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How to draw eyes with a pencil?


In creating makeup, far from the last role is played by correctly selected cosmetics. Many people think that it is better to use for summing up the eyes: a pencil or liquid eyeliner. For beginners, it is recommended to stay on the first option.

Of course, if you have good experience in drawing arrows, then you can handle the most ordinary pencil. However, for a comfortable sensation, it is recommended to choose high-quality cosmetics. A good eyeliner has a number of positive properties: it does not damage the delicate skin of the eyelids, is easy to apply, does not wear off during the day, does not irritate the mucous membrane and has practically no contraindications.

To choose a convenient cosmetic product, you should use the tips:

  1. Pay attention to the texture. The core should be soft. Such a pencil will be easy to apply.
  2. Check pencil on hand. On paper, napkin and other materials, it will not convey its properties. You need to understand how he paints on the skin. After application, you need to try to erase the “test strokes”. So it will be clear how resistant the product is.
  3. You should pay attention to the manufacturer. There are a number of well-established companies that produce both expensive and budget options.
  4. It is recommended to purchase goods with a sharpener in the kit. This will add comfort in the use of a pencil. You can take a tool that does not need to be sharpened. However, the extension rod often breaks.
  5. The color of the pencil is matched to eye color or to the gamut of makeup. Black pencil is most suitable for everyday use. White can bring the lower eyelid in order to open his eyes. It is suitable for narrow eye shape.

You must also look at the expiration date that each cosmetic product has. Expired products, even for one day, can cause significant harm to health.

How to make eyeliner for different eye shapes?

Small eyes can be visually enlarged using the arrow. “Ponytails” will visually increase the length of the eye. In addition, work out the orbital line with the help of matte shadows darker than the skin color, thereby the eye size will also become larger.

  • Large, elongated eyes

In the case of large eyes, the stroke is best done in a circle, without leading the arrow to the temple. Paint over the mucous membranes and inter-eyelash space with a black pencil, if desired, blend a little along the outer edge.

Narrowing your eyes will help darkening with a black pencil on the mucous membrane, as well as a thin arrow pointing out in the direction of the temple. In order not to make the eye even more round, do not draw wide arrows.

To visually round such eyes, make the eyeliner wider, and also work on the crease of the upper eyelid with dark matte shadows, giving the eyes a more rounded shape.

  • Close set eyes

To visually set close-set eyes, start the stroke or arrow not from the beginning of the eye, but from the beginning of the eyelash line, or from the middle of the eye. Additionally, darken the corner with shadows, blend in the direction of the temple.

  • Wide-set eyes

Look down, starting from the very beginning of the inner corner of the eye. In order not to visually “spread” your eyes even further, draw a more curved, not elongated arrow.

How to draw arrows not in pencil, but in shadows step by step? This video will help you.

Choosing the right eyeliner

To make up the first time, pick up pencils with a soft stylus. Before buying, open the cap and swipe your hand without pressure. If a clear and bright line remains, then everything is in order. You don’t have to make an effort to draw an arrow. The skin on the eyelids is tender, so the slightest pressure will result in damage and irritation.

What else to look for when choosing the right eyeliner?

Type of. There are three types. The first is the classic version, which is sharpened as needed. In this case, you have to take care of the stylus thickness in order to form the necessary arrows. An automatic pencil is more convenient to use. No need to grind, it turns out to draw clear lines. If you plan to do smoky eyes makeup, then choose a pencil with a brush for blending. Skillful girls will use pencil-felt-tip pens. With their help, bright arrows of different thicknesses are created.

Colour. If the technique is not mastered, then select the classic shades: black, gray, dark brown. For the mucous membrane, take special colorless pencils. They do not irritate the delicate surface and do not cause allergic reactions. When choosing a shade, focus on the color of the hair. Blondes with blue eyes fit the color of the tone of the eyes. Brunettes and black hairs with black pencils. Do not swipe brown if you have brown eyes. This shade is suitable for green eyes. Use glitter pencils for evening makeup.

