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How to Sell Online: A Beginner Cheat Sheet


The World Wide Web is a huge market where almost everyone trades. The subject of sale are services, knowledge, various products, etc. On the pages of Runet, you can order anything. This phenomenon can be called the economy of exchange, or equal trade or joint consumption, but regardless of the name, online sales have a huge impact on the business and open up new prospects at a frantic pace.

This is an opportunity to do business with people, and not use the services of giant corporations - a movement that is facilitated by a growing number of sites and applications. The major corporations could not completely capture the world, well, at least the virtual world remained for enterprising people. Consider the main ways to sell things on the Internet.

What to sell online to get rich

Many want to succeed in e-commerce, but not everyone succeeds. The situation is aggravated by the fact that competition is growing inexorably. In such circumstances, it’s quite difficult to find and occupy your niche and effectively sell products that a potential consumer needs over the Internet. Among the most successful sales objects are the following.

  • Navigators, radar detectors, video recorders

There is a very large margin on these products. A common situation is when a product is bought for 500-700 rubles, and sold for 1000-3000 rubles and above. Do you think this is unrealistic? But such is the reality. Chinese radar detectors cost a penny. Their purchase price starts at 200 rubles, but in Russia they cannot be found cheaper than 700 rubles. As you already understood, the sale of this kind of goods will allow you to get rich very quickly.

  • Shoes and clothes

The same situation is with clothes, which are very inexpensive to buy directly from the manufacturer, and you can sell them on the Internet with a large margin.

  • Car accessories and car care products

Motorists are always ready to give a lot of money to care for their iron horse. Cleaning products, steering wheel and seat covers, numerous useful and decorative accessories for cars are always in demand. Therefore, sellers set fairly high prices for all this paraphernalia. For example, they can sell a snow brush over the Internet for 500 rubles, while its true price is five times less.

  • Unusual goods

Unusual gifts, entertaining souvenirs, funny toys are popular among the Internet audience. Such original things as, for example, card holders in the form of a knife, have a margin of 100%.

  • Women's and men's accessories

Through the Internet, you can very cheaply buy various accessories in the same China, which everyone is able to purchase independently on the notorious Aliexpress. For example, you buy bracelets, glasses, belts for a minimum price of 100 rubles, and you sell these same products not even for 200, but for at least 500 rubles, as quite worthy brand things.

  • Interior items, bedding, towels

Beautiful home decoration have a very high margin, and it is profitable to sell them over the Internet. So, you can buy very cheap bedding from wholesalers and sell it at two, or even three times more expensive. Other decorative items that have an auxiliary purpose (bottle coasters, shelves, soap dishes, etc.) are also in demand, so you can make very good money selling these products.

  • Phones and tablets

Smartphones, phones, tablet phones and other means of communication are very popular in China. Asian craftsmen got the hang of making them workable for a very low price. For 2000 rubles, you can buy a smartphone on Android, and then sell it over the Internet for at least 5000 rubles.

  • Small electronic gadgets

Various gadgets and tech devices Chinese masters produce in large quantities. A huge selection of universal chargers, players, e-books, adapters and other equipment so much needed in the modern age can be purchased there at extremely low prices and really make money on their sale in Russia.

Recommended articles on this topic:

  • Light fixtures

It is possible to sell various musical and lighting equipment for clubs over the Internet with great profit. Laser pointers and light music are very cheap at wholesalers.

  • Cases and other phone accessories

Very popular things! Many people prefer to buy them through the Internet, because there is much more choice, and prices are lower than in offline stores. The purchase price for the same covers starts from 100 rubles and even lower, but you can sell them at a price of 500 rubles. And people will buy. Some make covers with their own hands and sell them at a cheaper price than store ones, which, in general, is also a good way to earn money.

If your hobby is needlework, then this hobby can become a source of good income. After all, anything is sold on the Internet. Jewelry, toys, crafts can find their buyer, if the thing has its own zest. Individual and unusual creations are always in demand. If you have “golden hands”, then make your craft a way to earn money constantly through the Internet.

At all times, people will buy food. Food is another hot commodity that can be sold over the Internet. People buy pastries and sweets well. But you can sell over the Internet only those products that you can cook yourself and that are able to deliver to the addressee.

The Internet is a place of sales not only of goods, but also of services. Whatever abilities you possess, all this will be in demand. Perhaps you will be able to make a statement of claim to order or provide accounting reports to the tax authority, conduct training on an effective weight loss technique or a master class on origami techniques. The main thing is that you have enough strength and energy to provide so many services in order to earn a living.

  • Collections

Collectors can always make good money by selling their treasures. There are things that cost a lot of money: antiques, a collection of rare coins, etc. For such refined and expensive things, it is advisable to even organize auctions. Rare collectibles will find their customers. But, I must say, this type of sales is not available to everyone, since this product is piece.

As an option for making money online, you can sell copyrighted photos or videos via the Web. Selling such a product has its own specifics, but a graphics distribution business can be profitable if it is properly organized and put on the right track.

If you have remarkable mental abilities, and are also ready to share your knowledge and experience with others, then on the Internet you can make good money on this. Someone does thesis or term papers, while someone performs translations. On this, of course, you can build your business.

