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Send and save GIF images to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


Let's talk in this interesting publication about the gif format, and also show and talk in detail about how to save the gif from the social network Vkontakte to iphone. The gif format is such a peculiar graphic format. This is a cross between a normal picture and video. We can say that this is an animation, or rather, an animated picture. Due to the fact that files of this format are relatively lightweight, and its high popularity among users is explained. Also, "gifs" are more informative than ordinary static photos. Very often they are used in a variety of memes, or jokes on the network. Now in the same VK there are a lot of communities with millions of subscribers, where you can find a variety of gif files. Recall that you can also have a lot of members in your group if you place an order for the corresponding service on our website.

Of course, sitting in Vkontakte, you constantly come across cool GIFs, and most of all you want to download them to your iPhone. Now consider the complete algorithm of the actions that you must take to pick up (upload, download, save) an interesting gif on your phone (in our case, iPhone).

  • Launch the Vkontakte application. Not installed yet? Then go here to find out how to do this.
  • After installing the application, register and find the desired file.
  • Touch the image (1 - at the top).
  • The animation opens in full screen. Now tap the icon at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the second screenshot above.
  • A context menu will open - click on the link with the anchor: "More ...", as shown in Fig. 3 at the top.

  • After that, another submenu will open.
  • Select: “Open in Safari” (see 4 in the image above).
  • After opening the gif-image in the browser, touch it and hold for a few moments.
  • The next submenu will open, in which the first link will be called: "Save Image". Touch - save the gif from VK to iPhone (see 5 above).
  • After that, you can open the camera to start the saved gif. Or open Photos - Albums - Animated.

If you log in to Vkontakte not from a mobile application, but immediately through a browser, then you do not need to perform all the above steps. Start by touching and holding the desired image.

How to save gif from Vkontakte

Now let's talk about how to save the gif from Vkontakte to your personal computer or laptop. Those of our readers who do not know how to upload a gif to Vkontakte can find detailed instructions on this. Pulling or unloading on your computer an interesting "animashka" is quite easy. This special procedure does not require any special advanced skills and knowledge. Just need to carefully read this post. So, let's start saving the Gif picture from Vkontakte.

First find this picture. You can view it by clicking once with the mouse directly on the image. If you hover over the picture itself, then in addition to the play button, you will see two more buttons (icons) in the upper right corner: icons with the image of a speaker and a plus sign. Point the mouse at the plus sign - a tooltip pops up that says that by clicking on it, you will add the selected Gif-animation to your VK documents. After that, a message pops up that the file is already in the documents.

Go to the “Documents”, as shown (1) in the picture above (link at the very bottom of the left menu). Now we find the just saved GIF (2 - at the top).

How to download gif from Vkontakte

Now you need to click the link to open the document in a separate window. As you can see from the figure below, a button will be present in the browser that allows you to download the gif from Vkontakte to the disk of your computer. Click on this button. Next, you need to choose a convenient place to save, and save the animated image. So you can make your own collection of gifs for all occasions: congratulations to friends and loved ones on holidays, jokes, just ordinary interesting posts that will be very fun and funny.

Very often successful pictures in GIF format attract users who like, subscribe to the page, comment. It’s not for nothing that communities that are dedicated to Gif-animation have so many members. As for the likes, the staff of SocPRka studio will help you ensure stable growth of this indicator, and become more recognizable in Vkontakte.

Adding a GIF Image from #images

Use #images in Messages to search for GIFs and share them with your contacts. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Messages program, tap and enter a contact name, or select an existing conversation.
  2. Click.
  3. To search for a specific GIF image, click Find Images and enter a keyword such as birthday.
  4. Touch the GIF image to add it to the message.
  5. Click to send a message.

Animating GIF images from #images works only in Messaging on Apple devices.

Saving GIF Image

The GIF image received in the message can be saved in the Photos program on the iOS device. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Open the message containing the previously sent GIF image that you want to save.
  3. Press and hold the GIF image, then click Save. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you can use the 3D Touch function to save the GIF image. Click the GIF image with effort, swipe up and click the "Save" button.

