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How to find out what creates bad karma


What is human karma? What does she mean? The meaning of the word “karma” has the following meaning: any human actions have a strong influence on the whole subsequent life. In other words, this is a return of intangible debts. Experts in the field of esotericism are inclined to think that karma has been developed for centuries and includes the quality of life of numerous lives. Based on the doctrine of reincarnation, the law of karma finds its explanation in an esoteric manner. What it means is intuitive to everyone. There is an intangible law of energy return, according to which every action will bring corresponding results. Everything in this world is fair and there is a logical explanation for everything.

Today, no one doubts whether karma exists in a person. Karma determines not just the main events of life, but a list of recurring situations that will occur constantly for a long time. For example, the karma of loneliness does not allow people to create their own family, to find their soul mate. Bad karma can significantly affect fate, make life simply unbearable. Diagnostics of karma has a special place. It fundamentally changes a person’s worldview, contributes to a more thoughtful and informed thinking.

How to identify bad karma

We already wrote earlier about karmic debt numbers. In this article, we would like to return to this topic and tell you how to determine your bad karma based on your date of birth and initials. The numbers of karmic debt are 13,14,16 and 19. The more of them, the harder a person’s life is and the more serious he will have to work on himself. Look for them in the birth certificate. Let's say your name is Anna Pavlova Serova, you were born on March 5, 1970.

Birthday.It is especially difficult for those who were born on the 13, 14, 16th or 19th day. To understand exactly what the person was wrong in past incarnations, the decoding of the number of karmic debt, given below, will help. In our example, the birthday is 5, a harmless number from the point of view of karma. We are looking further.

Full date of birth.You need to add all the numbers included in the date of birth. In the example - 03/05/1970. Add: 0 + 5 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 25 - also a karmically neutral number. We continue the search.

Full Name. It is necessary to find the numerical expression of the letters of the name, surname and patronymic given at birth, and add these numbers. (If the sum is greater than 20, it is necessary to add the unique numbers included in it.) The numbers corresponding to the letters are taken from the table:

ANNA Name: A = 1, H = 6, H = 6, A = 1. Add up: 1 + 6 + 6 + 1 = 14, that is, the name contains the number of karmic debt!

Patronymic Pavlovna: P = 8, A = 1, B = 3, L = 4.0 = 7, B = 3, H = 6, A = 1. Add: 8 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 7 + 3 + 6 + 1 = 33 - this number has no relation to karmic debts.

Surname SEROVA: C = 1, E = 6, P = 9.0 = 7, B = 3, A = 1. Add: 1 + 6 + 9 + 7 + 3 + 1 = 27. Turn off: 2 + 7 = 9 - karmically safe number.

And now we summarize the numbers for the first name, middle name and last name: 14 + 33 + 9 = 56. Turn off: 5 + 6 = 11 - and there are no karmic problems. The sum of the full date of birth and name. In our example: 25 + 11 = 36. Turn off: 3 + 6 = 9 - also everything is in order. To summarize. In the considered example, the number of karmic debt met only once, and it is 14. Therefore, there are not so many debts, and you will have to work on yourself only in one direction (we read about number 14 below).

The meaning of karmic debt numbers

Number 13. You were lazy, worked poorly and in a past life. Often wasted time, indulged in their weaknesses. They behaved selfishly, disregarding the interests of other people. How to live on? Nothing comes easy for you, but don't give up. Be consistent, patient and persistent - and be sure to succeed. The main thing is to learn how to enjoy work.

The number 14. In the previous incarnation, you failed to adequately apply the numerous talents given to you. Perhaps they were sent for no good or were too passive. How to live on? Perceive any changes in life not as problems, but as new opportunities for self-realization. Devote yourself to any lofty goal. And no matter what happens, do not turn off the chosen path, do not follow the circumstances.

The number 16. You did not differ in chastity in a past life. Perhaps they acted dishonestly with someone, deceived or abandoned someone, and showed indifference or cruelty. How to live on? You must learn to treat people well. Turn to face them, show kindness, support and help - from the bottom of your heart, not demanding anything in return. Respect them and judge no one. And if you weren’t done well, don’t hide insults.

Number 19. Your "debt" is due to the fact that you have abused power. Allowed themselves to be arrogant and greedy, humiliating and insulting those who are weaker. How to live on? Your task is to get rid of pride and learn to give. Help others actively and don’t be afraid to accept help when necessary. Be involved, take care of loved ones, strengthen family relationships.

Karma definition

The term “karma” was coined either by the Eastern “sages”, or by esoterics, or by someone else. Unfortunately, those who coined the term do not understand what human karma really is and how it works.