How to sell cosmetics online? Usually, buyers agree to purchase cosmetics, household chemicals only from companies that are well known. If you have recently started your business, you will really have to try to win the trust of customers. This is a very difficult sales area for beginners.

Here are a few rules for a successful online business:

  1. Main quality. Offering quality things on the Internet is very important, only then the audience will quickly reach you and replenish your customer base. The fame of good goods diverges quickly.
  2. It’s always worth starting with a product known to the consumer. You should not offer people something new when they are not familiar with your company. Start by selling those items that are in significant demand. Set a decent margin that will allow you to start.
  3. The uniqueness of your product will become a trigger for launching sales. Even if you choose a popular product, make it not the same as everyone else. Something in your products must be unique: production technology, price, quality - whatever.
  4. The more you invest in a business, the greater head start you get in front of competitors.

Can I sell drugs and alcohol online

If you have seriously decided to engage in online sales, then you should start by studying the Remote Sales Rules approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated September 27, 2007 No. 612. From this document you can find out what exactly can be sold via the Internet.

Paragraph 5 of the Rules states the inadmissibility of alcohol sales remotely. The same prohibition applies to tobacco and goods, the free sale of which is prohibited or limited by Russian law. You will also not be able to sell medicines and weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances through the Internet.

For violation of such norms, administrative liability is provided for under Article 14.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation:

  • for citizens — 1,500–2,000 rubles with or without confiscation of goods,
  • for employees of organizations - 3,000-4,000 rubles with possible confiscation of goods,
  • for organizations — 30–40 thousand rubles with or without confiscation of goods.

How to sell online

Deciding how to sell certain goods over the Internet is not an easy task. This task is strategic in nature. You need to think through everything thoroughly in order to have maximum income with minimum investment.

  • Bookkeeping. In order to save money, you need to abandon the full-time specialist. Think of an alternative way of doing bookkeeping, which can become one of the most effective online services, for example, MyDelo. This step will save you a fair amount of money.
  • Logistics.It is very important to decide how you will deliver your goods. Perhaps your business allows you to do this yourself. But, when it grows, you have to resort to a delivery service. One of the reliable and affordable companies is the MultiShip service. When sending goods with its help, you can always track the shipment.
  • Telephony.This item is also not worth saving. There are organizations that allow you to create a telephone exchange for a very modest fee. The Mango company will provide you a virtual telephone exchange with an answering machine for little money. As an option, you can purchase a MegaFon SIM card and buy a landline number for 200 rubles per month.
  • SoftIf you decide to save on office rent and recruitment of full-time employees, then you should take care of organizing successful interaction between all members of your team. So, you can use the Google Docs service, which allows you to create charts, edit texts, build tables and solve other problems simultaneously by several persons.


Can I sell drugs and alcohol online

If you have seriously decided to engage in online sales, then you should start by studying the Remote Sales Rules approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated September 27, 2007 No. 612. From this document you can find out what exactly can be sold via the Internet.

Paragraph 5 of the Rules states the inadmissibility of alcohol sales remotely. The same prohibition applies to tobacco and goods, the free sale of which is prohibited or limited by Russian law. You will also not be able to sell medicines and weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances through the Internet.

For violation of such norms, administrative liability is provided for under Article 14.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation:

  • for citizens — 1,500–2,000 rubles with or without confiscation of goods,
  • for employees of organizations - 3,000-4,000 rubles with possible confiscation of goods,
  • for organizations — 30–40 thousand rubles with or without confiscation of goods.

How to sell online

Deciding how to sell certain goods over the Internet is not an easy task. This task is strategic in nature. You need to think through everything thoroughly in order to have maximum income with minimum investment.

  • Bookkeeping. In order to save money, you need to abandon the full-time specialist. Think of an alternative way of doing bookkeeping, which can become one of the most effective online services, for example, MyDelo. This step will save you a fair amount of money.
  • Logistics.It is very important to decide how you will deliver your goods. Perhaps your business allows you to do this yourself. But, when it grows, you have to resort to a delivery service. One of the reliable and affordable companies is the MultiShip service. When sending goods with its help, you can always track the shipment.
  • Telephony.This item is also not worth saving. There are organizations that allow you to create a telephone exchange for a very modest fee. The Mango company will provide you a virtual telephone exchange with an answering machine for little money. As an option, you can purchase a MegaFon SIM card and buy a landline number for 200 rubles per month.
  • SoftIf you decide to save on office rent and recruitment of full-time employees, then you should take care of organizing successful interaction between all members of your team. So, you can use the Google Docs service, which allows you to create charts, edit texts, build tables and solve other problems simultaneously by several persons.


Where to sell online

  • Virtual bulletin boards

Example: Yula’s ever-growing message board

The most active sales site in Russia is Avito, a free bulletin board that involves trading without intermediaries. It’s not very convenient to upload product information every time, but for one-time transactions, the resource is more than suitable. Virtual bulletin boards are always able to attract additional customers.