Do not draw arrows in such shades: red, pink or yellow. Such pencils create the effect of sore eyes and swollen eyelids.

After practicing in standard colors, move on to vibrant hues, creating unusual looks. Buy high-quality pencils made from hypoallergenic materials. In this case, you will be protected from eye redness and irritation.

How to prepare for drawing a pencil?

It is unlikely that you dream of makeup that will crumble in a couple of hours or exfoliate. This result is obtained even when using high-quality cosmetics. Therefore, prepare the skin around the eyes for drawing a pencil.

Get rid of eye fatigue. Perfect make-up does not look with red squirrels and an extinct look. Make herbal lotions in advance or instill pharmacy in your eyes.
Cleanse and moisturize your skin. Use special products for the skin around the eyes. Remove the remaining cream with a napkin. Next, mask the flaws: dark circles, age spots, wrinkles. Apply foundation and powder to your face.
Protect your skin from oily secretions. To do this, apply a special foundation on your eyelids or light matte shadows. The pencil lies well on top of the base shadows.

Such simple rules will help preserve makeup throughout the day. You will not worry that the pencil will float due to sebaceous secretions. If you plan to poison on the beach, or in a room with high humidity, then use waterproof cosmetics.

How to draw eyes with a pencil?

Eye makeup doesn't like rushing. If you are in a hurry and annoyed, your hands tremble treacherously. Draw a straight line does not work. To make it work, properly equip the place where you apply makeup. Place the mirror in the brightest place. Take a large mirror or a small but magnifying one. To prevent the hand from trembling, provide support for the elbow.

How to draw eyes with a pencil? The application techniques are diverse, but before you begin to practice, learn the secrets that hide flaws and emphasize the advantages:

Eyes located far from the bridge of the nose can be brought closer with a pencil. To do this, grab and swipe black over the upper eyelid. The main thing is not to bring the line to the outer corner. Draw a thin strip, repeating the anatomical position of the eyes.
Round and drop-out eyes reduce thanks to two strokes with a pencil. Draw one strip on top, leading out of the line of the eyes and lifting at the end. Draw the second on the lower eyelid, immediately under the hairs. If you make a large indent from the eyelashes, you will get the opposite result. The eyes will become bulging and huge.
Swollen eyelids and narrow eyes are eliminated by drawing a thick line. The main thing is do not take her out of the line of her eyes, otherwise make her look narrowed and cunning. Eyes turn into slits. A smooth and voluminous line passing over the eyelashes is suitable. Leave the lower eyelid untouched.
To align the slanting eyes, resort to this method. Draw arrows from above and below, just do not finish with a pencil. Lead the line on the upper eyelid from the inner region to the center. Underneath this way, underline the outer corner. Lines opposite each other visually round the eye.

Most fortunate were the owners of a peephole in perfect shape. It is allowed to experiment with arrows. For smoky makeup, shade the surface of the eyelids and blend. For Greek makeup, do long arrows, thickening towards the outside and pointing up. It turns out a cat's eye. Or repeat the image of Marilyn Monroe, summing up only the upper eyelid. Draw a clear black line.

Pencil makes mistakes in makeup. If you could not create the perfect line, then take an ear stick and carefully remove the blemishes. Then apply the base on the skin and finish the line. When using eyeliner, errors are not allowed. Makeup will have to be redone again. Therefore, go on to the eyeliner after mastering the techniques performed by eyeliner.

Cat eyes

This is a long tail with a graceful bend. The line should be wide, at least medium thickness. You can bring your eyes with a pencil from the middle of the moving eyelid. Such arrows are often used by oriental beauties.

  1. The mobile eyelid is preliminarily clarified. This can be done using a liner, powder or shadows.
  2. Using a pencil, a thin line is carefully drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.
  3. Outside the eyelid, the tail is brought up.
  4. Next, a second layer of the line for thickening is applied. If necessary, then another third and fourth.

The image will complete lush eyelashes, stained with mascara, and matte lips.