Karma is a natural process that works automatically and continuously in the body of each person, regardless of his desires and knowledge about this process.

This was first scientifically explained by the Russian scientist Nikolai Viktorovich Levashov. You can read more about this in his book Essence and Reason in Volume 2 (can be downloaded here). It is on the basis of the works of Nikolai Levashov that this material was written.

Karma is one of the most important processes in the life of a person, which affects him throughout his life and all incarnations, which can be hundreds of thousands and millions of years.

Karma reacts to how a person lives and as a result of this, his genetics changes. If a person lives in a negative way, then his genetics is deteriorating. If a person performs positive actions, then his genetics improves, but this does not mean that old impairments are corrected - something new is improving.

One of the most important things to understand:

Karma cannot be worked out, tricked, grinded, etc. Karma is an ongoing process that is going on right now.

A simple and crude example: a person drank a bottle of vodka and immediately received karma in the form of intoxication, poor health and other consequences. And nothing can be changed, even if a person with the help of vomiting removes part of the poison from the body, makes a dropper, etc. He has already received the consequences and the process goes further.

This is a crude example, but there are more subtle situations. A person can do something bad and his karma immediately worsens, but he does not notice it. And in the future this will surely somehow manifest itself and the person may not even understand the reasons for these or other events.

The same applies to the good deeds of man. He does something positive and does not see improvements in karma, but they are sure to be.

If you look from the point of view of the evolutionary or spiritual development of man, the deterioration of karma throws a person back in this development, and the improvement of karma moves him forward along the path of development.

How to know a person’s karma?

First you need to understand what karma really is. Only by understanding the true meaning of this concept, one can answer the question about the possibility of diagnosing karma (the definition is given above).

Karma cannot be recognized or read in the form of a list of some sins that can be somehow changed. Once again, I emphasize that human karma is a continuous process and past karma is a fait accompli that cannot be influenced in any way and it no longer matters. One can only begin to create new karma.

Based on this, it can be noted that all the works of “specialists” in karma are useless. Often, they are driven by the desire to make money or the errors of the mind. The process of karma takes place at the genetics level, so somehow it is simply impossible for a person to notice it.

Be careful with people who say they see karma or can read it. They can declare a lot about their capabilities, but you won’t be able to verify this in practice. Why is that?

To assess the level of evolutionary (spiritual) development of a person, you need to be a very highly developed person - a hierarch, as Nikolai Levashov said. But real hierarchs will not make money from fraud under any circumstances.

Even if we assume that some specialist really has high abilities and can appreciate the karma of a person, then his assessment will be very averaged and more or less true only at the current time. But such an assessment can only be done by a person with serious psychic abilities and extensive practical experience in this.

In general, I do not recommend contacting those who offer services for cleaning, practicing, getting rid of karma, etc. Although, if you want to help such people with money, then this is your right.

Can karma be calculated by date of birth?

Only highly developed people with great capabilities that are inaccessible to most modern people can analyze a person’s karma or, in other words, the level of their evolutionary development. therefore I do not recommend blindly believing numerologists, astrologers, palmists and the like. Ideally, it’s better not to mess with them at all, but simply to develop and become a decent person. This is the best way of behavior that improves karma and makes you happier and more successful.

Without a doubt, a person is influenced by the moment of conception, the place of conception, the position of the stars, the date of birth, and more. But this is very conditional and generalized. You can see for yourself that people who were even born in the same place and almost at the same time (twins, for example) can have completely different fates.

Therefore, all these horoscopes, the study of karma, etc. today have turned into ordinary speculation and making money. These “specialists” make many mistakes, make incorrect forecasts, etc., and people blindly believe them, and then they also suffer.

Treat numerology, astrology, palmistry and the other simply as one of the keys to a person.

Moreover, through these keys information about a person can be removed only by a person who knows and knows, of whom there are very few today, although there are a lot of so-called numerologists, astrologers, and palmists. All mechanical calculations (through programs, sites, etc.) have no meaning and it is better not to use them.

Can karma be cleaned?

As mentioned above, karma is an ongoing process. Therefore, it is impossible to change the old karma, as it acts automatically and instantly. But you can create new good karma. How? This will be discussed below.

If you are faced with the fact that you will be offered to clean karma, then it is better not to mess with such people. They definitely won’t be able to help you, but they will save you money, and they can even cause harm of varying severity.

Only a person of the highest level of evolutionary (spiritual) development can influence a person’s karma, but, in my opinion, this is done only in exceptional cases and not at the request of the person himself. Such highly developed people now on our planet either do not exist at all, or their units.