  • Social networks

Example: our client’s account on the Veronika Herba City Health and Beauty Center on Instagram

A very great help for those who decide to sell over the Internet are social networks. Social networks currently hold in their hands a huge number of people who will be much more convenient to make purchases without leaving Facebook or Vkontakte. Your task is to correctly compose and place an ad, as well as open a bank account or an electronic wallet, with which you can pay for the goods.

  • Online store

Example: our BioKit customer’s online store

One way or another, but Avito and the announcement on the social network will lead interested people to your official site. If this is not the case, then many will remain unsatisfied, and the purchase will not take place. Therefore, having your own online platform where you can find out everything about your product is very important.

  • Single Page

Example: a one-page tea company from India

If you are selling a single product, especially when it comes to the information business, then the landing page is right for you. The selling page works as well as possible if your goal is to quickly sell, for example, a tour package in one direction without any alternative offers.

What are most often bought on the Internet?

According to an e-commerce market research in Belarus published at the E-commerce Day 2018 conference, last year 45% of Belarusians bought some product online. 39% of consumers make purchases both online and offline, and 16% try to buy only on the Internet.

To find a product that will be successfully sold over the Internet, you need to understand what products people are willing to buy or would like to buy online. For example, in Belarus, 80.8% of online sales are non-food products, and food - only 19.2%. At the same time, shopping habits differ depending on the gender and age of the client. Most actively women buy online at the age of 25-30, but at the same time the average check for men is usually higher (about 70 p.) Than for women (about 40 p.). This is due to the fact that women often buy a lot of cheap goods (for example, cosmetics, underwear, clothes, books, toys), and men spend less often, but immediately on expensive goods (appliances, electronics, furniture).

And here is the first seven countries whose residents are most involved in online shopping:

  1. China (83% of the population buy online)
  2. South Korea (83% of the population buy online)
  3. UK (82% of the population buy online)
  4. Germany (81% of the population buy online)
  5. Indonesia (79% of the population buy online)
  6. India (77% of the population buy online)
  7. USA (77% of the population buy online).

According to statistics for 2017, most people in the world buy online:

  1. clothes - $ 408 billion (+ 18%),
  2. Electronics - $ 359.4 billion (+ 12%),
  3. toys, household goods and hobbies - $ 341.5 billion (+ 17%),
  4. furniture and utensils - $ 225.5 billion (+ 16%),
  5. travel - $ 212.7 billion (+ 13%),
  6. food and personal care products - $ 139.8 billion (+ 20%),
  7. video games - $ 52.5 billion (+ 7%),
  8. online music - $ 11.2 billion (+ 13%).

In Belarus, these categories look different.

The most popular categories of goods purchased online in Belarus

  • Computer equipment and electronics,
  • Appliances,
  • Smartphones, telephones and communications,
  • Детские товары,
  • Одежда, обувь, аксессуары,
  • Спорт и отдых,
  • Товары для дома и сада,
  • Продукты питания,
  • Косметика и парфюмерия,
  • Билеты на мероприятия.

Где пользователи делают онлайн-покупки?

По данным gemiusAudience, интернет-пользователи Беларуси делают онлайн-покупки:

  1. На сайтах интернет-магазинов (28,44%),
  2. На маркетплейсах (26,68%),
  3. On the sites of price aggregators with catalogs of goods / services (10.76%),
  4. On private ad sites,
  5. At online auctions,
  6. On coupon discount sites.

Product Search

Finding, evaluating and choosing a product is a difficult task. There are thousands of possible options, but it seems that they have all been used many times. To differentiate yourself from competitors in the market, you need to understand your own strategy.

Understanding opportunities is the key to finding a niche and identifying products for sales:

  • Identify the buyer's problem.
  • Look for an empty niche.
  • Choose an interesting brand of product.
  • Use your own experience and knowledge.
  • Use global market trends.
  • Satisfy consumer desires.

Where to look for ideas

The Internet contains many ideas, but because of the high competition in the most popular categories, the right product choice becomes important for success.

Perhaps you already had an idea that had been ripening for many years or a problem that you had to solve.

After identifying several options, explore them on Google Trends. Where do you find out:

  1. Which keywords are most commonly used when searching for these things.
  2. How often in your area make a request.
  3. Seasonality of requests.
  4. What are looking for along with this request.

Partner search

Choosing a name for the trading platform and analyzing the target audience is the next stage in opening an online store. When all evaluations are complete, it is time to find a supplier. When choosing, follow these criteria:

  1. Location. Speed ​​of delivery is important for business.
  2. Product quality. Defective products will cause complaints from buyers .
  3. Terms of cooperation. The supplier offers too large batches of goods.
  4. Price issue.

Next, we make out an online store, place the goods on the site, indicate convenient methods of delivery and payment.

How to start online sales

Today, few people can be surprised by the distance business. There is a huge number of online stores on the Internet, a purchase in which is quite simple to make, which is what everyone who wants to save time on visiting stores uses. There is no need to leave home, look for a thing in different boutiques, just go to the site and complete an online purchase.