Staining the intercostal space of the eyes

This technique is ideally performed only with a pencil with a thin tip. This type of summation visually makes the eyelashes more voluminous, and the look more expressive. Inter-eyelash can be applied in front of another type of summing, this will enhance the effect of any type of arrow.

Step-by-step technique for applying inter-eyelash makeup:

  1. The pencil should be sharpened so that the tip is thin.
  2. Then use a pencil to draw a line along the roots of the eyelashes.
  3. In the process of summing up, it is recommended not to blink to avoid the formation of prints on the lower eyelid.

The inter-ciliary arrow is suitable for everyday makeup.

Eye Stroke

The technique is reminiscent of inter-ciliary. Only here it is necessary to bring the lower roots of the eyelashes in the same way. This is not the end of the debriefing. If left so, then visually the eyes will become smaller.

For owners of large eyes, it will be sufficient to circle the contour one more time, making the stroke thicker. If the eyes are small, then the stroke is slightly shaded.

Important! If the pencil has high durability and instant fixation, then do not hesitate to shade. Having drawn one line, you must immediately process it, then move on to the other eye.

Properly selected eyeliner

The windows of cosmetic stores are filled with a whole arsenal of various products. Each product has a number of advantages, but not all are suitable for beginners. Before you color your eyes with eyeliner, you should deal with possible options and alternatives. Today in stores the following tools for drawing arrows are presented.

Holiday arrows

The festive strokes include bright, with sparkles, wide lines, unusual bends, patterned tails. They are applied in the following order:

  1. Previously, the eyelid is drawn in shadows. If the arrows are pronounced, then the shadow palette is better to take a more calm.
  2. Using a thin pencil, draw the outline of the arrows.
  3. Next, the shape of the arrows is painted over.

The lines of extravagant bends can be left thin, it depends on the picture.

Classic summing up

Classic arrows are suitable for any image and event.

  1. A well-sharpened pencil fills the intermuscular space.
  2. Small tails are drawn on both sides. They must be symmetrical.
  3. Then a line is drawn from the inner corner and connected to the tail.

So that the connection of the line and the ponytail is even, during its drawing, the skin of the movable eyelid is slightly stretched.

Fashion trends

Eyeliner has always been popular with girls at all times. At the same time, the actual shapes of the arrows change each year, while the basis remains unchanged.

Wide arrows. Wide lines on the upper eyelid, as well as long tails, come into fashion. For an evening look, pencils with a metallic palette with sparkles are suitable. You can make a contour with a pencil, and paint the inner base with shadows.

Fancy lines. Now you can draw anything on the eyelids. And this will be considered a trend. Symmetrical stripes, bends, shapes. The color of the pencil is suitable for anyone, it depends on the color of the eyes and individual choice.

Bright palette. Pink, lilac, blue colors - all this will be just in time. You can apply arrows only on the lower eyelid, depending on the image.

Clear outline. The technique is to circle the edges with a pencil clearly in shape from below and above. In addition, shadows are applied if the makeup is evening.

Advice! Custom arrows should be used carefully. First, sophisticated techniques must first be worked out. Secondly, the makeup style should fit the image as a whole.

Classic always in fashion. Therefore, if no option is liked, you should give preference to the most ordinary arrows.

How to choose eye liner

In order to choose the right contour, you should determine the shape of your eyes. So emphasize advantages and hide flaws. The look will become more expressive, the eyes will open and will be visually larger:

