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How to copy, cut and paste text, photos and links on iPhone and iPad


Switch between devices seamlessly with Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone (Cellular Calls), SMS / MMS, Instant Hotspot, Continuity Camera, AirDrop, Apple Pay, and Auto Unlock.

Click Continuity below to learn how to configure and use this feature.

Handoff: start on one device and continue from the same place on another nearby.

Universal clipboard: copy content, such as text, images, photos and videos, on one Apple device and paste on another.

iPhone (cellular calls): Make and receive phone calls using your Mac, iPad, or iPod touch when this unit is connected to the same network as the iPhone.

Forwarding: send and receive SMS and MMS messages from iPhone to Mac, iPad and iPod touch.

Instant Hotspot: connect to iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) in modem mode from a Mac, iPad, iPod touch or other iPhone without entering a password.

Auto Unlock: Get instant access to your Mac when you wear your Apple Watch. Just wake up your Mac - and that’s it! You do not need to enter a password.

Continuity Camera: Scan documents or take pictures with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and they’ll be instantly transferred to your Mac.

AirDrop: Wirelessly send documents, photos, videos, website links, geo-locations, and other data to your nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Apple Pay: Shop online with your Mac and complete the process with Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

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How to copy, cut and paste using the context menu on iPhone and iPad?

1. Open the application of interest where you want to copy, for example Safari.

2. Make a long tap on the content (text, link, photo) that you want to copy to the clipboard. When copying text, use the “sliders” of the selection to increase or decrease the number of words to copy.

3. In the context menu that appears, select "Copy" or "Cut out».

4. Open the application where you need to paste the copied content. Make a long tap at the place where you want to place the information and in the pop-up context menu, click "Embed».

Function "Cut out" differs from "Copy»By the fact that information is deleted from the original application. This can only be done in applications where editing of materials or files is allowed.

How to copy, cut and paste using the extended keyboard on iPhone or iPad

In the landscape orientation of the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone and iPad, there is an extended keyboard with an additional set of keys facilitating not only typing, but also allowing you to copy, cut and paste text.

1. Select the text fragment of interest.

2. Use the following button to copy

or this for cutting

3. Place the cursor in the right place and press the special button to insert

How to copy text on iPad, applications for creating and processing texts

After the world saw the iPad, he became an indispensable assistant to all those who work with text, whether they are writers, journalists, students, etc. Carrying it with you is more convenient than a netbook; you do not have to wait until the system boots up. Autonomous work in text editors can last up to 10-11 hours without recharging, which makes this device even more competitive among peers.

How to copy text on iPad

Although at first glance, working with text does not seem complicated, but there are many points that will make you think. Despite the fact that most people write a lot of text every day (correspondence, official letters, comments on social networks), most of the editing options remain unknown.

Editing a document will be easy after familiarizing yourself with the basic features of text in the iPad. You can type text in capital letters after pressing SHIFT (up arrow icon).

She changes the letters from uppercase to lowercase. By clicking this button twice, you activate CapsLock. This will print in uppercase characters. When you double-click on the space bar, you will put an end to it.

This only works if the sheet already has typed text.

Try to keep pressing the letter “e” and the letter “ё” will become available to you. This will allow you to choose the possible spelling of the letter, if any, without having to use a foreign layout. When the system suggests replacing the word when spelling it, you can agree by pressing the space bar, the punctuation symbol. Refuse to replace by pressing the button with the image of a cross.

Edit and record abbreviations through the “abbreviations” settings, which are available in the main settings in the “keyboard” option. In the same option, you can activate the dictation function of the text. This will allow you not to write text, but to pronounce it, the system, in turn, will recognize it and display it in the form of characters. The button on which the globe is displayed allows you to change the input language.

This is the next editing step after writing. To select a word, double-click on it quickly. To select a paragraph, click on it four times. Or you can “tap” with two fingers, the effect will be the same. If you want to select a part, click on the beginning and end of the fragment.

You can also do this if you click at the beginning of the required fragment and without tearing off your finger lead to the end point. A long press on any part of a text document will select all the text. When a selection occurs, possible actions will appear in the form of a pop-up menu and selection borders, which you can move and select the desired amount of characters.

Actions with text

Each application has its own characteristics, but there are also basic repetitive actions that work everywhere. Copying a fragment is carried out after the selection of characters.

A menu will appear above the text where you can see the copy option. In order to paste the copied text you need to click (long) on ​​the workspace and set the cursor there.