How to organize an online sale, options

Conduct sales through its own online store. Here you will need to engage in the development of the site design and its functionality. In addition, throughout the course of the activity, regular updates, expenses for maintaining the site and responsibility in its maintenance will be required. The more customers trust the site, the better things will go.

Use trading floors. Today, options are quite common when developers create a site from scratch, promote it, promote it, and then rent it out,

Using a bulletin board. On such sites you can sell everything. An indisputable advantage of a web resource is the ability to place an ad for free. But at the same time, one should remember the high competition of sales on the Internet, in order to succeed, it is important to offer an already established business in which everything is worked out to be automatic.

Using online auctions. Many platforms are available in this segment today that have a high degree of protection for both buyers and sellers. You can earn on the difference in the cost of production. But here, sellers will face serious competition.
Use of social networks. It has a fairly quick search for potential buyers, this is facilitated by the fact that in the profiles people themselves say what they prefer, which makes it easier to find the target audience.

Many business owners use several or even all of the proposed options to achieve consistently high income.
Every day the Internet is becoming an increasingly powerful structure for business development. Here, people solve all the same problems as in real life - they communicate, quarrel, have fun and purchases occupy an important place in this list. Network users buy everything they need. Online shopping has many advantages, the most important of which is time saving. There is no need to even get up from the couch to buy clothes, shoes, a car.

As you know, demand generates supply, this is what the system lives on today. Every day, thousands of new stores open on the Internet. And the task of each of them is not just to sell the product, attract a buyer, with making it your regular customer. So that he starts his day with this site.

The specialists of our company are ready to assist in the development of the site and organize its maintenance and improvement in the future. For a site to be in demand, it must have simple and clear navigation, the design must be pleasant and unique. But most importantly, the products are available to most users.

SEO services from our company

When choosing SEO services in our company, customers should understand the logical algorithm for their use:

  • the higher the site is placed in the search bar of the browser, the more it has the number of users entering the portal per unit of time,
  • the more users visit the portal, the higher the likelihood that they will purchase goods on the website or use the service,
  • the more purchases are made on the site, the more profit the store owner will receive. And this is the end result, which the owner always focuses on, thinking of opening an online store.
  • the more actions are taken on the portal, the more offers from advertising will be received by the owner of the portal.

We know how to make your online store successful, vibrant, in demand. He must and will bring income to the owner, otherwise why was it necessary to start promotion through the Internet.

What to sell in the online store: 5 profitable product groups

it those online auction siteswhich are most popular in RuNet. They are understandable, easy to use and accessible to any Russian-speaking Internet user. Plus, these auctions are adapted to work in Russia and neighboring countries.

This makes it possible for almost anyone from the post-Soviet space to sell unnecessary things over the Internet, buy rare or disappeared goods from store shelves, or replenish their collection of something. Online Auction Sites work around the clock and seven days a week.

Trading online auctions can easily become a way of earning a living. A few words about this are in the article about online auctions. So there are enough use cases.

eBay is the most popular online auction. With its creation, online auctions have begun. There is everything. Now in Russian. - Russian online auction.

Amazon is an American online store with auction items. I would say so. Again, like eBay, it is a flagship, leader, discoverer and other magnifying and affectionate epithets.

Through ShopoTam you can buy at American, Chinese, German and English Internet auctions: eBay, TaoBao and others. The main ShopoTam buns:

    but). Russian interface

    b) ShopoTam takes care of all the processing of the purchase, filling out the customs declaration and delivery.

    You need to choose a product, pay for it (via ShopoTam) and that's it! The branded ShopoTam delivery service will bring your purchase 5-7 days after its shipment! Only ShopoTam has such a delivery speed!

    Share the link to with friends, acquaintances and people you chat with in social networks and forums! Bookmark the site itself! So win.

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    Sale of Chinese goods economic models and business organization, risks

    Most businessmen engaged in foreign economic activity are engaged in the sale of foreign goods in Russia. Today, the sale of Chinese goods is widespread. Of course, not all Chinese products are quality, but you can find many inexpensive good-quality products. But is it possible to start a business of reselling Chinese goods without investment?

    Business with China on resale without investments is a reality?

    The simplest and most effective scheme for reselling goods at minimal cost or even without any investment is dropshipping. This is one of the options to start a business with China from scratch.

    Briefly, the scheme of work is as follows:

    1. Find buyers who really need a particular product,
    2. Gather money from them,
    3. Order this item in a Chinese online store.

    Payment can be made using bank transfers, special payment systems, as well as using cryptocurrencies.

    The seller’s benefit in the price difference, for example, the buyer wanted to buy a good vacuum cleaner for 15,000 rubles, the intermediary (dropshipper) took these 15,000 rubles from him, then he went to a Chinese online store and bought a vacuum cleaner for 12,000 rubles, and he kept 3,000 rubles for himself.

    With this trading scheme, dropshipper can earn about 30-100% of the cost of the goods, and the buyer can not even guess what works with an intermediary.

    The advantages of this method are as follows:

    • No initial capital required.
    • Dropshipper does not need to rent expensive storage facilities.
    • Dropshipper does not need to maintain a large staff of employees (however, in the case of expanding the business of hiring employees, it is still worth considering).
    • The intermediary is only engaged in communication with the supplier and the buyer, and the supplier is responsible for the delivery. All risks associated with the delivery shall be borne by the supplier.
    • Flexible working hours.

