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How to learn to do somersaults in parkour


Surely, each of us from childhood has been fascinated by such a movie actor as Jackie Chan, who in each film with its participation simply amazes with the incredibly effective performance of acrobatic stunts, including doing the well-known somersault. Most film enthusiasts, watching films of this kind, asked the question: “How to learn to do somersaults?”, Because any person always tries to impress his acquaintances, demonstrating his excellent physical fitness.

Therefore, today we propose to get acquainted with the rules for performing such an acrobatic stunt as a back, side somersault and forward somersault. Moreover, the basics of this trick can be mastered by doing even at home. How to learn to do back flips? Is it possible to teach to do somersault in the air forward in one day? We will try to answer these and other questions today.

Varieties of flip-flops

It turns out that today there are several main types of flip-flops:

  • front
  • back
  • lateral (from the wall),
  • pirouette,
  • somersault from the wall
  • double.

Undoubtedly, it is extremely difficult to quickly learn how to perform air flip-flops without minimal physical preparation. To perform a backflip, and it does not matter front or back, training of muscle groups on the legs is very important, which helps to avoid injuries.

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This suggests that before doing this trick forward or backward, you should prepare your legs. This will help you with daily training, which may include jumping rope, all kinds of squats, somersaults. Classes should be held on the ground, as this reduces the likelihood of stretching the ankle muscles, which play an important role during acrobatic exercises of this kind.

No matter how you would like, it’s impossible to quickly master such a difficult trick, and it doesn’t matter if you work at home and work in the gym, so be patient and improve your physical fitness.

How and where should training be provided?

The advantages of specialized institutions include the possibility of additional insurance and assistance, which can be a personal trainer. A qualified specialist will tell, show and teach you how to do this trick with minimal falls on your part.

But, despite this, you can train at home, allocating a place and a pair of soft blankets or mattresses for this. You can also find, so to speak, "fellow", that is, a person who is also not averse to learning how to perform this acrobatic element. As practice shows, it is much easier and more effective to engage in a group. Firstly, there is the possibility of safety net, and secondly, you can clearly see all the errors and take them into account when performing, for example, somersaults forward.

How to do back flips?

In order to learn this trick, you need to hone two exercises:

  1. Accurate somersault back without any deviations.
  2. Jumping to a height.

Most qualified professionals claim that only through proper grouping can you learn how to perform this acrobatic exercise. At the first stage, it is extremely important to accompany your partner, who will be able to insure you during the execution of movements.

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If you are mastering this trick for the first time, it is better to resort to the help of several people, one of whom will hold you by the lower back during the coup, and the other will correctly point your legs, providing a clear landing.

Back flip technique

We stand exactly near the wall. Now we push off the surface of the floor, straighten the trunk, and then press the knees to the chest. You need to prepare for the fact that the first few times you can’t land on your feet, so prepare your knees for this by wearing knee pads on them.

How to make a front somersault?

Running the air flip forward is the main acrobatic exercise, after which you can move on to more serious tricks.

Before doing a flip forward, you need to learn how to make clear somersaults forward (from a squatting position and from a standing position) and jumping up with your arms extended forward. And only then, when all these exercises will seem very simple and easy to you, can you safely proceed to the trick itself.

Execution technique

We become evenly near the wall. We jump out with straight arms, bring our legs a little further than the body, and then carry out a coup. The buttocks during this should be raised as high as possible, and the legs bent at the knee joint. Now we are grouped, we pull the knees to the shoulders and try to land on the toes of the feet, slightly bending the legs in the knee joint.

To make a clearer and more even trick, you need to wrap your hands around your knees during a somersault.

How to train the side air roll?

How to learn to do arabic somersault? This question is asked by those people who want to master the technique of performing side flip in flight.

Before you learn to do this kind of somersault, you need to master a few basic exercises:

  • side flip, which is better to do from the wall, landing at least five mats,
  • side flip with a preliminary take-off from the opposite wall.

Somersaults in parkour: how to learn

Parkour raised the somersault to the rank of the main stunt. A boring gymnastic exercise turned into breathtaking turns in the air: from a place or from a running start, from a wall, from a railing, pushing off with one or both legs, using hands in or after a push, with or without a group, with or without rotation, forward and back and so on - only about 50 options. However, the basis of this balancing act is the ability to perform a standard circus acrobatic coup in the air.

What is needed for this:

  • Good physical form.

The developed muscles of the legs are of key importance, because the trick is carried out due to the jump momentum.

The development of coups in the air involves training in the gym on mats, using assistive devices. A good place to practice is the diving board in the pool.

A coup in the air is not the most natural practice for the body. This is especially true for back flips.

The vestibular and visual signals that the brain receives during a somersault can lead to loss of balance and failure in any person. However, with the ability to control the body, physical preparation and testing of equipment, doing a somersault is very simple.

1. Jump up

The basic success of a flip depends on how high you come off the ground. You need to jump, creating an impulse not only with your legs, but with your whole body. For this:

  1. Sit down halfway, put your hands back.
  2. Push with your legs with force, straightening the body and waving your arms so that at the moment of the highest rise the arms are directed towards the ceiling.
  3. Stretch your whole body toward the ceiling.
  4. You will notice that at the moment of the jump your back and body bend backward - just what you need to do a somersault.

2. Raising the legs in a horizontal position

The second important skill is the ability to group:

  1. Lie on your back on the floor, straighten your arms back behind your head.
  2. Raise your legs, bending them at the knees, and bringing the knees to the chest.
  3. Do not take your hands off the floor when performing.

Exercise at a fast pace.

4. Trampolining jump backwards

This exercise allows you to simulate a coup in the air, accustoming the body, eyes and vestibular system to non-standard rotation.

  1. Stand on a trampoline and jump as described in Exercise 1.
  2. Push back while jumping - the trampoline will give an additional impulse.
  3. Land on your back, group as described in Exercise 2.
  4. After landing, a trampoline will spring your body. Your task is to use this impulse to flip back.
  5. A somersault in the air should end with entering the starting position - standing.

5. Jump back with jumping on a dais

In the exercise, the entry into the coup in the air is practiced, that is, the first half of the somersault is done independently.

Your task is to push off from the floor, as described in Exercise 1, and jump backwards on an elevation, grouping at the time of landing. An elevation can be a trampoline, an artificial drop in floor height with a safe coating (mattresses, mats, etc.). The elevation should be at chest level.

How to do back flips

If you have mastered the previous exercises correctly, problems in how to do a back flip will not arise.

  1. Sit down a bit, put your hands back.
  2. Push up with your whole body while waving your arms up.
  3. Entering the horizontal plane, group: tighten the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. A somersault is carried out around a conditional point of the solar plexus. The coordinated work of these muscles is the key to successful flip.
  4. Land on your knees bent, on your feet. When landing, the hands are parallel to the floor.

How to do a back flip

Forward somersault in the air is easier to do than backward, simply because moving forward is more natural for us. The skills for jumping and grouping the body obtained in teaching previous exercises will come in handy.

Front flip is performed by the following sequence:

  1. Take-off, raise your arms up.
  2. Repulsion from the ground with the whole body. If, in a back flip, the back bends backward, but with the front somersault, the body, as it were, “dives” forward, describing the arc.
  3. Grouping: chin and knees - to the chest, knees not closed.
  4. Flip-flop.
  5. Landing on bent legs.

Having learned the traditional somersault, you can modify its technique and make pure Parkour U-turns: with a swing of your arms behind your back, back from a height, pushing off with one foot, a "gun", through obstacles and other urban-style variations.