Then insert the text through the pop-up menu and the option “paste”.

To move part of the characters, use the “cut” option from the pop-up menu. It allows you to delete writing from one place and paste it in another. You can customize the reading. To do this, open the universal access in the main settings and activate the “speech” option there.

Text Editor for iPad

If you want to expand your capabilities in working with text files, then you can install special editors. They can be found and installed with the AppStore. Next, you open the application and work in it, and upon completion you need to save the edited text. This is the general principle of such programs.

How to copy, cut and paste on iPad using Smart Keyboard

Users who have purchased a physical Smart Keyboard can use special shortcuts (hot keys) to quickly perform the actions in question. Use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘Cmd + X - cut out,
  • ⌘Cmd + C - copy
  • ⌘Cmd + V - insert.

As you can see, shortcuts are no different from those used by Mac users.

Universal clipboard

Well, in conclusion, I want to remind you of the wonderful function Universal clipboard working between iOS and macOS devices. Thanks to it, you can copy or cut text, image or any other supported content on Mac and paste it into iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and vice versa. We wrote more about the operation and configuration of this function in this material.

Microsoft Word

Perhaps this is the most popular and convenient editor. Convenient because most of us at least once in our lives have met with its interface and already intuitively navigates it. The application has support for SmartArt. These are graphic elements that you can use in editing. For example, footnotes, charts, graphs, etc.

At the end of the workflow, the created file will be opened and edited on iMac and Windows. This is very convenient if you are working not only with a tablet, but also with a computer. The program is also equipped with an automatic save function. Now you can not worry about the fact that data may be lost due to the disconnection of the gadget and not always keep in mind "you need to save."

This editor allows you to use documents of various formats. The range of these formats is very wide (Open Office, MS Word, etc.).

This application has an interesting function, you can sign a document after creating the file using your finger. You can translate work files to other formats. For example, HTML, ePub, PDF, and RTF.

This application is perfect if you often use documents not only of the ".DOC" extension.

This program has a wide range of animation content. In addition, you can conduct statistics on the document. For example, the number of characters with spaces, the number of words, etc. If you write articles on work (journalist), then this application is suitable.

After you finish working with documents, you can print them on a printer.

You can print directly from the tablet, but for this you need to have a printer that is equipped with wireless data technology and has AirPrint support.

It is necessary that the application whose documentation you want to print also has a built-in print function. Now you know the basic ways of editing text and the main applications by which you can do this.

Work with text on the iPad - input, selection, formatting and more

Hello to everyone who is still on our wave. Today we will talk about the most ordinary text. Work with text on the iPad - input, selection, formatting and more.

Something like that we decided to call this material, in which we will try, as far as possible, to collect all the fundamental and not very much questions in one way or another connected with the text in iOS on the iPad.

I warmly hope that this subject will come in handy, because even after several years of using apple devices, I myself was completely unaware of this problem. Recently, I have been actively chatting with my loved ones from mobile devices and almost every day I learn something new.

Having looked through the resources of our Western colleagues, I found some studies on a given topic, which I decided to combine in one material with my own developments and present it at your own peril and risk to your, dear reader, court. Well, meet!

Enter text on iPad

Let's start, of course, by directly entering text on our favorite iPad tablet computer. The on-screen keyboard appears whenever you and I need to enter any information in any text fields.

It corrects errors in words, predicts their endings as you type, and also constantly learns as you use it. What interesting opportunities are there in this direction? That's all, I think, will be familiar to you. one.

Incorrectly entered characters can be deleted using the left arrow key with a cross inside.

(Deleting mistakenly entered characters)

(One uppercase letter)

(A few capital letters)

(Quick entry point)

(Several values ​​for each key)

(Correction of words during input)

(Scrolling through text as you type)

(Cancel or redo input shaking)

Select text on iPad

After entering text on the iPad, all further actions with it are somehow connected with the selection of the necessary fragment. If many were already familiar with all the intricacies of input, the selection methods were delighted even with such a sophisticated iOS-user as I. 1. It turns out that one word can be highlighted in the text by a simple double tap on it. I wonder.

(Highlighting one word)

(Highlight a whole paragraph)

(Another highlight of the whole paragraph)

(Selecting a specific piece of text with two fingers)

(Selecting a specific piece of text with one finger)

IPad Selected Text Operations

Operations with selected texts on the iPad can vary greatly, depending on the application in which this selection process is carried out.

