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How to sew a sailor suit for a boy with your own hands: detailed instructions and a description of the work


A sailor's carnival costume can be sewn with your own hands, both for a girl and for a boy. To create a children's costume for a sailor, you will not need a very detailed pattern, because in this outfit there are no details that require special accuracy and accuracy when creating them. It is enough to use simple instructions and ideas that are easily implemented at home.

Suit for the boy "sailor"

One of the most important details of this outfit for a boy is a hat. To create it, you need blue and white hard cardboard and white fabric.

From a piece of hard blue cardboard we cut out a strip that will serve as the basis. Its width should be about seven centimeters, and the length must be determined by measuring the circumference of the boy’s head, and a couple more centimeters to retreat to leave room for gluing.

Glue the strip to make a circle. We bend a centimeter of its upper edge inward.

From a white cardboard we cut out an even circle, the diameter of which will be wider than the glued blue strip. It is necessary to make sure that the edges of the circle recede from the edges of the strip by about four centimeters.

We put a white cardboard circle on the fabric and outline it, retreating from the edges of six centimeters. Glue the edges of the fabric to the inside of the cardboard circle, without tightening it. Next, glue the blue strip with a white top.

A mandatory attribute of this costume is a collar. From a blue cloth we cut a square of forty by forty centimeters. Visually measure half the square. We retreat from its lower edges by five centimeters, and cut a semicircle to its top.

Next, we retreat from the edges of the entire piece a centimeter and sheathe it with a white ribbon of the same width. We retreat a centimeter from the tape and sew another white tape around the entire perimeter of the collar.

Sewing trousers is not necessary, just find any black straight children's pants and a belt with a noticeable buckle. But, if you are fluent in sewing techniques and are eager to sew them with your own hands, take a satin fabric of black or dark blue color and give preference to a flared style.

For a blouse you will need a white satin fabric. Sewing it is easy - cut two wide parts and connect them with a sewing machine, leaving spaces for the hands, head and body. A prerequisite - the upper neckline should be wide so that the blouse can simply be worn over the head.

A simplified version for a boy

It’s easy to sew a woven hat with your own hands. To do this, you need a blue wide elastic and a white cloth. The ends of the blue gum are connected and bandaged. From a white fabric, cut a circle and sew it to the inside of the elastic band.

It is not necessary to sew a children's shirt, you can take a vest and put it on under a white shirt, not buttoned on all the buttons. If the vest could not be found, take an ordinary white T-shirt without sleeves and draw blue stripes on it with acrylic paint.

The collar can be cut in the same way as in the instructions for the first suit, but the stripes can be painted with any white paint, rather than sewn.

Pants for the boy - the usual black. Even the classic version is good.

Carnival costume sailors

You need to try to find a white blouse without any unnecessary details. We draw wide transverse blue stripes on it, and the blouse for the sailor is ready.

The style of the skirt can be anything except a pack or a very long model. Successful options are direct, flared or “sun”. DIY, find or purchase is your choice.

Instead of a classic collar, you can take an ordinary small neckerchief and tie it nicely so that it covers your shoulders.

An interesting option for a sailor's headdress is a white beret with a blue pompom. It can be sewn from several wedges and elastic, and the pompom can easily be created using equal pieces of woolen blue thick threads, knitting them and fluffing them.

Tights need to try to choose tight and white.

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Sailor costume

The basis of the suit is a white shirt and trousers. You can use any black or white pants of a straight cut as pants for a sailor. And to give them even greater resemblance to the marine shape, iron the arrows and find a wide black belt with a metal buckle.

As for the shirt, there are a lot of options. You can sew it, taking as a basis an ordinary shirt. Simply remove the button line for a one-piece front shelf and V-neckline.

You can just take a regular white T-shirt and sew sleeves to it. Sew cuffs of blue fabric to them, the width of which will be equal to half the child’s hand. Complete the shirt with a blue or blue collar framed by three white stripes of satin fabric or ribbons.

How to sew a collar for a sailor's costume with your own hands

When creating a pattern, it is quite difficult to name any specific numbers. Here it is necessary to proceed solely from the individual measurements of the child. Gyuys - that’s what the collar is called, it should lie exactly on the shoulders of your baby, covering his back a little. He should not hang down like a cloak. Choose a suitable fabric for your collar in blue or blue. It is not necessary to take cotton fabric, you can choose denim, etc. Make two identical parts as illustrated in the photo.

Connect them face inward and sew along the contour, leaving the bottom part not stitched. In order for the fabric of the finished collar not to pull, be sure to make notches in the places of curvature.

Turn the collar to the front side, iron it carefully, gently sweep the free part, bending the slices inward. Iron the bottom.

Now you should do the design of guis. Traditionally, it is decorated with three white ribbons sewn along the outer edge. We do not have to strictly follow the rules, so you can get by with one tape. Prepare a white satin ribbon of the desired length and do the decoration.

Bast it first around the entire outer perimeter, and then sew on a sewing machine. As you know, at the same time as the tape, the lower part of the collar is additionally sewn.