  1. Almond shaped. Any eyeliner will look good here. Ideally, choose classic arrows with a curled up tail.
  2. Round eyes. Girls with a round shape of the eyes need to lengthen the shape of the eyelids. To do this, you can only summarize the outer corners, thickening the line in the tail area. The elegance of the image will give the intermuscular arrow on the lower eyelid.
  3. Small ones. Owners of such eyes should visually open them. Dark eyeliner is best avoided. In this case, a white pencil will help. It should be applied to the inner line of the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. Narrow. Girls with narrow eyes should avoid lower eyelids. When drawing arrows with a pencil on top, you should not go beyond the outer corner.
  5. The drooping eyelid. In this case, it is recommended to select the corners with a pencil, making them thicker, and round the ponytails up.
  6. Omitted corners. Eyes of this form should be “raised”. To do this, draw an arrow with a pencil not to the end of the outer corner. Stopping just above the end of the century, the tail is drawn up. Thus, the eye is visually lifted.
  7. Widely set. In order to visually reduce the distance between the eyes, the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids are continuously summed up. Outside the outer corners should not go. If the ponytails are displayed, then the eyes visually only become more distant from each other.
  8. Close set. The task of girls with close-set eyes is to estrange them from each other. For this, only the outer corners of the eyes are drawn with a pencil, without affecting the inner ones. The line should start from the middle and thicken in the tail, which goes up.
  9. Asian eyes. A clear line along the upper eyelid, which does not extend beyond the eyes of the eye, will look good here.

The first time the arrows often fail. It is difficult to achieve symmetry, because there are no perfectly symmetrical faces. No need to strive for perfect arrows, fairly neat, even and visually the same lines.


Suitable for beginners. The pencil can be retouched and adjusted. But the pencil has several drawbacks, because of which it can not be used constantly. It is often imprinted on the eyelid. In addition, it is not as resistant as a liner or eyeliner. Having understood how to draw arrows with a pencil, you can safely proceed to the eyeliner, felt-tip pen or liner.

Liquid eyeliner, or liner

Suitable for those who already have a full hand. It is the arrows drawn with liquid eyeliner that look stylish, neat and long hold on to the eyes. But beginners have a lot of chances to draw a curved line with the liner. If the arrow turned out unsuccessful, it will have to be washed off and painted all over again. Therefore, before using eyeliner, you need to practice your pencil or eye shadow well.

Preparatory stage

A century should be prepared. For this, the shadow base under the arrows is perfect. It is best to prefer beige shades - they will look with any eyeliner or pencil. Moreover, with their help, make-up becomes more stable, even in hot weather. Before you dye your eyes with eyeliner, you need to perform all the other stages of makeup, for example, even out the tone of the face and color the eyebrows. But curling and dyeing eyelashes is necessary after summing up the eyes.

Draw a contour

To draw a successful arrow right away is a very difficult task. therefore it is better to first draw the outline of the arrow, and only then paint it. This step will help insure against major shortcomings that cannot be fixed in any way.The outline is best done with small, sharp strokes. At the stage when we learn to draw arrows, a beveled brush will be indispensable. With its help, the line is more even.

Rules for building arrows

There are a lot of types of arrows. Many have to choose a unique shape for themselves. However, the tail of the arrow should always look up.. Otherwise, instead of the seductive “cat” look, you run the risk of getting sad, dreary eyes.

Arrow and Eye Shape

Before you let your eyes down with eyeliner, you should take into account the individual characteristics of the eyes, their shape, color, fit and section. Arrows can hide some of the imperfections of the face, if you approach their choice wisely.

Small eyes a line that starts in the middle of the eye will do, expand and extend beyond the outer corner. She will visually enlarge her eyes and make her look brighter and more expressive.

Close set eyes should be painted over the entire length of the eyelid, gradually expanding the line to the outer corner.

When wide-set eyes emphasis should be placed on the inner corner. It must be carefully drawn, but not overdone.

Overly round eyes decorate a uniform long line that extends beyond the eye. Thus, they will seem more elongated.

Narrow eyes decorate a long line along the entire line of eyelash growth, but it should become thicker in the pupil area. Thanks to this nuance, the eye will look wider and more open.

The hardest thing to draw is arrows on overhanging eyes. If the overhang is strongly expressed, it is better to abandon them altogether. But sometimes the arrow can be a good makeup item. It is important to remember that such an arrow must be drawn with an open eye.

Having understood the system of how to properly bring eyes with eyeliner and which shape of the arrow is suitable specifically for your eyes, you can easily create a successful and beautiful make-up.