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Freelance can be a wonderful, flexible way to make money while you sit at home and take care of children. Although it is not as simple as it seems at first glance, because it is to combine the constant search for remote earnings and devote sufficient time to their permanent work, while at the same time taking care of children, performing all their household chores, etc. pretty hard. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify your life and increase your productivity.

How to raise a future successful freelancer?

More and more modern children in the future do not want to become astronauts and sales managers, but successful freelancers. Indeed, a freelance lifestyle that allows you to work anywhere in the world where there is Internet seems very attractive. Can parents somehow prepare their children for future remote work?

Who are they free digital artists?

Even 25-30 years ago, it was hard to imagine that at the beginning of the XXI century, millions of people around the world will work without leaving their homes and combine the performance of their daily work duties with traveling to exotic countries. What used to seem like science fiction became possible thanks to the digital revolution, the Internet and cheap personal computers.

It was unexpectedly discovered that there are many types of activities for which it is not at all necessary to sit every day in the office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Naturally, this made a real revolution in the labor market. Millions of people all over the world began to abandon their regular positions in order to be able to work for themselves and in their own schedule.

The Internet saved mankind from the geographical location of the place of work, although, of course, not all professions could take advantage of this advantage. First of all, freelance digital artists who are commonly called freelancers (literally translated from English as “freelancer” is a free lancer, as hired warriors used to be called) were those who work online and can send the results of their work by email.

These are designers, copywriters, journalists, translators, editors, PR specialists, website promotion specialists, architects, programmers and other IT specialists, teachers, consultants, accountants, etc. In the future, the range of possible remote work will certainly expand, and representatives of many other professions will be able to become freelancers, thanks to advanced technologies.

This format of work is so attractive because it allows you to work not in stuffy offices, but anywhere in the world, not depend on one single employer, not to be stuck in traffic jams every weekday, and live in your own schedule, which will undoubtedly be a future “freelance” "Will choose more and more workers.

It is also beneficial for employers who do not need to pay sick-leaved employees sick leave, meals, transportation and insurance, equip them with all the necessary tools (all this is done by freelancers themselves), spend money on office rent, monitor employee relations in the team, etc. d.

Naturally, all these factors will contribute to the fact that the nation of free agents (as the American writer Daniel Pink called the freelancers) will be replenished and increased every year, and more and more children and teenagers will dream of such a format of work for themselves in the future.

Unfortunately, in no comprehensive school children are prepared for future freelancer activities. Rather, on the contrary, the school system is “sharpened” to educate people of the organization, those who in the future will have to work in a team. Therefore, only the parents can prepare the child for future distant work if, of course, they themselves have some experience and certain knowledge in this area.

Which children are best suited for your future freelancer lifestyle?

Naturally, not all children will have a freelancer lifestyle in the future, which implies (in most “remote” areas) the ability to work alone for a long time and concentrate on one task for a long time.

It can be assumed that sociable, extrovert children will work much better within the framework of traditional organizations and companies with all their real real bosses and real employees. They simply can not stand the long loneliness and long concentration on just one thing (although, of course, with a great desire, these qualities can be developed).

Freelancer work is much better for owners of a “remote”, introverted nature. It will be a joy to them for a long time to work alone in their own schedule, without adapting to anyone (except customers), and not directly reporting to anyone.

Remote education for remote work

A visit to a secondary school is not the best option for primary education

freelance qualities. In a regular school, your child will be prepared for future work in the team from bell to bell. Freelancers have a completely different approach to work. More than anything, they value freedom and the opportunity to do what they love in their own rhythm, rather than in accordance with the labor code.

An ideal option for a child to develop a freelance worldview can be a “remote” family education, which will teach him to “work” in an individual mode, in his own schedule, and always focus on the result, and not on formal lessons, and formal examinations.

What qualities need to be cultivated by future freelancers in the first place

One of the main qualities of any freelancer who has to simultaneously be his own boss, and employee, and PR manager, and sales manager, and accountant is self-organization, self-discipline, the ability to distribute his time without any indication “from above” and the long-term ability time to concentrate on the task, despite any distractions.

As practice shows, it is the problem of self-organization that becomes the main one for many of those who leave the office for free bread. Newly made freelancers often simply can’t bring themselves to work productively in comfortable, relaxed home conditions, because they are used to what drives them up and their bosses monitor them (first of all, this applies to those who have worked in the office for a long time).