Nevertheless, there are the most common actions that we simply cannot but designate in this material. 1. Copy selected text.

To repeat a specific piece of text from one place to another, you must first copy it. Nothing tricky.

The list of interesting possibilities for working with text on the iPad will definitely be updated. In addition, in a separate article, we, perhaps, will highlight detailed instructions for working with text using an external keyboard. Be sure to leave your opinions about the material and similar interesting tips in the comments! Good luck

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How to transfer a game, program, photo, video, music, contacts and other data from iPhone to iPad? You can use iCloud cloud storage, send information via iTunes or other applications from third-party developers.

Transfer Contacts

We begin by looking at the process of moving information from a guide on how to transfer contacts. If you saved the numbers on the iPhone, but now you want to access them on the iPad:

  1. Import contacts from the SIM card. Open the settings, go to the "Mail, addresses, calendars" subsection and click "Import SIM contacts."
  2. Log in to your iPhone and iPad with one Apple ID.
  3. Open iCloud settings on iPhone, activate the "Contacts" item and click "Combine".
  4. Repeat the operation on the iPad, combining the contacts through iCloud.

If synchronization is disabled, then there is another way to transfer contacts:

  1. Connect iPhone to iTunes.
  2. Open the device’s page, go to the “Information” tab.
  3. Check the "Sync" and "All" items.
  4. Click Sync.
  5. Connect to iTunes iPad and retry the operation.

In addition, phone book data can be moved using third-party applications such as Easy BackUp.

Transfer photos, videos, music

You can move any information. If you figure out how to transfer data, you can quickly send photos from iPhone to iPad, move the game and even music from iPod.

First, let's figure out how to transfer a photo. This can be done using the AirDrop function or through cloud storage.

The AirDrop function was added in iOS 7, so it is present on all more or less modern smartphones and tablets from Apple.

  1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Find the photo you want to transfer (you can select all or several). Click on the button in the form of a small square with an arrow.
  3. Click on the “AirDrop” icon.
  4. Take the iPad, call up the control center and turn on AirDrop in the "Everyone" mode.
  5. Return to your iPhone. The app will display an available iPad. Click on it to establish a connection.
  6. Take the tablet and click Accept.

If the AirDrop function does not work, use the free Image Transfer application, which works in the same way, but requires an Internet connection. Another way is to upload photos from iPhone to cloud storage or computer, and then upload to iPad.

If you are looking for how to transfer a video, then you can use the instructions for moving photos. AirDrop and cloud storage work equally well with these types of media content. But if you are trying to understand how to transfer music, then the methods will be different. The most common way is to move tracks through iTunes.

  1. Connect iPhone to iTunes.
  2. Expand the File menu, select the Devices section and start transferring purchases to the iTunes library.
  3. Connect an iPad instead of an iPhone. Open the music library and make sure that it has all the right songs.
  4. Click the “Music” tab and start synchronization.

Please note: syncing with iPad will delete old music. If this is critical for you, use other methods. For example, transfer files through the iTools application. This is all you need to know about how to transfer content from iPhone to iPad. You can use third-party applications, but the most convenient and simple methods are listed above.

Moving apps

If you use the same Apple ID on iPhone and iPad, it’s easiest to transfer applications through the AppStore.

  1. Launch the AppStore on your iPad.
  2. Перейдите к списку приобретенного контента.
  3. Откройте вкладку «Не на этом iPad».

Вы увидите список программ и игр, скачанных в AppStore на iPhone. Чтобы установить приложение на iPad, нажмите на кнопку в виде облака со стрелочкой.

В принципе, это все, что нужно знать о том, как перенести приложения.

Можно также воспользоваться функцией автоматической загрузки программ (Настройки – iTunes и AppStore), но для её работы также требуется одинаковый Apple ID, так что особой разницы нет.

21 совет о том, как эффективнее использовать iPad

Хотите использовать свой iPad более эффективно? Из этой статьи, я так надеюсь, вы узнаете для себя много чего нового и полезного об использовании этого замечательного устройства.

Как создать папку наiPad

Чтобы создать папку, достаточно прикоснуться к приложению и держать палец, пока все иконки не начнут трястись, а затем перетянуть иконку одного приложения на иконку другого. iPad will create a folder with two applications in it. The name of the folder will correspond to the category of applications, but it can be changed. Obviously, but as practice has shown, not everyone knows this.