Takes a sailor with his own hands

The simplest version of a beret for a sailor will be able to sew even to a person who has never seriously encountered sewing. Everything is quite simple, you do not even need to use a pattern. Just follow the instructions below, and then everything will work out perfectly.

First you need to carve out two circles of white fabric, as well as two rectangles. Choose the diameter of the base circles yourself, based on the circumference of your son’s head. The total length of the two rectangles will be equal to the circumference plus seam allowances. The height of the rectangles will correspond to twice the height of the headgear, in this case it is 16 cm. If your fabric allows you to cut one long rectangle, then make it solid so as not to do too much work.

Now you need to process the edges. If there is an overlock, this is very good, but if it is not there, use the zigzag seam of your machine, you can sew the edges manually.

Sew two rectangles together on both sides. Leave about one cm unstitched on one side, not reaching the middle a bit - through this hole we will insert an elastic band. When the work is done, iron all seams carefully.

Next, you should lay a seam at a height of about 1.5 - 2 cm. It can be made decorative.

Sweep the inside of the beret with a round base. Turn it out and hide the seam between the two sides.

Carefully bend inward the edges of the outer side, an example you see in the photo. Sweep all layers again, then sew them on the sewing machine. Remove the bobbin threads.

In the hole that was not stitched, insert the rubber band, tighten to the size you want, sew its edges. Sew the hole for the elastic with a blind seam.

Takes for your sailor ready. You just have to make a blue pompom for him. Everything is simple here, and many people know how to do it.

Cut two circles from the cardboard, make two more small circles inside and cut each detail on the side. Put them together, then wrap them well with blue yarn. If you want a bigger pompom, wrap it with threads as tight as possible. As a result, you need to cut the yarn with manicure scissors in the middle between two cardboards, stretch them a little, insert a thread between them and tightly bandage the yarn. That's all, the pompom is ready.

Carefully trim all knocked-out threads so that the pompom has a beautiful and even shape, sew it to the beret and the hat for your favorite sailor is ready.

Cap for your favorite sailor

In order to make a peakless pattern, you first need to measure the circumference of your baby’s head. Put the resulting number horizontally on a piece of paper, and vertically enough 6-7 cm. To begin with, all the details will be cut out of doubler. The resulting rectangle will become the edge of the peakless cap. Now you need to cut the top of the hat, it will be the same diameter as the previous part. In accordance with the second part, cut out the third part, which will correspond to the upper part. As a result, you should have three details for the cap, an example you see in the photo.

Now the detail of the band made of doubler needs to be glued to the blue fabric, use an iron for these purposes. In the same way, glue the two remaining parts to a white cloth. After that, cut out all three parts, leaving allowances of 1-1.5 cm.

Bend the detail of the band in half and iron it thoroughly. The denser the part, the better, although stitching it will be quite difficult.

Sweep together the top and top of the cap along the edge and sew in the outer circle with a sewing machine.

To make the headgear keep its shape as best as possible, give the edges in a circle in a zigzag shape. Turn out the part and iron it.

Next, you need to sweep the detail of the band with the tulle. After making sure that all the parts are the same size, there are no extra folds anywhere, stitch the parts together.

Do not forget about the special attribute of such a hat - these, of course, are two ribbons, they need to be sewn from the back to the band. First, pin the ribbons to the product with pins and sew them around the perimeter.

As a result, if desired, you can sew an anchor to the peak. Now the sailor's headdress is ready.

Skirt with pleats for sailors

A similar model must be sewn as follows: measure the length of the product on the fabric, taking into account the allowances for the seams, the width is calculated from the value of the waist circumference, as well as the size of the folds.

Folds can be made the same or allowed towards each other, pinning them with needles. As a result, the top of the product should correspond to the waist circumference of the girl plus 2 cm for allowances. Sew the top of the skirt, treating the folds with an iron, machine the bottom of the product with a machine seam, tucking the edges, and sew on the belt. The first and second version of the skirt can be done without a stitched belt, just by sewing in an elastic band.

Please note that if you do not have much experience in sewing, after each perfect action, apply the product to the child so that you succeed correctly. Experience and skills come with time and practice.

As you could see for yourself, making a sailor's carnival costume is not so difficult. Most often, things from everyday life are taken as a basis. It can be trousers, shirts, belts, etc. Therefore, before sounding the alarm, carefully review the wardrobe of all your loved ones, there will certainly be those items of clothing that can be changed to your baby.

The second important condition is the availability of free time. This is not surprising, because it is very difficult for mothers who are also working, to find free time for these purposes. If, in addition to everything else, you need to purchase the missing materials and decorative elements, then there may not be any time left. Therefore, think in advance and plan your free time to create a carnival costume in order to gradually cope with it, and not sit at night.

If you still could not find suitable clothes, then you need to sew it with your own hands. Do not try to find the pattern of the required suit. Just find a suitable pattern of ordinary clothes that will match the costume. In the case of a sailor, it may be a shirt or pants.

There are a lot of variations in the performance of the costume of a sailor or a sailor, but so that your child can feel confident, comfortable and liberated, choose the model in which he will be comfortable and which he will really like.