Therefore, do not fall for the tricks of deceivers and scammers, but rather improve your karma yourself. To do this, read the information below.

How to improve human karma?

In terms of changing and improving human karma, there is a profound error. It consists in the fact that a person thinks that he can somehow change his karma with the help of various practices: spiritual, moral, religious, etc.

It is impossible to change the old karma, as it is a continuous process that works automatically and constantly in real time. It cannot be worked out or “burned” by prayers and mantras. You can only create new good karma by doing positive things.

When a person worsens his karma, then it becomes an accomplished event and he cannot change it (at this stage of development we cannot influence our past). But in his power to start living differently and change (improve):

Then the person will begin to improve the current karma, that is, create a new good karma (but this will not affect the old karma). This is what helps people become more intelligent, to evolve evolutionarily (spiritually), etc.

To worsen karma, you need to: think bad thoughts, speak bad words, do bad things. Accordingly, to improve karma, you must strive to think, speak and do only good things.

From this it follows that we must learn to distinguish between good and bad. Today, this is a big problem. Where is the way out?

Bad thoughts cause us bad emotions: irritation, lust, despondency and others. Bad words are known to everyone (at least to rational people) and their pronunciation harms a person very much. But bad things include theft, deception, robbery, slander, treason, murder and others. Things have the greatest effect on our karma and you need to be especially careful with them.

You also need to know about another way of deception or manifestation of ignorance, when they say that for some it is good one, and for others - another. This is not true. Good is always good, and bad is bad. Live in good conscience, be sincere and humane.

An adequate person is primarily interested in how to improve karma, and not worsen. Therefore, remember these important recommendations:

  • You don’t need to do for others what you don’t want for yourself - a simple but effective technique,
  • Think, speak and do good things sincerely and voluntarily, understanding what you are doing, hypocrisy in these matters will not help improve and create good karma,
  • Do not think that with future deeds you can correct today's misconduct (in religious terms - sin) - karma cannot be deceived or abandoned.

To put it in very simple words, you need to become a decent person: calm, responsive, kind, fair, honest, etc. You also need to develop your mind, learn to bear responsibility for every action and even thought, live consciously, study real knowledge and live on their basis. This is the real development of man in evolutionary or spiritual terms, and, therefore, a change in karma.

Thus, it is possible to improve karma, but not the old one, but by working on creating new karma. This is hard work, but extremely important and they need to be dealt with sincerely.

Does suffering clear karma?

There is another misconception: some believe that suffering helps a person cleanse karma or somehow get rid of it. But this is an illusion.

In fact, suffering does NOT help to purify karma and does NOT give evolutionary (spiritual) development. On the contrary, suffering lowers the level of development and worsens karma.

That is, when one speaks of the cleansing effect of suffering, this is an outright lie. The new karma of a person can only worsen as a result of suffering, as they cause a lot of negative emotions and worsen the natural energy protection. As a result of this, parasites from the subtle planes of the planet begin to “devour” the subtle bodies of man.

After that, a person begins to suffer even more and dies faster. That is why in religions and other similar organizations people are touted with suffering, such as "God endured and commanded us." But in fact, this is done to slow down or stop the evolutionary development of man, to shorten his life and increase suffering.

This "divorce" works great for ignorant people with a low level of development. Such people often make themselves suffer, thinking that they are doing a good thing. In fact, they bring trouble to themselves and others. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such people and religions successfully manipulate them.

Karma, parents and children

It is always necessary to know and take into account that karma is constant changes at the genetic level in accordance with the thoughts, words and actions of a person.

During the conception of a child, RNA and DNA molecules from the parents receive information about the evolutionary level of development at the time of conception (Nikolai Levashov used the term “thickness of evolutionary meat” —that is, information about the thickness of evolutionary meat).

Thus, karma passes from parents to children and further to next generations (to one degree or another). The karma of parents is constantly changing, so children born at different times receive different karma from the same parents. The process of transmitting karma goes only in one direction: from parents to children.

And karma from parents is also impossible to work out, clean, etc. Only new positive karma can be created.

Karma of a person: important points

To make it easier for you to perceive the information from the article, I will highlight the most important things:

  • The modern definition of karma is in most cases erroneous and illusory,
  • Karma is a continuous, natural, automatic process taking place right now in the body of each of us,
  • Старую карму нельзя изменить (сжечь, отмолить, очистить и т.п.), но можно улучшить новую карму человека,
  • Улучшение кармы подразумевает улучшение мыслей, слов и дел человека,
  • To change karma and real evolutionary (spiritual) development, it is necessary to develop the mind and become a decent person,
  • Astrology, numerology, palmistry and the rest - these are only keys to a person that can be used by units of many so-called karma specialists,
  • Suffering is an absolutely negative phenomenon that does no good and worsens karma,
  • Karma is passed from parents to children, but not back.