How to access all running applications oniPad

If you double-click the Home button, you will see all applications running on your iPad below on the panel. To access any of them, just click on the desired icon in this panel. To remove the panel - just slide the screen down. If you have iOS 5, then you can make gestures (4 fingers up or down).

How to take a screenshotiPad ’but

You can take a screenshot of your iPad by clicking Home first and then the Sleep / Wake button. The screen will blink and you will hear a click signaling that the picture was taken. Screenshots are saved automatically in your Photo Gallery. Here you can view them and send them by mail.

How to turn onCapsLockoniPad

To type letters in uppercase using the iPad’s virtual keyboard, you can first press the left or right Shift, then the letter.

But if you need to type a whole word, then this option will not be very productive. Instead, you can turn onCapsLockby double-clicking on any of the Shift keys.

Copy and paste oniPad

You can quickly copy and paste text by tapping and holding your finger on the text. Then, by choosing Select, select the piece of text that you want to copy. Next, click Copy, then move to another application, where you also click and hold your finger, and then select Paste in the menu that appears.

Hint: To select an entire paragraph, just click four times.

WeaniPadask about joiningWiFithe network

If you are tired of messages asking whether to join a particular Wi-Fi network, go to Settings> Wi-Fi and turn off Ask to Join Networks. You can still connect to any network from the same screen as before, but messages about this possibility will no longer bother.

Do not show iPad battery percentages

If battery percentages distract you, you can easily turn off their display in Settings> General> Usage.

Fix orientation or mute

When Orientation Lock was replaced with Mute with the next iOS update, many were unhappy. Therefore, now in Settings> General, the slider can be assigned the function Orientation Lock or Mute, depending on your needs.

Manage notificationsiPad ’but

Application notifications can be very annoying. Fortunately, you can turn them off 🙂 In Settings> Notifications, leave only what you need

VPNconnection oniPad

iPad supports VPN connection. To configure it, go to Settings> General> Network. Select a VPN and move the slider to the On position, then configure the VPN by entering the server and account details.

Quick mute oniPad

When the iPad first appeared, there was no button with which you could easily turn off the sound, but already in iOS 4.3 such an opportunity was realized. We already mentioned it - assign an appropriate function. But there is another option: just hold down the volume down button - and voila !.


You can connect your iPad 2 to an HD TV using Apple’s new Digital AV adapter (connects to the HDMI port) or the old Apple VGA adapter. Both are available on the Apple Store. iPad 2 supports the video reflection function, that is, you can see the entire Home screen on TV, and not just the video being played.

AvoidUSBlow power ports

The iPad does not charge if it is connected to a USB port of insufficient power (for example, the front ports of the system units). Therefore, be sure to connect the tablet to a port with sufficient power. A little tip: when the iPad is charging, its screen goes blank.

Limit Spotlight Search toiPad

To get to Spotlight Search, slide the screen to the left from the home screen. By default, everything is searched, including songs, applications, events, etc. To limit your search, go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search.

Add Google Calendar

Want to add Google Calendar to your Calendar iPad app? No problem. Go to Settings> Mail> Contacts> Calendars.

Add an account and click on Others, then click Add CalDAV Account and enter your data for your Google account (Server - Exit the Settings, click on the Calendar and all events should appear.

By default, all calendars are displayed, but you can click on the Calendars button and select the ones you need.

Do not lose youriPadthanksFindMyiPad

Apple's Find My iPad works for MobileMe subscribers, but you can set it up for free on your iPad. In Settings> Mail> Contacts> Calendars, click on the Add Account button and select MobileMe.

If you have an iTunes or MobileMe account, enter your details. Otherwise, click Create Free Apple ID. You may need to check your inbox to verify your account.

Next, return to the MobileMe screen and turn on the Find My iPad option. Now go to to see your iPad on the map, or install the Find My iPhone app from the App Store.


Thanks to AirPrint, you can print directly from the iPad. Of course, provided that you have a compatible printer. Then just select Print from the Share menu for any open document.

AirPrint works with a range of HP printers, and you can use a Mac app called Printopia to print to any printer connected to your Mac.

That's all

I hope you find something useful for yourself. Maybe even a lot of useful stuff 🙂

Write about it in comments!

Hidden apostrophe on the iPad keyboard

If you need to print an apostrophe when printing in English, but are too lazy to switch to the second screen of the keyboard, you will be glad to know about another possibility. Just hold the key! and the hidden apostrophe option will appear.

