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Import of Japanese 🇯🇵 cars to Russia


American cars are famous for their reliability and durability, so many of our compatriots are eager to buy a car made specifically for the US domestic market. Naturally, this is impossible to do in the salons of Russian dealers. There is only one way out - to purchase and bring for yourself a vehicle from America. A customs clearance of a car from the USA in 2019 requires the buyer to know all the important nuances of this process. A good knowledge will save you from excessive costs when choosing a car.

Important Nuances

It should be noted right away that you are unlikely to be able to directly buy a car from the previous owner. American society lives by completely different rules, unlike us. The average US citizen is unlikely to advertise the sale of his car and meet with many buyers, unless it comes to an expensive or exclusive model. It is easier for him to give the car to any dealer and instantly receive his money.

It is much easier to look for an overseas iron horse at auctions, a lack of which is not observed today. The oldest and most popular of them is Manheim, where you can even buy collectible and rare models. You can also search on eBay Motors, Barrette-Jackson, Russo and Global Auto USA. If you participate in the auctions yourself, the first option will not work for you, because only dealers are allowed on Manheim. At other auctions you can participate, but to “catch” a good car on your own will be very difficult.

The best option for buying a car in the United States through an auction is to use the services of intermediary dealers who, by order, will buy the model you are interested in and will be engaged in its delivery to Russia.

You select the car via the Internet and transfer the lot number to the intermediary, and then it will act independently. The main disadvantage of the auction is that you do not know the final cost of your purchase in advance.

Since the United States is overseas, your American car does not get to Russia on its own. Delivery can be carried out in two ways - by plane or ship. The first option is much more expensive. Delivery by sea in a container is carried out to St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok. Therefore, for customs clearance you have to come to one of these cities or hire a special broker and issue a power of attorney for it.

Technical points

When buying a car directly from America, you should consider some important technical points in its configuration:

  • Cars for operation in the United States are available with red direction indicators and yellow side lights. In Russia, such equipment is unacceptable, so they will have to be changed.
  • Models with automatic transmission accelerate much more slowly than their European counterparts.
  • The suspension is tuned for comfort and is designed to ride on perfectly smooth highways.
  • The speedometer shows the speed in miles (1 mile = 1.6 km), but some models can have two scales - in miles and kilometers. In an ad for sale, car mileage is also indicated in miles.
  • The coolant temperature gauge has a Fahrenheit scale (1 ° F = -17.22 ° C).

Cars that are allowed to import into Russia

So that you can get a TCP for an American car and register it with the traffic police:

  • The vehicle must comply with an environmental standard of at least EUR-5, which regulates the maximum permissible content of harmful compounds in exhaust gases. Cars that meet the requirements of EURO-5 in the United States began to produce in 2009.
  • The ERA-GLONASS system must be installed on a vehicle imported into the Russian Federation. This applies to cars, both new and used. This system allows you to automatically send an emergency signal to emergency services in the event of an accident, and also provides voice communication with them.

Customs clearance procedure for cars from the USA

Before you bring a car from America, you must calculate the customs duty in advance and make a security deposit through a bank transfer to the account of the customs point where the cargo will arrive. It is advisable with a margin, because with a lack of funds, you will not be able to complete the procedure in a timely manner. The transfer of additional funds will take several days, during which you will have to pay for storage services at the customs warehouse.

The documents must provide an export declaration, fill out a declaration in the form of TD-6, a sales contract, a passport with a VIN number and a payment order for a deposit. Unused portion of the amount paid can be returned after completion of all necessary procedures.

Customs clearance cost

In order to make a security deposit, you must know in advance how much it costs to clear a car from the United States when importing into Russia. The amount is affected by several factors:

  • vehicle age
  • engine displacement and power,
  • permitted mass
  • Type of fuel,
  • who makes the import - an individual or legal entity.

For self-calculation of the size of the duty, it is better to use a special customs calculator, where after entering the vehicle parameters the system will give an indicative amount. In addition, you will need to pay:

  • VAT 18% of the transaction amount,
  • registration fee (depends on the cost of the car) - from 500 rubles,
  • services of a customs broker (if you yourself cannot deal with registration) - from 15 to 20 thousand rubles,
  • utilization fee - from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

The cost of customs clearance of a car from America is less for an individual who imports a car for personal use.

During the year, one car can be brought to the territory of the Russian Federation, and the permission of the customs authorities is required for the second.

When importing more than three units of vehicles, higher tariffs are applied for legal entities.

The year of manufacture of the cars is important. The least need to pay for a car under the age of 5 years, and if it came off the assembly line more than 5 years ago, the size of the duty almost doubles. If 7 years or more have passed since the release, it is wiser to refuse the purchase. It is more profitable to import electric cars, since since 2014 they are not subject to a duty, and for their customs clearance it is enough to pay VAT, the cost of the registration procedure and the disposal fee.

Customs clearance of broken cars from America

Those who want to save a lot can recommend buying a car that has been in an accident. The advantage here is not only the final cost, which can be 50% cheaper than the undamaged model. The following points can be noted as advantages of such a deal:

  • Broken cars often have low mileage, as the previous owner did not plan to stop the operation of the vehicle. With the exception of damaged parts, all units are in good condition.
  • The sale price does not depend on the configuration and technical characteristics of the vehicle.
  • Auctions provide the most detailed description of damage. The end customer receives what he sees in the photographs.