    The best way to make money on goods from China is reselling through the Internet.

    However, dropshipping has some negative aspects:

    • Dropshipper needs a platform where he will exhibit his goods. Most dropshippers are engaged in reselling via the Internet, but you need to pay for the creation of sites and advertising.
    • The supplier may run out of goods that the buyer wants to purchase. To minimize these risks, the intermediary may conclude a contract with the supplier, according to which the supplier will periodically notify the intermediary of the quantity of goods available, possible production delays, and so on.
    • There may be problems with customs clearance. How to clear a cargo from China in more detail here. It should also be borne in mind that all goods whose value exceeds 1,000 Euros are taxed and duties.
    • Delivery of some goods may take several weeks or even months. This adversely affects sales and the business as a whole, since not all buyers are willing to wait so long.
      Of course, a person can, through inexperience, make 1-2 purchases from a dropshipper, but next time he will not want to wait and will not contact this seller.

    Having a problem? Call our customs specialist:

    +7 (499) 350-97-43 (call is free)

    Growth reasons

    Although children's clothing covers only 12% of the clothing market, it is in this sector that growth has been observed over the past few years.

    The increase in demand is due to demographic shifts and an increase in purchasing power.

    Parents begin to have children later, when they already have a more stable income and can spend more on children's clothes.

    Website development

    You create yourself from scratch or hire designers and programmers who make your website. Then you fill out the offer cards, the cards are combined into groups and lists, and anyone can find the product through the search bar.

    You can deal with sales either the old fashioned way (when there is a warehouse with goods) or the dropshipping method - when you act as an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier.

    Advantages of this method:

    • you can do business alone
    • You can completely control your business,
    • no need to pay for the rental of an outlet in an online store and so on.

    The disadvantages are rather large initial expenses (which may not pay off), the need to constantly buy advertising, and so on.

    Selling products through the site will be quite difficult:

    • will have to deal with the creation of the site, layout,
    • writing texts for all products and so on.

    Rent a point of sale on an existing online trading platform

    This method is similar to the previous one, however in this case it is not necessary to maintain the site yourself, it is enough to pay monthly for the rental of the site to the owner of the resource. Also, some online sites provide services related to the promotion and advertising of online trading points.

    The advantages of this method you do not need to have start-up capital to create an online store, the ability to promote due to the popularity of the trading platform, and so on.

    Cons you need to pay rent every month, the owner of the site can directly or indirectly affect the range of goods.

    Sale through social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and others)

    You can also sell your products using ads or thematic communities. Advantages of this method:

    • you don’t need to pay for the rental of a point of sale or maintain an expensive website,
    • You can control your own business yourself.

    The main disadvantage in social networks is people are more engaged in communication, rather than trade, therefore, various trading offers by users can be regarded as spam.

    In most cases, this method is used not so much for sale as for promotion of its stores and Internet sites, since it is quite difficult to establish trade through social networks.

    Clothes sale

    Today, dropshipping clothing trade is the most popular business model. It makes sense to trade clothes of the following types:

    • Inexpensive but fashionable clothes. All buyers want to look stylish, but not everyone can afford expensive branded clothing. Therefore, a businessman can engage in the sale of clothing, which copies some of the ideas of brand designers.
      True, for this you need to always be aware of current fashion trends, and not every seller can afford to spend a lot of time studying fashion magazines and catalogs.
    • Clothing for children and adolescents. Parents are willing to spend a lot of money on buying a lot of clothes for their children. The key feature of this item is that parents often buy unusual clothes that adults do not wear, and you can make good money by selling such clothes.
    • Highly specialized clothing. You can also make a lot of money selling clothes that are interesting only to a small circle of people. For example, today in many large cities comic book festivals or anime animations are held, and visitors to such festivals will not refuse to buy a themed T-shirt or jacket.
      Another example is selling scary halloween party costumes.

    Sale of other goods

    You can sell other goods:

    • Furniture. Chinese furniture is reliable enough and there is a steady demand for it (although, of course, you should not buy the cheapest furniture), you can buy in bulk.
    • Inexpensive household appliances. Recall that all goods with a value of more than 1.000 euros are subject to various taxes and fees. Therefore, it makes sense to trade inexpensive microwaves, washing machines, freezers, electric hobs, razors and so on. In this way, you can sell large and small small wholesale from China, and the goods themselves are sent to stores after receipt.
    • All sorts of things. It can be children's toys, watches, rings, mirrors, trays for pets and so on.

    Business organization

    To have a stable income, you need to competently organize your business. A business model might look like this:

    • First, suppliers of goods from China are sought. To do this, you need to visit Chinese sites selling goods (AliExpress, Taobao and others) and talk with the seller, after lengthy questioning, they can reveal their supplier. Also in some cases this information can be bought.
    • After that, you need to hire a programmer and designer to create the site. If you do not have that kind of money, you can buy a point of sale in an existing online store.
    • You also need to think about advertising. You can promote your site using contextual advertising, public posts on social networks, youtube advertising, and so on.
    • Do not forget to register an individual business.
    • When you start to get a good income, it makes sense to hire several employees and transfer part of their functions to them. For example, one person will be engaged in advertising, another in bookkeeping, a third in purchasing goods from a supplier, and so on.