Still try to clamp? - quotation marks appear.

IPad camera focus and distance detection

In the Camera application, click on the object on which you want to focus the camera, that is, specify the distance to the main subject. Thanks to this, the iPad will know what is most important in the picture and will “pay due attention” to this object.

In the screenshot below, look: the chair looks dark, while the boy in the distance looks as it should. You can easily change the situation by clicking on the chair.

Upload photos from the camera directly to the iPad

You cannot insert an SD card from your camera directly into the iPad, but you can buy an iPad Camera Connection kit. This device allows you to easily drop photos on a tablet directly from a memory card.

Did you find anything useful for yourself? Write about it in comments!

Features of working with text in Apple iPhone

Today, almost any mobile phone allows the user to write text and save it as notes in the device’s memory.

In addition to notes, there are advanced text editors, which are also supported by modern mobile gadgets and provide more opportunities for working with text content. In today's lesson we’ll look at the basics of working with text using an example IPhone Notes.

Before we begin, it should be noted that today's lesson is held on the iOS platform version 3.1.2, therefore, in newer or vice versa older firmware versions, the capabilities and functionality may vary slightly.

AT Apple iPhone Notes is a standard application. You can write them both in the vertical and horizontal position of the phone screen. To create a new note, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner and you can start typing using the virtual qwerty keyboard.

In addition to regular typing, the Notes application allows you to use the following features:

Without the Loop element, the process of editing tex in the iPhone would be painful, because a finger poked into the screen closes part of the characters and the cursor. The pop-up Magnifier not only makes it possible to see the edited fragment, but also helps people with visual impairments.

Highlight Highlighting, copying and pasting text appeared on the iPhone with the release of firmware version 3.0. Up to this point, to perform such operations, it was necessary to install additional software.

To select a word in the text, tap on it 2 times and it will stand out, blue markers will appear on both sides of the word, pulling the marker to expand the highlighted text fragment of our iPhone note. You can select several lines at once or the whole text by touching two fingers of the screen and without lifting your fingers to make spreading movements, these actions resemble the “Zoom” multi-gesture.

Once the text is selected, it can be copied or cut using the pop-up window. To insert text, tap the screen and hold it for a bit, release, in the pop-up window that appears, select - Embed.

Cancel / Repeat
Using the shake function of the iPhone, you can cancel or redo text input.

Notes application recognizes phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses, so if there is a phone number in the text, you can call with one touch, when you click on the site name, this site will open in the Safari browser. If you touch the recorded phone or address and hold it for a bit, an additional menu will appear.

The design of the application is successful. Notes are made in the form of notepad pages that smoothly turn over. Using the buttons at the bottom, you can delete the note or send it by mail. On the main screen, you can delete a note by striking out, there is also a search, which is hidden in the upper part.

If you take notes while lying on the sofa, you can block the rotation of the iPhone screen and it will not spin.

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How to copy on a MacBook | Paste text without a mouse

| Paste text without a mouse

On Mac OS, all actions performed using keyboard shortcuts are different from Windows. Therefore, new users of this platform should familiarize themselves with the submitted material in order to learn how to copy on a MacBook.

How to copy and paste text on a MacBook without a mouse?

  1. Since the mouse is not used in this method, we need the touchpad of the device. With it, select the desired piece with the cursor.

  • After that, press Command + C simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Next, open the window where you want to insert the information, position the cursor on the desired line and press Command + V.

    As you can see, the procedure is very similar to copying in Windows.

    How to copy and paste text on a MacBook without a keyboard?

    If you use a connected computer mouse, then use the following instructions:

    1. hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor so that the desired piece of text is highlighted,
    2. right click on the highlighted area. In the open window, click “Copy or Copy, if you use the English version of the operating system,
    3. go to the window where you want to paste the text. Right-click and select the Paste menu item,
    4. Done! The text will appear in a new window.

    How to copy a file on a MacBook?

    Now let's figure out how you can copy any file on the Mac OS. The principle of action here is exactly the same:

    1. you select the file and press Command + c, or RMB + Copy,
    2. after that, go to the folder where you want to drop the file and press Command + v, or RMB + Paste.
    3. You can not open the destination folder, but simply hover over it and at that moment press Command + V. This "chip" saves enough time and allows you to always keep your desktop clean.