It is recommended to buy a broken car from the USA through a dealer at well-known auctions, which were discussed above, because they value their reputation and behave as honestly as possible. Before buying, you need to evaluate the approximate cost of repairing damaged parts in Russia. If the model you have chosen is not officially sold in our country, most likely, spare parts will also have to be ordered from America. The advantage of such a transaction is only in a favorable price, and the clearance at customs is carried out in the same manner as in the case of the import of entire vehicles.

Used cars without customs clearance from Europe

In an effort to save on the purchase of used cars abroad and then imported into the Russian Federation, many are looking for ways to circumvent the need to pay customs duties. For this, both legal methods and gray schemes are used. The legal path is the registration of temporary importation of a vehicle from European countries and other neighboring states. However, this option is not available to everyone and has many limitations.

If you still decide to order a used car from the USA for yourself, you should carefully consider not only the financial component - delivery, customs costs, VAT, etc. It is very important to evaluate in advance all the inconveniences of such an acquisition. You will definitely have to change the headlights, put in new tires and get used to the miles on the speedometer. And you should also know in advance about the costs of maintenance during operation - the prices and availability of spare parts, the cost of repair work. A well-thought-out approach to business will save you from disappointments in the future.

Features of customs clearance

The standard scheme for acquiring a car abroad involves the following steps.

  1. First you need to decide on the model and agree on a vehicle inspection with the seller.
  2. Next, a purchase takes place and legal ownership of the acquisition is formalized.
  3. Importing a car from Japan to Russia in 2019 involves making a deposit. This is a kind of pledge left to the customs authority and slightly exceeding the amount that the customs clearance will cost. To calculate it, you must have information about the estimated cost of the vehicle itself. The buyer is issued a receipt. If the deposit for customs support exceeds the actual payments, the difference will be returned within about a month.
  4. Customs clearance of a car in Russia will require filling out a declaration in the form of TD-6 (if you drive the car yourself, you must provide information about the vehicle, and when it is brought in a container, data about the carrier is also entered). In any case, intermediaries from brokerage organizations will help fill out the documentation. The cost of specialist services is approximately 15-25 thousand rubles, but these costs are justified, because the procedure requires high legal literacy.
  5. The specific date for passing customs control is reported after the registration of documents collected in advance for the border unit regulating the admission of goods to the territory of the Russian Federation.
  6. While the final inspection of the vehicle is carried out, the car is kept in the garage at the customs. The procedure takes about 3 days, after which the car owner receives a TCP.

Having issued a Russian passport for the car, you should contact the traffic police to register the vehicle. This can be done at the place of registration of the buyer.

What documents will be needed

The following documents make up the package of documents for the border agency:

  1. Customs certificate
  2. a document confirming the deposit made and signed by the border control inspector,
  3. Customs declaration in the form of TD-6,
  4. cargo insurance certificate,
  5. certificate of compliance with environmental standards (Euro-5),
  6. other documents with the entered technical characteristics of the vehicle.

At first, the package is provided to customs. After that, the date of inspection of the machine is assigned. To the established term, the vehicle is fitted for customs clearance. Then, if no violations are detected, the car owner receives a TCP.

Customs clearance of Japanese cars is usually carried out in Vladivostok, and cars are delivered to the border point by ships. According to the established scheme, the majority of intermediary organizations that provide legal support for the transaction and customs procedures are in effect. A significant part of buyers concludes contracts with Japanese sellers through brokers.

Clearance price

The following parameters have a huge impact on how much customs clearance of a car from Japan, like from any other country, costs:

  1. vehicle year of manufacture,
  2. car cost
  3. type of vehicle (cars are cheaper than trucks)
  4. engine parameters (first of all, volume and type of fuel),
  5. customs rate
  6. Buyer status.

The size of the duty on cars imported from Japan can be determined in advance by the programs presented on the Internet. Also, calculations are carried out by specialists from brokerage agencies. Their services usually cost 15-25 thousand rubles. Estimated cost of customs clearance may be as follows:

  1. for passing through the borders of the "Japanese" under 3 years old you will have to pay about 45-50% of its value,
  2. cars in the age range of 3-5 years are drawn up at coefficients less than 1.5-2 times than the duties in the previous version,
  3. more than the car itself usually costs customs clearance of used cars over 7 years old.

In quite different ways, rare vehicles are issued whose age exceeds 30 years. In this case, the legislation governing the customs clearance procedure does not apply to them.

How to save

The best option to save money is a detailed planning of a future purchase and its legalization. This will help the customs calculator for cars. It is also worth knowing some of the nuances that experienced dealers use:

  1. to buy a “beaten” car with only minor body damage, since the R mark in the insurance history, despite the severity of the accident, significantly reduces the price of the vehicle,
  2. choose models with a range of 110-140 thousand (Japanese units are among the most wear-resistant),
  3. Experienced motorists customs cleared heavily "broken" cars, buying them almost at the price of scrap metal, and then quite successfully restore it on their own.

These methods provide a real opportunity to save.