It all depends on you and not on someone else. Therefore, developing and acting in a positive way, you will create good karma, and, therefore, become a healthy, happy and successful person.

Health status

This indicator perfectly reflects the state of the energy sector. Whether a person needs mental cleansing can be judged, largely on the basis of physical condition. Any negative changes in well-being indicate that there is some kind of internal trouble. Health status shows how a person feels satisfied in life. A happy outlook promotes a better understanding of the essence and meaning of life. The more a person is happy, the more he radiates harmony to the world around him.

The pursuit of self-realization

How to know your karma? With good karma, the person has ambitions, self-confidence is noted. The desire for self-realization was originally laid down in human nature. Only many, unfortunately, suppress it, based on their own fears and doubts. Well-being karma, as a rule, does not in the least prevent a person from manifesting himself. If a person is active enough in life, always finds the necessary resources to achieve his goals, then this means a favorable state of the subtle body as a whole.

Cleansing Methods

Human karma is constantly in need of purification. Even if a person lives a fairly correct and moral life, he still needs to correct his mental state from time to time. The fact is that human energy tends to become polluted over time. Any negative thoughts affect karma, can contribute to physical ailments. How to clean karma yourself? How to fix karma? There are several ways. It is best to apply them all together, and not selectively. Consider these methods in more detail.

Good deeds

Clear karma at home is real. It is not necessary to resort to the help of healers and psychics. Cleansing karma is a set of diverse actions aimed at maintaining a happy attitude. It is important to do good deeds, which for a long time will instill a sense of self-confidence and satisfaction in the soul. Good deeds not only ennoble a person, but also contribute to internal transformation. There is a natural cleansing of karma. Bad karma can be corrected by doing good deeds. Therefore, when thinking about how to change karma, one should take responsibility for the possibility of healing.

Purity of thoughts

Many people cannot accept good changes in their life only because they are used to thinking only in a negative way. They are hindered by their own views, based on endless self-pity. Of course, there is no improvement in karma in this case. True purification of karma occurs when people begin to change from within. Purity of thought helps release a large amount of energy. A person feels capable of many things, including significantly transforming his life. His karma is changing rapidly in this case. When deciding how to cleanse karma on one's own, one should rely on one's most luminous feelings and thoughts.

Life position

Human activity, the ability to think positively determines how he lives. The more joy there is in a person’s life, the more he allows himself to be happy. An active life position fills with new energy, makes a person constantly strive for new achievements and not stop there. Cleaning is gradual. To do this, you need to seriously work on yourself, try to look for the pluses in everything. A person should constantly try to look for something good. This is the only way that visible changes will come, and the purification of consciousness will occur. When a person changes for the better, there is definitely an improvement in any difficult situation. Purification leads to inner healing.

Exclude evil deeds

The best way not to accumulate bad karma is to exclude evil deeds. Thus, a person’s efforts to free himself from negativity will not be in vain. Karma will begin to clear. It is important not to be alone at this moment, but to try to be useful to others. Before taking this or that step, both a man and a woman should think carefully about the consequences of their actions. When the choice is already made, often it is necessary to accept unsatisfactory circumstances. Mischief significantly pollutes karma. Good deeds cleanse it, help a person achieve enlightenment, come into a state of internal balance.

Relations with loved ones

It is very important to be able to speak sincere tender words to those you truly love. There are not many beautiful words. Mental cleansing is not one of the easiest, but effective ways to make you feel like a happy person. To improve karma, you need to try to improve relationships with loved ones. Often people are embarrassed to admit their mistakes to relatives. No need to be afraid! Relations with loved ones are such a category that makes up a significant part of karma. Women are by nature more sensitive than men. That is why it is easier for women to make certain concessions and try to understand others.

Thus, each person must work on his own karma. This is his personal responsibility.

Bad karma

You will continue to attract the same negative energy through people or the environment until a certain time until you discover the weak side of your personality, your spirituality, or your actions.

For example, you recently changed jobs. This is a different office, different people, but the tense atmosphere and communication with your new colleagues is similar to the one that was at your previous work.

The same situation and lack of improvement can be observed in personal relationships: constant disputes with a partner, and your problems with loved ones seem to appear from time to time - sometimes for the same reason as in the past, that is, cyclical.

So, all these familiar and repetitive vibrational situations that seem to never disappear are far from an accident. They show that you need changes so that you can be healed, leave everything in the past and move forward in the direction that you need.