Therefore, if your child firmly decided in the future to try his hand at the freelance field, let him cultivate in himself this quality that will be useful not only for effective remote work, but also for entrepreneurial activity, and for achieving success in many other areas.

Let him learn from his teens that he can independently build his day in such a way as to manage to do all the necessary things, pay due attention to his studies and how to relax. Let him learn to be responsible and get used to “working” in any conditions, at any time, on any days of the week, including on weekends, and not just on weekdays, since there is no official work week for freelancers and no clear division into work time and leisure.

Independence in everything is extremely important for any freelancer. Therefore, from childhood, it is not necessary to patronize the future "farmer" too much. Let him learn to do everything himself and rely only on himself, on his own strengths and skills.

The importance of self-education for “remote” success

Another important freelancer quality that allows “farmers” to work more efficiently than office employees is constant self-education throughout their lives. It is for this, and not for the pursuit of good grades, that you need to teach those who dream of effective remote work in the future.

If you instill in your child a craving for self-education throughout his life, then this will be more important for his future freelancer activities than all positive school assessments combined. Do not demand from him “fives” and “fours” at all costs - let him study with enthusiasm those areas that are really interesting to him. Then he will self-educate his whole life.

What other skills will the future freelancer need

It makes sense to introduce the future freelancer to some important tools necessary for remote work, in particular, banking technologies. By graduation, a teenager should clearly know how to use bank cards, which are one of the main financial instruments of any freelancer.

The ability to distribute your finances, sell your services and advertise yourself while educating the future "remoter" should also be given special attention.

Choose a freelance business

Before starting to prepare a child for future freelancer accomplishments, one must, of course, decide what he would like to do in this life. It makes no sense to prepare a future freelancer from a child who wants to work in areas that are not suitable for a remote format.

The earlier a teenager decides on his life calling, the more time you can devote it to preparing for future distant work. If he likes to write texts, then in the future he will be able to become a remote copywriter, journalist and technical writer, if he is well versed in computer technology - a programmer, if he has a well-developed imaginative imagination - designer, artist, architect, etc.

You need to try yourself in these areas before receiving a diploma of graduation from any educational institution. This will allow you to gain practical work experience, and to understand whether the teenager really suits what he decided to do in life.

Immediately work in slippers on the ocean will not work

Of course, in order to become a truly successful freelancer, it will take years and a teenager will not be able to immediately start working in slippers on the ocean. It will take several years to develop a portfolio and loyal customers who will clearly pay for the corresponding

First, of course, you’ll have to work for a penny, and only then will it be possible to get some reasonable money for freelancer activities. Most likely, at first it will be necessary to spend some time in the office, and only then it will be possible to leave for free bread (then this will make it possible to compare the office and the remote work format).

In any case, even if your child does not become a freelancer, several years of remote work will help him to form very important qualities that will undoubtedly be useful to him in his future life (and if he can combine work and travel for some time, then it’s also will give him invaluable life experience). Although, as practice shows, those who have tasted the taste of freelancer freedom can no longer work in accordance with the classic labor code.

The child is the main reason for leaving for freelance

Reading an interview, especially with female freelancers, one can sometimes see the phrase that the appearance of a child has become one of the main reasons for leaving for freelance.

A child changes everything in a woman’s life: the usual way of life, the daily routine, and the outlook on life. Priorities and values ​​are changing.

We live in difficult times: there is a crisis in the world, payments for a child are small. The father of the family (if any) has to work hard for two. And if he loses his job, it’s generally difficult to imagine what a young family should live for.

Fortunately, there is freelance. And mom can earn extra money while sitting on maternity leave, and dad - with the proper skills.

And after the decree, having tried to work at home, not every mother will return to the office cage. Working for herself through the Internet, a woman manages to do more around the house, find more time to communicate with the child, especially if the baby gets sick. No need to draw up sick leave and catch the oblique views of the authorities.

A child is a responsibility. A child is a constant expenditure on diapers, a better piece of meat, and another pair of pants, because he recently managed to tear up a slide on a slide.

Parents find it difficult both morally and financially.


Freelance is a wonderful opportunity to earn money without depriving the child of attention.


Therefore, for the sake of the child, many parents, faced with financial difficulties (and everyone faces them), go to freelance: earn extra money or work with full dedication.

