marks can be achieved in a few days. No burns, skin does not age. Self-tanning is cheaper than a visit to the solarium, if you use it at home, then save time and money. The tool is safe.


  • Washes off faster.
  • The procedure for applying the product requires preparation and skill.
  • Tanning leaves marks on light clothing.

As we already said, use foundation or bronzer. If there are few spots and they are conveniently applied, then this is the safest and fastest way to hide vitiligo. Choose a sun protection product.

Apple vinegar

This is an effective tool in the fight against vitiligo. To eliminate this problem, apply apple cider vinegar to the affected areas for 20-25 minutes. Vinegar helps reduce stain and make your skin healthier. To achieve the best result, add onion juice and also apply to the affected area. A positive result is guaranteed.

  • chop onion, defend
  • put the resulting juice in a bowl,
  • add apple cider vinegar. Mix well, apply to depigmented areas,
  • rinse off after half an hour.
  • Orange juice:
  • mix orange juice with apple cider vinegar,
  • apply the resulting mixture to the skin,
  • Rinse,
  • apply within 30 days.

Lemon juice and red onion

The juice is very rich in acid, which will help remove stains. Juice reduces the number of dead cells, regenerates damaged cells. Apply juice to the skin with cotton buds. Wash off after twenty minutes. Therapy is carried out 2-3 times a day, white spots will gradually disappear.

  • wipe the affected skin with onions,
  • rinse well to get rid of bad smell.

To finally solve this problem, the procedure needs to be carried out 1-2 months.

Butter or milk

To get rid of vitiligo, apply oil or milk to the skin for 20 minutes, dry it, and then cleanse your face with warm water. Milk and butter are rich in lactic acid, which makes the skin glossy and regenerates cells. It is advisable to use this tool on a regular basis.

Turmeric has been a popular skin cleanser since ancient times, effectively removes white spots. There are two ways to use turmeric.

Mix equal parts of honey and olive oil with one teaspoon of turmeric, and then rub into skin patches.

Therapy is carried out for half an hour, then rinse.


These funds will help restore skin cells and reduce damage from ultraviolet rays. Regular therapy for three months will solve this problem. Use natural aloe vera juice or gel. Also apply a vegetable cream based on aloe vera extract. Before using any cosmetics or folk remedies for vitiligo, consult a dermatologist.

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