    It is advisable to find several Chinese suppliers selling similar goods at once in order to minimize risks.

    The above business model, which is based on dropshipping, has many risks:

    • A supplier may stop producing or purchasing goods, but customers do not like it when they are offered to buy goods, and then it turns out that they are not available.
    • Many customers may not want to buy products in your store. They may not like the price, the products themselves, the site design, advertising, and so on. Because of this, your business will not be profitable.
    • Delivery of goods from China takes a lot of time, and this may not appeal to many customers who, having made several purchases, will cease to cooperate with your store.

    Дополнительная информация о том, как организовать дропшиппинг из Китая в этом видео:

    Теперь вы знаете, как можно заработать на перепродаже товаров из Китая. Подведём итоги. Во-первых, самой популярной методикой является дропшиппинг из Китая покупатель платит деньги за товар, а вы покупаете его у китайского продавца по более низкой цене и отправляете покупателю. Secondly, for successful trading, you will need to create your own online store or buy a point of sale in an existing store.

    You can find additional information on the topic in the section Working with China.

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    Attention! Due to the latest changes in legislation, the legal information in this article could be out of date!

    Our specialist will advise you for free.

    Today, there is fierce competition among online stores in almost all market segments. How to win this fight? How to attract visitors to the site and make them customers? There are a number of tools that help entrepreneurs. In this article I will try to briefly talk about those of them that our customers use.

    Attraction of new clients

    1. Contextual advertising in Yandex and Google

    Perhaps the most effective tool for attracting customers is “here and now”. Of course, with the right setup. Potential customers go to the site for targeted requests from advertisements.

    Minus - High cost-per-click for a significant portion of requests.

    Having created an online store, it is important to correctly perform SEO-settings for the site and all its pages, as well as take care of the uniqueness of the texts. This is necessary so that the site after indexing can occupy the highest possible positions in the search engines Yandex and Google. Organic traffic is free and very important.

    Minus - even with active promotion by specialists, the first results will appear only after a few months.

    3. Placement of goods in Yandex.Market

    Having unloaded the online store assortment into the most popular service for comparing the characteristics of goods and their prices, you can get additional orders. The lower product prices and better reviews, the more these orders will be.

    4. Social buttons

    Using the buttons of social networks, visitors can share with friends information about the products of the online store on their pages on Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter and other popular services.

    Customer Retention Online

    5. Online consultant (for example, JivoSite, Webim, LiveTex)

    The widget allows you to chat with site visitors. For example, with those who do not like to talk on the phone and prefer correspondence. Or with those who live in another city and do not want to spend money on a call. There are two possible options: the client will contact the operator directly on the site (usually by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner) and will receive answers to all questions, or the operator will offer his advice to the client.

    6. Instant call back service (for example, CallBackHunter, Perezvoni, F1call)

    The widget offers visitors who are on the site for some time, receive a phone call from the online store in a matter of seconds and completely free. In a person’s conversation, it’s much easier to convince them to make a purchase, dispel doubts and answer all his questions.

    Return of departed customers

    7. Retargeting technology (for example: Yandex, Google, VK)

    Used in search engines, social and advertising networks. Allows ads to be shown only to visitors who, for example, have not placed an order and abandoned the basket.

    8. Email and SMS mailing to clients (for example, Unisender, SendPulse, ePochta)

    A tool that allows you to regularly remind the online store of current customers. The goal is repeat sales and increased loyalty. You can talk about promotions and special offers, recommend additional products, congratulate on holidays, etc. It works!

    Sales increase

    9. Accepting online payment (for example, Yandex.Cash, Robokassa, Wallet One)

    Having the opportunity to pay for goods directly on the site in a convenient way (by credit card, Yandex.Money, QIWI, etc.) is no longer just fashionable, but also necessary. This contributes to increased sales and inspires confidence among customers. Now a number of services offer to conclude one contract for all payment methods, which is very convenient.

    10. Sale of goods on credit (for example, BuyCredit,

    A kind of online payment. It allows you to pay for goods on the site even to those customers who do not have funds right now. Borrowed funds are usually provided within 15 minutes online. Very comfortable and increases sales.

    Nothing drives sales more effectively than a discount. Discount is the best trading engine, the most attractive condition for purchasing goods and a powerful tool for influencing the buyer. Discounts can be made in honor of holidays, anniversaries, opening / closing of the season, etc.

    12. Recommended Products

    A customer who orders a phone in an online store will probably need a case or a protective film. But the client himself at the time of purchase can forget about it. Conclusion: it is simply necessary to offer related products when buying the main one. All that the buyer may need when using the purchased item, and the online store will increase the average check and increase profits from one sale.

