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50 ideas on how to entertain yourself on the Internet: games, videos, puzzles and meditation


There are many advantages that give a hobby in life. A hobby gives us time to relax, which in turn reduces stress. Physical hobbies contribute to exercises that will release endorphins, which will enhance mood and understanding. Spending time on a hobby can also help find new skills and discover hidden talents. For example, in a career, choosing a hobby related to a new field can help in the profession and it will also give great advantages to include in the resume. Regardless of the chosen hobby, you can meet new friends, keep your brain in good shape or make money.

For some people, choosing a hobby can be a natural and easy process. For others, this can lead to confusion where to start, as there are so many options. This article will help you sort out options by area of ​​interest and personality type.

A hobby that sharpens the mind

Some home hobbies are the best and easiest option when you don’t need to go anywhere and think through different options. This can be especially important for people aged. Here are some hobbies that can help keep your brain in shape:

Ä Puzzles, crosswords and sudoku
Ä Collecting the Rubik's Cube for a while
Ä Card games, playing solitaire
Ä Learn to draw or write
Ä Chess
Ä Learn how to play a musical instrument
Ä Learn a foreign language

Hobbies for children and families

Here are some great family hobbies that all kids enjoy:

Ä Modeling of trains, planes and cars

Ä Scenic train travel
Ä Toys for all ages with remote control
Ä Puzzles and constructors
Ä Magic tricks
Ä Kite flying
Ä Visit to the zoo and green tourism
Ä Travel by boat on the river and sea
Ä Dolls
Ä Juggling
Ä Collecting (more details below)

Hobbies for the physically active

For people who love adrenaline and heart rate acceleration, it's time to find an active hobby. Here are some hobby options for adventure seekers:

Ä Nudling (bare-handed fishing)
Ä cycling
Ä Rowing
Ä Scuba diving
Ä Hot air ballooning
Ä Football
Ä Volleyball
Ä Walking
Ä Hiking
Ä Marathons
Ä Mountaineering
Ä Camping
Ä Hiking in the forest
Ä Speleology
Ä Tennis
Ä Golf
Ä Horse riding
Ä Skiing or snowboarding
Ä Dancing
Ä Swimming
Ä Travel
Ä Bungee jumping
Ä Basketball
Ä Triathlon
Ä Geo-caching
Ä Surfing and windsurfing

Science hobbies

Did you like the exact subjects at school? Do you like to explore and observe? If so, here are a few hobby options for you:

Ä Astronomy

Ä Building rocket models
Ä Microscopy
Ä Birdwatching
Ä Aquariums

Hobbies for history buffs

Do you like the history and study of our past? If so, here are a few hobby options for you:

Ä Research of the Titanic, tombs of Tatunhamon, Troy and much more
Ä Folk souvenirs
Ä Reconstruction of historical battles
Ä Learning folk forgotten crafts
Ä Visiting museums around the country and the world
Ä Fairs
Ä Research and create your family tree

Hobbies for men

Let's face it, some hobbies are just better for men. I’m not saying that a woman cannot do this, but here are a few hobby options for men:

Ä Poker
Ä Pool
Ä Darts
Ä Ping Pong
Ä Woodworking
Ä Sports reporting in a newspaper or website
Ä Sports refereeing
Ä Gadgets and digital gadgets
Ä Home brewing
Ä Hunting
Ä Stuffing

Money Hobbies

Some home hobbies provide an opportunity to help you earn extra money on the side. Here are some options:

Ä Freelance journalist or blogger (blogging)
Ä Homework (can be sold on the Internet or at fairs)
Ä Decoration and manufacture of cakes to order
Ä Sales and auctions
Ä Photographing (wedding, children, freelance)
Ä Carpentry
Ä Graphic Design
Ä Video creation and uploading to YouTube (with monetization)

Hobbies for collectors

Collecting things can be a passion for life, stimulating memories and helping to remember and preserve the past. People who collect are attentive to details and strive for completeness. his collection. Here are some good ideas for collecting:

Ä Beer collection
Ä Collection of books
Ä Coin Collecting
Ä Collection of badges, cards
Ä Collecting toys (unique or antique)
Ä Collecting cars (expensive)
Ä Art Collection
Ä Collection of commodities: spoons, sugar bowls, potholders and other
Ä Sports souvenirs and medals
Ä Autograph collection
Ä Collecting Antiques
Ä Collection of natural minerals, meteorites

Hobbies for couch potatoes and those who like to work with their hands

Are you expecting a baby or were you kids recently? Do you like crafts and art? But unable to leave home for any reason, or just enjoy being at home? Whatever the reason, here are some hobby ideas for couch potatoes:

Ä Jewelry making

Ä Baking
Ä Painting
Ä Ceramics
Ä Drawing
Ä Candle making
Ä reading
Ä Soap making (can also bring money if sold)
Ä Embroidery
Ä Keeping a diary
Ä Digital art
Ä Cooking
Ä Culinary contests
Ä Gingerbread houses
Ä Doll making
Ä Dollhouse
Ä Production of family photo albums
Ä Knitting
Ä Sewing
Ä Crochet
Ä Sewing blankets
Ä Gardening
Ä Watching movies and writing reviews
Ä Feng Shui
Ä Interior Design
Ä Writing short stories, poems, novels
Ä Cross stitch

Hobbies for socially active people

Do you like meeting new people? Do you like activities related to other people? If you answered yes, then these hobbies are for you:

Ä Wine tasting
Ä Flea markets
Ä Board games like "monopoly"
Ä Lotto table
Ä Bowling
Ä Sports clubs
Ä Book clubs
Ä Playing in the theater, participating in amateur performances

Hobbies for music lovers

Music is a fundamental part of life. Here are some options for music lovers and musically talented:

Ä Singing and choir
Ä Visiting concerts
Ä Music history research
Ä write music
Ä Creating your own musical group, writing poetry and music and its promotion
Ä Music training
Ä Collecting music

Stress Relief Hobbies

Everyone needs to be less nervous and get rid of stress, and you can enjoy it! Here are some stress relief hobbies:

Ä Yoga
Ä Meditation
Ä Athletics and weightlifting

Some things can be done only at certain times of the year. Here are some hobbies that are good for different seasons:

Ä Fairs and sales of seedlings, trees, seeds
Ä Visiting spring flower shows

Ä Sailing
Ä Gardening
Ä Gardening

Ä Visiting abandoned cities
Ä Autumn bike tours
Ä Collect autumn leaves and create bouquets and herbariums (children like it)
Ä Apple picking
Ä Grapes, wine and raisins
Ä Pumpkin crafts, sewing Halloween costumes

Ä Creation of Christmas decorations, lights, artificial cardboard trees, snowflakes and other bright products
Ä Sewing elegant costumes for the whole family
Ä Rest in the mountains, sanatoriums in the winter

Broadcast with husky puppies

The cutest link on the list. 24-hour broadcast with 1.5-month-old husky puppies from Izhevsk. You can watch endlessly. The broadcast is likely to end in late January.

The most boring, monotonous, long videos. Need for those who are looking for an alternative to slow television. The collection includes a three-hour video of the aquarium, an hour-long recording of the sumo championship, a Klingon lesson, and more.

Minimalistic browser games

Deceptively simple game with worms. It looks like a multiplayer "snake", and the spiritual heir of last year's Now there are not many people in it, so playing is easier than before.

Hybrid spatial puzzle and runner. It is necessary to lead the little man in a voluminous figure without standing up twice on the same platform. The problem is that the man cannot be stopped, so decisions are made on the go.

There is usually no point in clicker games: you click to buy something by clicks, to click even faster. Spaceplan works the same way, but unlike other games it has a plot and ending.

Another spatial puzzle. It looks like a Rubik's Cube and Fifteen. Twist a large cube to bring the small cube inside it to a specific point. It will take a long time to spin.

Spotify gaming

Spotify streaming service sub-site with music from games. There are playlists with soundtracks (for example, to Uncharted 4 and Assassinʼs Creed) and thematic playlists (for example, music from old games).

A web application to build your modular synthesizer. Included are various oscillators, generators, filters and a bunch of settings. You can play this on the keyboard or MIDI controller.

Inc. Russia

The Russian version of the American edition for entrepreneurs. Works for small and medium-sized businesses, publishes tips, success stories, and explains new laws and initiatives.

Rambler & Co English-language publication on culture and society in Russia. If it’s hard to read English, subscribe to the YouTube channel of the publication, where they post a video essay about life in Russia.

Game site of the publishing house "Committee" (engaged in and TJ). In addition to news and reviews, he leads a section on development and game design and arranges streams on Twitch.

The true size

An interactive project that allows you to compare the size of countries, superimposing them on each other. If the usual maps in the Mercator projection distort the real sizes of states, The True Size dispels these ideas.

A real find: a historical atlas superimposed on a Google satellite map, which shows the borders and names of states in different eras, as well as photographs and brief references to the marked countries.

A very beautiful interactive map that allows you to observe the movement of aircraft around the world. Compiled on the basis of information about tens of thousands of flight paths with FlightRadar.

Invisible, Inc.

Turn-based tactical strategy from the development studio Donʼt Starve. You lead a detachment of spies in the cyberpunk future, stealthily penetrate corporate offices and steal data from there.

There are no text or dialogs in the new Limbo developers game. Inside tells the story through the environment and locations, and you yourself must assume what is happening in it (does not mean that you will succeed).

Hyper light drifter

Hackʼnʼslash with gorgeous pixel graphics, a simple combat system and a fairly high level of complexity. Like Inside, Hyper Light Drifter does not say anything directly to the player, he is trying to convey the history of the world with images and symbols.

A minimalistic shooter where time only goes when you go. A short series of puzzle levels reveals this idea in different ways and ends before you get bored.

Furi has only boss battles and the simplest game elements. But even so, it creates a serious problem for the player - not a single boss can get through the first time.

Devil daggers

Crazy arena shooter. Your stamina is experienced not only by crowds of enemies, but also by rather unpleasant visual surroundings and atmosphere.

A bright first-person melee role-playing game that they tried to adapt for the iPad. The battle works something like Fruit Ninja, but it’s more interesting - you need to know the weaknesses of the opponents.

Good stealth action in the Japanese surroundings. In Agarami, heroes constantly hide in the shadows and interact with them. Passing the game with a friend is more interesting than one.

A game about an owl boy jumping on platforms, climbing stairs, collecting items, which took nine years to develop. Owlboy has interesting game solutions (such as flight and partners) and the feeling of a good cartoon.

Especially beautiful in its simplicity, eSports is a team game with triangles that score goals. Videoball can be started over and over again - hardly bothered.