Plus work at home: the child is always there

If I had not had a baby, freelance would have remained for me a part-time job in the evenings after boring work with numbers and useless reports. I would go to the office, hoping for an experience slightly higher than the average salary and type of useful communication with people.

Seeing how hard it was for her husband to drag a family for two, and already a little bored with nothing to do, I decided to work at home. And you know what? I will not return to the office. Because, doing freelance work, I can be a full-fledged mother and bring income to my family. I can afford to go for a walk with the child in the middle of the working day, without regretting to buy him a toy or Kinder Surprise, because I know that I can make money on it.


Freelance creates wonderful conditions for parents: you have time for your beloved child, and money in order to please him with toys, dress and feed well.


With an office, the opposite is true: if there is time, there is no money. If you earn a lot - you do not have time either for yourself or for a child.

The child learns from our example. Whom does the baby see day after day if the parents are freelancers? Confident, purposeful, educated people who know well what they want in this life, and go to it. Entrepreneurs who do not bend under generally accepted norms, but are looking for their own ways. Excellent knowledgeable professionals who do what they love, which they literally burn. It is no secret that then he will want to become the same.

Less work at home: parents are always busy

The other side of the coin: your baby sees that most of the time you spend at the computer. And he himself will also be drawn to him, to this miracle of technology. This is both good and bad.

What are you suffering from? Vision has sat down, probably. And the back aches. And some dependence on social networks, mail is present ...

This, like your love of work, the child also sees. And there is a high probability that it will be the same as you, sitting around the computer for days.

Another problem with parents - freelancers: they are very busy. They do not have a standardized working day; they work without holidays and days off. They can fail to perform an urgent task during the holiday, and in the middle of the night.


But think about this: first of all, you are a parent, but only in the second - a cool designer or programmer. Your coolest project in life pulls your sleeve when you are working on the next logo or website, and for it you need to find time in the first place.


This is easy to do if you change life priorities a bit and rethink your attitude to work. And as a result, redraw your work schedule.

Healthy family relationships

I myself have developed for myself some principles that I try to follow implicitly (it does not always work out, but I try very hard). So, and only so, it is possible to maintain a balance between work and personal life, to find time for communication with his son.

  • Work according to the established schedule and in a separate room. I work from morning until 15.00-16.00 hours. At this time, the baby with his grandmother, it turns out that I went to work in another room - he played for two hours and went to bed. When I wake up, my work is already finished. Those. the child is separated from me by force three hours a day.
  • If the grandmother cannot for some reason sit with the child, I work when he sleeps or is passionate about the game (just enough time to check the mail).
  • If the baby is calling me - I drop everything and go to him. It is better to immediately satisfy his request, to deal with his problem, than to listen to nagging for twenty minutes.
  • After work be sure to play with the child for an hourwithout distracting anything else.
  • Every day (except when the weather is bad) I go out with him to the street. In summer, after work, we definitely go to the lake.
  • On weekends, I don’t basically sit down at a laptop. These two days are just mine and the baby.

If you also have a small child who does not go to kindergarten or school, perhaps you will learn something useful from these rules.


The child will then develop normally if the family has a healthy atmosphere, if parents find time to practice with him, and not just to work.


You have an older child, and is very interested in your work, is also learning to work at a computer? There is nothing wrong with teaching him the basics of the profession. But there is a good rule voiced by the famous doctor Komarovsky: if a child jumps a day and a half hours, let him work on the computer. Nowhere without cars today - but you can’t let the child sit at the monitor for days.

Гуляйте вместе на свежем воздухе, отправьте ребенка в спортивные секции (как раз время останется для работы, пока наследник занят).

Хочу ли я, чтобы ребенок был фрилансером?

Я как-то задумалась, хочу ли я, чтобы мой сын был фрилансером, как его родители? Хочу, потому что если он останется жить в нашем городе, больших перспектив ждать не приходится. Работы нормальной тут нет.

Да и хочется, чтобы он с самого начала шел своим путем и занимался тем, что ему нравится, а не тем, что навязывают другие. My main task is to show him what opportunities are open for him, what professions are in demand, and how he can always earn a piece of bread. Provide a choice and help if he wants.

I talked with other freelancers who have children. Most of them do not mind that their child be a freelancer, in their field or another.

The main thing is to see your goal in life and grow up as a good person.

There are dynasties of doctors, teachers, professors ... Children often follow in the footsteps of their parents. Freelance is a fairly new type of activity, dynasties have not yet been formed, but who knows what will happen next?