    13. Advertising tags

    A great way to get customers interested in specific products that need to be sold faster is through advertising labels. For example, "Promotion", "Novelty", "Hit", "Sale", "Product of the Day", "Product of the Month" or "Product of the Week". Demand for goods marked in this way and additional sales are guaranteed.

    This tool allows you to set personalized prices for goods to a specific group of customers, without changing prices for all other visitors to the site. Promotional codes with discounts can be distributed on social networks, by mail and SMS, to distribute flyers, etc.

    15. Countdown timer for stocks

    A great way to inform website visitors about promotions and sales. It encourages visitors to the online store to purchase goods as soon as possible.

    16. One-click order

    Not everyone is comfortable ordering goods through a basket, routinely filling in a lot of fields. Some customers prefer to press one button and leave their phone number so that the online store operator calls back. By connecting the option, you can reduce the number of "abandoned baskets" and increase sales.

    What and how best to sell through an online store?

    These are elements on the main page of the site that attract the attention of visitors and push them to complete an order. For example, mention of free delivery in Russia or a guarantee on all goods for 10 years.

    18. Search, sorting and filters on the catalog of goods

    Customers need to be given the opportunity to find the necessary product and its modifications in the catalog as quickly as possible. To do this, you can use the search bar, sorting and all kinds of filters. The sooner the customer finds what he is looking for, the higher the chance of a sale.

    Improving online store trust

    19. Mail on a domain (for example, Mail for Business from Mail.Ru)

    Correspondence with clients is preferable to conduct from mail connected to your domain. For example, [email protected] or [email protected] This increases customer confidence in the online store, which means it has a positive effect on sales.

    20. Customer Reviews

    The decisive argument in favor of buying in a particular online store can be positive, detailed and beautifully designed customer reviews. Surname and first name are required. Ideally, with photos.

    Almost all of these tools are universal, intuitive and suitable for any online store. If you are not using any of this yet, implement it now and evaluate the effectiveness. Good luck and good sales!

    The well-known phrase reads: “To sell something unnecessary, you must first buy something unnecessary. But we don’t have money. ”

    And these words of Sharik stop a huge number of people who dream of starting their own business. Because the imagination of beginners immediately draws scary pictures of how they will buy a batch of goods. Get into debt. They will pick up loans.

    And then all their goods will rot, deteriorate, and disappear.

    And “woe-entrepreneurs” will have to somehow repay the borrowed money.

    But not everything is so sad!

    The Internet, with proper use, is capable of a miracle. And we are used to it a long time ago.

    For example, when playing online games, we are not surprised that:

    You can travel in space without getting up from a chair.

    You can build entire cities without knowing the engineering details.

    You can be ten different characters at the same time.

    All this is perceived absolutely normal.

    And in order to engage in trade, it is absolutely not necessary to have goods.

    It is much more important at the initial stage to answer several key questions:

      What kind of business do you want to do?

    Why do you need a business? What is your main motivation?

    How much are you willing to spend? After all, business is not work from 9 to 5, with two days off.

    And most importantly - are you ready not to stop until you reach the result you need.

    Answers to the questions received. What's next?

    The next step is to decide on a niche and a business model. And also opt for either the services sector or the trade in “real” goods.

    And if you have chosen products, here is how you can refute the phrase given at the very beginning:

    Having no product, you can place an ad for sale on a free bulletin board. A better at least 100 boards. We can do it ourselves manually, or hire a freelancer by paying him “as much” 200 rubles.

    If you were not mistaken with the goods, then you will receive calls with applications.

    What to sell in the online store: 6 product categories

    Someone will just be interested. Someone is monitoring prices. But there will be those who really need your product. And urgently.

    After you have several orders, you just have to choose a supplier. To do this, just go to the search engine and drive in the request "buy (your product) in bulk."

    And then you contact several selected suppliers and select those who can offer the best conditions.

    If your target audience is not looking for the product you are offering on free boards, then you can use a more “civilized” tool - the Yandex Direct.

    The scheme of work is no different from the first option.

    If your product is not bought on the Internet in principle, then this is also not a reason to give up.

    Take the directory of "yellow pages", make a typical script (script) of your call-offer and try to sell the goods in person. And you can “put” a few students on the phone, or young mothers who are looking for a part-time job at home.

    The best option is to use all the proposed schemes at the same time. And watch what brings the greatest results. And as soon as you find out - scale this direction.

    For example, place not 100 ads, but 1000, throughout Russia. Or organize your own small call center.

    You will learn how to start your own business and earn at least 100,000 rubles in 2 months at a unique training by Andrey Parabellum "Start 2". The 3rd stream will begin on October 28th.

    Sales methods

    You can open a store and sell clothes, including children's clothes, using several mechanisms for organizing trade:

    1. Opening of our own warehouse of products (advantages: quick shipment of goods, disadvantages: we need funds for large wholesale purchases and renting a place to store them).
    2. Sale of things after arrival from the supplier’s warehouse (advantages: reduced costs for the purchase / storage of goods, the formation of an extensive assortment, disadvantages: an increase in the period of delivery of products to the client, problems returning defective items).
    3. Dropshipping (a convenient sales method for beginners, your online store acts as an intermediary, after receiving an order from a client, you give it to the wholesaler, who is engaged in it, but you still have the difference).
    4. Affiliate program (the implementation of things through the partner’s website, by pressing the Buy button, the client automatically switches to a resource from which the implementation is already carried out, the intermediary receives the agreed percentage).