Image Concerned Message

If you have a problem or concern about content in #images, you can report it.

  1. Click and search for the image you want to report.
  2. When you find an image, tap and hold it to open a larger preview.
  3. Take a screenshot, then tap a thumbnail to open a preview.
  4. Click, and then - "Mail."
  5. Send a screenshot to [email protected] with a description of what is bothering you.

If you have a claim or question regarding copyright infringement, please report it.

How to save GIFs on iPhone?

Today’s topic worries a lot of iPhone users, because today we’ll talk about how you can save a gif to your device.

It would seem that the matter is quite simple and nothing complicated should be, but iOS is such a system that any simple action can turn into something more.

How to download a gif on iPhone?

GIF has become a very popular image format in recent years. Including on such devices as the iPhone, because most often we see these images on social networks and instant messengers.

Whatever animations are, they always remain images. This means that the storage methods are exactly the same as with ordinary pictures.

But given the fact that iOS has a special operating system, there are still a couple of interesting points that are very enraging.

Here is the instruction for downloading the GIF image to your device and for now, let's start from the browser:

  • go to the browser,
  • We search for the desired image in the search and select it, wait until it loads,
  • then we clamp on it and select in the menu Save image.

It’s best to use Safari for this. It is also worth noting that the picture will be saved in your regular gallery with other photos.

But when you open it, it will open like a normal picture without movements. But do not worry about this, because if you send it to someone, it will open normally.

If you want to see the gif, then just download the application from the App Store for this. They are usually called something like GIF Player or GIF Viewer.

How to save a GIF on an iPhone from VK?

As you probably know, the social network VKontakte is most often used for gif images. And sometimes you want to download some pictures to your iPhone.

Most applications are very limited in functionality. Therefore, just go to the official VC application and download the picture will not work.

But I found a method and am ready to share it with you:

  1. launch the Safari browser and go through it to your profile,
  2. clamp on the picture and click Open in new tab,
  3. wait until it is fully loaded and then clamp again, just now click Save picture.

I tried to do the same operation in Chrome and it usually loads damaged pictures there. I have not tried it with other browsers.

Then you can send pictures to whoever you want and where you want. And by the way, the same operation can be performed with Odnoklassniki.

How to download GIF from Viber, WhatsApp?

Everything is much simpler here, because messengers initially have a function that allows you to carry out various operations with files.

If you want to save something, then just select the desired image and click the Save button. It appears in your album and then you can send it further.

I already spoke about viewing them on the device itself. Of course, you can make a jade and download a tweak, but I think you can get by with the application from the App Store.

That's about the situation if you want to save any gif on your favorite iPhone. The situation is not the best, but there is no other choice.

By the way, the same scheme also works with iPads. There is iOS, which means that you have to do exactly the same thing.

How to save Gif (gif) on iPhone or iPad in the Photo application

1. Open the page the site or application in which the Gif picture is located.

2. Press and hold your finger on the picture until a pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen.

3. Choose option "Save image«.

4. Open the Photos app and go to the tab Albums.

5. The saved GIF will be in the album Animated.

Limited support for GIFs was first introduced in iOS 9 (2015) at the same time as the iPhone 6s. Prior to iOS 11, GIFs worked only in Messages and third-party applications.

Other features of the 11th version of iOS include a seriously updated Control Center (“curtain”), a new Files application and a number of prodictivity updates for the iPad (Dock like macOS, improved multitasking, drag-and-drop drag and drop).

If #images is not in the program bar

Make sure #images is turned on.

  1. In the program panel, swipe left, then click the icon.
  2. Click Modify, then to add the #images program.

Make sure your keyboard is set to a supported language and region. Go to Settings> General and click on Language and Region.

#Images is available in Australia, the UK, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the USA, the Philippines, France and Japan.

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