    You can use one of these methods or several at once, concluding a contract with suppliers.

    Sales analysis

    Monitoring the quality and volume of sold products is carried out taking into account several factors:

    • number of visitors for a specific time period:
    • how many customers completed the purchase,
    • average check size
    • how many visitors made repeat purchases
    • margin percentage.

    By monitoring these indicators and instantly reacting to them, you will make effective decisions that contribute to the development of your success.

    Selling your work: how to sell knitwear over the Internet

    X obbi becomes a profession and, therefore, an additional source of income - many sell their creations online and, thus, increase their income. However, in order to truly succeed, there are things to watch out for. The most popular product sold on the Internet is knitted things with your own hands.

    1. To get started, start uploading photos of your work, wherever possible: in social networks, on local forums, sites, etc.
    2. Accompany the photo with information about what you implement and fulfill orders. Indicate your willingness to sell / accept the order.
    3. Make an independent store page in your personal blog (if there is no blog, open it). Popularize your blog on any resources and post the works you want to sell there. Be sure to indicate how to contact you.
    4. Dump. Experienced, extensive clientele masters are easier to keep prices, and beginners should get out. Check out the competitors ’sites and set low prices for well-known products, and leave the real prices for the original knitted patterns rarely seen by competitors.
    5. Over time, experience will add strength and enthusiasm to move on and you will not have to realize things below market value.
    6. Open a knitwear store on Fair Masters. A free account allows you to install three copies. The minimum card is 60 rubles. per month - 13 works.
    7. Move forward, do not slow down, find new opportunities. If the first works are not for sale, this does not mean that success will not come to you.

    How a beginner can realize his ambitions and find a niche

    There are two ways:

    1. Market analysis, to estimate what is best sold, to consider where there is less competition and what things you can do.
    2. The second is to create, make more of a high-quality product, you may be able to create extraordinary things that will occupy your niche.

    Where to sell unnecessary things: selling used things on the Internet

    This problem is familiar to everyone: over the years, unnecessary things have accumulated. They gather dust and take up a lot of space. Where and how to get rid of them? How to make money on second-hand things?

    This is best done on specialized sites that are known to many Internet users and where it is easier to find buyers. Marketplace sites are visited more often than online stores. You can sell almost everything on them. Most popular platforms:

    Some of the sites allow you to sell goods to people living nearby, while others (such as Avito) have a function that allows delivering goods to the buyer.

    Become a consultant

    Consulting is a great opportunity for men who sell their knowledge and experience. Each time you make an offer, recommend a process, make a plan or manage, you use consulting skills. To get income, you just need to find someone who can use your experience.

    Selling your stuff

    A win-win way to earn extra money is to sell things. It is universal for everyone. Look in the cabinets, check the bookshelves, look into the garage. View all this garbage. How many items do you actually use? Have many old books been opened in the last year? Maybe you should use the library? When was the last time you played Mario Kart 64? Perhaps it would be better if the house was less cluttered?

    Not trying to sell everything at once, the process will not take much time and effort and will allow you to generate additional money.

    Consider selling certain items at specific stores: sell used CDs at a music store etc.

    For the sale of bulky items, use local resources and newspaper ads. Try several sales methods and in just a month - your garage full of unused items will be empty.

    The basic rules for selling things: how to quickly sell online

    Selling the product online allows you to reach a wider audience. According to statistics, 41% of global Internet users buy goods online. This is an area that cannot be studied to the end, it is limitless and requires special study.

    When selling, you must follow the basic rules that will help to sell faster and spend as little effort as possible in the trading process.

    1. Quality images of items to be sold significantly increase the attractiveness of the offer. Many buyers do not even look at ads without illustrations. Therefore: upload a product image in good quality.
    2. Color, shape and price should be well thought out, because most online shoppers briefly focus on the image and quickly decide whether or not to look.
    3. Make sure you want to take a chance and click on your product. If this happens, additional information should be as accessible as possible.
    4. Описание товара должно быть максимально подробным. Это может включать информацию о ткани, ее высоте и ширине или других важных деталях, которые имеют отношение к использованию продукта. Это улучшает предложение и уменьшает количество запросов.
    5. Вы должны быть открыты для ответа на дальнейшие вопросы, поэтому соответствующим образом оставляете свою контактную информацию.

    The logo and brand name will allow customers to immediately recognize your products. If the buyer has experience with your product, he will remember the logo and share it with other people. And you will form a specific customer base.

    Watch a video to help you avoid many mistakes.

    Use the money wisely! Put them in a high-yield savings account, create an emergency fund, pay off your debts, and save a certain percentage for retirement!

    Online commerce, in a way, brings us back to the roots. The premise is that there are underutilized assets in our lives, and we can use them in win-win transactions.

    If you want a piece of cake, then go for it - sell things over the Internet. Start traffic flow. Good luck